What Is Garbage Enzyme?

by Lee Cheng

Post image for What Is Garbage Enzyme?Garbage Enzyme is a multi-purpose natural cleanser and fertilizer. It also has many other usages. I would strongly recommend that you try making your own Garbage Enzyme and explore its various uses. You will be amazed by its wonderful benefits.


What exactly is Garbage Enzyme?

It is a concentrated liquid, a product of a 3-month fermentation process made from kitchen waste, black sugar and water. Kitchen waste meaning only fruits and vegetables. No meat or anything else. An example would be fruit peels, left over fruits and vegetables such as carrots, cucumber etc.

How did Garbage Enzyme come about?

Garbage Enzyme is the work of Dr Rosukon Poompanvong, an alternative health-care practitioner from Thailand. She does researching on alternative medicine and has also created her own natural products. She has also worked closely with farmers in various countries in organic farming without the use of artificial fertilizers. And she has been recognized for her various outstanding achievements.

Garbage Enzyme is very popular in Malaysia. A couple of my aunties and cousins are making and using Garbage Enzyme. It was introduced into Malaysia by Dr Joean Oon, who learned it from Dr Rosukon Poompanvong.

What is the recipe?

1) 3 kg Kitchen Waste (Left-over fruits or fruit peels, and vegetables.)
2) 1 kg Black Sugar (It is commonly used to brew with chinese herbs and sometimes for baking cakes. You can purchase Black Sugar from stores or supermarkets that sell dried goods.)
3) 10 litres Water
Reduce or increase the amounts proportionately according to your desire.

How does Garbage Enzyme smell like?

Are you wondering if it smells like a rubbish dump? I would say that the Garbage Enzyme I did had a very strong acidic orange with a light alcoholic smell. My loved one said it almost smelled like overnight rubbish but had not crossed the line yet and that it also had a surprisingly fresh smell to it.

My cousin and aunt loved the smell of their Garbage Enzyme and think it smelled fruity and practically used it for everything. They knew from past experiences that it has got to do with the kind of kitchen waste that they were using. If you put in mainly fruit waste, it will result in an acidic fruity smell. Sometimes strong, sometimes light. But the smell might not be as pleasant if your Garbage Enzyme were to include more vegetables.

What is Garbage Enzyme used for?

1. Household cleansing solution
Instead of detergents, you can use this natural cleanser for mopping floors, effectively cleaning up stubborn stains in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes, cleaning cars, removing foul smells and washing the toilet.

2. Keeping insects away
Garbage Enzyme is quite effective in keeping away insects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and lizards. Ever since I used Garbage Enzyme as my floor cleanser, I seldom see cockroaches and lizards in the kitchen. My aunt buried the residues of her Garbage Enzyme in her pots of plant and effectively drove away the army of ants. You will however, need to continue using Garbage Enzyme because once you stop, the insects will come back again.

You might be thinking, ‘hey, wait a minute. One of the ingredients used is black sugar and won’t that attract more insects instead?’ No it doesn’t. The sugar is actually broken down during the fermentation process.

3. Purifying the air
My cousin Sally said that it’s good for purifying the air, keeping the air fresh and healthy. She also noticed that the number of houseflies in her house has cut down ever since she started using Garbage Enzyme. What she did was, she poured a small amount of garbage enzyme that has been diluted with water into a plastic container, and left it in a high corner in her kitchen.

4. As compost for plants and vegetables

When using the Garbage Enzyme liquid to water the plant, take care to dilute it with water as much as possible as it is usually very strong for the plant. If it is too strong, the plants might die as a result.

The residues (that is the fruit peels, vegetables etc) of the Garbage Enzyme can be dried and ‘blend’ into pieces and stored up. They can be added to the soil as fertilizer when needed. Don’t put too much as it might be too strong for your plant. Try adding a little first.

5. As natural pesticide
As it repels insects, it naturally keeps farms free from insects and infections. And farmers will not have to suffer skin diseases or any other diseases brought about by the harmful pesticides.

6. Prevents blockage in drainpipes
It is mentioned on the internet that Garbage Enzyme helps prevent blockage in drainpipes, releasing residues accumulated in the pipe of basins or toilet bowls. And Garbage Enzyme that flows underground and eventually into the river helps to break down harmful chemicals in the river and sea.

It is also said that during the fermentation of Garbage Enzyme, ozone gas is released and in turn helps to slow down Global Warming and at the same time help to heal the environment. There are people who has a different opinion regarding this.

Anyway, Garbage Enzyme is a good way to recycle our fresh kitchen waste. Its usage and benefits has been proven effective by those who have tried.

You can read more at:

How much do we need to dilute the Garbage Enzyme before use?

You will need to dilute the Garbage Enzyme with water before using it for the above purposes.

A general guide to the dilution ratio:
a) Enzyme for fertilizing – 1:100 / 500 / 1000
b) Enzyme for insecticide – 1:1000
c) Enzyme for pesticide – 1:100
d) Enzyme as air fresheners – Dilute 200x
e) Enzyme as plant hormones to get more flowers and fruits – Dilute 500x


Source  http://www.thediysecrets.com/2009/11/what-is-garbage-enzyme/


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