There will be another stock market crash before 2015’s end

Post by WeActOnImpulse at ATS on Aug 23, 2015
Most of you probably already know a good chunk of this, but for those of you who don’t, here’s the breakdown.

The last two days have gone down in history as larger than any single day stock market crash in history. Thousands of news articles are going up everywhere, anybody important has already pulled everything out of the NYSE, and other investors are still pulling, and pulling from other stocks too. Walmart’s stock alone has dropped nearly 5 percent which blew my mind when I saw. I used to work for that company.

But upon seeing a random comment on the Internet where this dude pretty much laid out everything that’s happening in the bigger picture (which I will paste at the bottom of this post) I decided to look into things a little more deeply. I found that there will be another stock market crash. The motives and implications are a little fuzzy, but here’s what I do know. Keep in mind that the conspiracy is almost certainly much larger than the information i’m posting here and also I will be posting google search terms instead of links because I don’t want to post a bunch of links only to realize i’m breaking a rule and have my post removed.

Gerald Celente, one of the most respected trends forecasters and a person who has predicted many stock market crashes in the past predicts a stock market crash by the end of 2015. Google search terms: GERALD CELENTE IS PREDICTING THAT A STOCK MARKET CRASH WILL HAPPEN BY THE END OF 2015

Donald Trump knew about the crash back in June, which leads me to believe that he’s a part of it in a conspiracy to get him elected. Not to mention Donald Trump’s prediction sounds greatly exaggerated compared to Gerald Celente’s prediction. So I think he exaggerated his claims and is continuing to do so to get the masses in a state of fear and then make himself look like the hero who can save us all from another depression. It probably runs deeper than that but I can’t find any solid evidence of an even larger conspiracy and I know a lot of people here really want some evidence before they’ll believe anything. Google search terms: Billionaire Donald Trump Tells Americans to Prepare For ‘Financial Ruin’

Furthermore some simple Googling will bring up articles of people knowing about China’s stock market crash for years. Not to mention Greece’s recent crash. And now America. This can’t be a coincidence. People have known about these things for way too long, have had time to prepare for it or avert it entirely, but it all happened anyway and is continuing to happen. Who’s next, Australia? Is this bigger than Donald trump? Who knows, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open.

And last but not least, here’s the original post from Google+ on The Free Thought Project page. Please excuse the bad grammar, it was obviously written in a hurry.
For once pretty much everyone here is in agreement and we all have our own particular areas of concern. Overall though we agree. Now is what will happen some Monday soon. There will be a horrible stock market crash. A big crash just like last time but worse, much worse. There will be bad repercussions all through the world and here in te USA. It will make Bernie Sanders look like a deer caught in the headlights and Donald Trump look good to a worried “We need a business genius NOW” population.DON”T BE FOOLED!!! It is a set up by the FED to 1). Ensure the outcome of the next election and @). To get te USA involved in a Huge war, perhaps a world war, to bail out our economy and give the finger to China who holds a lot of the debt. The FED is a private Bank owned by Pro Israeli world class financiers who want to enslave us to debt (to them) and who own all the business devoted to war and a war economy. They want to make sure we are fully engaged, not this petty war on terror [censored for ATS], a real shooting deadly outcome war. Don’t be fooled, Fight the FED Fight the Republicans and Fight to keep your rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, they are being undermined with the excuse of National Security.It is a lie. Stop this , do not participate , become active and engage in massive civil disobedience if what I say comes true. If it turns out I am a whacked out crazy prognosticator of wild eyed Henny Penny false alarms, then I am an idiot and you were right to sit back and go on as if nothing is messed up. Still – – – Remember Monday there will be a stock market crash, a really big one. Perhaps it will happen on a Friday but more likely on a Monday, Mark my words, it is planned and you are not in on the benefit plan from it.


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