Kore Kosmou – Eye of Horus and Origin of Mankind


By  AlephBet of ATS.
The Kore Kosmu, better known as the Virgin (or eye) of the World, is an ancient Egyptian Hermetic fragment that has been widely read and studied by scholars and theologians. If there is one thing I have learned in my studies, the Hermetic documents from Egypt open up the various hidden stories in the Bible. Consider the years that Joseph and Moses spent in Egypt, the flight to Egypt that was taken by Jesus and his family, and the exodus from Egypt to the Holy Land. What was learned by Moses in Egypt before writing the Bible? I think this document may hold a clue. As well, the Corpus Hermeticum is a valuable document to read in relation to this treasure from Egypt.


Sacred Text Archive Version of the Virgin of the World

Jørgen Podemann Sørensen Paper

Corpus Hermeticum

I have read the Virgin of the World many times, and what strikes me are the similarities that can be linked to vague references found in the Bible. For example, consider the account of Jude 1 noting the Angels that left their first abode, which is an echo of Genesis 6 and the fallen angels. Later in Jude, the same account of the Angels falling from heaven is linked to the book of Enoch and his testimony. Enoch, of course, is Hermes of Egypt. While the names are different, the characters left from the Babeling of language are the same. Hermes is most certainly the Scribe of God, Enoch. What is most interesting in this document is the origin of humanity and how it came about. Note the ONE rule God gives to the Souls. Stay in your own galaxy. They fail this and God brings about a new order to creation. Souls are punished by being placed in the Human bodies they created. Freedom is lost and penance is given as mortal toil on Earth. The Gates of Heaven (Solar Gates) are closed to souls (Angels / God’s first creation of Genesis 1).

Again, connect this with the story of Genesis. Another striking similarity is the dabbling with technology (fruit of knowledge) the souls engage in before creating the creatures to inhabit planets. God gives them primordial protoplast (first form used to create mankind) substance of creation, and they immediately try to reverse engineer it to see how it works. Fearing that God might punish them, they quit this task and begin working on their various creative projects to seed planets with life. Each has a domain that they are assigned. Afterword, God gives them one command. They were to stay in the galaxies where they were assigned. Instead, the souls spread out across the universe and could not stay put. This is what triggered the souls descent into the human body as punishment. Compare this to the Genesis 6 account, the Jude 1 account and Enoch’s version of the very same story. In this single document, you have a narrative of the entire story, likely the source document for Moses later rendering of this story into allegory.

Jewish tradition states that Moses was given the literal oral Torah and the written torah for the masses. The oral torah could only be given from mouth to ear. The written torah was scribed into symbolism.

Here is a quote from Jørgen Podemann Sørensen in his paper linked above. Jorgen picks the story up when God decides to create the Genesis 1 universe, then gives the command for the Souls (Archons) to begin work on life forms. Consider the ranks of Angels mentioned in the Bible. Also consider the thread I recently did on the Angel we have above connected to our body below: Angel Above and the Dweller on the Threshold

Portion of Commentary on the Virgin of the World

“Nature is created, and the whole universe is coordinated by God very much as the deistic dream of a clockwork. There is heaven and the world above and obedient nature below; and by filling the upper world with spiritual beings and by mixing holy substances, God introduces movement in the universe. He develops a quite exceptional mixture, a kind of foam called psychosis, i.e. a soul – substance, from which many myriads of souls are born. These myriads of souls, still without bodies, are divided into 60 different ranks and each and every soul is given its own place or opening in the heavenly vault, from which it may contribute to the regular movement of the cylinder and thus please the father. Go d also tells them all to be obedient and never move away from the places they had been given. From the remains of the mixture, he forms the zodiac, and the very last part of it he leaves with the souls of the upper ranks, encouraging each of them to continue creation by forming something corresponding to his own nature.

Then God withdraws – with the promise to infuse the visible works of the souls with invisible spirit and the ability to reproduce themselves. Even if the condition of agnoia (fear) is not spelled out in the section dealing with the second primordium , the condition of the souls bears some resemblance with social oppression. The souls are divided into multiple ranks and toiling in a treadmill, happy prisoners in the perfect deistic clockwork, perhaps, but never the less prisoners by modern and probably also late antique standards. In the third primordium, the souls are not just happy prisoners, they are also supposed to continue creation by means of the remaining psychosis-mixture. As they seek to find the nature and composition of it, they begin to fear the wrath of the father and hasten on to do what they had been told: to create. In this way birds, mammals, fish and reptiles are created.

The souls fail, however, to comply with the more restrictive commandments of the father: they begin to move away from the positions
allotted to them. God does not let this violation of his commandments pass unnoticed; as the most fitting punishment, he decides for that very human organism, a soul in a body, which is only too well known, and Hermes is summoned to create human nature.

A lot of heavenly gods are gathered and promise to contribute to the new, revised version of the cosmos, now with anatomically modern humans. Sun and Moon promise to enlighten the world even better than before, Cronus begets Justice and Necessity, Zeus provides humanity with hope and peace, and while Ares contributes with Strife, Aphrodite eases the human lot with Love, Lust and Laughter. Hermes, from whom Isis has her knowledge of this anthropogony, is in charge of the creation of man. He decides to provide humans with wisdom, self-control, conviction and truth, and by means of the very last remnants of the wonderful animating mixture and considerable amounts of water he manages to create those weak, but beautiful human bodies, that have since been the abodes of the souls. While all the gods seem quite happy with this revised order of things, the souls are certainly not.”

—I will leave it to you to read the rest. Note another thread that I posted on Noah and the flood being symbolism for baptism. Consider what Moses was telling us in allegory. We are the beasts that inhabit the bodies in the water (flood / baptism). In both the story Enoch tells and the story Moses tells, the flood of water and the animals in the ark are both an outline of the Virgin.


To me, it is very obvious that the hidden meaning in the Bible is outlined in plain speech from this document. With every word of the Kore Kosmou, I could easily point to verse after verse from the Bible showing the same story in allegory. From the story of Enoch, the same outline could be made. There is no question that Moses had source material, and the stories he learned from the Egyptian priests likely make a profound impression. Do I think Moses made this up based on the Egyptian story? No, the revelation of God’s plan was given to the seed of Adam through Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Joseph and Moses are of that line. Their schooling necessitated a sojourn in the land of the early gods (primordial archons). His allegory tells us what our origin is as a second witness to what we now see from Hermetic documents. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed finding it.

Consider reading the rest of my threads in relation to this one. The story of the Bible is true. Salvation for the soul of mankind is the best part to come.

Look up. Your salvation draws near. The soul refined will once again inhabit the first estate.

Mark 12:25

When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.

The Bride will be joined to the Groom. The Virgin of the World.


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