Happening now and I never even realised.

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I spoke to someone yesterday that I have not seen since 1996. I met him at the Barbican in London, he was an Inventor and I was an inventor and we were both displaying products, i then met him a few months later at the Southampton Science fair and we went out for a few beers.

So he worked in electronics and when I met him yesterday he told me something that I could never imagine and still cant believe it but it does seem true as I did a couple of searches and thing are happening as he told me, anyway here is the conversation roughly how it went.

Hi hows things not saw you for ages what are you doing ( Im going to call him X so you know when he was talking)

X : doing ok keeping busy.
Me: where are you working then.

X: I work in R& D developing the latest smart meters.

Me: Ive heard about them you run out of milk and your fridge orders you another pint from Tesco’s.

X: ha ha’ thats what they want you to think, i suppose if Tescos want to do that then they can but the power compaines have not invested £3.5 billion to make tescos money.

Me: So what is the point of them.

X: people are moaning about their eletric bills just now but they would give anything to get back to what they are paying now two years from now.

Me How.

X: I was involved in a meeting and the Chairman said its 316 miles from Birmingham to Scotland and people are moaning that it costs £60 to fill the tank full of gas. Ok so let them walk, I guarantee that after walking the first 16 miles and 300 miles in front of them they would gladly pay £60 they would gladly pay £600 rather than walk that 300 miles and would have a smile on their face as they paid you for it.

And that’s where we come in, we produce power and at peak times we need more staff and have to produce more power to meet demand, what we want to do is make more profit and reduce staff and balance the usage out over 24 hours.

We are going to start charging per hour for electricity it will cost you 10 times as much to use power at 5 pm as it will at 5 am.

We will start by rationing power and have power cuts at peak times saying the demand is to much, we will have the press blame it on the unemployed (thats right) the unemployed will get the blame, we will say we cant meet the demand and people at home all day could do their washing at 12 noon or pre cook meals at 1pm, in fact why dont unemployed eat at 9 pm at night as thats what time most europeans eat,
We will blame the high prices are because unemployed people are causing the demand, people will blame the jobless saying if they can afford to run their electricity at peak times they are getting to much benefit etc.

We plan to make the cheapest hours in the daytime between 10am and 2 pm this way working people will moan that they sit at home watching daytime tv on the cheap when we get home we have to pay peak prices.

THEY WILL BLAME PEOPLE AT HOME ALL DAY FOR THE CRISIS and we will not have to do anything, they might even blame the disabled saying that charging motability scooters etc at inappropriate hours are to blame.

We have to create the image that the power companies have had no choice that it was the workshy and feckless who created this situation, it will be accepted without much protest as the thought is already been planted with articles in media on the unemployed sitting at home all day watching wide screen tv and Sky.

Once this has been excepted we can begin with the second stage and this is where you come in gentlemen ( speaking to electronic experts in the room)

Me Fck sake robbing Baskets.
X: wait a minute, it gets worse a lot worse.
X: are you sure you want to hear this.
Me: yes
X@ ok so this guy goes on to speak, Our next stage will be to charge per appliance, if you run a fridge then you cant be expected to turn it off at 5 pm to 9pm so that will be just a few pence more in peak time, but a Playstation or x box or tv or charging your phone or on pc or laptop will be classed as luxury items and will cost a fee ( thats right a fee) if you use your laptop between 5pm and 9pm you will pay a fee plus the peak hour tarriff, so people will either sit looking at their fridge between 5pm till 9pm or pay for the privilage of using tv computers.

Molbile phone companies have off peak and on peak, trains have off peak and on peak, car parks have of peak and on peak every company charges off peak and on peak at busiest times, Christmas, Easter will have dearer tarriffs.

The R&D section will be split up and we want a deadicated team to work on controling appliancs through the S M (smart meter).

Our operators must have control of all appliances used in the property from their workstation.

For example if someone owes us £200 and is paying back £2 a week plus their present usage, then the operator can turn off the heating on a cold night forcing the householder to phone (the premium line) the operator can say ” your allocation has been reached and so you don’t fall further behind we can accept a payment of £50 now by debit card to restore that item, It could be £20 for a PS3 £14.50 for a Tv or Laptop.
If they don’t pay they don’t use.

We want Section 7 to concentrate on voice warning, if the line manager has a look at someones account and say we want them to pay another £15 per week, the operator will look at usage habits and if say at 6.35 pm everynight a user goes on his laptop and it is 6.20pm then the laptop will be blocked from connecting to the supply, the operator knows that this user will phone them within 15 mins, thats why we need to work on voice notification, so the user knows its not a fault and we have blocked it.

Your Group manager will show you what we want to achieve and timescale.

Any questions.

How will you get a way with this, people will just refuse to have them installed, new legislation will be brought in making it an act of terrorism to interfere with any work carried out by a power company and will be treated as saboutage.

But will schools not need to shut because they cant afford to heat the school’ No No each school bill will be marked with NI (national interest) the same for police, army, hospitals etc. individuals such as lawyers, teachers, doctors, policemen, judges , social workers ,Mps of course will be exempt and I am pleased to say all power company employees, because they are NI tagged.

Each area will have a director who will be able to stamp any account as NI.

What about Children or the disabled, I understand that this issue has been decided on and Government will pay direct just as they pay directly to the BBC for licences for the over 75s for children, disabled people will be no different to anyone else, in fact the children payment is to be linked to attendance at school and unemployed who refuse to do community work will lose their credit, so an unemployed person with children will need to make sure he does unpaid work and his children don’t miss school to maintain his NI stamp.

When will it come in, we are hoping by the end of 2014 start of 2015; we will have good press as we take on unemployed people for installation door to door contact etc. We expect the SMs to have all trials finished by May 2014.

That was what X told me, he said check it out’ my company has been planning this since 2008 and nothing about it is in the media.
He said check Canada they are streets ahead of everyone.

I said that’s immoral’ he says I know but I have a family and bills to pay and there is not must 1 pesrson can do, I can’t say that cant be done electronically, they will just sack me and employ someone else, and anyway they know it can be done because Canada has already started.
I found these 2 links and I was dumbfounded this is actually happening they are going to charge per appliance,



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