Your Health, and the Dawn of a New Medical Revolution

By v1rtu0s0 at ATS
Our story begins in 1987 when an average family man began experiencing inexplicable symptoms which became progressively worse. Over the course of 16 years Fred’s relatively normal life spiraled downward as he began having symptoms like fatigue, loss of motor control, nausea, numbness, and loss of sight. For nearly 2 decades hundreds of doctors and practitioners assured Fred that they could help him, and offered many solutions but none were effective. Fred began losing his friends, his marriage, job, and became estranged by his children. In short, Fred was waiting to die, and had almost lost hope.

It wasn’t until 16 years later after living in a hell that most wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy that Fred had a minor break through when mega-dosing liver pills. Fred discovered that his brain fog would temporarily lift and allow him to function normally for a brief period of time. It was a small lead, and his health was still in decline, but it had ignited a new hope in Fred as he began to unravel the mysteriously behind his condition.

During his experimentation, Fred had unknowing uncovered a deficiency. It’s not uncommon for someone to be deficient in a vitamin or mineral, however the understanding of his particular deficiency was still years away from being comprehended by the medical community. Even now it’s a very new science that most practitioners are unfamiliar with.

A common method for identifying and treating a condition is to run blood work on a patient, and base their treatment on the results. In some circumstances, however they may have a deficiency or toxicity even though their blood work values are within the normal range. This could be because their body continues to circulate the substances that cannot be absorbed or processed properly. The underlying problem may come down to a genetic mutation.

The human genome contains 23 chromosomes, and 3 billion base pairs. A variation in one of these single base pairs is called a SNP or single nucleotide polymorphism. An SNP is basically a copy error. As new cells are made SNP’s can be created when a cell makes this copy mistake. Approximately 10 million SNP’s exist within humanity and are responsible for making us all unique.

We all have genetic differences, however most have no effect on our body’s ability to function properly, nor cause any noticeable difference at all. Some of these SNP’s may account for differences such hair texture or skin color. However some can contribute to disease such as down syndrome or progeria.

In Fred’s case, there was nothing measurably wrong that doctors could treat. Ultimately his experimentation turned up a possible deficiency in vitamin b12. Although his blood work failed to identify this, and Fred had indeed taken b12 (cyanocobalamin), it wasn’t until he started taking large quantities of the bioactive form of b12, or methyl b12 that he started to improve. Thus Fred’s recovery begins as he experiments with many vitamins and minerals in different forms and quantities. This leads Fred to formulate his own protocol, a list of supplements and quantities that worked for his problem. Using this protocol Fred has recovered, nearly 100%, and is once again a highly functioning member of society.

Fred’s deficiency was caused by an SNP that greatly diminished the ability of his body to process b12 and folate. B12 and folate are used by every cell in the human body in a process called the methylation cycle. When this cycle fails to function properly it is referred to as a methyl block. A methyl block can have very serve consequences as it ruins the ability of potentially every cell in the body to procedure adequate amounts of needed chemicals, which can cause systems and organs to malfunction.

In the meantime other scientists and doctors like Amy Yasko had discovered SNP’s that were responsible for issues with the methylation cycle and detox cycle. One of the more popular SNP’s that also relates to conditions like autism, is known as the MTHFR gene. This gene creates the MTHFR enzyme, but more importantly, it’s the “Fred SNP.”

MTHFR can create big problems when you have a mutation in this gene which can limit your ability to process and remove toxic metals such as mercury by 70%. Some theorize that children with a specific MTHFR SNP develop autism when they are given massive quantities of mercury through vaccinations. Since their bodies are unable to remove this mercury it leads to neurological damage and eventually autism.

MTHFR is also responsible for numerous other chemical processes, and an issue with this gene can cause heavy metal toxiticies, heart and BP problems, dementia, deperession, cancer, stroke, IBS, miscarriages, migrains, chemical sensitivity. It also led to Fred’s condition since it greatly reduces the ability to convert folate and b12 to the active forms needed to keep the methylation cycle going. Keep in mind this process happens billions of times per second in your body.

Alas, there is a way to get a copy of your very own DNA, and then parse through it to reveal your SNP’s. From here you can trace your family ancestry, look for SNP’s that may predispose your to alcoholism, smoking, or find a diet that can work with your own biochemistry. You can also also find chemical or vitamin sensitivities, as well as your SNP’s related to the methylation or detox cycle. offers a kit you can buy, and upon submission of a saliva sample, they will then email you your DNA. Take this file and run it through the following sites to reveal your detox and methyl cycle profile. These will identify SNP’s and allow you to understand your genetic predispositions:………

A good reference for known SNP’s:…

While researching this new area of science known as Nutrigenomics, I noticed the FDA recently eliminated 23andme’s ability to report on a client’s health conditions, and the site has since become a vehicle to get your family ancestry. However, this does not stop one from obtaining their genetic code and then running it through the sites previously mentioned. While the FDA claims it’s worried about laymen attempting to treat their own conditions, I believe the real quip is with the damage to big pharma’s profit margins. Unless big pharma can patent every vitamin and mineral, eventually people will begin to treat themselves instead of being a slave. Thus, it appears the FDA is trying to shut these companies down.

The genetic revolution isn’t necessarily new, but we are on the cusp of being aware of our own genetic health conditions with startling accuracy. Picture this: Behavioral disorders like schizophrenia are the result of SNP’s that leave the body deficient in neurotransmitters like dopamine or serotonin. Perhaps treating these mental disorders with science will make psychiatry obsolete and usher in a new age of empowerment and improve health for humanity.

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