Strange Impact Event Vision and Subsequent Info

By 1Providence1 at ATS.
I’d like to share an odd set of occurrences.

Approximately 4 years ago, my friend and I were embarking on an endeavor into remote viewing, prediction through visions and drawing (like RV), and synchronicity. We discovered and experienced many, many different very odd things, including many accurate predictions, some via dreams, some via visions, some via drawing.

One day we were working on a drawing vision, and I ended up drawing what looked like some great impact in the Atlantic ocean, with a “Grey” observing. It also looked as if the being was maybe trying to stop the event, or to warn us.

Shortly thereafter, one of our Canadian members Jude11 here posted a thread about an apparent Earthquake that had occurred off the eastern coast of Canada, titled “I Died in a 10.3 EQ today”. Here is the thread:……

He provided the USGS link, and sure enough, right where I had drawn the impact, USGS was showing an approximate 10.3 earthquake.

Now, this was fairly unsettling. A 10.3 earthquake has the power in megatons of TNT:

9.56×10^6 Megathrust earthquakes record huge MW values, or total energy released. The 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake released 9,560 gigatons TNT equivalent.

1×10^8 The approximate energy released when the Chicxulub impact caused the mass extinction 66 million years ago was estimated to be equal to 100 teratons (i.e. 100 exagrams or approximately 220.462 quadrillion pounds) of TNT. That is roughly 8 billion times stronger than each of the bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the most energetic event on the history of Earth for hundreds of millions of years, far more powerful than any volcanic eruption, earthquake or firestorm. Such an explosion annihilated everything within a thousand miles of the impact in a split second. Such energy is equivalent to that needed to power the whole Earth for several centuries.

Essentially this indicates an energy that of an immense, unheard of earthquake, or very large impact event.

Now, this all seemed a bit crazy to me, I don’t and didn’t want to believe it. However, I looked at youtube the other day, and what did I find? Bear with me, this is after all youtube, but it does seem strange.

This one shows it hitting RIGHT where I had drawn the event’s ground zero.

Again it shows it hitting in the same area as the drawing

Is this simply an odd occurrence of collective thought, absolutely nothing, or something else?


2 Responses to “Strange Impact Event Vision and Subsequent Info”

  1. Will Gray Says:

    This is one of my threads. This is all true, not fantasy or sci fi.

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