Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid, and Calcium Hypochlorite. The New Reality…

The issue of the Krebs Cycle (1943) is front and center when regarding any health issue whatsoever, and that “cycle” determines the functionality of each individual cell in our body .

The modern term is “Citric Acid Cycle”, and the importance of that citric acid is prioritized. There are complex events taking place within all cells due to the ongoing actions of that cycle, but the important part is the production and discharge of the energies which “fire” the various “Voltage-Gated Ion Channels” contained within each.

To see an animation of the channels in action and the flow of ions both into, and outside the cell, follow this link.

In order for the Citric Acid Cycle to function correctly, diet must include all or most food groups. The intake of natural source Potassium is critical. Given our cultural obsession with chemical additives, you can see the increasing difficulty in maintaining or restoring conditions required by our very nature for the human body’s health.

There are different strengths and different speeds of energies coming from different Element decays, and there also are “sub units” of energies produced.

These energy discharges do not occur by happenstance; they are part of the Natural Human Design.–AA

The energy discharge created by the specific decay rates of the elements involved, is actually aimed at the specific voltage gated channel that it passes through.

Please appreciate the Intelligence and singular intent that orders these complex operations. Then consider the arrogant intent that results in mucking them up. The good news is that what has been put asunder, can be restored to order. A body that has been orchestrated and manipulated into ill-health, can be healthy once again. –AA

The Channels, such as the Potassium channels, the Chlorine channels, and the Calcium Channels are targeted due to designed “Communication” between the energy source, and the energy “target” at the channel’s opening. The targets are smears of Amino Acid.

Of the 22 standard amino acids, 20 are coded, in essence, “written,” by the universal genetic code. Want to change the message? Change the amino acids. Inadvertently change the amino acids, change the health. Intentionally change the amino acids, destroy the health. Restore the standard amino acids specified within the genetic code, restore the health.

Eight of those twenty-two amino acids are essential to human life, and can ONLY be taken in through proper diet. Most important to this discussion, are the 5 positive or negative electrically charged  amino acids, and that it is known that the “Alpha” amino acids communicate with Beta- Decay Energy sources.

Considering the energy, sodium decay produces ~20% of the energy produced by Potassium decay in paired discharge, then Potassium produces five fold that energy, in paired discharge. The Potassium decay is VERY powerful, and will “jump-start” the impaired or dormant voltage gated channel.

This is where the Chlorite Matrix enters.

Molecule size must be small for these processes to work.

The “Chlorite Matrix” is a solution made with Sodium Chlorite, and usually Citric Acid. Other acid, such as Acetic, Lactic, Humic, and Ascorbic can be substituted.

The use of Lactic Acid is “specifically directed” to the production of “Beta- propane” or Acetone. That issue will come later. Per my research involving Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid (or Acetic Acid) produced ClO2 Emission Spectroscopy, the only difference produced by using different acid reagents, is the total time of “survival moment” of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule which was produced by the Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid reaction. The breakup of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule is important.


In order for the Chlorite Matrix to produce the expected results, the Sodium Chlorite MUST BE Sodium CHLORITE, and the Citric Acid MUST BE PURE and from a NATURAL SOURCE.

The water used MUST NOT BE OZONATED.  NO OZONE. The water MUST NOT contain anything which may react with Chlorine, producing Organochlorines. Later, i will provide the latest science regarding the Genotoxicity of ozone treated water, but start with this.

Google…  “Possible Involvement of Oxidative Stress in Potassium Bromate-induced Genotoxicity in Human HepG2 Cells.”

Potassium Bromate (KBrO3,PB) is a byproduct of Ozone used as Disinfectant in Drinking Water….

There are several versions of the Chlorite Matrix which are well-known. Beginning with the earliest (1984) published work (so far), the Sarin et al work with his chlorite matrix is continually referred to by Authors of related papers, and that Chlorite Matrix invention is now protected by Dr. Friedrich W. Kuhne of OXO CHEMIE AG, Switzerland.

That evidence exists within the Patentstorm registered 6086922 “WF10″ chlorite matrix based compound’s four patents. I recommend that you search Sarin et al Chlorite Matrix, and read it five times. Print it out. Pass it out. Mag it to your fridge.

Abstract of Patent 6086922

Within that international patent, there are the results regarding the use of that Chlorite Matrix based WF10 in HUMAN TRIALS is there. The science is well represented, and the results are clearly stated. The WF10, administered by injection, successfully “cured/ended” the HIV/AIDS issue with regard to the four HIV/AIDS infected volunteers. The numbers regarding the return of T cell, NK cells, and ATP production are stated, along with the 9-week long WF10 administration process that was required.




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