Images of Adam and Eve discovered in Paradise.


By Kantzveldt at ATS.
More properly the consideration of Indus valley type seals found in Bahrain, the Sumerian equivalent of Paradise, showing representation of a new idealized couple, not likely to have been considered as the first people but rather the first couple of a particular nature.

I love the basic symbolism of those, man and woman and a third factor, the fish sign, to produce not unsurprisingly ‘fish people’ whose cult was celebrated at the Great Bath as i outlined here.

The consideration that this does relate to the breeding of a new pair is of course strongly reinforced by association with the mating bull, and given the Celestial association of that with Taurus this was cosmic breeding.

There is also seen in conjunction with seals of this type a seed like pod, again containing three seeds mainting the essential numerology of what was involved.

There is complexity within the tradition because as i outlined in The Place of Origin the fish symbol is indicative of Piscis Austrinus of the constellation Fomalhaut and yet in Indus Valley civilization that Fish is often seen in close connection to the bull, generally placed above it.

This suggests that whilst the Fish was understood as a factor in this great Celestial breeding programme that was more directly related to the Pleiades, above Taurus.

This is reinforced by the fact that the early Goddess of sexuality and reproduction, Inanna, directly related to the Pleiades and there seems to have been an Indus valley equivalent, who along with seven male and seven female helpers seen right.

These of course are relating to the numerology of the Pleiades having arrived in a Celestial barque from there, using Taurus as a suitable means of transport, if you look closely at the seal impression of a boat you can see the seven male and female helpers on the great central panolpy;

The seal is sketchy evidence but it does correlate to what i outlined here in Arriving from the Pleiades with regards to the seven male and female crew members under the leadership of the Goddess sat upon the spiked throne, and the magnificent model discovered representing this.

There is then a depth and complexity to the symbolism, the overall instigation of any Celestial breeding programme is under the authority of the Great Bull, an early archetype for the primary Deity Anu, and Inanna as the Pleiades is his glamouress assistant in conjunction with her crew, the association of these Deities with sexuality and reproduction was established in the E-anna centre of Uruk, even though they were generally happy enough simply breeding sheep and cows there.

One also sees that the crossing of space correlated to the crossing of water, and emergence from such in terms of the Fish Apkallu and the Abzu, this general command of the element of water and indirectly space was under the authority of Enki and so the Fish people were understood as under his general control, and the great Celestial axis symbol which spanned the Heavens which i outlined in Mysteries of Dilmun because it was represented by a tree also relates to the capillary action of water and it’s seeming capacity to defy gravity in feeding water upward throughout the system, so the tree of Life was the celestial conduit.

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