Paradox Waves – Time Travel to the Past Does Not Affect the Present


By   swanne at ATS.

Faster than light travel is said to be impossible because of two reasons – one of which I agree and one of which I disagree:

-First of all it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate anything past the speed of light (good point),

-and secondly going faster than light would allow for time travel into the past, causing time paradoxes (not so good of a point).

Now I am going to show how so-called time paradoxes are in fact solved using simple logic. And furthermore, we will discover what I like to call, Paradox Waves.

Let us imagine that the Earth is suddenly hit by an asteroid, and, using a faster-than-light mail system (ignoring the energy requirement for such a feat, of course – energy requirement is not the point of this article, time paradox is), calls a ship for help.

The ship decides to alter the Earth’s history. So it speeds away from Earth at, say, 0.3 the speed of light:

This acceleration warps spacetime in accordance with Special Relativity Theory. Now all the ship has to do is send a faster-than-light message back at Earth, and the spacetime frame’s tilt relative to the Earth’s frame makes it possible for the message to reach the Earth’s past, at the time where the asteroid was still far from Earth.

The Earthlings were warned about their fate, and they destroyed the asteroid:

But now we have a paradox, right? At one time, the Earth was destroyed and had to send an S.O.S., but just one second earlier, these very same earthlings just eliminated the threat:

So how do we solve this paradox? How can Earth be destroyed if, in its past, it was saved?

The answer is so simple: the Earth is both destroyed (in the present) and saved (in the past). History simply rewrites itself. And the area where the new history takes over the old history looks something like this:

It looks like a wave in time which sweeps across all space dimensions, and travels at the future at the speed of 1 second per seconds. I call it a paradox wave. The reason why its effects are not felt in the present, is because the present, too, travels future-ward at the speed of 1 second per seconds. Thus, the historical re-write and the present are always separated by an amount of time, and since both the paradox wave and the present stay at an equal time interval relative to one another, then the paradox wave never reaches the present. In our example, an amount of three seconds separate the paradox wave from the present:

And thus, even if an assassin would go back in time to kill my grandfather, I would still exist, because the future-bound present, the “old” timeline, would forever be travelling one step ahead of the “new”, historical re-write.

And this conclude my presentation on paradox waves and how they solve the time travel/present paradox.

By John Skieswanne

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