Predictions for 2015-2017 and 2020+


By OneManMasquerade at ATS
Through my 12 years of travels and going through several lessons. I began to tap into what we call the Ether or the Universal Conscience.

This year is a special year a VERY SPECIAL YEAR! The Bear will devour the Eagle and for the Eagle will fall due to it’s greed and hunger for dominion. So heed my words very carefully and try to listen. This is not big end of time crap for that is not my role and nor is it the time of the return. These messages are for the following 2 years 2015-2017 much of it will be occurring this year so try to soak it in. Somethings for 2020+ will be also shared.

I will give you the keys to understanding and I ask for nothing in return from you but to listen to my words. I will try to put this in the most simplest terms. Trust me when it speaks it’s not as easy to understand as many of you so called prophets claim to say.


Russia will play a key role in the world in 2015 – 2017 and it will become the main strength and world power . The crisis that will occur due to the greed of the men in the West will not reach Russia and will not do as much damage to it as it will to all other nations. Russian and Chinese economy will prosper and grow during these financial tribulations. This will further ensure and further fortify their influence, position and growth in the future times.

During 2015 Russia is awaiting to receive the most amazing breakthroughs in the political arena, in science,technology and cultural establishments and achievements. Russia’s agriculture will prosper even more then ever during this time.Due to this Russia will play a key role in world peace missions and world aid missions.

Also further future breakthroughs will be in the Robotics and Space development, Russian Scientists will unlock truths and astonishing finds about existence, the galaxy and the universe.

The people of Ukraine will suffer a financial crisis like non ever before and the people of the East Ukraine (Donetsk and Lugansk) and West Ukraine (Kieve) will unite against the West Ukrainian government for it’s failures to save the nation and it’s people from such a crisis. Russia will play a key role in the foundation of peace during these times and Eastern Republics with the help of Russia will assist the recovery of the West Ukraine. The mistakes and crimes of the West Ukraine politicians will be finally realized and all documents and proof will come to light. A court of old will be held in place to trial these monsters for the crimes against their brethren.


There will be wild weather for most of Europe and Britain, also including India,Japan, Parts of China and North America. Many parts of these countries will be flooded and destroyed between 2015-2017. These events will spark off the great migration of Nations and it will be mostly to these 3 regions where most of the worlds populations will converge. Parts of North America, Russia and Canada will be the 3 main converging areas in the world during these times. However, a warning to America is that a good chunk of the East Coast will no longer be there. Many countries will no longer be on the map due to the damage that was done by men in white coats, this is because they tried to play God. NORAD is already aware of what is to come that’s why the coffins to hold 4-5 people each have been mass produced. It was never for martial law or mass genocide of Americans by the American government.


Africa will become a barren desert soon and the famine situation will become much much worse, it will get to a stage where many people in Africa will resolve to cannibalism. This is when Russia will send aid to the region and as a last result a vast amount of people will migrate to Russia. To be honest if you think Africa is bad now wait until you see this for yourself!


A new virus will emerge that will stop people from eating goat meat,pork and lamb. It will be either an adapt strain of the swine flue or never before seen virus that the boys in the lab cooked up (But the message was clear it will be MAN MADE). However, the plus side people will begin to eat more healthier as fish,vegetables and fruits etc.


Thanks to the greed of men in the West (America and TBT) there will be a war in the Middle East. The war will be initiated by 1 of the 5 groups which are an extremist group, Syria,Israel, Libya or Iran. Due to destabilization done in the region over the decade + by the greed of the bold eagle. A nuclear weapon or weapons will be used and death toll will be in the thousands, the situation will be less then it was meant to be thanks to the influence of Russia,China and Europe that will be part of Russia during those times.


Obama is the last president of the America we now know. Great change will come to the USA a revolution that will either make or break the united states. During the financial tribulations of the once great nation, republics and collations will be formed which will further destabilize the once great nation. But do not panic it is for the better of America and for the return of balance to the world. Also know that with the fall of America the great 5 year long WW3 will finally come to an end. Also WW3 does not mean nuclear warfare so please stop spreading the doom porn.


By the nearing of 2020 people with disabilities will have cures for most conditions, the average life span will be 120 and cellular regeneration will be a common thing affordable for all. Basically looking 20-30 at 80 so enjoy those times and it will be a personal choice, these breakthroughs will occur mostly from Russia and China. The religious sector of the world will no longer be as influential as it is now, not sure why maybe a new young pope that will change religion for the better.


For 2020+ I can only give you two predictions, an asteroid will strike the moon and take a good chunk of it out. But rest assured this is by so called Divine Will and that asteroid was meant to hit Earth. Scientists will try to calculate how they got it wrong and I will give you the answer they forgot to carry over the factor that is the One of many One’s

The TBT will try to do another take over of the united world and united world nations but will fail miserably in the process and will be stopped.

These are exciting times for the world

it will either unite us or break us as a specie

edit on 28-1-2015 by OneManMasquerade because: Curse these mortal thoughts!
Also a message to Obama and the F#@karoo gang that is NATO, EU etc. Putin was elected by God of Abraham, he may not know it or not realize it. But whatever you do to Russia and to him will return 10 fold onto your people and your nations. Russia will only grow stronger and unite the people of Europe and Asia as one Union of trade, science and national values. The differences so hard put in place by the West and the F#@karoo gang to keep nations fighting will be lifted like a large boulder and thrown a side. There will no longer be borders that separate the people of the world!
The United States plan for – All Out War will fail the debt will not be written off and the debt collectors will come. Also do not trust many of the conspiracy theorists as they are part of the plan, America can write off the debt in 2 ways an all out war or a civil war. Many of the conspiracy theorists agenda is to spark off a 2nd Civil War within the United States. Be careful of these false prophets and messengers for they are like snakes in the box of kittens.

The time line alterations have already occurred and I believe many of you have experienced them. This was done to alter the outcome and to put things back on track. To make those so called TBT realize that they don’t run the show and the parents have been watching what the silly kids been doing home alone the whole time.


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