Plato’s Theocracy, How and Why we need to build a Theocracy


By sacgamer25 at ATS.
Plato’s Theocracy – This thread is not intended to define divine law, I think the bill of rights is a good start though. I intend only to show how and why we should attempt a Theocracy and How we can identify those who should lead us.

Creating the Theocracy Step 1 – What type of leader are we looking for

What Plato describes is a Divine authority being in charge of the civilization. When he talks about the one’s who lead the theocracy he delves deep into the concept of being one who serves the society perfectly. One who is detached from material wealth and other material possessions. He teaches detachment from marriage and children. His teachings predict the Christ, one who is detached from all worldly possessions so that he may rule perfectly.

The reason for the extreme here has several meanings. Plato is not teaching that the rulers should not have families, in other areas of his writing he agrees that marriage has divine value. Since Plato holds marriage as divine we know this was more of a metaphor for what the perfect high priest would be like.

The point of this teaching is to lead you away from being attached to yourself and to understand that we need to be attached to humanity. Our leaders need to be humanitarians, the one’s who are willing to sacrifice themselves to serve humanity.

Simply having humanitarians in charge does not fully satisfy the Theocracy. Plato also contends that at a young age we should be able to identify those who will someday lead the Theocracy. Plato suggest that some will be born to humanitarians and will follow their fathers. But he also warns that not every child of a humanitarian will be a humanitarian, so we should not assume this to be. We should judge each man by his works, then we will know if he is a humanitarian fit to lead the Theocracy.

Until now this has been the end of where we could go with the Theocracy that Plato is discussing. Currently those who believe they should lead the world, believe they are somehow superior. These are not necessarily men who have contributed anything to humanity yet they sit in the seat of the humanitarian. This is the combination of wealth and self-righteous Zionism which cannot create a Theocracy.

Creating the Theocracy Step 2 – Identify the Genius to lead the Theocracy

Plato is telling us that we need to identify Geniuses as children so that we can teach them higher level thinking at a younger age. The Geniuses will be taught the complex workings of the world so they can rise to rule the Theocracy. Even if we can identify Geniuses at a young age and guide them to higher level thinking, this alone does not qualify them to lead the Theocracy. The Genius must also have a history of humanitarian works that solidify his detachment from self so he can lead as one who leads for the purpose of humanity without concern for himself.

Plato warns against the Theocracy being wealthy persons, this is not to say the Theocracy will not be composed of wealthy men, but rather a warning against allowing government to be a place where people look to be employed for the purpose of wealth. The only leaders of the Theocracy must be independently wealthy with humanitarian works, or those of moderate income who’s lives prove their humanitarianism.

The perfect theocracy would pay all government officials minimum wage. The reason for paying your leaders minimum wage is to keep them from loosing touch with the minimum wage worker. The one who accepts minimum wage will serve those who make minimum wage. This will encourage the leaders to make sure that minimum wage provides a comfortable life for anyone willing to work. Currently the minimum wage is an abomination that cannot be fixed by a 100% capitalist society.

Creating the Theocracy Step 3 – Technology to identify the Genius.

With today’s technology we can put a Tablet in every child’s hands on the globe. We could push past instructor lead teaching that can provide only one pace, and move towards technology based teaching that can adapt and move forward accordingly to each child’s intelligence. In this way we push no child too fast, but we identify and encourage the genius to progress past his peers and not feel bored by the lesson.

By identifying children by the age of 12 or sooner who are superior in Math, English, Science, The Arts, or Athletics, or show a high level in more than one category we will have choices to make as a society. Do we create a high school that caters towards the mathematical genius, where all the children will push each other even further into the realm of genius? Do we create schools that encompass a multitude of Genius so the children are well rounded, even though they are allowed to focus primarily on their talent? Or do we leave the children where they are and continue to separate them through technology only? Each of these have pros and cons, and maybe we will try all 3 and when the geniuses age we will let them tell us what they think and we will let them decide for future generations.

Creating the Theocracy Step 4 – The Genius makes a Decision

Once we have the technology in place and the schools set up the way we feel is best suited for the geniuses we will be able to move to step 4. Once we identify the Genius we need to help them be humble. If we can identify a Genius by the age of 12, then we should be able to prove to the child that they were born this way. The Genius is not a Genius because they willed to be a Genius, it is God who gives the Genius their mind, it is their gift of the Holy Spirit that they are to share with humanity.

Does this mean that all Geniuses need to be humanitarian. Absolutely not. Everyone should believe that humanity is ultimately more important than self, but not everyone is born to serve Socialism. Some are born to serve humanity through Capitalism. These are men who are inspired by imagination, freedom or even wealth to build the next greatest escape. We cannot force the Capitalist to be a Socialist, but we can make sure that he does not loose sight of humanity.

Our Geniuses must make a choice before adulthood. The socialist will join the fields that cater to improving the access and affordability of commodities. The goal of the socialist is to provide all commodities to humanity using no labor and no cost. Within this goal the socialist will make smaller goals, milestones, so that the world can judge the effectiveness of the socialist programs. By providing humanity commodities at a reduced cost the Socialist will help fund capitalism, ensuring the working class has more money to spend on toys and activities.

The Capitalist will join the fields that cater to improving entertainment and new technologies that may or may not directly serve humanity, at times they will invent what someday will be a commodity. At one time the microwave was an invention that was a convenience to have. In today’s world the microwave has become a commodity. This should be the ultimate goal of capitalism, to create something that the whole wants and provides a better quality of life.
Creating the Theocracy Step 5 – Socialism & Capitalism working together

In today’s world everything is being handled by dictators and capitalist. This form of extreme capitalism is what causes the separation between the poor and the wealthy. The one’s who own the commodities control the price and each year they want to make more money than the year before. They are following the capitalist model. Someday those at the top will own everything, they will buy every idea and decide who should have it and at what price. This is slavery.

What we need is a combination of Socialism and Capitalism. What I propose is something not likely achievable until recently. The size of the world has become infinitely smaller since the internet. Anything that is deemed a commodity needs to be taken out of the hands of the Capitalist and put into the hands of the people. In the above example of the microwave we can see how it went from luxury to commodity.

When an item is deemed a commodity we need to change the way we think about it, the way we build it, and what we expect from it. Since the microwave is now a commodity we should stop thinking, “how much money can we make off of it”, and start thinking how can we make sure everyone has one. The perfect microwave never breaks, uses no electricity and the cost has been brought down to 0.

The problem with government programs in the past is wasted spending. Competition for wages in the form of raises, bonuses and promotion can eliminate this wasted spending. Instead of having one factory trying to produce the perfect microwave we will have 10 around the world. These 10 factories will have goals, they will be compared against each other, and their raises, bonuses and promotions will be based on how well they met their goals. When a milestone is reached, such as ½ electric usage, the technology will be open sourced and the other factories will implement this new technology.

What we will see is government programs being run under the already proven Capitalist model of competition. But instead of trying to make more money off of what they produce, they only try to make it better for cheaper. If we can make a Microwave that can last 1000 years eventually we don’t need new one’s, we can fix them and they can last another 1000 years. Each commodity or set of like commodities will have an elected leader(s), These leaders will be responsible for openly reporting how the tax dollars of the people have been used, so that their will be transparency. With transparency in spending we open up the debate to the taxpayers to identify wasted spending.

Creating the Theocracy Step 6 – What is a commodity?

Commodities should be the things that we agree no home should be without. If a minimum wage worker can’t afford it, then it is not a commodity. Shelter, Food, Water, Health Care, Energy and Transportation are things that effect everyone, therefore they should be commodities and belong to the people. A commodity must at least be regional, but I think the end goal of commodities always has to be global.

Today giving the homeless a microwave doesn’t make much since. But in nations where the vast majority live in homes the microwave is obviously a commodity. If we can provide homes for everyone, then we should work on providing microwaves. Eventually all will have the commodity, because that is the definition of commodities.

At first it might be difficult to decide between commodities and luxuriates. We may want to call something a commodity but the environmentalist might explain the cost to the environment is too high at this time. After the initial decisions are made, the people will continue to decide. Some day season tickets to local entertainment may be considered a commodity. The environmentalist and the economist will explain the cost of transitioning from Luxury to Commodity. The people will vote, and we will follow the will of the people. With minimum wage workers in government we will see a push to vote for the items that are universally desired to become a commodity.

Creating the Theocracy Step 7 – The big picture

We have identified the minds that God has created to lead us and advanced them at a young age. We have educated them beyond their peers. We have explained their importance to humanity, with a degree of humbleness. We have created a path where Capitalism and Socialism work together. We have let our Geniuses choose the path that their heart sees fit. We have judged them according to their works. On election day we will have elected Geniuses who have proved themselves humanitarians and not politicians who have proven only that they know how to speak like a politician. We will have established Plato’s theocracy.

Creating the Theocracy Step 8 – Why?

Uncontrolled Capitalism has left the world in a state where technologies improve but the quality of life for many is going down. Everyone trying to make a profit on everything has risen the costs of everything. Each year the capitalist wants to make more money than the previous year. It is because of this the commodities keep rising in price. Technology lowers the production cost, the CEO raises the price and we have less employed people but more money in the hands of the owners. For luxury items this is fair game, make an item, sell it for whatever the law of supply and demand dictates.

When commodities are profit centers for the wealthy the people will continue to get less and less while the owners get more and more. At some point this system will collapse and we will all become dependent on our government for the support to own even the basic commodities. When all the commodities are in the hands of Capitalist, raising the minimum wage has no value. For a short time the worker may have a few extra dollars but the Capitalist will raise the price of Commodities and eventually the minimum wage worker will have less spending power even though he makes more money.

We live in an inflationary system that was built by thieves. The inflationary model has allowed the bankers and corporate leaders to give the illusion of having more money, but the money is worthless. We must eliminate usury and inflation so it will be impossible to deceive the mind with larger numbers that have less spending power.

A system without usury that focus on making high quality affordable commodities will increase the spending power. We will stop building garbage that breaks and fills the landfills and start building things that will last. If everything we build lasts 1000 years we free our children to build new things. Why should every generation make the same things, if we can make things that will last past a generation? This is sound for the environment and humanity.

If we build our commodities to last and we control the price, true Capitalism will explode. Currently We don’t live by a Supply and Demand model, we live by a controlled supply and demand model. The Corporate takeover of commodities is why we live in this controlled model. The environment cannot continue to support this form of capitalism.

For the most part the corporations have risen up to destroy competition. We build two cars using the same amount of material. One is made to look cheap and break, the other to look expensive and break, neither is built to last. We have let LOGOS replace quality and accept the controlled supply model that causes one LOGO to cost more than another LOGO that was built using the exact same total amount of physical resources. Not every LOGO is made to break, but who cares about a LOGO, function and quality are all that matter.

I can buy a minivan for 35,000 but a Tesla that uses less raw materials costs 75,000. This is only do to the way we handle commodities and LOGOS. If transportation was a commodity the country would be recycling our gas vehicles to provide the resources needed to ensure that everyone could transition to electric vehicles. We cannot clean the world without first learning how to manage our commodities.

We need humanitarians that are also highly intelligent to lead us. God raises these men up but we never choose them as our leaders. Do you want Elon Musk to lead our department of Transportation or a Politician? Only the one who knows the technology and can educate others has the ability to effectively lead and make changes.


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