Sequestration devastation? The facts show otherwise.

 PM by jdub297

If you’ve been exposed to any form of news media this month, you’ve been told that a looming disaster is approaching as March 1 approaches, and federal budget/spending “sequestration” takes effect.

The White House today released examples of what the Obama Administration says will happen if $85 billion in automatic budget cuts are allowed to go into effect on March 1, arguing the domestic spending cuts in the “sequester” would “threaten thousands of jobs and the economic security of the middle class.”

In a fact sheet given to reporters, the Obama White House argues there would be damaging across the board cuts to education, small business, food safety and more … .…

To emphasize the grave danger about to destroy America’s economy and the lives of registered (and un-registered) voters, the Obama administration released a “Fact Sheet”
with a litany of the extent of the destruction about to sweep the Nation.

A summary of the horrific impact includes:
• Cuts to education
• Cuts to small business
• Cuts to food safety
• Cuts to research and innovation
• Cuts to mental health
• Security and Safety
• Research and Innovation
• Economic Growth
• Government Services
• Education
• Economic Security
• Public Health.

Unfortunately, what the White House and Congress fail to tell you, is that the “devastation” is NOT the result of draconian slashes to our lives, welfare and futures, but a 2% decrease in the rise of total government spending; which will inevitably exceed the unprecedented total $1,358,000,000,000.00 for FY 2012.
Of this total, “discretionary” spending ( the stuff that might be “cut”) has exploded by 60% since 2008!
Federal Spending by the Numbers

In case you’re not sure just who’s telling the truth, you could always look at the “letter of the law.”
Since 99% of people will not take that step, and would rather listen to their favored “truth-teller” on the tube, here’s the real deal:

‘‘Budget Control Act of 2011’’

CBO ESTIMATES.—As soon as practicable after Congress completes action on any discretionary appropriation, CBO, after consultation with the Committees on the Budget of the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall provide OMB with an estimate of the amount of discretionary new budget authority and outlays for the current year, if any, and the budget year provided by that legislation.

OMB ESTIMATES AND EXPLANATION OF DIFFERENCES.—Not later than 7 calendar days … after the date of enactment of any discretionary appropriation, OMB shall transmit a report to the House of Representatives and to the Senate containing the CBO estimate of that legislation, an OMB estimate of the amount of discretionary new budget authority and outlays for the current year, if any, and the budget year provided by that legislation, and an explanation of any difference between the estimates.

(A) The term ‘nonsecurity category’ means all discretionary appropriations not included in the security category defined in subparagraph (B).
(B) The term ‘security category’ includes discretionary appropriations associated with agency budgets for the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the National Nuclear Security Administration, the intelligence community management account (95–0401–0–1–054), and all budget accounts in budget function 150 (international affairs).

‘‘with respect to fiscal year 2013— ‘‘(A) for the security category, $686,000,000,000 in new budget authority; and ‘‘(B) for the nonsecurity category, $361,000,000,000 in new budget authority;…

So, how does “total discretionary spending under “sequestration” compare to the planned spending increases for 2013?

the sequester cuts the agencies’ “budget authority” by about $85 billion between March 1 and Sept. 30,

The government spent $3.538 trillion in the fiscal year that ended in September 2012. So$85 billion is 2.4% of the federal budget. … Depending on the agency, cuts are going to be in the ballpark of 5% and 13%, according to various estimates from government officials.

How Federal Spending Would Be Cut Under the Sequester

The “report” that the CBO is required to publish, has been. It shows, clearly, there is no devastation on the horizon.

It reveals that the scare tactics of the right and the left are little more than flailing attempts to protect their favorite programs and take further advantage of the taxpayers who are being stuck with these ridiculous bills:

What’s really happening?

The government will have to cut 2% of projected total spending in the coming years!
Now, I’m not rich, but I am certain that I can find two cents to save from each dollar I have to spend without feeling too much pain.

If I have to cut increasing my “discretionary spending” (Jack Daniels, movies, Pecan Sandies, Marlboros, et c.) by “between 5% and 13%,” I’m pretty sure I can handle that , too.

Why can’t the idiots in Washington find 15% of waste in their departments, instead of whining and terrorizing the uninformed and credulous?

Are you terrified, too? Or should we just expect “business as usual?”



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