Dutch and German biker gangs join the Kurds in the battle against ISIS

By David Charter  on The Australian


Biker gangs join the fight against ISIS

The Netherlands have given the all-clear for motorcycle gang members to join the Kurds against ISIS in Iraq, stating that the bikies will not necessarily be committing any crimes. Source: AAP

” Western governments avoided putting boots on the ground but that has not deterred Ron from the Netherlands, one of several members of the No Surrender biker gang who have joined the anti-Isis struggle. ”

A group has reportedly also traveled to the region from the Cologne-based Median Empire biker gang, made up of Kurdish Germans.

The muscular and heavily-tattooed Ron has appeared in a video recorded in Kurdish-controlled Iraq carrying a Kalashnikov and vowing to “combat the [Isis ] vermin”.

Klaas Otto, the head of No Surrender, told state broadcaster NOS that three members traveled to the Mosul region from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. The three had all previously served as soldiers, he said.

“They are trained guys with lots of experience — with foreign missions, too,” said Mr Otto. “They are extremely disciplined. They do not drink any alcohol, not even on club evenings.”

Asked about their motivation, he added: “They wanted to do something when they saw the pictures of the beheadings.”


Read more at :  http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/dutch-and-german-biker-gangs-join-the-kurds-in-the-battle-against-isis/story-fnb64oi6-1227093498073?nk=24ad3111e9cb7983fcdc8dbf3084c18e


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