A good collection of General Gardening Information

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Container Gardening

Cornell University – Growing Vegetables in Containers.  GrowingVegetablesinContainers-CornellUniv

Univ. New Hampshire –  Container Growing.  GrowingVegeetablesinContainers-UNH

Container Gardening.  Container Gardening

More on Container Gardening.  Container Gardening 2

University of Florida: Mini Gardening (Container Gardening).  ContainerGardeningVegetables-UnivofFlorida

Texas A&M-Container Gardening.  GrowingVegetablesinContainers-Easy

Agri life Extension (Tex A&M)- Vegetable Gardening in Containers.  growingcontainervegetables

Another Article on Container Gardening.  GrowingVegetablesinContainers


Introduction to Gardening.  BYIntroductiontoGardening

Living Smart: How to start a vegetable Garden.  Brochure-StartAVegeGarden

Vegetable Garden Basics.  Vegetable Garden Basics

Template for Garden Journal : Important! You need to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.  GardenJournal

Univ. Florida- Starting the garden with Transplants.  start a small garden

Iowa State- Starting Garden transplants at Home.  start garden transplants

Helen Harrison’s – Growing Vegetables at Home.  GrowingVegetablesatHome

Univ. of Tennessee- Growing Vegetables in Home.  GrowingVeginHomeGarden-UnivTenn

NC State- Home Vegetable Garden.  NCStateHomeVegetableGardening

Home Vegetable Gardening.  HomeVegetableGardening-UGA

Univ of Tennessee-Growing Vegetables from Seed.  GrowingVegetablesfromSeed

Iowa State University -Home vegetable Garden.  Planting a Home Vegetable Garden

Raised Vegetable Gardening

A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening in Florida.  Raised Bed Garden Book

OK State- Raised Bed Gardening.  RaisedBedGardening-OKState

Gardening Plans

10×10 ft Gardening for Squash and Cucumbers.  10×10-squash-and-cucumbers-free-vegetable-garden-plan

20×20 ft Vegetable Garden Plan.  20×20-free-vegetable-garden-plan

Clemson: Planning A Garden.  Clemson Planning a Garden

4-H Gardening Project.  4HGardeningProject

Gardening in Small Spaces-Excellent article.  smspacegardening-excellant


Home Gardening: A better Way.  ABetterWaytoGardening

Ron Smith PHD- Growing Voluptuous Vegetable.  GrowingVoluptuousVegetablesPresentations

The Fall Vegetable Garden/Late Season Gardening.  The Fall Vegetable Garden

Drip irrigation

NC State- Be Healthy Grow what you Eat.  NCStateGrowingVegetables

Drip Irrigation for the Homestead.  Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens

An Intro to Drip Irrigation.  Intro to Drip Irrigation

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