Bee’s Honey: Most Potent Medicine

Bee’s Honey: Most Potent Medicine, Biggest Cover Up in Medical History – Exposed!

by muzzleflash  of ATS

the Most Powerful and Cheapest Medicine Known to Science
WARNING: Do not give Honey to children under age 1 this can be dangerous.
More info on this below w/explanation.

Fact : Bee’s Honey has powerful antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antitumor, antimetastatic, antiparasitic etc, properties.

Hippocrates, father of modern medicine and purveyor of medicinal honey: “Let food be thine medicine.”

Honey, the biggest modern cover up of the most useful and practical medicine of all. My claim is based on scientific and historical facts as you shall see. The most potent and versitile medical substance known to mankind. Capable of putting the hurt on nearly any ailment if applied correctly, when in a high purity concentrations.

There are apparently no negative side effects of honey on your body, so it is absolutely safe in humans over age 1 when taken responsibly. However people with severe allergies need to take an extremely extremely small amount and work their way up cautiously, because honey a useful way to alleviate pollen allergies (when you get it locally and pure, you need local pollen to match what you breathe). If you fear a severe allergic reaction, consult someprofessionals/experts and inform them you want to try some honey. They can aid you further in discussing possible allergic complications and remedies. The same goes for diabetics you need to research the issue and consult experts before you take any actions, I have provided information below in relation to this. Exercise caution if you have ailments like these.

Honey properties Link

Honey has so many potent chemicals within it, than ‘modern science’ hardly knows any of them or their properties yet. Available information results to probably 10% of what we should know by now, thus my claim of a cover up, considering honey is available everywhere cheaply.
Perhaps there are secret tests conducted for the elite, but they are not available and we are left with very limited and sparse research to draw from. I will link to a few of these, but I expect everyone to do their own basic Google searches for their own questions as well.

No matter how fast a virus or bacterium can mutate and adapt, honey seems to remain hundreds of steps ahead.

The Viruses worst nightmare:
Antiviral Properties link link

HIV can mutate all it wants, but honey can still slow it down significantly and may be our best route for developing a cure. link link

STD’s seem to have met their match.
Honey better than drugs for Herpes

Influenza and Coronavirus watch out!
Google results Coronavirus Honey
Influenza and Bronchitis remedy

Almost no virus known to mankind can withstand such dastardly chemical warfare tactics, and I actually don’t know of one specifically yet. So if you find something link it and we can discuss the science behind it.

The Bacterial Apocalypse:

Honey Dressings in non healing wounds

Flesh eating bacteria?
Super resistant bugs? Out for the count.

“To date we are not aware of any honey-resistant bacteria, therefore manuka honey could help to overcome some of the problems associated with antimicrobial resistant strains of bacteria,” she added. “Here’s the breakdown of results:
Sidr honey was 63% effective in killing MSSA.
Sidr honey was 73% effective in killing MRSA.
Sidr honey was 91% effective in killing PA.
Manuka honey was 82% effective in killing MSSA.
Manuka honey was 63% effective in killing MRSA.
Manuka honey was 91% effective in killing PA.”

“Exposure to manuka honey for 2 hours effectively destroyed 24-hour biofilms of S. pyogenes, causing significant cell death (85%) and removal of cells from the biofilm.”

Wound infections? Dental infections? Knock them right out with a little gift from the bee.
Dental caries incidence is far less in studies and may even be hindered by honey replacement over other sugars, but we need more studies on this as the scientists claim.

Nearly every hospital in the world has access to MediHoney, which is just essentially honey that was irradiated. Which I find mostly unnecessary but I would like to see comparisons to know if it’s any better. The fact almost no one knows about MediHoney and that no one knows it can defeat all of these “super bugs”, is testament to the level of conspiracy we are dealing with here.

From what I can tell, the only known pathogens that can sneak past the Honey onslaught are those who reproduce with spores. This is very clever and sneaky and I suppose nature always finds a way. So this is why they always say do not give honey to children under 1 years old, for fear of botulism.
I think the cure to botulism is probably honey though, I’ll have to look into that because I am not sure.

Biological warfare? EbolaPox hybrids? Honey is your only real chance at defense, and in theory it should work if applied correctly (granted you have enough time).

Yes, most fungal infections you have may be slowed, reversed, and likely defeated by honey applications.

Beating Cancer:
Yes, honey possesses “moderate antitumor and pronounced anti-metastatic effects”, and can aid in inhibition of various types of cancers.

Honey use is a good alternative to other sugar sources, and it may even be the best route to treatment, however more research needs to be done here.
diabetic info

” clinical studies have shown that pure honey is a healthier choice in diabetic diet than table sugar and any other non-nutritive sweeteners such as Splenda, saccharin, aspartame? Honey requires lower levels of insulin compared to regular white sugar and does not raise blood sugar levels as rapidly as table sugar, that is, it has a lower Glycemic Index than sugar. “



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