Bursting the bubble

Article taken from Metrobloggen.


I wont pretend to understand much about how the financial markets works, but as I am told to write this in my own Words, I will try my best to share with you what Mr DayX tried to explain to me about what is about to happen in the next few months, however ”amateurish” it may sound when I write it. It’s the message itself that is important, not the way I formulate it.

What he says is gonna happen (in short) is that around may 2014 the current stock market bubble is gonna burst big time.
This will send more or less the whole World economies in a recession that wont recover until somewhere around the year 2019.
Ordinary people are gonna loose their jobs, their homes, their savings and even their lives.
This is gonna be the worst financial collapse the World has ever seen so far.
But let me try to explain when and why in more detail.

There was a housing bubble that burst in 2008 as you are all well aware of. Insolvent investment banks like Lehman Brothers and others dragged Insurance giant AIG with them in their hard fall. This started a domino effect that threatened even more big businesses like General Motors. The american government had to step in and stop the bleeding Before this domino effect got out of hand.
Most economies in the World were in the end affected by this.
Millions of people lost not only their jobs, but also their homes. Most of the World economies Went into a recession.
You all know this, I just want to remind you all that happened not too long ago. Just a few years back.

So dont you find it strange that today, 6 years later, most Economists says that we are recovering well.
They say this while The common man still struggles to find a job, and if they do find a job, they still only manage to live paycheck to paycheck at the best.

The fact is that ”the market” is doing exceptionally well at the moment. Big Corporations make more Money then ever. The stock market is at a record high and just keeps on Rising.
The problem is that it’s all artificial, propped up by goverment stimuli and all part of the illuminati plan to further enrich themselves Before shit REALLY hits the fan.
Which its about to do very soon. All according to plan of course.
The rich just got richer and they know that right about now and at the very latest around may, is the time to sell their propped up stocks to further enrich themselves Before the collapse.
And then the circle will start all over again, with more taxpayer Money to save the economy etc etc.

This far even I understand Mr DayX’s reasoning and explanation. It all makes sense that something is fundamentally wrong when the market is at record high while most people are at a record low, financially speaking. It’s unsustainable and of course this bubble is gonna burst too sooner or later. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this.

But here is the wicked twist that not even the illuminati themselves (except a very few at the very top) knows about.
This time the government isn’t gonna be able to save them.
Government Money alone cant save this domino effect anymore since they already implemented most of the countermeasures they could use.
Interrest rates are already low and cant go any lower.
The World economy still needs a strong motor to keep the Wheels spinning. Some economy that is Rising, that can actually invest in businesses to create new jobs, and buy commodities for production. Last time around it basically was the strong economy of China alone that saved us all.

This time China is gonna be the catalyst that actually bursts this bubble.
China is in an economic bubble of their own at this moment. They have a housing bubble worse then that in the USA in 2008 going. The country of China itself isn’t that badly in debt Economists will tell you, but the truth is that most of the local provinces over there are hughly in debt at this moment. Their economy have grown to fast basically and they are now outgrowing their shoes sort of speak.
The illuminati plan was to crash the market and enrich themselves, but still rely on more government stimuli and a strong China to repair the damage in the end.

This is not gonna happen. What WILL happen is that since almost all countermeasures are already taken to stimulate the economy – there wont be no choices left and the World will enter a deflationary recession.
This means debt is eventually written off, basically destroying Money.
This is NOT what the rich wants, because guess who’s loosing the most then?
The rich people with lots of Money, or the common man that is already almost ruined?
Yeah, you guessed it – the rich will loose.

Of course they know that this can happen, they are Always balancing on the edge of that Cliff when they crash the economy.
They just didnt Think that it will happen NOW.
But it will, because China isnt as strong economically as they thought. Thats what you get when putting your hopes into a CLOSED communist country.
You dont get all the necessary information to plan a big thing like this correctly. The country and it’s economy is just too big and complex to get a good overview of.
Not even the chinese illuminati that helped planned this new crash has the full Picture.
The main reason is something as simple as pride.

The chinese is a very proud people. So proud in fact, that most of their local provinces wont admit how bad an economical shape they are in.
So they fix the numbers to make things look better than they actually are.
This is not uncommon. This is exactly what Greece did to be accepted into the european union.

The problem is that China is a significantly bigger economy then Greece and is significatly harder to get an overview of.
So while even the chinese illuminati that helped plan this next stock market crash Thinks that the plan is all good, that the chinese economy isnt all that bad and that it stands strong even in this economic storm, they are badly mistaken and it will cost us all very much in the years to come.

So the stock marked crash occurs as planned around may, the chinese economy will be dragged down too, very much like AIG was dragged down by Lehman Brothers the last time around.
The World will realize that this is FAR worse then anyone could even imagine.
Panic on Wall Street.
Domino effect cant be stopped by strategic government countermeasures like last time – the sums of Money needed to stop this bleeding is just so great that is would make the dollar basically worthless if they tried to print that much.
When out of options – Debts will eventually have to be written off, in other Words – Money will be destroyed, and the most of the World economies will go into a deflationary recession that wont recover until about year 2019, and Dow Jones will be at a low of around 5000 Before starting to recovering again.

For a long time the 1% have taken advantage of the rest of us to enrich themselves – now it’s the 1% of the 1% that will screw the rest of us over.
Luckily for me and you – Mr DayX is among that 1% of the 1%, and he has enough of a counciousness to warn us Before this occurs.

As an ordinary person it isnt much you can do about this really.
His only advice is to invest your Money NOW while they still have good buying Power, and invest in tradable stuff like canned Foods, weapon ammunition and fuel.
Trading and bartering will help you ride this storm out, when regular Money is of Little use to buy stuff with for the coming years.
Things will get better around 2019, but until then the economical crisis is gonna be the worst in human history unfortunately.

That’s the story.

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Illuminati Inside News 2014

As you might have noticed – I have had a 2 year long break from this blog.
The reason is that I wasn’t pleased with all the speculations I based my news in this blog on.
To be honest, the accuracy in my predictions was horrible and I dont want to be Another one of those fearmongering fools that just publish anything to get attention.
So I stopped publishing speculations all together.

Lately things have changed. I have (in strange circumstances) come in Contact with a wealthy businessman who also recently revealed to me that he is an Illuminati insider!
To clear his conciousness a little, he wants some information to get out to the public. And considering the odd relationship we have (he is old and wealthy and well known, I am middleaged and a totally unknown factory floor worker) he decided he wants me to spread the information he have, as it will be hard to track back to him.
He watched my blog and realized that he wont be reaching many people by letting me publish what he knows – but as long as he made it available, he feels he have done what he need to do.
It’s up to the general public to actually look up and find the information that can save them…

I won’t (an understandable request from his side to agree to let me in on some of these things) publish his identity.
The reasons for this is that it will compromise the security of his family and friends as well as himself (even though he is at that age that he cares more about the lives of his Children and grandchildren then his own).
Another reason is that he cant keep feeding me information if he is revealed.
All I can say is that he is now in his 60′s and he is a VERY successfull businessman and former government consultant.
He allowed me to refer to him as Mr DayX (don’t ask me why that name, but I will do as he asks and call him that).

The reason he puts himself and his dear ones at risk and reveals this information to me, is that he knows that shit is about to hit the fan soon.
He wants to leave at least some good behind, and help to maybe save some souls, as his legacy when he is all gone and forgotten after his Earth Life ends.
He haven’t become religious at old age, but he has come to realize that he will have to answer to someone or something for all his actions in this Life and helping to reveal this information will hopefully ease his afterlife to some extend.

He admits he haven’t been a very nice person in this Life – he have taken advantage of every person possible to get to where he is today.
All his wealth and fame is at the cost of not only other people’s misery, but also at significant poisoning of the Earth.
This is his way of making some good Before he leaves.

He also requested that I write in english from now on, for two reasons.
1. More people will be able to access the information that way.
2. He dont understand Swedish and he wants to be able to Review what I publish so that it is correct.
So from now on this blog is gonna be written in English.
Lastly, he wont let me directly quote him on anything (for reasons of his own security), Everything I tell here is in my own Words. He wanted it that way.

That’s the story behind what I am going to reveal in later posts. For now this is all I have time to publish – I have work to attend to and bills to pay unforunately.

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Source  http://metrobloggen.se/disclosure/
ATS Thread:  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread994808/pg1
MEANS: U.S. economy on schedule to crash March 4, 2014
America’s fall will take global economies with it        Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/oct/25/us-economy-on-schedule-to-crash-march-2014/#ixzz2sYuJ8hcK

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