A modern day Buddhist hermit, explains his Enlightenment & Subconscious access

By dominicus at ATS.

So I frequent a number of different Xtian Mystic, Buddhist, Taoist, and Sufi sites to just get a general consensus on what different philosophies deem “enlightenment” is. This specific Buddhist’s post is interesting to many people because many ATS’ers are interested in accessing Subconscious, which this fellow says is a sure shot way to access Enlightenment.

Also, I am largely in agreement with it, and I will quote some interesting points of his here:

I think we are all aware of the Conscious Mind:

THE CONSCIOUS MIND IS A SERIAL PROCESSOR (with only one image or thought at a time, in a lineal sequence). The conscious mind can process 40 bits (nerve impulses) per second… the conscious mind understands “words” and “logic”, it is very “rational”…

THE CONSCIOUS MIND IS THE MIND OF OUR PHYSICAL BODY AND ITS SENSES… “Consciousness” is usually defined as being aware of the physical senses… if a person cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or touch, they are said to be “unconscious”…

It’s the Subconscious that gets interesting:

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS A PARALLEL PROCESSOR (with many images and thoughts arranged in many different complex patterns and structures simultaneously). The subconscious mind can process 40,000,000 bits (nerve impulses) per second, so it is 1,000,000 times more powerful, complex, bigger, or faster than the conscious mind… and can think hundreds or thousands of different thoughts simultaneously… the subconscious mind understands “visual images”, “emotions” and “feelings”; and is totally “irrational”… the subconscious mind controls our body… it keeps our heart beating, our lungs breathing, our stomach digesting our food, etc… it repairs and replaces the cells of our body… it creates our health or sickness… this is why the Buddha said that “every man is the author of his own sickness or health”… the subconscious mind is extremely powerful, but we seldom use more than a tiny fraction of its power, because we are unaware of it…

If you see someone that you know; your subconscious mind “recognizes them” (visual image), and your conscious mind “remembers their name” (word)… this is how they work together…

The conscious mind cannot cope with the simultaneous “multiple images and thoughts” in the subconscious mind, which is the reason why the subconscious mind is subconscious to the conscious mind. The conscious mind is simply unable to process and “be conscious” of the complexity of the “subconscious mind”

Similarly he states that accessing Subconscious, would make you think you’ve gone crazy. however he uses Mantra to anchor him through the whole circus act the subconscious does:

NOTE… If a “normal” mundane person were to unwittingly make their subconscious mind conscious, they would “think” (a logical lineal sequence of thoughts in their conscious mind) that they must be going “crazy”; because of the flood of conditioned multiple interacting reflex thoughts that would flood through their mind. Clinical insanity is when the subconscious mind of a mundane person becomes conscious, when he has tapped directly into his “spirit”, and neither the mundane person, nor the mundane world around him, understands what is happening… but this is also why some cultures consider “crazy people” to be “holy”, and why some “holy men” appear to be crazy… likewise a meditator who unwittingly makes his subconscious mind conscious, might “think” that meditating has made him crazy, and so be afraid to meditate any more… but if you recognize it as simply the natural state of the subconscious mind and are not afraid, it is no problem… it is fear of it that is the problem… if you ever fall into fear, simply start repeating “Buddho… Buddho… Buddho…” again and again until you feel safe… it will anchor you to something good, and protect you from fear…

Much more interesting points in the link and a HIGHLY Recommended link I really wish everyone would read. He also states that accessing the root of the Subconscious gives you free access to leave the body and enter the Spiritual realms at will.


Enlightenment is merely Realization. In realizing oneself as God incarnate and allowing full awareness, you can appear ‘crazy’ … the 3d ‘trick’ to enlightenment while still in body, is fearlessly being yourself, no matter what the world may deem you.
Greetings and Salutations- My Teacher had taught me the ‘conscious’ ‘sub-conscious’ and ‘other than conscious’.. It was during one of these many trips that I came about the “Eternity of the Soul” and I guess I’m a “hermit” now too?? My day is complete if the 4 dogs have been fed and hopefully walked and the dishes are done. Is this a ‘full day’ or ‘fool day’? My vessel is only 51 and I’ve been retired from the cop shop for 10 years now and don’t have any “wants” Some, I’d opine those who think this is it and might even be wearing a YOLO hoodie?

Be cautious but unafraid when You take that trip “inside” that is why “They” (The Establishment, TPTB, etc. et al..) try and keep folks distracted. They want You watching t.v. while on the computer while talking on the phone and be busy, busy, busy doing anything other than delving into what is YOU, the ‘other Me’…


Om Bava ShaviYa Om

By rickymouse
I like being able to think about things in an array pattern nowadays. It took me a while to figure out how to use the power of the temporal lobe epilepsy properly. Before I ran on automatic, that ended. Now I have to try to connect manually and this gives me the ability to analyze what is happening.

So I like being a little abnormal. Dampening the TLE so that I can work with it is necessary though.

Good info OP. S&F

a reply to: dominicus

After much searching within the more esoteric teachings, I am settled right now with Eckhart Tolle.

I live in the moment, aware of my heart beat, breathing, thirst, hunger, all of who I am is in the now.

Awareness quiets the subconscious. It’s your subconscious and you can do anything you want with it. I chose not to let it dictate my life. Unfortunately most of the world are terribly unaware, and victims to their own subconscious.

I’ve come to the conclusion that enlightenment would be considered insanity by many. Being aware of things that “aren’t there”, understanding concepts that “are too outside the box to be real”, etc. Different perceptions, processing.

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