The ‘BASALT FLOOR’ Giza Plateau Smoking Gun Evidence of LOST ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY

Post by JamesTB at ATS.
In this post I will present evidence of Lost Ancient High Technology on the Giza Plateau which shows beyond all REASONABLE doubt that machine tools were used in the construction of this Basalt Floor.

It is simply impossible to produce this kind of work with ‘Copper Chisels’ and ‘Stone Pounders’ as we have been led to believe. Bare in mind that Basalt has a hardness factor of between 6 and 7 on the MOHS scale of hardness whereby Copper is between 2.5 and 3.

So maybe it’s time to move the debate past the ‘is it/isn’t it – are they/aren’t they’ type of paradigm and into the highly speculative ‘who/when and with what’ paradigm. I think we have to speculate wildly about how this work was done because it does not fit into any of the common explanations we been told about.

The Basalt Floor –

Cut Marks –

Striations –

More Hi Res photos here –…


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