Ebola’s Cytokine Storm: Protect Yourself

A Post by  soficrow at ATS.
” Like bird flu, Ebola kills with a cytokine storm – by pushing healthy immune systems into hyperdrive – and making your body kill itself.  ”

….The terminal phase of Ebola is the “cytokine storm,” which occurs when the immune system begins attacking every organ in the body, bursting blood vessels and making the infected person bleed both internally and externally, through the eyes, vomit, and diarrhea.

Into the Eye of the Cytokine Storm


1. Do NOT “boost your immune system” – you’ll just fuel the virus.

2. DO pig out on anti-inflammatories – the virus hijacks the immune system in a way that causes out-of-control inflammation – you need to stop the inflammation, not promote it with immune supports.


Use these as much as you can, wherever and whenever:

Turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, black pepper, clove, basil, cardamom, chamomile, celery seed, cilantro, fennel seeds, parsley, nutmeg, rosemary, dark chocolate/cocoa


….also consider ice baths for high fever.

Here’s a good Ebola overview (sometimes hard to read but worth the effort).

Ebola Virus Pathogenesis: Implications for Vaccines and Therapies

Also note: Most pandemic chronic diseases involve inflammation – so anti-inflammatories help most everything these days.

Replies to post from same site:
rickymouse :  “Excellent Thread Soficrow.Building your immune system chemicals above a certain point is done by many people. They think it is good to do this. Since our immune system is what usually kills us, not the virus, it is not good to supply it with fuel as you say.

I like your choices of anti-inflammatory herbs and spices. Cammomile can cause a little problem with those who have the rag weed allergy though. Cilantro can free heavy metals from bone if over consumed also, causing problems if you just start introducing consumption at a high rate. The body has to be able to clear the metals out of the body, if the cilantro does not stimulate you to pee more, then it can cause problems. Lots of water needs to be drank with some of the things that do this. ”

By whitewave :  “ When I had to deal with a cytokine storm (not due to Ebola), I found through trial and a lot of error that L-acetylcysteine and especially vitamin D3 worked miraculously. Took nearly 4 months of drowning in secretions and non-stop coughing before I hit on that magic combo but the results were a blessed relief. “
theabsolutetruth :  “ That food diagram is applicable for general healthy eating and many of the foods on there are naturally good for the immune system. For example, garlic and turmeric are antibiotic, carrots are antiseptic.

Most natural anti inflammatories are naturally also good for the immune system and good for defending against disease generally. “
soficrow :  “ Remember – the absolute WORST thing you can do with a cytokine storm is boost your cytokine production by boosting your immune system. Really bad move. “


soficrow :  “ As a matter of course, I caution against synthetic drugs. No doubt off-label use for everything from statins to humira will continue to be promoted for cytokine storms. But…

imho –

Here’s a quick overview of Humira’s common, rare, severe and less severe side effects. Especially note the ‘cytokine storm’ symptoms like: “Vasculitis – Severe,” ” Heart Failure – Severe,” “Increased Antibody Proteins in the Blood – Severe,” “Accumulation of Ketones from Abnormal Metabolism – Severe” and more, as well as a whole bunch of other things you do NOT wish to bring upon yourself. “


Common side effects of Humira subcutaneous:

Acute Infection of the Nose, Throat or SinusSevere
Bacterial Infection of Blood or Tissues affecting the Whole BodySevere
Extreme Loss of Body WaterSevere
Lupus-Like SyndromeSevere
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Head PainLess Severe
Signs and Symptoms at Injection SiteLess Severe
Sinus Irritation and CongestionLess Severe
Stomach CrampsLess Severe
More at link above…


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