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What If…?


This isn’t a thread about a certain ‘Sighting’ or a horribly grainy YouTube video as proof of the latest visitation etc. Note: This thread was written with the Premise that ETs are real for discussion/argument and or debate of the various possible aspects of such a reality. I’d like to have an open discussion without all the normal stigma/stereotyping/knee jerk denial usually involved in this topic. I have a few questions that I’d really like to hear our members thoughts on.

A few years back I posted a thread regarding the supposed vast difference in ‘Alien’ craft and asked the simple question that if this or that civilization were in fact visiting us why is it that there were such a wide variety of the types of crafts? – UFOs A Serious flaw – My argument then is still the same in that, If they were so far advanced {Some believe by thousands if not Hundreds of thousands or even Millions of years ahead of us} they would have by now logically came upon an optimal standard design.

The rebuttals seemed to be that they were just like us in that they too would have differing models the way we do in either Military or Civilian aircraft. I really don’t think that is the case. But who knows for sure. I’m thoroughly convinced that many if not the majority can be explained away by either mis-Identifications in either Military or Civilian aircraft or some natural aerial phenomenon. But are they all?

Reading through many threads, reports and yes watching quite a few YouTube videos on encounters, abductions and all the various sightings as well as many Sci-fi movies and TV shows and available literature I’ve come away with the idea that I think the prevailing underlying hope of many is that ‘They’ are out there and many in the modern world would love to know who, what and where they came from. How did they make it past the point in development we are presently.

Looking at the above shape chart one has to wonder are they all from the same race of Aliens? Time? Dimensions? I’ve often wondered IF we are being visited could we determine by the remaining supposed physical evidence how their craft work? I mean, those interested in the field often read or hear about this or that person being burned or suffering from Radiation sickness…


Locations that show burned or radiated soil that either things wont grow, snow wont stick or things grow strangely….

Now, this thread isn’t about ‘Proving’ those events happened. What I’d like to ask is could one determine how such things/effects could be created and by what mechanism IF the visitation stories were in fact true? You know, sorta reverse diagnoses/analyses? Maybe this way we could gain an understanding how their supposed crafts work/function?

I want to Believe

But, I want to see some real concrete proof. I’m not going to simply believe every light in the night sky is a visitation nor take anybody’s word as proof. I think I’m not alone here when I say that simply because one believes in the possibility of ET and their visitations that again, Not every grainy YouTube video or the latest saucer pic is the gospel truth.

The Argument

We sit here in the 21st Century and almost daily or so it seems hear a Physicists, Scientist and Mathematicians tell us that the idea of Alien civilizations are a very real possibility and that they may even be much older or more advanced in science and technology than we are, they may even have ‘this ability or that’ which we presently do not. So, why is it so hard for some to believe that they may be in fact visiting/studying us?


They are all visiting us then why? Whats so supposedly special here? Is it our planet’s natural resources? Is it our Genetic coding? Are we simply a fascinating Galactic anthropological study of a true pre-interstellar space fairing race? Are they here to help, study, guide or simply guard against us breaking out of our crib too early?

ATS Thread


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