The Prophecies of Li Chunfeng


Lee, Chung-Feng, the personal prophet and military counsel of the 1st emperor of Tong dynasty (765 AD) is one of the most accurate prophets ever existed in China.  He was a famous I-Ching and astrology master.  He wrote a book which has 60 poems and 60 cartoon drawings.   Each poem has a drawing, and each poem is a prophecy which describes a Chinese historical event that will occur in order.  Which means, the 36th poem will definitely happen before the 40th poem.   Poem # 60 is the end of his prophecy.  Out of 60 prophecies, 55 of them have already been fulfilled.  Every prophecy has to do with Chinese history.

From Wiki….

” Tui bei tu is a Chinese prophecy book from the 7th-century Tang dynasty. The book is known for predicting the future of China, and is written by Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang. It has been compared to the works of famous western prophet Nostradamus. ”

” The book is supposed to contain clues to China’s future conveyed through a series of 60 surreal drawings, each accompanied by an equally obscure poem.1 The title means “Back-Pushing Sketch” and comes from the last illustration.”

” Each poem is a prophecy, which describes a Chinese historical event that will occur in order. For example, the 36th poem should occur before the 40th poem. Poem number 60 is the last prophecy.  ”

Lee’s amazing prophecy………

Already FulfilledThe sunrise.



Poem #39   Japan invades China

When sun rises, everyone cries.  The air of December is not good.   South mountain has a bird, and the North is fallen.  When the chicken makes a noise, the sun shall set.

Explanation:  The sun represents the Empire of Japan.  The air of December is not good.  On December 9th, 1941, China declared war on Japan.  South mountain means Hong Kong, French Indochina, and Philippines.  South mountain has a bird means there is danger in the south.  North is fallen means Manchuria, the north of China, has already been conquered by the Japanese.  When the chicken makes a noise, the sun shall set.  The chicken, in Chinese calendar, also represents September or the west.  In this case, chicken represents the west, which is USA.  When USA dropped atomic bomb on Japan, the sun shall set.


Iching sign: Too much  
Astrological sign:  y – iX


Already Fulfilled3 kids are voting. Poem #40   The Republic of China (Taiwan)

1, 2, 3, and 4.  A landlord without a land.  Little government, functions beside the communists.  The one from the east is snobbish.  On the head, there is no Mao.  And on his feet, there are no shoes.   If Lee comes out, the frost will dissolve.  The one who created me is the monkey, and the one who killed me is the bear.

Explanation:  1, 2, 3, 4 means 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.  That means the Republic of China will have 10 presidents.  Right now, Chen Sui Bien of Taiwan is the 10th president.   So Chen will be the last president of the Republic of China.  So this prophecy foretold that Chen will either declear independence of Taiwan and change the name from ‘Republic of China’ into ‘Republic of Taiwan’, or Taiwan will be invaded and be conquered by the Communist China.   A landlord without a land means the first few presidents of Taiwan have no control over China although they said they represent the entire China.  Little government functions beside the communists.  The one from the east is snobbish.    On the head, there is no Mao means Taiwan, an island located in the East coast of China, does not take orders from Mao.  On his feet, there are no shoes means Taiwan has no adequate weapons and it does not have enough people to back it up.  If Lee comes out, the frost will dissolve.  This points to Lee Deng Huay.  Lee Deng Huay was the 9th president.  When Lee took over the office, he allowed the Taiwanese citizens to visit China.  China and Taiwan also started  import/exporting in his era.  So the frost between China and Taiwan did dissolve when Lee appeared.  ‘The one who created me is the monkey, and the one who killed me is the bear.’ Monkey, in Chinese astrology, represents the West.   The West is USA.  USA was the one which helped the Republic of China come to power.  So this means that the USA created the Republic of China.  The bear represents Soviet Union.  Soviet Union helped the Communist China come to power.   So the bear is the one which will kill the Republic of China.  This indicates that in the future, the Communist China will destroy Taiwan!  All right!  Give me 5!

Iching sign: Rot  
Astrological sign:  m – X


Already FulfilledA man steps on the sun. Poem #41   Communists of China is born.

God is blind.  The grass and trees grew downward.  + and – switch positions.  Up is earth, and down is the sun.  Everyone must wear red on his head without a head.  Abusing the power, when will this end?  9 and 19 years of big mistake.

Explanation: The grass and trees grew downward. + and – switch positions.  Up is earth, and down is the sun. Every sentence described the characteristic of communism, which ignored the importance of economy and defied social status.  Everyone must wear red on his head without a head means everyone blindly followed communism.  People don’t use their brains.  Nobody realized that communism is nothing but a big joke.  9 and 19 years of big mistake means 28 years of misery for China.   (9 + 19 = 28)  Mao established the People’s Republic of China in 1949, and he died in the year 1976.  That’s exactly 28 years!  (You must count 1949 as 1 year, as how a traditional Chinese would count.)

Iching sign: Li (red fire)  
Astrological sign:  cn – I


Already Fulfilled  Poem #42   Song, Ching-Lin

A beautiful woman comes from the west.  The dynasty becomes peaceful.  The bow is on the ground.  Dangerous, but not so dangerous.   She messes with the government.

Explanation:  Song Ching-Lin was the wife of Sun Wen, the establisher of People’s Republic of China.  She studied in United States before she returned to China to marry Sun.  When she came to power in the 1920s, China became a lot more peaceful and economy has improved quite a bit.  In 1926, she publicly accused Chiang, Kai-Shek of being a traitor of the Republican Party.   The bow is on the ground.  Dangerous, but not so dangerous means Chiang Kai-Shek would like to murder her just like the way how he murdered all of his other opponents.  But too bad that Song was the wife of the deceased founder of the Republican Party.  Murdering her will also ruin Chiang’s own reputation.  And on top of that, Song was also the sister of Chiang’s wife.   Each time Chiang came up with a plan to physically hurt Song, his wife always ruined his plan in order to protect her sister.  Therefore, she spoke out against Chiang’s government with full potential and successfully led many mass protests against Chiang.

Iching sign: Travel  
Astrological sign:  e – II
Already FulfilledA big guy raises his hand to hit the small guy, and the small guy also raises his hand to hit the big guy. Poem #43   China and TaiwanKing is not king.  Noble is not noble.  At first it’s difficult.  At the end, it resolves.  The black rabbit escapes into the green dragon’s cave.  Want to end, but don’t feel like ending.  The branch has grew outside of the fence.  30 years will the offspring grow.

Explanation:  King is not king.   Noble is not noble means Cheng Kai-Shek has escaped to Taiwan.  He no longer is the ruler of China, but he also does not take orders from Mao.  The black rabbit escapes into the green dragon’s cave.  Cheng is the black rabbit.  Black rabbit means Cheng is an old fox.   In Chinese astrology, the green dragon represents the east.  This means Cheng escapes to the east (Taiwan) and found a new shelter.  Want to end, but don’t feel like ending means Cheng refused to recognize the communist government as the legal government of China.  Cheng swore to take China back from the communists.  The branch has grew outside of the fence.  30 years will the offspring grow means Taiwan will be isolated from China for 30 years before the republican government allows Taiwanese citizens to visit China.


Iching sign: Cup
Astrological sign:  w – III


Already Fulfilled


Poem #44  Mao Tze-DongThe sun and the moon brightened the sky.  All darkness are washed away.  Now China has a saint.  Not a smart person, but he’s still OK.  All foreign countries recognize him as the new king.  Everything is going great!

Explanation:  When Mao Tze-Dong took over China, everything was going great.  The communist party proposed new laws which benefited the majority of the people.  For example, they prohibited men marrying more than 1 wives.   They prohibited the use of drugs and prostitution.  They executed all famous gangsters.  The liberation army took over Tibet and ended Tibet’s inhumane slave trade and ridiculous religious laws.  Everyone called Mao a saint.


Iching sign: Unsettled
Astrological sign:  wa- iV


Already FulfilledSoldiers are attacking from the east.  The funny thing is there are 2 soldiers in this drawing.  One represents the Korean War, and the other represents the Vietnamese War. Poem #45   Korean WarGuests come from the west.  They stop at the east.  They wash away our shame with metal, water, wood, and fire.  The luck has come, and everyone in the world is now equal.   Their metal turtles lie in the white ocean.  From now on, they don’t dare to call themselves ‘bosses’.  Their luck ends here.

Explanation:  Americans came to invade Korea, but they were confronted by the Liberation Army.  At first, the Americans thought that Chinese soldiers are easy to crush.  But soon they realized that China is not that easy to handle.

  • They wash away our shame with metal, water, wood, and fire.   (Out of 5 basic elements, the soil element is missing.)  This sentence means that foreign invaders will not gain one inch of soil from asia.

Metal turtles lie in the white ocean means tanks are rolling in the snow.  In both the Korean War and the Vietnamese War, Americans lost to the Chinese.  After the Americans have experienced these 2 wars, they no longer dare to say that they are the boss.


Iching sign: Cover
Astrological sign:  s – V


Already Fulfilled Poem #46   Pang, De-HyaiDarkness.  Don’t need to draw a sword to kill someone.   Thousands of people don’t die, but one person cannot escape.  One soldier carries bow and arrows.  He kept saying that he is older.  But Dong has the golden sword.  And knights will rush in from the back door.

Explanation:  After Mao has screwed China for many years, Pang, De-Hyai, a five-star general, started to openly complain about Mao’s stupid policy.   Pang and Mao started shouting at each other in a conference meeting.  Thousands of people don’t die, but one person cannot escape means Mao threatened to lead a part of the liberation army to confront Pang’s troops if Pang does not resign.  So Pang did resign in order to avoid a civil war.  He kept saying that he is older means Pang said that he knows more than Mao.  Dong has the golden sword means Mao Ze-Dong has all the power.  Knights will rush in from the back door means Pang was dragged out from the back door of his house by the red guards.  Don’t need to draw a sword to kill someone means the red guards did not physically beat him.  Pang died of extreme embarrassment and anger in front of thousands of red guards.


Iching sign: Separate
Astrological sign:  yo – Vi
Already Fulfilled Poem #47    Liu Shao-Ch’i

Study war and learn literature.  This person has talent.  All depends on him.  Whatever he says counts.  No emperor and no king will be there to rule.  This guy is the first guy to come to the farm.  He studied so hard, and it paid off.

Explanation: Liu Shao-Ch’i, the Chief of the communist party of China, was predicted in this poem.  Unlike the stupid farmer Mao, Liu was a honored college student who studied in Moscow.  No emperor and no king will be there to rule means after Mao messed up, people looked up to Liu.  Liu became the chairman and the head of state of the party.  Mao was still the king of China, but Mao no longer ruled.  What ever Liu said was the law.  This guy is the first guy to come to the farm means after Mao made people abandon their farms to go work on steel production (which resulted the biggest famine in world history), Liu ordered the farmers back to their farms and cultivate.  He studied so hard, and it paid off means Liu’s policy will generate great results.  Liu practiced modern economic and market development.  He was about to alter the course of China.


Iching sign: Lawsuit
Astrological sign:  sh – Vii


Already Fulfilled Poem #48    Liu Shao-Chi’s successThe economy rising.  He does not kill the criminal even though he has the golden sword in hand.  One hell of a knight in 50 years.  Green crops are growing out of the farms.

Explanation:  After Liu took control, the economy started to rise.  Liu allowed farmers to sell their own produce as a side business.  He does not kill the criminal even though he has the golden sword in hand means Liu was the head of state and the chairman of the party, but he didn’t remove Mao from the party.  That was Liu’s biggest mistake.  After Liu took control, the famine ended.


Iching sign: Travel
Astrological sign:  h – Viii


Already Fulfilled Poem #49    Mao strikes backSeparation begins.  Leaders form clans.  Everyone is a hero.   One person tells everyone to separate.  “Separate the East from the West.   Separate the North from the South.”

Explanation: Mao got jealous of Liu, and he decided to strike back.  He announced in front of millions of citizens at Tienanmen Square that Liu is the traitor of China and a traitor of the communist party because Liu is copying the American capitalists.  All of a sudden, Liu became public enemy # 1.  Leaders start to form clans.  The entire communist party separated into few clans.

Iching sign: Quen
Astrological sign:  t – iX


Already Fulfilled Poem #50   The red guard and the cultural revolutionBeasts are more valuable than humans.  White rice and food devaluate.  Like tigers, like wolves, they march on the streets.  Mess up the entire place until the sky clears up again.

Explanation:  Beasts are more valuable than humans means the red guards dragged innocent people out on the street to torture them.  Red guards were always right, and you were always wrong.  You are the guilty one, so you deserve to be punished.  Millions of young people marched from all provinces of China to Peking to see leader Mao.  White rice and food devaluate.  On the march, they ate for free because citizens gave them what ever food they wanted without charging them a cent.

Iching sign: Return
Astrological sign:  c – X


Already Fulfilled Poem #51   The rise of Jiang Ching and the ‘Gang of Four’Positive and negative mix.  Become correct.  After the effection from a woman comes to pass, it’s all peaceful again.  Who said this woman is as hard as steel?  Her effection actually moves everyone’s heart.  There will be a change in the weather.   Her time is 1 and 6, healthy and long live.

Explanation:  Jiang Ching was Mao’s wife.  After Liu Shao Ch’i has been killed by the red guards, Jiang Ching has played a major roll in Chinese politics.  She has motivated the cultural revolution with her talented acting skill on theatre stages and on radio shows from 1966 – 1976.  After the effection from a woman comes to pass, it’s all peaceful again means after Mao died in 1976, she was immediately arrested by another party leader.  At first, they gave her a death sentence.  But later on, the party lowered her sentence to a ‘life in prison’.  She has been locked up in jail until she allegedly committed suicide in May of 1991.  There will be a change in the weather, and her time is 16 and long live means from the year of her arrest (1976) until the year she died (1991), it was exactly 16 years (If you count 1976 as a year, just like how a Chinese would count.).  A change in the weather could mean that they lowered her sentence from a death sentence to a ‘life in prison’.  She died at the age 78.

Iching sign: Arrive
Astrological sign:  y – I


Already Fulfilled Poem #52  Border conflict with Soviet Union (1969)See a falling star, which means bad luck in the North-East.  A man must do what a man must do.  The spearhead points to the East.  There still is an emperor in the South.  The visitors won’t stay for long.  We still have a business to run.

Explanation:  In the year 1969, Russians invaded few North-East provinces of China.  Mao played tough with the Soviets and decided to fight back.  Mao showed the Soviets that there still is an emperor in the South.  In the end, Chinese have successfully driven out the invaders.

Iching sign: Wonderful
Astrological sign:  m – II


Already Fulfilled Poem # 53    Deng XiaopingBorn to be king.  He is a gentle scholar.  He believes in the natural ways of life.  A loyal son comes from the west.  He holds the power and brought peace to China.  Two beautiful flags are floating in the palace.  The descendent is better than the ancestor.

Explanation:  He believes in the natural ways of life means Deng did not believe in communism.  He transformed China into an economic superpower by pacing the capitalist way. A loyal son comes from the West means Deng studied in France.  “A loyal son” means he was born in China, and now he came back from the West.  Two beautiful flags are floating in the palace means Deng allowed the existence of both communism and capitalism. The descendent is better than the ancestor means Deng is better than Mao.

Iching sign: Strong
Astrological sign:  cn – III


Already Fulfilled 

An image of a group of children forcing the cow to move forward.  (The cow represents the slowly changing Chinese society.   This image gives me a picture of a protest.)

Poem # 54 Tienanmen Square MassacreMessy, a deadly result, a peaceful ending.  People laugh but cry.

They don’t think logically.   Shave the hair, peal the skin, and still act tough.       Out of this incident a real dragon is born.  The 9 Curves Yellow River’s water is not yellow.

Explanation: This poem predicted that a group of kids will protest against the government.  The kids don’t think logically.   This protest has a messy, deadly result.  But it will end peacefully.  This poem is talking about 1989’s Tiananmen Square incident.  About 300 students were killed.  Shave the hair, peal the skin, and still act tough means the college kids wore only pajamas and fasted for nearly 1 week, but they still act tough.   Out of this incident a real dragon is born means that a new leader will rise to power because of this. The 9 Curves Yellow River’s water is not yellow is basically telling us the new leader’s name.

At first,  Deng Shao-Ping  wanted to let  Zhao Ze-Yang  become the next leader.  But during the Tiananmen Square incident, Zhao supported the students.   Zhao was immediately arrested for supporting the students.  So instead, Jiang Ze-Ming becomes the next leader.

Jiang Ze-Ming’s name, if you pronounce it just like that, means ‘the water is clear’.  The Yellow River is the most famous river in China.  If the Yellow River’s water is not yellow, the ‘water is clear’.   Therefore, Jiang Ze-Ming became the next leader.

Here is another theory:  There are two main rivers in China.  One is the ‘Yellow River’, and the other one is the ‘Long Brook’.  (Foreigners call it “Yangtze River”.)   If the 9 Curves Yellow River’s water is not Yellow, it must be pointing at the Long Brook because Long Brook’s water is clear.  The Long Brook also has 9 main curves.  The word for “Brook” in Chinese is “Jiang”.  Therefore, Jiang Ze-Min becomes the new leader of China.

Both the Yellow River and the Long Brook have 9 main curves.


Astrological sign: e – iV
I-Ching sign: Extreme
Poem 55
already fulfilled
“Afraid therefore cautious.  A woman beside the water, bowing down to the sun.  Every move must be careful because there are other government officials watching.  Turns danger into safety and become brothers.  Who said I will lose my country?”This poem has clearly indicated that a man with the name “beside the water” will rise to power.  There is a woman beside him who will bow down to the sun.  President Chen Shui-Bien of Taiwan is that man.  His first name “Shui-Bien” means “beside the water” in Chinese.  He picked a woman to be his vice-president.  Few years ago, that woman went to Japan and bowed down to the Japanese imperial sun flag in a war criminal temple. (She is a total traitor)   Her action was later exposed by a newspaper.  Mainland China threats Chen for the unification of China.  Chen refuses.  Everyone toward the end of 1999 thought that China will attack Taiwan immediately.  Chen is pacing the way for the independence of Taiwan one little step at a time.  Yesterday, he edited all elementary and high school history text books.  Today, he changed the logo on the Taiwanese passport to say, “The government of Taiwan” instead of “The Republic of China”.  Tomorrow, he will change the flag and announce a formal independence of Taiwan.  The republican party and other parties are watching him, so he has to carry out his plan slowly and carefully.  He believes that at the end, he will turn danger into safety.  He believes that Taiwan will one day become a brother of China, not a part of China.  He doesn’t believe that China will ever wage war against Taiwan.
Astrological sign: w – V
I-Ching sign: Need


Poem # 56 is the future, and it shall be fulfilled next!
(World War 3)

Poem # 56 says:

Poem 56An image of 2 soldiers, each standing on a continent.   The 2 continents are separated by the ocean.  They do not use their hand held weapons.  They only spew fire at each other.  Two fish jump out of the ocean, and two birds are flying against each other. Flyers are not birds, swimmers are not fish,
A war does not depend on soldiers.  It’s a game of technology.
Millions of miles of deadly smoke, on top a mushroom and at bottom a fountain.
A sight out of people’s imagination.  Big trouble not solved, but greater trouble arrives. 

Astrological sign: wa – Vi
I-Ching sign: Compare

Sounds like world war 3 to me.   What holy smoke could spread millions of miles and have a mushroom top and a fountain at the bottom?

Poem #57 says:

Poem 57An image of a kid pouring out the fire with water. In an extreme situation, things turn around.  A three-feet tall kid, made all foreigners bow down.When Blue West and Red East struggle, a son of God appears, a gentleman who brings peace and stops the killing.

This unbelievable genius is from the middle of the two, westernized and thus ended all wars for good.

Astrological sign: s – Vii
I-Ching sign: Duay


NATO                                    CHINA

That’s the savior of the world.

Poem #58 says:

Poem 58An image of 4 men all carrying bows and arrows.  (Bows and arrows represent power.)  They all hold official seals in their hands.  (In ancient China, when government officials attend meetings, they all must hold their seals in their hands.)  This image indicates that there will be some kind of new world organization. Big trouble is over, and all foreigners gave in.  Become brothers.  Six – seven countries.Millions of miles without noise nor waves. Become brothers, become friends, and peaceful again.   Only remaining danger lies in north-west, thus we still cannot sing a global song of peace.

Astrological sign: yo – Viii
I-Ching sign: Trapped

After the savior stopped the war, it’s peaceful again.  In an area north-west from China, there still is conflict.   Therefore global peace still cannot be accomplished.

Poem #59 says:

Poem 59An image of a man pulling a straw out of a cup.   (This straw and cup thing is a kind of Chinese oracle.)  This image indicates that this man will do things according to God’s will. No castles, no walls.  No my, no yours.
The entire world becomes one family, prosper throughout the globe.One man for the entire world’s joy,  Follows God’s will and prospers the world.
Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.

Astrological sign: sh – iX
I-Ching sign: Intercourse

That’s the promised messiah.  The 4 colors represent the 4 races.  Everyone seems happy everywhere.

Poem #60 says:

Poem 60
An image of a man pushing another man’s back.
One negative, and one positive, a never ending cycle,
Enders end themselves.  Starters start themselves.The numbers of God will be studied at this stage.  The natural course of human race shall be broken.  Too many things to say here. Pushing the man’s back forcing him to rest is actually better.

Astrological sign: h – X
I-Ching sign: Combine

This poem is saying that the knowledge of God will fill the earth as much as the water which fills the sea.  In the future, people will study the numbers of God (mathematical formula).  The natural course of human race (aging, sickness, and death) will no longer exist.

That’s the end of the prophecy!!

Lee’s prophecies, all the way up to number 55, have been accurately fulfilled one by one.  He never made a mistake.   His last 5 prophecies will definitely be fulfilled soon, beginning with poem #56 which describes a world war 3.  Throughout this prophecy book, astrological and I-Ching indications can be seen on each page.  This suggests that Lee used mainly I-Ching to predict the future.

Lee’s 60 poems prophecy coincides with the old testament prophecies.  The old testament also predicted that there will be a great, fearsome war at the end, and a savior will appear ending all wars for good.   Then later, there will be an eternal kingdom of God which shall never be destroyed.   The old testament sounds just like Lee’s prophecy.  Some bible scholars believe that one day everyone will die and will go to heaven where souls become immortal.   But based on Lee’s prophecy poem #59, it said, “Red, yellow, black, white all together.  North, East, South, West in total harmony.”.  This clearly indicates that in the future, there still will be earth because there are north, east, south and west.  There are also people living on earth because the four races still exist.  People still have their flesh because different skin colors still exist.  Then they live happily ever after.  That was the end of his prophecy.   So the belief that everyone will die and will go to heaven and become immortal soul is a false belief.  Lee never said anything about everyone dying and going to heaven at the end.  And the old testament said that one day death will become a thing in the past as people become immortal.  Not “souls become immortal”, but “people become immortal”.




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