How the rich get richer from literally nothing and rip you off at the same time

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2 people I know have told me recently about different things that they’ve discovered that look to me like they might just be mega scams designed to pour money into the pockets of the rich at everyone elses expense.

And it really is money for nothing.

I’m in the UK and unsurprisingly it seems that politicians and their mates are all lining themselves up to earn huge chunks of money by doing nothing at all except creating laws & campaigns that allow them to become unnecessary middle men who get paid huge sums of money when there really is no need for them to earn one single penny.

Possible Scam 1) Water Abstraction:

In the UK if you own land that has water flowing through it, or has a border that meets water (e.g. like a rivel for example) then you own part of the river.

You can then apply for a water abstraction license that costs up to c.£10,000, and once you have that you are legally allowed to syphon water off from the river, and sell it to the water companies.

So the rain falls out of the sky, at no cost to you, it flows in the river onto or past your land, at no cost to you, you syphon it off, at very little cost, and sell it to the water companies who then sell it to the public – and of course those costs are passed onto the public.

How much is this worth? Well my first contact has talked to a wealthy land owner (think like a Lord kind of wealthy land owner) who is angry that the laws might be changed, and he’s making £millions per year out of it.

In fact DEFRA have been banging the drum about how since 2008 they have amended 77 licenses and this has resulted in 75 Billion litres of water being returned to the environment (here:…)

Sounds impressive until you realise there are licenses in place right now that allow 80 Billion litres of water PER DAY to be extracted from rivers and sold to the water companies.

So this government department have managed in 6 years to recover 1 days worth of water per year – whoop de doo.

But how much is this worth to those who take natures water and sell it on?

DEFRA are now also proposing changes to the system of water abstraction, and this change will benefit water abstractors by up to £500 million over 25 years (here:…).

Note that’s not how much taking free water and selling it on will be worth in total, it’s how much it will benefit them by – in other words, in addition to how much they’re already making.

That’s an extra £20 million per year, and that’s IF DEFRA have their numbers right – something that government departments are not famous for. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s worth significantly MORE than that per year to the vultures.

Of course the simple question is – why don’t the water companies simply take the water from the rivers themselves instead of allowing someone else to do it and make £10’s of millions in the process?

I don’t know how much money is being made from this in total, but some simple maths:

Currently only about half of the water that licenses allow is being taken, so that’s: 40 billion litres per day x 365 days = 14,600 BILLION litres per year – that’s 14.6 TRILLION litres per year of free water that’s being taken and sold to the public – and they could take double that if they wanted.

Work out how much that’s worth…

Possible Scam 2) This is The Big Deal

A friend of mine started a website 7 years ago, but for various reasons hasn’t been able to push it, it’s called Saving Together.

Low and behold a new site has recently appeared called “This is the Big Deal” (this is a link to a page on the saving together site that explains what’s going on in more detail – I’m loathe to link to the other site for the following reasons):

The “This is the big deal” website was only registered on 27th January of this year, it is BRAND NEW – and yet they have recently been featured on Sky News and in various newspapers.

Even more surprisingly is that lots of government ministers and other politicians have come out saying what a great idea it is and how they are behind it – REALLY – a brand new website?

It turns out that one of the people behind “this is the big deal” is called Henry de Zoete and is from the de Zoete banking dynasty – he was in the year above Prince William at Eton, and surprise surprise until recently he was employed working for….

A UK government politician – Michael Gove!

Then in the news today on the BBC is this story: Energy Companies to be Investigated

They are going to face political questioning regarding pricing – and what is “this is the big deal” all about?

It’s about getting people to sign up en masse so that they can switch energy companies en masse to get a better deal.

And I guess that “this is the big deal” will earn money from that, won’t they?

And I also wonder if the de Zoete banking dynasty have sizeable investments in any UK energy firms? isn’t that the kind of thing large banking types normally invest in?

I can see how the timing of this website and the timing of the announcement of government investigations into energy prices could be a coincidence, even with the political connections of the people behind the site, but seriously…

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