My extraterrestrial contact with aliens from Lyra,

Topic started on 22-8-2013 at ATS  by 50swesterns

After pacing back and forth for several days now, i have decided to speak out about my experiences, both previous and ongoing, which have changed my life forever. So much so, that i, with the knowledge that i have been given, just look at earth now, as i see people talk about having that flash new ipod, or the lastest car, or the newest celebrity hairstyle, and realise how ridiculous and meaningless it all is.Basically, i have since a very young age, been in contact, physical face to face contact i should add, with beings from the constellation of Lyra.
I do not call them aliens, i called them what my father told me to call them, and that was the `elders`.
They are very tall beings, from 6 foot (the females) to 8 foot for the males.
They have long flowing hair, and wear robes very similar to biblical times.
As they walk, they tend to float just above the ground, as if you are on a conveyor belt but no belt there.
They can choose to become invisible if they do not wish to be seen, but they have shown themselves on multiple occasions to other people, who could not help but stare almost shocked at the height of these people.
I have one witness (a lawyer infact), who would be happy to testify on record to this happening. And she even has a couple of photos.
I should add, i am not the only person who has had guidence from them, there are millions of people throughout the world who have had these experience, some face to face, but some only telepathically. Either way i do not claim to be a chosen one or a messenger from god or anything like that. Nor do i consider myself special in any kind of way.

What i have learnt from these beings has shocked me, and the more i learn, the more i realise that this here.. all around us.. peoples lifestyles.. the material world is absolutly nothing. It is meaningless. It is almost like the good people on earth (not many of them), are in this hell hole full of evil people and obstacles, and they are here with it being their biggest test, and if they pass, it is the ultimate hurdle to have overcome.
The talk of `hell` there is no hell.. if there was, then earth is about the closest thing to hell.
The damage it does to the soul, and the dangers.

If you want to fulfil your soul`s purpose on earth, then do NOT.. and i repeat do NOT… follow what society forces upon you as normal.. do NOT lust after the latest iphone or gadget.. do NOT go out drinking and partying and sleeping around every night… do NOT fall into this trap where swearing/ cursing/ being nasty to people is a `normal part of acceptable society`, and if you are offended by it you need to `grow a set`. These are all tests, the highest and most distracting tests and obstacles for the soul to overcome.

When you say no, a big resounding no! to the distractions, the filth, the garbage out there, which is there for one purpose.. to destroy the soul, and when you carry on in your path to the best of your ability… that is the only true happiness.

This does not mean you have to be some jesus and walk around in rags, peniless. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good steak or wearing nice clothes. But living in a purely material world…… and falling into the trap of treating others badly and putting out negative signals and vibrations into an already faltering enviroment, is only ensuring that you will be unfortunatly re-incarnated again on earth again and again until you pass the test. (Yes, reincarnation is a fact, and we are all here simply because we need to learn and pass the test in one of the harshest and most distracting/ environments possible (earth) ).

I want to help, and i will be spending the rest of my time here, giving out as much knowledge as possible. My goal is not to turn anybody from any religion, not to brainwash or start some cult, there is more than enough of that (anybody with half a brain can see religions are there to control, set by other power hungry beings and leaders) – yes, beings from other planets were on earth in the past, and did claim to be `the gods of all`, when in fact they were no more a god than you and i, but try telling that in a forest to a native who hasnt seen a cellphone in his life, when landing by his hut in a helicopter holding a laser gun, of course he will believe everything you say.

And yes, earth has been used before time and time again, and sadly it will be used again. The reason is simply because it is so easy for entities millions of years ahead, to use telepathic means or events on earth to swing mankind to whatever story or behaviour they choose (has happened many times in the past and that is how we have the old religions).
However, if you can be strong, (mentally is the key), because this is a world where the human brain finds it very, hard almost impossible to overcome temptations, think of all those people buying cigarettes where it clearly states above smoking kills, why would they still do this? they do not have an answer, it is because they can not stop.
Yes, i know it can eventually be cured etc, but it was just an example of how strong these material desires can get, but, like i say if you can gather up the mental strength and will power to say no to the material temptations around you that life throws at you, then evolving is the key.. and it does not involve any kind of ebook for 20 dollars, or galactic federation of light channeling or sitting in circle singing kum-ba-yan, it involves looking at ourselves, our true selves, beyond the makeup.

I am writing this with the blessings and permission of Alyas, Markeethe and Sedarth, three of the `elders` who i have been physically communicating with in the last hour.

Some response to OP :

reply posted on 22-8-2013 @ 12:59 AM by CirqueDeTruth

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I’d thought Lyra was destroyed in the Draconian wars which was what prompted the Arcturians to once again enter 3d space to aid in topping the spread of their tyranny and oppression.

Are these elders survivors of Lyra? Or is this erroneous, and Lyra still survives?

Please, please don’t let the bullies run you off, okay.

Interesting stuff. S n’ F.



reply posted on 22-8-2013 @ 01:41 AM by 50swesterns

Originally posted by proob4
Do they use screws and screw drivers? If not how do they build stuff?
Apparently no one really knows according to my latest thread.

It depends, some civilisations use tools.. some dont and use their minds to create it, it really does depend.

reply posted on 22-8-2013 @ 01:56 AM by InfinitePerspective

reply to post by 50swesterns

You and many others who have posted here regarding this type of information share many similarities to the information I have received.

I would say though, that earth is not necessarily, strictly a “hell,” though it may be perceived as such, but it is rather a sort of playground, an interactive hologram for souls to grow through possibilities of experience in a realm where a strict principle of duality is in place. In order to achieve true peace and happiness one must progress through a cycle of much suffering.

Though I am not yet able to validate your source, I cannot deny the substance of your information.

Continue on the path, my friend.

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  1. some people are very superficial they will never understand or being flexible about the possibility of another form of life in a different planet. 75 percent of planet earth still asleep and never heard about pleiedians or draco reptilian or I even better than that they don’t know about the ability of channelling energy never mind ridicule them. This is that actual situation of planet earth

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