Our Liquid Crystal Body

 A post by  iDope at ATS.
This is a statement from Nikola Tesla that I think explains this forum best.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

While researching consciousness, specifically Quantum Consciousness, I came upon a brief excerpt from The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton about the connection between body/mind consciousness and health. There are a few threads regarding this book, but none really look into the Liquid Crystal form of our bodies. And it is my personal theory that everything is connected in some form, by some power, through some field, on this dimension or another; energy and life are one, energy cannot be destroyed but our mortal bodies can. If our consciousness is condensed energy then it must have a vehicle to exert and replenish energy. If everything is connected in some form, then it would be beneficial to have a vehicle that assists consciousness in getting external/internal feedback from any stimuli or other life force trying to communicate in a universal language. Our bodies do that and much more (according to Dr. Lipton). These exceprts explain the theory how our body may be a Liquid Crystaline structure built for harmonics, frequency, memory, and communication.

There are two kinds of crystals, diamonds, salt, rubies, etc and another kind that has a more fluid structure even though its molecules maintain an organized pattern. Familiar examples of liquid crystals include digital watch faces and laptop computer screens. To better understand the nature of a liquid crystal, consider soldiers on parade. When the marching soldiers turn a corner, they maintain their regimented structure, even though they’re moving individually. They’re behaving like a flowing liquid, yet they do not lose their crystalline organization. The phospholipid molecules of the membrane behave in a similar fashion. Their fluid crystalline organization allows the membrane to dynamically alter its shape while maintaining its integrity, a necessary property for a supple membrane barrier. So in defining this character of the membrane it could be said that it is a liquid crystal.
A liquid crystal is technically defined as having form, liquid properties, stored information and a measurable electromagnetic field. The larger liquid crystal systems include fatty tissue, muscle and nerve tissue, the lymphatic system, white blood cells, and the various pleural and peritoneal linings.

Another source defined Liquid Crystals like so.

The distinguishing characteristic of the liquid crystalline state is the tendency of the molecules (mesogens) to point along a common axis, called the director. This is in contrast to molecules in the liquid phase, which have no intrinsic order. In the solid state, molecules are highly ordered and have little translational freedom. The characteristic orientational order of the liquid crystal state is between the traditional solid and liquid phases and this is the origin of the term mesogenic state, used synonymously with liquid crystal state.

What in our body is like a liquid crystal and why is it important?

In fact there are many forms of crystal-like systems in the body, which is actually a series of synchronous, interacting, crystal structures. On this level the human body is a linkage of oscillating solid and liquid crystals that form an overall energy pattern. Each organ, gland, nerve system, cell and protein structure shows a level of organization with some degree of crystalline function.

For example, our bone structure has long been recognized as a solid crystal structure with piezoelectric properties. A piezoelectric effect is the creation of an electromagnetic field (EMF) pulse when a crystalline structure is physically stressed or pushed out of its normal shape. As a solid crystal, bone has the ability to convert vibrational energy such as sound or light into electromagnetic and electric energies. Studies suggest that the crystal-like components of the extracellular matrix of bone, such as collagen and proteolycans, possess piezoelectric qualities. It has also been established that mineralized tissues, such as cartilage, dentin, teeth in general, and relatively non-mineralized tissues such as keratin in skin, elastin, artery tissue, connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) and even some amino acid crystals (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline) all have piezoelectric properties.

when certain types of protein molecule are exposed to an energy source such as light or radio wave sound or a harmonic frequency, they will resonate sympathetically with it and can even change physical shape. Crystal-like proteins are able to take in energies and transform them into a biologically active signal. When the configuration of the crystal-like protein changes, it can transfer or even convert the frequencies into energy message signals to which the cells respond in numerous different ways. One example is melanin, a crystal-like protein able to absorb light energy and transform it into sound and electromagnetic energy. This transfer of harmonic, resonant energy is how the cell membrane sends information to the intracellular structures, and therefore has a regulatory effect on them.

The body, the cells within the body, and the DNA within the cells within the body, are all resonators working like a two-way radio. Each cell gives off particular frequencies. Electromagnetic wave patterns in the cells act as a guidance or force for what happens in the cell. When you change a field pattern, you change matter. When you change matter, you change a field pattern (just like bio-photons, which are both particles and waves). What is more important is that the field pattern is much more predominant in organizing the matter than vice versa.

The first level of coherence rests on the idea that all subatomic particles are in communication with each other so that, when you change one, you in effect change all the other subatomic particles. This is because they are in constant and instantaneous communication. As we take all this a little further, we begin to understand that consciousness is a high order of coherence of field patterns in the body.

So, according to Dr. Lipton our bodies, as well as nearly all organisms are specialized vehicles for communication. We are designed to recieve and transmit massive amounts of communications at every second, Optimally internally, foot cell to a brain cell in a milisec, but also externally in order to change internally. Even self-manifesting thoughts “Law of attraction” or beliefs revisited daily could alter not only our mental states but also physical. The feeling you may get “bad vibes” or “Negative energy” when meeting a person or walking by some people on the street may have biological credence to explain that gut feeling. Simply having a puppy or penguin around handicapped/old/sick people fills them with positive energy for better health. I am looking into this further and will have more information for answers, how do you see this theory converging with consciousness? Our body’s are extensions of our conscious, or maybe seperate, or conscious is just your body always communicating with itself, the inner voice, the innovative idea, the splinter in your thumb.

a reply to: iDope

Very nice. It kind of scientifically confirms the possibility of many mystical experiences being universal in nature. Like a wind blowing through the tree rustling the leaves, frequencies can stimulate the cystaline structure in our body and it can be decoded into information that can be translated or constructed as experience in the mind.



There was a thread recently that was about the great pyramid and the crystalline lattice structure of the pink granite in relation to frequencies and oobe. It could maybe compliment your theory…

a reply to: iDope

Guten Tag- I’ve included for Your perusal some info on “Akasha” See if it can help You and the ‘other You’..




I love the Tesla quote. To me that quote sums up so much. If only all of Tesla’s work and beliefs were more widely explored by mainstream science. I think we could learn decades worth from studying it seriously. And I can only imagine the things he put to paper that were scooped up after his death. Or whats more, the things that even he was afraid to put down to paper because of how they might be misused by our government and others.

To me these types of quotes only lend more legitimate credence to a lot of fringe topics. Somewhere in all of this is a scientific explanation for our spiritual or “non-physical” world and experiences. It also makes me think about things like Haarps potential effects on the human body and the reality of EMF bombardment on specific persons/populaces. Using certain frequencies to effect the mind and body in a litany of different ways.


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