Argo Movie a No Go for Canadian Movie Goers

Sept. 23, 2012 A Movie Canadians should not pay money for that dissolves into an inaccurate mess denying Canada’s role under Ken Taylor saved US lives in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

The new movie ARGO released by Ben Affleck about the Iran crisis premiered at the Toronto Film Festival was an insult to Canada and to a Canadian hero Ken Taylor.

The movie if it were factually correct, would have featured Ken Taylor the Canadian Ambassador to Iran who saved six American lives in 1979 to get out of a hostile country.

Instead it is Ben Affleck who of course stars in the movie who portrays himself as a heroic figure.

The film is a piece of fictional tripe, garbage that doesn’t even come close to the reality of what happened. The movie should be taken out of theaters and panned by Canadians moviegoers will be angry if they bother to view it.

Argo is an embarrassment for those who lived through that treacherous time where Ken Taylor was the hero of the day not a CIA agent, Tony Mendez as portrayed in the film. After audiences saw the movie, they took issue with the movie.

Ken Taylor wasn’t even invited to the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, which speaks volumes of Affeck’s attempt to diminish his role.

The film reviewed by Maclean’s reviewer Brian D. Johnson described it as a “massive insult” and said:

“When Hollywood stumbles in with this well-intentioned piece of entertainment based on a true story and they trample on a legend like Ken Taylor and they launch it at the Toronto International Film Festival, and they’re completely blindsided by the response,”  “What do they think? That nobody’s going to notice?”
What Really Happened During the Iran Hostage Crisis

Ken Taylor was the Canadian Ambassador to Iran from 1977 to 1980, during a bloody Iranian revolution. Taylor actually helped the United States, by conducting spy missions which benefited their incursion.

In effect, he became the “GO TO” man for the CIA, in Tehran, and when the US Embassy was seized on Nov. 4, 1979 a total of 63 Americans were taken hostage including four members of the CIA. Six Americans managed to escape capture and were taken in by Canadian diplomats in Iran.

Ken Taylor became a hero in both countries and in Canada he was  a hero that symbolized Canada’s history. It was not Tony Mendez who was praised in 1980 for the rescue mission engineered by Ken Taylor.

Taylor convinced the, then Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clarke, to issue Canadian passports to fool the Iranians into thinking the six Americans were Canadian citizens. The covert operation was called: The Canadian Caper.

There were six Americans in the homes of the Canadian Diplomats, that were hidden from the Iranians. The plan Ken Taylor executed was not an American plan, it was designed, planned and executed by a Canadian Ambassador and to suggest otherwise is a disgrace to the nation of Canada.

The Canadian staff were always in danger due to the fact that they were hiding US diplomats, Tony Mendez did not take on this enormous risk.

These were American fugitives with no place to go, Canadian Ken Taylor gave them shelter, after an illegal move by Iran to take over the US Embassy. Taylor worked with the CIA, on an allowance basis only, under the circumstances he did the right thing. The US Embassy was taken over by Iranian students, and further controlled by the Iranian government.

The other hostages were held for 444 days by Iranian forces and were not released until President Jimmy Carter’s last day in office, in January, 1980.

Comments by others include the fact that many movie goers will see this as a typical American version of history and they’ll give it a miss.

Americans are severely ignorant of historical fact, choosing rather to embellish their own role in stories of war. Ben Affleck’s further insult is his statement that the movie is “to thank Canada” but ends up dissing Canada.

Affleck must have decided he needed to change historical facts, to boost ticket sales but the movie ends up as a flop in authenticity.

America did not save the six people, Canada did and that is a fact missing in the movie.

In reality, the American CIA played a very minor role in the rescue of six of their citizens and did not provide the passports which allowed for the escape, the Canadian government did.

It is not as if Affleck didn’t have teams of researchers at his disposal to really thank Canada authentically by producing a film that actually credits Ken Taylor with the rescue mission.

The postscript at the end of the movie is also a big mistake and adds further injury to the already insulting film to a Canadian hero.

The film is a revised story to what really happened, and explains the falsehoods in American history.

There is no part of this movie that is accurate, compelling or worth the bother of the price of one ticket.
Predictably, the movie will flop because there are many Canadians who still remember that Ken Taylor saved six American lives not the CIA agent.

You’d think Americans won the war of 1812, or how they single handedly won D Day, which is a complete farce of the true facts.

The movie’s description goes like this:

“As the Iranian revolution reaches a boiling point, a CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist concocts a risky plan to free six Americans who have found shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador.”

Oddly enough the movie’s title Argo means swift ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed to retrieve the golden fleece.
It is appropriately named,  because Affleck is attempting to ride on the coat tails and good name of Canadian Ken Taylor heroism for the golden box office receipts- money.

Therefore we recommend that when it comes to Affleck’s movie, ARGO -No GO see it.


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