What you need to know about Fukushima radiation and why.

ATS Post by RickinVa:
Fukushima radiation… what you need to know and why.

By now, everyone knows about the disaster that occurred at Fukushima Daiichi. Tepco announced that they had successfully had cold-shut downs on the affected reactors. This is now commonly known to be false. Reactor’s 1 & 2 have melted down and the current location of the coriums is unknown. Reactor 3 is basically still an unknown due to the huge explosion that took place.

Reactor 3 explosion:

It has now been over 1,000 days and Fukushima continues to leak radioactivity every single day…. There are estimates of somewhere between 300-400 tons of radioactive ground water going in the Pacific Ocean every day.

Should you be concerned about the effects of the radiation leaking from the stricken plant?

Is it going to kill you over night?

What kind of radiation are we talking about at Fukushima?

The ones you hear most are plutonium, tritium, cesium and strontium.… it is also leaking:

And so on…. The entire list can be seen here:


The greatest threat at the moment from Fukushima is the bio-accumulation of fission byproducts that are leaking daily from the plant.


Basically in a nutshell, it’s when an animal or organism takes in more of a harmful substance than it can eliminate… thus it slowly builds up as larger animals eat the smaller animals…. It will move up the food chain… how much will move up won’t be known until long after we are dead and gone… but your grand children and great grand children will know about Fukushima…. Because it will eventually be inside of them.

The problem with Fukushima is that there are just too many unknowns, any of which could quickly turn an already bad situation into a nightmare of global proportions worse than it already is.

1.) The ground is saturated with water and the buildings are sinking into the ground.

2.) The proposed ice wall solution is only good until the next big earthquake. And there will be more earthquakes…that is a given.

3.) Reactor buildings 1,2,&3 are deadly to humans and will remain so for decades if not centuries.

4.) There are a lot of fuel rods on site that should they have to abandon the site for any reason could possibly cause huge amounts of radiation to be released into the air.

How much radiation is bad for you? All radiation is bad for you… it exists all over the planet in various amounts. It’s known as background radiation. Anything that increases the background radiation is not good for you plain and simple. If the normal back ground radiation in your area is say .035, and the leakage from Fukushima raises your radiation level to say .490… then yes you have every right to be concerned.

Radiation levels and their effect on you:


Effects of radiation on cells:


Effects of radiation on blood:


Effects of radiation on the human body:


Biological effects of radiation:


Radiation leaking from Fukushima isn’t going away…. It’s is going to bio accumulate in the food chain for possibly centuries… no one in their right mind could possibly think that Fukushima is a localized event and that the amount of radiation being released is only going to affect the local Japanese population….

You don’t have to wait for Godzilla to appear to realize that Fukushima Daiichi is a global disaster of epic proportions…..

So should you be concerned with the radiation leaking from Fukushima?

Absolutely… do what you can to avoid increasing your radiation intake….. I personally have stopped eating any pacific seafood…. There’s just too much bio-accumulation from all the nuclear testing and the Japan disaster to make me feel comfortable.

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