A Violent Revolution is Not the Answer! Know Natural Law!

Post by SoulSurfer at ATS.

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic,(mods please move if needed, and my apologies if its the wrong forums) but due to the nature of it, philosophy does apply, in the sense that what I will speak about is the solution, and that solution comes down to a simple philosophy. yes, a simple philosophy is the answer. it is called natural law. You can call it divine law, the golden rule, the gospels of Jesus, the ten commandments, or as leto in the dune novels by Frank Herbert would call it, the Golden Path.

A violent revolution is exactly what those in power want, for the purpose of their own goals and agenda. Whether you believe these words or not, it does not matter. The world is falling apart, and if we don’t act now and educate others, the world will soon fall into eternal darkness. This is a warning to humanity as a whole, because the situation has become so dire and twisted, that the chances are there that a group of psychopaths CAN destroy the world in the process of meeting their goals.

And who is responsible for this ? Who is really to blame for this mess? YOU! yes, YOU, me; all of us are responsible for creating and abetting this criminal system that does nothing but destroy and promote narcissism. If you are narcissistic, look up the definition by professional psychologists, they will tell you the same thing. Narcissism is a sickness of the mind, filled with apathy, self worship at the expense of others.

A person that cannot sympathize or empathize with others is considered insane, and extremely dangerous, for the reason being that they are incapable of caring, which makes them incapable of truly applying morality and ethics and most importantly common sense, which helps helps people get there.

People have lost their ability of care and put themselves in people’s shoes in pursuit of false dreams that has no real value in the world nor in the after life. It is an epidemic that is growing as we speak, even into young children early age. Look around you, how people become so self centered, it is truly scary, and you who are parents are responsible to pay attention on what your children are truly listening to or viewing via television or violent video games like call of duty.

Many are oblivious to the brainwashing done by those in power, and don’t realize that they are following a trend of immoral behavior. Morality is in decline and this is the real problem, without morality, common sense and empathy all we will end up doing is fighting amongst ourselves in possible extreme bloodshed on a global level instead of uniting through individual unity. (not the we are all one new age unity, which is practically cultist and promoted by Oprah and those in power).

We need to unify through putting ourselves in each other’s shoes, and by the time global collapse occurs, noone would panic, and instead work with one another in cooperation, to rebuild again. The problem is people follow the government blindly instead of realizing the power they really have. Cooperation with one another in peaceful manner to arrive at calm solutions without depending on a group of people that had no intention of helping us in the first place.

The system failed, and it was meant to fail by design to create global chaos. We can avoid this global chaos by simply NOT panicking, laughing at the system, turn our backs and simply rebuild among-st ourselves through peaceful cooperation and understanding of what we call love. Love is not what society makes it up to be. It is empathy, unity and understanding that when other people hurt, you hurt because they are as much part of you as you are to them. This is the true ANARCHY. Anarchy is not chaos, it is NOT violence, nor is it involved with riots. Who ever gave Anarchy this false definition is truly insane and a liar for doing so. Anarchy is none other than simply following Natural Law, or that which we call God’s Law.

Even a mere book like the bible mentions this. However, I do not believe in religion, for they are mere power structures for control and manipulation. The word Religion comes from religare, which means to tie or to bind or to enslave. The word Government, if you research it enough, it literally translates to MIND CONTROL.

Understanding these FACTS, will help you turn away from what no longer, (or never has) served you. Those of you who are fanatics, trolls, and paid disinfo agents, I know who you are, for I have seen your posts. You will most likely have a nice place in hell for playing your part in humanity’s deception. Shame on you for doing so, but know that i am aware of the tricks of infiltration on sites such as ats. And they all share a similar pattern when they voice themselves. By noticing patterns is how you can spot deception, and with this post I hope that i educated at least a few of you on what is true.

However, if you do know the law, then you know that the law is also karmic. You reap what you sow, and this is undeniable, and the law is eternal, but you can test this law yourself. It is similar to putting your hand on the hot stove. A person that checks twice or three times (that is a bit too much) if the stove really is hot, and learns the lesson that if you touch the hot stove it will burn, so best not do it again, is wise. But a person who continues to touch the hot stove over and over again, non stop, and fails to learn the lesson, is considered insane. Think, think long and hard why that is.

The law punishes the insane, in other words and the same can be said through trial by combat. he who builds defenses is the victor in a trial by combat if he is the knight that is true. Remember these important words, for they are the key. The knight that is true will always triumph over the knight that is false. This is the ONLY exception to the rule of violent revolution.

It means you have a right to defend yourself because you have a right to LIVE. However, the knight that is true, must have his morals, and ethics in place. And he must never be baited into becoming offensive. Just like people tend to do with cops. People are baited into the cop’s hands and ultimately meet their end because in the end, because they took the bait, the knight that was true in that case, was the cop.

Some of you may hate me for saying that, but it is the truth. If you are baited into the hands of evil men, it is your own fault for doing so. This is how the law works. The real law’s of the universe. You do not own anything , because you never really bought anything. All property belongs to the logos of their respective owners. Microsoft, apple etc. Because you did not pay for it. Money is false value, it is a promise to pay, therefore you never really “paid” for it, which means you are not the owner of neither your cellphone nor your computers. You also signed a contract, which states this. You may want to read all contracts you sign from here on. In fact, the more contracts you avoid signing the more free you are. the same applies when you go for a mortgage.

However, when you address a cop, you have the right to say NO. the word NO is also the lost word in high level esoteric freemasonry. The word NO is one of the most powerful words in the universe. Try and research why this is, and if you have doubts. “Seek and you shall find” and when you find, study it and realize why that word is powerful.

I highly recommend watching Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar. He is an ex- cultist exposing what he witnessed while inside in extreme details. You may not like the tone of his voice, but frankly I understand why he uses the tone. It does grab people’s attention. But he mention similar things I already mentioned here in this thread. Only in much greater detail. His work and research is so vast that it will take weeks possibly months to go through it all. (video Below)

I also recommend this video series on Divine Law, and the nature of contracts, by roger kent. He explains in greater detail on the nature of contracts and why they bind you. Pay extra close attention to what he says about contracts, because all contracts enslaves you one way or another to it. The topic in general from both Passio and Kent, is to dismantle Slavery. It is in a way true education on what anarchy truly is. (video below)

It is this education that should have been in public schools to begin with. Those of you who follow up on the constitution of the United States, will find that Natural law, and the constitution are actually the same thing, only using different words. The founding fathers wanted an anarchistic society, hence the rise of the republic and the fight for freedom from oppressors.

The constitution is NOT an outdated document. It is actually wise words that comes close to that of the gospels, or the LAW and they were written by the founding fathers, (may they rest in peace) when they founded the United States. They knew what the world would be like without the law, but certain people in powerful places had other ideas and infiltrated through the banks.

There may not be evidence supporting Jesus existence only words spoken by others, however, his teachings on the law, and the gospels is about morality, compassion, ethics, reason and understanding. But sadly… people rather follow the man, rather than his teachings.

But when you get down to the gist of it, the law is so simple, but because it is simple, people tends to complicate things and makes matters worse. And if humanity continues down the path it is heading on, then there is no future and all hope is truly lost.

The government won’t save you, God won’t save you, the et’s… would most likely exterminate the species than save us, because in the “eye” of the law, humanity is an insane species only capable of destruction. We can only save ourselves and take responsibility for what we ourselves created. Our karma is due to aiding and abetting what is not true.
But know these important words, the knight that is true, will always triumph over the knight that is false. We reap what we sow, and if we breed destruction, then perhaps we deserve to be destroyed.



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