Our True Power Comes From Our Hearts.

 by Realtruth

Image that you are in a cage for the majority of your lives, then one day someone opens the cage door and you are free. Many of us wait for someone or something to come along and open that cage door, we search so hard for our saviors in books, religions, ET’s, UFO’s, advanced races with technologies, but what we don’t see is how powerful we, as individuals truly are, and that we give away our power to others so easily, thus creating our own cages.

How many of you have been searching for something all your life and you have yet to find it?

I will not claim to be someone in the know, nor someone better than any of you, because you are all a part of me and I you. We come from the same place and will return to the same place, and I don’t need to explain this to you because all of you already know this deep down, only our Ego’s and minds tell us different.

I have recently started to do things in a completely different manner than I am accustomed to. I have started to do things from the heart, and focus on this as much as I possibly can. The results have been absolutely amazing because when we are heart centered not much can shake our world, because from this point we are co-creating and masters of our own destiny. Doing things from the heart if done correctly transforms us into different beings.

The love is felt by everyone around us because it flows unconditionally.

How many of you have been attracted to someone because they appear to be radiating love, happiness and compassion?

I don’t have a special meditation, religion, charm, spell, or a new age philosophy to offer to you to find your way, but what I do have is a simple approach one that is so simplistic that you may scoff at it.

How can I prove it to all of you?

The answer is you must prove it to yourself, because the answers lie within. The more we search for external answers the more deluded our efforts become. Relax and allow it to happen from the heart center, this is where love flows from unconditionally.

Instead of looking for love, or draining others of their love and support find yours within, and give it freely expect nothing in return. Yes, I said nothing in return. Now granted do not be a doormat, but give compliments, smile when entering a room, find something good in everyone you meet and let them know it.

What you will find is that the love will flow more and more each day breaking down whatever barriers that have been placed there by yourself and others. I guarantee if you practice this you will transform yourself into a person that is no longer fearful, confused, scared, isolated, and angry, depressed, or any other lower emotions many of us on earth are dealing with.

You will no longer want for ET’s to come down and help you, UFO’s to land and fix all the problems around us, because with this flow of energy the old system will disappear and a new paradigm will take its place. This energy will give way to many beautiful things and ideas that most of us can’t even conceive of currently.

The paradigm will be one of self-empowered love and one that is the foundation of everything in the universe. It is the glue that holds everything together, it’s the emptiness in our souls that we have been searching for and the voids in space and time that elude us all.

If you search your heart and allow the love to flow, you will find your place again and remember who you are.

Peace and Love,


ATS thread  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread929204/pg1

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