George Galloway British Parliament Speaks On Syria

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George Galloway articulates what most here are thinking & discussing. This video is awesome in its content and veracity.For those members and visitors who cannot watch video, I have taken the liberty of doing a partial transcript myself (approximately 80% of it) as one is currently not available on Mr Galloways website, nor youtube or anywhere else that I can find. There may be a few words out of place but you will soon get the drift of the message.

Like I said Pwned…………

its absolutely evident that if it were not for the democratic revolt both inside here in the house of commons and outside in the wider public against this war that the engines in Cyprus would now be revving and the cruise missiles ready to fly this very weekend and any attempt by the PM to pretend that he had always all along intended on this course of action is just bunkum.

Talking about the Assad regime…………..

not that they are not Bad enough to do it (use chemical weapons) Mr Speaker, everybody knows they’re bad enough to do it, the question is are they mad enough to do it…to launch a cw attack in Damascus on the very day that the United nations Chemical weapons inspection team arrives is Damascus must be a new definition of madness and of course if he is that mad, how mad is he going to be once we launch a blizzard of tomahawk missiles upon his country


Because this government is intent on regime change in Damascus which brings me to another point……..the reason for the unease is because the people can see the character of the opposition

He then colourfully talks about the Syrian opposition commander cutting open a soldier and eating his heart and liver and then posting it on YT and of the Christian priests having their heads sawn off, not chopped off but sawn off with bright knives and even a bishop in the Christian church who was murdered by these people. (the opposition).

Every religious minority, there are 23 of those, is petrified of a victory of the Syrian rebels that the British PM and Foreign Secretary have been doing their utmost to supply with weapons and money these last 2 years and they cannot deny it and they now say its about this crime (latest cw attack) whoever committed it but its been the governments policy for 2 years to bring about the defeat of the regime in Damascus and the victory of the kinds of people responsible for these crimes.

Let me make this point more clearly, when did Russia and china, 2.5 Billion people cease to be members of the international community. who are you, on the other side, to decide what the international community should do if you’re unable to persuade the security council to go along with your point-of-view, who are you to decide that you will launch a war in any case. You see, I keep hearing about the unreasonable use of the Veto, I’ve heard that many times over the last few years in this house, that the United States has vetoed every attempt to obtain justice for the Palestinian people and to punish and to issue retribution for international law breaking on the part of Israel and nobody in this house has said one word about it.

There is then a banter for about 30secs about Sarin gas and its ease of access and the Tokyo attack and he finishes off with this comment…..

Russia and China say no to this war, and so do I and most of the people in this country.

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