Freaky Higgs Physics Suggests The Universe Shouldn’t Exist

By ionwind of ATS.
Since the discovery of the Higgs boson particle a couple of years ago, some physicists are reaching a startling conclusion: the universe should have collapsed soon after it was created.

The Higgs particle generates the Higgs field, which is everywhere, and gives mass to all other particles.

Modelling this, along with cosmic inflation, some physicists are saying the newborn universe should have experienced “quantum fluctuation”. This would have disrupted the Higgs field causing the universe to collapse shortly after creation.

Physicists are now trying to understand why the universe is here at all. Why is there something, instead of nothing?

The simplest explanation is that we just don’t know, yet. There is nothing in Science that says it is wrong to say “we don’t know”. Observations are made, an hypothesis is formulated. If more observations and experiments support the hypothesis, it becomes a theory. If observations or experiments contradict the theory, it is changed or discarded. This is how science works, there is no final “We know everything” state.

Another possibility to explain this contradiction involves string theory, specifically supersymmetry.

One leading possibility, known as the theory of supersymmetry, proposes that there are superpartner particles for all the currently known particles. Perhaps more-powerful particle accelerators could find these particles.

So there may be exotic particles yet to be disovered, with names like squarks, selectrons and neutralinos.


Some will say that scientists don’t have a clue. This a simplistic view and indicates a basic misunderstanding of how science works. For example, without an understanding of quantum mechanics, computer chips could not exist, and you wouldn’t be able to make a post saying science is wrong.

Some will say this proves the existence of God. Well, maybe “God” works in more complicated ways that we know of today. Science will try to describe how this happens. With future discoveries, we will know more about “how” the universe works. The “why” will always be part of metaphysics.

Should we throw out the Standard Model or just revise it?

Should we build larger particle accelerators to find even more exotic particles?

Are humans even smart enough to ever understand all the complexity of the universe?

Will we need to build artificial intelligence machines first, to help us get to the next level of understanding?



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