Airplane electrical failures caused by an EMP (courtesy of Planet X)

Post by EndOfDays77 at ATS.

This scenario/phenomena is the most plausible imo,not to mention the evidence supports it and it was also predicted many years ago no less.

I have normally posted my opinions in relevant threads,but feel inclined to start this post after yesterday’s tragic events in France and yet another incident today in Russia.…

The concept of an EMP is not so hard to imagine after considering the Carrington Event,which is similar in some respects,except for the purpose of this thread the EMP originated from the highly magnetized Planet X and its debris field-not the Sun!

Carrington event:…

Here’s our culprit..……

I have heard plane enthusiasts on this forum say this ‘theory’ is not possible? As planes are tested for EMPs..well I’m sure they are! But we are talking unprecedented levels of particles ATM and apparently we humans do not fully understand there are more particles than is widely acknowledged.The info relevant to the unknown particles should be in this link further down.…

Here are some links that highlight the recent plane crashes and how they were effected by an EMP from Planet X.……

Now the ingredients that culminate in attracting an EMP have been layed out previously,that being;shallow seas ,coastal areas,even lakes etc in the near vicinity of tectonic plate boundaries and fault lines,as was/is the case in Malaysia and the surrounding areas.

Of coarse the incident in France yesterday didn’t quite fit into that geographic scenario,so the question was posed,as to why this occurred and what was the EMP attraction point?-the answer is given here in a Q&A:…

This blog is dedicated to tracking the developments in the magnetosphere data,which I will also add has been victim of data removal and heavy editing by NASA. for those that may have followed this data? We have witnessed a massive uptick in particle eddy flows within the magnetosphere of Earth starting in earnest from early 2015-although the eddy build ups first appeared in 2010.I will add some images below of the magnetosphere in its normal quiet state and a very recent image of the particle eddys.……

Normal conditions of the magnetosphere on the left and the other shows compression.

Here is an image of the particle eddy build ups in a fairly recent image.There are more recent images in the links provided,except they are animated,that is why I chose this image.

Here is the Planet X system as viewed from one of the many solar observatories.

My main objective is to present this concept and info to a wider audience here on ATS.I have not seen or heard anything from anywhere else,that goes a way in slightly explaining what is at hand with these plane crashes..apart from the ZT explanation and supporting data.

I think my opinions are quite clear there,I don’t have much more to add.

It would be good if we can take this info further and hopefully prevent another tragedy.

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