Current Foreign Policy WILL LEAD to world war 3

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I don’t mean to boast, but 20 years ago I co-wrote threat analysis papers for Canadian Defense Department. Even though we are Canadians (weaker military), we take our work seriously just as much.

I may be little out of the loop (little bit old school). But watching this entire Ukraine fiasco and remembering how things in the government work, particularly in military sector, I gotta tell you folks, I am getting seriously worried.

And I am not worried for Russian Federation or the PRofChina.

I am worried for us.

Here is why.

US foreign policy has over the past 3 decades formed almost 800 military bases (not counting drone bases, it would be +2000 in that case). Now that the world is covered as much as possible, the only frontier left is Russia and China. US has financially supported fringe and right sector elements in Ukraine to topple the Pro-Russian government. Everything worked as planned.

Just one problem, Russians are completely, and I mean completely onto us. So are the Chinese, they know exactly what’s going on. No one is fooling anyone anymore. In today’s world, the scoreboard is completely in the open.

If US keeps pushing Eastern European countries into NATO, if US starts putting Russia under serious sanctions (more than just wrist slaps). The situation will escalate to military confrontation. NON NUCLEAR military confrontation. That would then become Tactically Nuclear. The 3rd stage would be intercontinental nuclear. Don’t let the media fool you with missile shields, any scenario they ran with more than 300 targets, the containment was only 88%, and Russia can muster FAR MORE than 300 targets. This is not counting China.

This is one of those situations US needs to back off from. There is no way in hell Unites States would allow Canada to come under Russian or Chinese or Iranian influence. In the same way, Russia will not at any cost, allow Ukraine to fall under US/EU and NATO influence.

Did you know that 30 % of Russian military hardware is contracted to be manufactured in Ukraine. 40% of Ukrainians have Russian ethnic family as cousins at the least. Eastern Ukraine is 45% Russian.

I get what US is doing, this is a Up Yours Revenge for Snowden and few other things.

But if US foreign policy goal is to instigate the slow beginning of world war 3, then they are right on track, right on track.

Don’t believe the popular media. Allies of United States other than Great Britain are far from willing to fight a major war. Europeans would scream surrender faster than you can fart.

There is so little to gain by pushing Ukraine into NATO, and so much to lose.

United States hubris comes from size of the military, but size of the military alone does NOT guarantee you successful war theater, that’s the first thing you learn in military academy. Just that the damn politicos don’t have a clue. And considering Obama Mamba quietly replaced all objective commanders with Obama loving puppets in the last 2 years.

Kerry now goes to Ukraine more times a week than I change socks and CIA chief was just in Ukraine few days ago, no doubt promising support and teaching new government few tricks.

I am seriously worried.

Can you imagine Canadian Quebec separatists being supported by Russian Diplomats, and yet John McCain and few others were with Kiev rebels pumping his fist into the air. This is a serious provocation and if this policy continues, Russians will eventually engage the army, and if US responds, that’s it.




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