After ten weeks the EMdrive is still running at NASA

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You have to love new propulsion systems , because they are the next step in the way we would see space travel in next decennial era.
Especially the mysterious EMdrive since this propulsion system became the news of the most promising engine ,that would bring us to the moon into four hours .

My antennas raised and I could see the first manned mission to Mars within my lifetime. Well I think we might see multiple purpose craft not only examining one celestial body but keep on flying and testing planets, moons ,asteroids and comets whenever it gets the tasks uploaded to go and do another destination.
As far as I know the ion drive has similar function to my knowledge , like the one mounted on the Dawn spacecraft, but I don’t know if both engines could be compared ?

Yeah this engine discovered by Roger Shawyer and Guido Fetta which slated science as absolute idiots are now testing it , how bizarre?
seems that’s how science goes …

Well now it seems that they can’t say much about it at NASA , but this impossible engine according to laws of physics is still running at NASA for ten f%$#g weeks now .

It seems that the scientists can’t really tell how it works but a test setup is already working 10 consecutive weeks. NASA scientists are testing the device at this point in the Eagle Works Laboratory. So far, the results have not been subject to peer review. It can not be excluded that the propulsion is the result of a measurement error.

Paul Mach, one of the scientists conducting the tests, for the first time in months on the forums of NASA Spaceflight given an update on the EM Drive. He says ,

the mistakes have been corrected during previous tests, but the engine still gives thrust.

Mach responded to an unpublished paper, in which it is claimed that the thrust of the EM Drive the consequence of the Lorentz force is, so that the force is generated by the interaction between the EM Drive and the magnetic field of the earth.

I wish I could show you all the pictures I’ve taken on how we saluted and mitigated the issues raised by our EW Lab’s Blue-Ribbon PhD panel and now Potomac-Neuron’s paper, on the possible Lorentz force interactions. That being the Lorentz Interactions with the dc currents on the EW torque pendulum (TP) with the stray magnetic fields from the torque pendulum’s first generation open-face magnetic damper and the Earth’s geomagnetic field, but I can’t due to the restrictive NASA press release rules now applied to the EW Lab.

The scientist explains that he can not comment on his work can make or photos, because his lab itself is working on a paper which could shed some light on the matter.

NASA EMdrive developments


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