Finland wants to join Russia


The outbreak of war in Europe sanctions between the EU and Russia is forcing some European countries to find their way to salvation from the situation. One of the last countries that surprised many, is Finland. Of its population is becoming increasingly common idea of ​​an intimate relationship with the Russian Federation, from integration and ending entering into its composition.

In his article titled “Could be Russian Finland Hong Kong?”, Published in the prestigious journal Suomen Kuvalehti, wrote an influential public figure, businessman and lawyer of this country Hannah Krogerus.

From his point of view, it is not only quite possible, but also necessary in economic terms. Finland simply must take the opportunity to get the status with respect to the Russian Federation, like the fact that Hong Kong has to mainland China.

Despite the risk of economic collapse, the current younger generation of Finnish politicians, guided by the interests of a narrow layer of the country, seeking to achieve complete isolation of Finland from Russia, writes Finnish lawyer.

And this opinion is shared by many famous people in this country. Thus, the Finnish MP from the party “True Finns” Juho Eerola stated the need for a military alliance Finland and Russia. He believes it is the only correct one to ensure the security of their country. And his fellow party member Gemma Koskiniemi even offered to join the Russian Federation.

“Russia is our most reliable partner we trust,” – said the deputy.

Recall that before the revolution of 1917, Finland was part of the Russian Empire, but had enough and independence – Swedish laws, its own currency and customs.

Another Finnish human rights activist Johan Beckman sure that such a drastic change in attitude occurred during the past year against the background of the EU and NATO actions in which there is simply no future. He believes that the collapse of both units – just a matter of the near future.

On this occasion, his point of view was expressed by the Prime Minister of Finland. Recently, he expressed support for the idea of ​​integration with Russia. According to the same Beckman, this step can be implemented by the country’s accession to the Customs Union.




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