Archetypal myths and universal truth


By BuzzyWigs of ATS.

I just watched an interesting video of an interview with Tom Harpur. He is the author of “The Pagan Christ”, and a former Anglican (CofE/Episcopal) priest.

I see the daily poo-storm that goes on here – the constant “My belief is correct and you suck (are wrong/going to hell)” bickering, and I also know that many Monotheists regard the concept of we are all Divine as ‘woowoo New Age nonsense.’ The strife is unpleasant, and unsettling. So, I decided to bring him and his work up yet again (yes, I did a search, and see that he’s been discussed before, but considering that we are a new crop of ATSers I believe it deserves a fresh review.)

This is an elderly man who has spent his life trying to ‘source’ the story of Jesus, comparing it to other faiths and traditions. He found too many parallels to dismiss, and presents an excellent case:

The fact that ALL of the myths have a common denominator of an archetype, a ‘divine teacher’, that speaks to the fact that we are ALL part of the Divine is the key to ending humanity’s religious wars.

He points out that there are 180 (ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY) direct similarities between Horus (of ancient Egypt) and Jesus. There are 16 different divine figures who were crucified. Horus in particular raised a “Lazarus” from the dead, and ALSO said, he was “the way, the truth, and the life.”

Harpur states that the monopoly that the Christians of the 3rd century tried to grasp was offensive to the ‘pagans’ because they KNEW that Christianity had simply usurped their own myths, repackaged them, and were spreading them as “actual history. He believes this is what has contributed most to the ongoing infighting among believers in God.

He talks about the burning of the library at Alexandria – how thousands upon thousands of books were burned, evidence destroyed.

One particularly important point is the use of the cross through antiquity – as far back as we can go. He states that the spiritual and the material being united in mankind is the Universal Truth – based on every single religion ever.

The upright (vertical) of the cross symbol is meant to represent the spirit. The crossbar (horizontal) is representative of matter – our bodies. They intersect at the heart. He says that when Jesus reportedly said, “take up your cross” he meant to recognize this – that spirit and matter are in all of us.

So yes, we New Agers get that. “Namaste” means “the divine in me recognizes and appreciates the divine in you.”

His main point is that people of faith should be able to EMBRACE one another around this commonality. Telling others they are doomed, or going to hell, because they use a different version of the same archetypal myth but with a different “hero” at the forefront is ridiculous.

Harpur calls for a universal “Cosmic Spirituality”, where we ALL realize we are ALL parts (or fractals) of the Divine.
It’s a wonderful blend of Deism (the universe as emanation of the Divine) with the notion of our connectedness to all of nature, all of the universe, each other, and THE SOURCE.

It’s only 23 minutes, and I hope you all will watch it (or alternatively look him up).
The Bible is NOT a literal history. It never was. We ARE all part of the Divine – just as much as Jesus or anyone else was, which is, in fact, what Jesus said.



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