The Hitchhikers Guide to the Awakening

A post by Peeple at ATS.

Spiraling through time and space

what matters

  1. Matter a network of tiny quarks, living and dead matter
  2. Connection to the flow, embeded in motion
  3. Forces influencing mater

1. As Astrocyte wrote we are all made up from tiny particles, no just us humans, but everything is a more or less loose cluster of particles.
2. The planet is in motion, the galaxy is spiraling and traveling through the universe, so are our tiniest particles spinning through their layer of matter
3. Gravitation comes to mind, also the e- & p+ & n-/+ attraction of our atoms, forces hold us in our place, from the cell to the galaxy

just in time

  1. TimeWaveZero
  2. Milky way a Spiral
  3. time & matter

1. Terence McKenna was on to something, Time Wave Zero is software to show the circular progress of historical events and an attempt to make it scientifically forseeable. Problem is he assumes circles instead of spirals
2. The Milky Way is spinning the planet is spinning, both together create time, because time is related to speed and size of the mass.
3. Time dilation is the best prove that manipulation of time is possible and for the relation of time to the spin-speed of the observed object.

the will to know

  1. from experience to fact
  2. the danger of bias
  3. from bias to ideology

1. the most important item in our set of experiences is the gathering of knowledge, we learn through experiments, were we try to achieve repeatable outcomes, i.E. look for the recipe to make things happen.
2. especially in the research that concerns the mind, bias is your worst enemy. It is vital to be always aware how fast we assume something as fact, while it really only fits our own tiny perspective and is not applyable for the bigger crowd, or the “average experiences of the masses”.
3. when bias becomes ideology you build a wall that keeps you from gathering new information, because it is “forbidden” to think that way, or “crazy” to discuss it.

school of spirits

One of the biggeat threats we face in this period of the awakening is those feeling “enlightened”, you know the type, those which “just know” despite any valid arguments and completely disregarding everybody elses eperiences, because it doesn’t fit the narrative they swallowed. That goes not only for the self taught NewAgers, but also for the religious people, which just follow their culturally inherited doctrination. These are two theories and hardly a fact. True freedom can only be achieved, when you trust your own experience, while being aware yours is only one tiny part of the collective perception of reality and just as all mater is connected, so is all information, the material world is disfunctional without the imagination and vice versa. Every first step towards a true “enlightment” has to be the acceptance of being embeded in both, the time bound material world and the timeless aetherical sphere of pure information. You know you are on to something when synchronicity leads your steps from one “lesson” to the other.
It is a dangerous path though and the quote

99% of people are fools and the 1% is in constant danger of contamination

describes it pretty perfectly.

The fool is a two-sided metaphor for an approach to experience reality. He is embeded in the flow, doesn’t make plans and just has trust in life, love and the universe, that he is on his way, no matter what happens it will happen anyways. But he is also in constant danger of self extinction, if he fails to keep his sense of responsibility for his own actions, or his awareness for reality, or gives up his connection to the material world entirely.


The history of our cultural evolution is leading us to an age of selfawareness and self-determination, the bigger connected mass can only function if we finally start to be honest to ourselfes and accept our imperfection, without blaming them on everything and everyone else. Reflection is the first and most important step, but the goal can’t be a surpression of the ego, or overcoming of the material world, it has to be a constructive integration of the imagination, or psychic experience into the material world.

“I make my weakness my strength”

The real challenge is to maintain the discipline to avoid falling for ideologies, to dare to find a unique path through our spiritual growth, while keeping an constant eye on our surroundings and what the very basic and core information of these experiences is.
I am one tiny cell, but I am also ruler of a whole universe.


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