The Rosicrucian Initiate Degrees (1-9) lessons thread

Post by MerkabaMeditation at ATS.
I would like to learn more about the Rosicrucian Initiate Degrees (1-9) lessons without becoming a member, but alas there are not many resources on the subject online. The only one I know of is Degree 9: “Invisibility” where the student imagines a cloud surrounding him/her by which he/she magically become invisible to others.

Here are the other Initial Degree lessons; could other ATS members add their more detailed knowledge of these to the thread? Thank you.

Degree 1
Duration: 4 months
The first Initiate degree introduces the concept of polarity and its relationship to the subatomic world and its vast range of vibratory rates. It introduces the full spectrum of physical and non-physical manifestations. An understanding of these subjects gives you an appreciation of the system and order of the universe, the interconnectedness of all nature and how everything is governed by natural law. Topics include:

Structure of Matter
The Vibratory Keyboard
Positive and Negative as Vibratory Polarities
Rosicrucian Definitions of Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism
Subatomic Particles
Rosicrucian Classification of Elements
Material Alchemy
Exercises relating to the topics.

Degree 2
Duration: 3 months
The second Initiate degree explores the workings of the mind. You will learn how to use your mental faculties to strengthen your will, eliminate bad habits, establish good habits, tap into the levels of your subconscious, reason more effectively, think more logically, behave more fairly, and generally begin to integrate various principles of psychology and mysticism into your life in order to achieve your personal goals. Topics include:

Cosmic Consciousness
Our Objective Consciousness Sensory Illusions
Mental Illusions
Our Subjective Consciousness
Objective Memory
Deductive, Inductive, and Syllogistic Reasoning
Objective and Subjective World
Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Influence of the Subconscious
Memory and Reasoning of the Subconscious
Will and Habit
Psychology and Mysticism
Exercises: Stimulating the Objective Memory, Stimulating the Imagination, Sensitising the Subconscious Memory, Autosuggestion

Degree 3
Duration: 3 months
The third Initiate degree explores the meaning of life on many levels, including living and “non-living” matter, life on the cellular level, the mysteries of death and rebirth, and the eternal nature of the Soul. Topics include:

Cosmic Purpose of Life
Vital Life Force
Cellular Life
Rosicrucian Definitions of Living and Non-living Matter
Incarnation of the Soul
Transition of the Soul
Initiatic Aspects of Death
Exercises relating to the topics.

Degree 4
Duration: 3 months
The fourth introduces Rosicrucian ontology (the study of the nature of being), and lays out a cosmological framework for all creation. It explores the meaning, understanding and use of symbols as the language of the subconscious. Topics include:

Vital Life Force and the Living Soul
Cycles of Life and Constant States of Flux
Time, Space, Infinity and Eternity
Noumena and Phenomena
Natural, Artificial and Mystical Symbols
Sacred Architecture
Exercises relating to the topics.

Degree 5
Duration: 3 months
The fifth Initiate degree you will study excerpts from the works of classical philosophers. Your exploration of the ancient roots of Rosicrucian philosophy will demonstrate the timelessness of these principles. Thoughts of the following philosophers are presented: Thales, Solon, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Democritus, Empedocles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,

Degree 6
Duration: 7 months
The sixth Initiate degree presents the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of health and disease. You will learn specific Rosicrucian healing techniques. Topics include:

Health and Illness
Physiological Evolution of Humans
The Skeleton
Digestion and Nutrition
Spiritual Dimension of Food
Breathing and Respiratory Health
Composition of Blood
Heart and Circulatory System
The Lymph and Lymphatic System
Liver, Spleen, kidneys
Importance of Water
Cell Consciousness and Cellular Health
Cerebro-spinal Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System
Sympathetic Division of the Autonomic Nervous System
The Sympathetic Energy
Influence of Stress on Digestion and Breathing
Sympathetic Ganglions and their Connections
Rosicrucian Therapy
Disorders associated with the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Ganglions
Rosicrucian Treatments
Personal Treatment to Restore your Psychic Equilibrium
The Council of Solace
Influence of Thoughts and Emotions on Health
Physical and Mental Prevention of Disease
Emotional and Spiritual Prevention of Disease
Exercises: Numerous exercises in the art of self-healing are given throughout this degree.

Degree 7
Duration: 7 months
The exercises and experiments of all the previous degrees have contributed to your gradual development, providing you with the necessary foundation for the advanced techniques of the seventh, eighth and ninth Initiate degrees. In the seventh degree you will learn how to accomplish psychic projection, how to develop your personal aura and perceive other people’s auras, and how to further develop your psychic centres and abilities for enhanced perception. You will also receive a thorough explanation of the physiological, psychic and spiritual influence of specific mystical sounds. Topics include:
The Psychic Body
The Psychic Centres
Psychic Perception
Psychic Consciousness
Nature and Symbolism of Dreams
Nature of Human Aura
The Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Aura
Colours of the Aura
Development of your Personal Aura
Mystical Power of Vowel Sounds and Mantras
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Vowel Sounds
Physiological, Psychic, and Spiritual Influence of Vowel Sounds
Exercises: Accomplishing psychic projection (a) in general, (b) to a definite place, (c) to a specific person. Perception of auras of living creatures in general. Perception of the human aura

Degree 8
Duration: 9 months
The eighth Initiate degree explores in depth the concept of immortality, including the mysteries of birth, life death, reincarnation, karma and the evolution of the soul personality. Topics include:

The Existence and Nature of God
Universal Soul and the Human Soul
The Immateriality, Immortality, and Perfection of the Human Soul
Cosmogony of the Universal Creation
Cosmic Evolution
Soul Personality
Divine Consciousness and Self Consciousness
The Soul and Intelligence of Animals
Spiritual Evolution of Humans
The State of Perfection
Spiritual Alchemy
Karmic and Non-Karmic Trials
Mastery of Karma
Collective Karma
Reincarnation of the Soul
Universal Cycles Memory of Past Incarnations
The Mystery of Birth
Incarnation of the Soul-personality in the Body
The Mystery of Death
Transition of the Soul-personality
The Stages of Transition
Cosmic Planes and the Levels of Cosmic Evolution
Help to the Dying, Before and After Death
Definition and Origins of Prayer
Three Kinds of Prayer: Intercession, Confession, and Thankfulness
The Rosicrucian Technique of Prayer
Rosicrucian Technique of Meditation
Exercises: How to recall past incarnations through manipulation of the subconscious. How to remember past incarnations through special meditation techniques.

Degree 9
Duration: 13 months
By now these techniques will have become second nature and you will be well prepared to successfully undertake the advanced experiments of the ninth degree. This degree gives you the opportunity to utilise the highest metaphysical powers in practical ways to positively affect conditions in your environment and your life in accordance with the greatest good and highest principles you know. Topics include:

Macrocosm and Microcosm
The Classical Four Principles: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Symbolism of the Cross, Triangle, Square, Circle, and Rosy Cross
Mental Alchemy
Exercises:Symbolism of Earth, Water, Air and Fire; Telepathy; Telekinesis; Vibroturgy; Radiesthesia; The Alchemical Cloud; Invisibility; Cosmic Protection; Mystical Regeneration; Spiritual Assumption; Attunement with Cosmic Consciousness



Great work !!

as in the great work. I’m thrilled by this thread as someone
whose listened to hours and hours of Manly P Hall lectures.
my lord there is SO much to be learned .
Visualization is the key to the whole darn thing.

Which is why when someone begins this kind of knowledge quest
with an esoteric teacher the first thing you do is visualize
a red triangle pointed up and then a blue triangle pointing down.

From then on you are on a deep long journey
to combine the two in many different ways,
until they become a royal purple hermaphrodite.
(Hermes and Aphrodite)

Degree 9: ” The Alchemical Cloud”

The (Creative) Cloud is an energy field enveloped by the will of the person/alchemist who is creating it using visualization, harnessing, in a chosen realm, the energy that is already existent in the plains of reality and our human conciousness… this “cloud” of energy is apparently ESSENTIAL in manifesting matter from the invisible realm.


Replies to post:

I’m initiated to the sixth degree, all without having been a part of any secret society. If you continue to search for the knowledge you will surely find it, you just need to look in the right place.

Look within yourself, and if you’re confident in your own strength, look outwardly to the spirit world as well.

Degree 6: Council of Solace

The Council of Solace is a group of people (at Rosicrucian Park and throughout the world) who meditate daily on behalf of others.
The goal of the Council is to bring cosmic help to all those in need of it.

The Council does this by putting certain spiritual energies into motion and directing them in accordance with mystical law and natural principles.

Metaphysical aid is thus directed to individuals who petition the Council of Solace with health, domestic, economic, or other problems, and aid is also directed to those who are attuned with the Council.

The aid of the Council of Solace operates on the cosmic plane. Its activity is solely metaphysical and in no way interferes with any professional or health-care assistance being received on the physical plane.

The aid of the Council of Solace is available to everyone.

Once a petition is entered, metaphysical aid is directed for as long as is needed.

As the work of the Council is generated at the level of the Celestial Sanctum, it is helpful to attune with the Celestial Sanctum in conjunction with the petitioning the Council of Solace.

PDF with more information

              The Celestial Sanctum
Why we have a Secret Order. …A quick essay by former Imperator H. Spencer Lewis on the topic of secrecy:

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