The History Untold- How the New World Order was formed- How Narcisism is Destructive

Post by SoulSurfer at ATS.
Ooo boy, out of everything I have come to research, This one Video alone Is a treasure trove for all of Humanity. Backed up by facts, quotes and HOW “they” did it in extreme details.

The way I see it, this is as close to the truth that anyone will get, and from a christian perspective. And frankly, I trust this guy more than I would Alex Jones. But do not take my word for it. See into it yourselves, no amount of words I dish up will compare, to the richness of historic facts presented in this video. It will answer questions such as:

Who was behind the crusades and for what purpose?
What is Zionism? (A group of political Leaders, from many religious backgrounds and from any race. Zionism is short for Babylon. Do not relate this to Judaism, Zionism is NOT Jewish it is simply a cover name for Babylon same goes for the term “Illuminati”).

Let me repeat that again

Zionism is NOT Judaism. and to claim otherwise is ANTI-Semitic.
The Illuminati Hates Judaism and Christianity; because they stand in their way for their new world order.

In short:
The Illuminati War IS against Judaism and Christianity and this persecution continues on today as it has for hundreds of years. If we do not Aid our Jewish and christian brothers and sisters, we as humanity FALL.

Who are the Jesuits? They are the original “Illuminati”.

Historic FACT

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit (Adam Weishaupt) after the Jesuit order was disbanded due to them infiltrating countries and causing division inside peaceful established countries. (sounds familiar?). The Governments in those countries could not take it much longer and took them out. The Jesuit Order is Basically Assassins Creed on Steroids. Extremely dangerous with the philosophy “The end Justifies the means”. This sounds a lot like assassins creed motto “Nothing is true and all is permitted”.

Remember that one movie with Angelina Jolie with the creed of Assassins who claimed that God was giving them commands on who to kill through the threads of fate? I don’t think that story is entirely fiction, it actually portrays a similar reality we live in. In the movie they make themselves sound “nobel” “for the benefit of all” it is a programming/conditioning so you can accept their actions as “good”. In fact, the last sentence in that movie “what the *** are you doing? is basically an invitation to join them.

This group are extremely powerful and it is amazing that people don’t do their research on this group to know what exactly is in power. But all that was mentioned here, is only icing on the cake. The real war I will say it right now, its between Babylon and God.

Warning if you are Narcissistic

If you Have narcissistic traits with zero empathy, you will not be able to see or feel the father of Life. Instead, this path is reserved towards the father of lies.

So, if you are narcissistic, and have an “enlightening experience”, KNOW that its the father of LIES. But if you have empathy, then you have a chance of feeling the father of life.

Eliminate Narcissism within you by studying its traits. There must be ZERO traits of narcissism within you, if you wish to meet God. Remember, God’s war is against Babylon and this Jezebel spirit. If you have traits in relation to Babylon including witchcraft common sense alone will tell you. “Well no wonder people don’t see or Feel God, if someone is blinded by the light of Lucifer, how then can we feel the presence of God? By eliminating within us the very traits that God Hates. And its not reserved towards God alone.

Does anyone really like a person who is narcissistic? a person who destroys lives like a vampire without any remorse? A person who lacks empathy should not be trusted; period. Someone who lacks empathy is capable of anything. This alone makes them dangerous. Overall, even psychologists agree, that Narcissism is a mental dis-order. In case anyone has forgotten, Narcissism was a very common trait within Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime (also backed by Illuminati/Jesuits).

Psychologist Explains Narcissism

So, then, WHY is narcissism being promoted by MTV, American Idol Music, etc? It is programming people into having this mental illness, have you noticed the amounts of selfies and self worship skyrocketing to an all time high? I humbly suggest everyone to get into the study of narcissism. This is the best, absolute best weapon to defend ourselves against this personality. Awareness of this, would put a stop to the growing epidemic. It is extremely important to recognize and understand this mental disorder, to be able to defend against it.

Brother Jewish Rabbi Frand also explains Narcissism.

The truth is in front of people’s faces and they don’t wish to hear it because most likely they have narcissistic traits themselves. I noticed, that most of the people who argue about certain topics, often are full of themselves and do not even bother to research facts. Instead, they troll, or throw out irrelevant comments in order to change the topic. They do not like to be exposed, however why I mention this is because I studied psychology myself after being victim of this type of personality. It is very vital to recognize it because it is nearly everywhere these days, and people may confuse it with being “normal”, when in fact it is a very dangerous, and destructive personality & contagious. Because it is very destructive, for that reason alone, it also imposes a danger within our moral society.

However, within all the paranormal experiences I gained (which at first I originally was led into the new age movement,) I think it was God, that kept me from being “enlightened”. This may sound like a bad thing, but in reality it is a good thing. Had i been “enlightened” most likely I would have fallen unto Lucifer’s regime. Throughout chaotic and extreme urges of impulses , there was always this “subtle” feeling or voice, of reason that would appear during my darkest moments. It was faint, but it was there. I feel it protected me, and if it did me it can with any of you. Turn away from the false light, give this video to as many people as you can, see the real war.

This Video will Explain, why we owe both the (real) Jewish and Christians a Debt of Gratitude, if it wasn’t for them, this world would have fallen into a very dark place long ago.

I said “real” Christians and Jewish for a reason. Reason: There are some people who tend to wear banners of their enemies and frame them. Both the Jews and the Christians were framed. This is what the adversary does, they infiltrate groups and destroy them from within. It is the same tactic they have repeated over centuries. This is what the Jesuits/Illuminati did.

Do not believe those who say “there is no right or wrong”. These are the deceivers, and the motto is no different than the one in assassins creed video game. “Nothing is true, and all is permitted”.

Share this video with as many as you can. Think of this video, as the sword of truth. You’ve been given a sword, what will you do with it? Just let it grab dust in a corner, or will you share this with everyone?

I’m convinced, the contents here is true. And because I am convinced. I stand in Defense of My Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters against the reign of Babylon.

By intrptr
The real zombies of the world. Seemingly without empathy and conscience, because they are void of those human traits.

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