Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Is Real: Leaked Document – Narrative Disruptors And Inductors

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So how many of us have scratched our heads wondering why the mindless people follow Obama no matter what? Or that folks do not make a stand against what is wrong in this country? I have an odd feeling that we are past the rodent testing phase of this program.

Now if you believe that this hasn’t been implemented yet, just wait a minute here…. Why on earth, is our government even attempting to develop such a program? Just this alone should be cause for alarm, and there are leaked documents as proof. At the bottom of this thread you will find some excerpts from the 128 page document submitted as proof.

This is an example of science gone mad. This is no longer a conspiracy, it is fact!

Activist Post was recently contacted by an anonymous whistleblower who worked on a secret ongoing mind-control project for DARPA. The aim of the program is to remotely disrupt political dissent and extremism by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda based on this technology. TMS stimulates the temporal lobe of the brain with electromagnetic fields.

This DARPA research brings about many ethical questions and dilemmas. Mainly, this research aims to literally induce or disrupt the operation of narratives within the brain. In other words, this research aims to stop individuals from thinking certain thoughts and make others believe things they normally would not believe. This research has tremendous interrogation possibilities and could potentially be used to more successfully spread propaganda or stop political upheaval to an unsuspecting public.

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

This video try’s to explain how this works in detail. This video contains a lot of info, and if you hate reading boring news articles, I would give this a go. There are 2 other videos on the above linked page you may be interested in.

Ok now for the proof… This documnet is 128 pages long. And I just included bits and pieces.


1 II.A. INNOVATIVE CLAIMS Humans are storytelling beings. There is no clearer evidence of this than the struggles of the United States government to convince world populations of its good intentions, and to dissuade key constituencies from the powerful narratives told by violent extremists. In short, it is widely recognized that the U.S. is “losing the battle of the narrative” and thus, consequentially,the “war of ideas”. This project responds to Technical Areas 1 and 2, with the aim of revolutionizing the study of the neuropsychology of narrative and its effects on persuasion. It will generate the knowledge to effectively understand, model, and disrupt narratives —systems of stories sharing themes, forms, and archetypes—on a neurological level, and the capability to induce powerful narrative phenomena (such as transportation and narrative validity) with certainty. To achieve this goal we have assembled a transdisciplinary team from Arizona State University and the Barrow Neurological Institute. Members have expertise in neuropsychology, neuroimaging, narrative theory, persuasion and strategic communication, as well as religion and culture. The team will achieve four key innovations in research approach, theory, and practice.

Generate practical innovations . Strategic communicators face numerous questions with regard to narrative. Does grounding a message in a master narrative make a practical difference in persuading members of an audience? If it does, can the effect be enhanced by ensuring that listeners are transported into a story? If the narrative is circulating in a population, can it be degraded by circulating elements that reduce its coherence? Answers to these questions, which this project will provide, are key to identifying disruptors and inductors that can make narrative- based strategic communication more effective.

2 II.B. DELIVERABLES Our research fundamentally develops the capacity to disrupt cognitive narrative processes to alter their persuasive power and further establishes a methodology for inducing narrative validity, transportation and integration in strategic communication messaging. To deliver this capability our project will produce: A model of the Narrative Comprehension Network,correlations between narrative theory and brain function, a validated experimental paradigm for future research to follow, and a development plan for narrative disruptors and inductors.A summary of the projects deliverables includes:

A validated experimental paradigm.
The research proposed herein will establish anexperimental paradigm for investigating narrative theory at multiple levels of analysisi ncluding behavioral, cognitive, and biological. This paradigm and associated stimulu smaterials will not only support this project but future research on the neuropsychology of narrative.

A map of the Narrative Comprehension Network.
This network will reflect an interconnected set of brain regions that support narrative comprehension through the coordination of cognitive mechanisms such as attention, memory, identity, and theory of mind. Mapping the influence of attention, memory, identity, emotion, and theory of mind will address technical area 2 sub-goals 2, 3, and 5 by clarifying the shared contributions of these neural networks to narrative comprehension. Because of the multi-modal approachdescribed in Section III, this map will not only describe the connections between brainregions, but information about how they sequence in a temporal fashion to respond tonarrative stimuli.

A correlational model of the relationship between the Narrative ComprehensionNetwork and theories of vertical integration, narrative transportation and narrativevalidity.
Narrative theories are typically studied and discussed in isolation. Our work both productively elucidates the overlap of these theories and, importantly, relates them to brain processes and functions.

Data for modeling narrative comprehension.
The proposed research will provide strong empirical constraints for informing and modeling biological and behavioral aspects of strategic communication as it relates to narrative.

Mechanisms for Narrative Induction & Disruption:
This project will result in an empirical basis upon which to craft strategic communication materials such that their introduction into a discourse system should induce a higher rate of narrative validity,transportation, and vertical integration. The Narrative Comprehension Network model will provide the basis for pre-testing such materials to ensure they activate the appropriate neural network components to maximize narrative induction. These same efforts will identify underlying mechanisms to disrupt narrative processing in the brain. We will have a thorough understanding of the neural and persuasive effects of manipulating narrative transportation,narrative validity and vertical integration.

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