Lucis Trust

NWO Time Travel…Exposed…?
By eastendkid at ATS
Okay, I was reading the top ten conspiracies.. and thought I’d add one to an ever increasing list.

It concerns some of the nwo reality behind the sci-fi time propaganda, being explained on Lucis Trust’s.. “time to rethink time” […], which seems to be about sci-fi programming humanity toward a new synthesis of Science with Occult Philosophy –

eg.. Illuminati Card Game: Science-Fiction Fans , Time Warp … the nwos world of “space time energy and matter”.. ie. the spirit world as perceived through occult metaphysics etc .. the backwards / fractured clock .. 3-6-9 Tessla’s supposed key to understanding the Universe .. the Egyptian ankh or Celtic cross? of false eternal life / evolution .. the nwo “waters of space”… ..or plasma universe etc

20:22.. NWO Science being inspired by satan ie.

The concrete, scientific mind is now contacting the abstract realms of thought, but is in need of the guiding light of the intuition to reveal a simplified, more synthetic view of the universe as an organism with a set and stable form and constitution.. ~ The Electric Bridge, Lucis Trust

22:19…Illuminati Card Game: Immortality (evolution) Serum ?

20:31 Illuminati Card Game: Secrets Man was Not Meant to Know (eg..Electric Universe also on

24:04 “Alice Bailey tells us: Time and Space are but states of consciousness..” ~ The Electric Bridge, Lucis Trust

Ofcourse I try to show where I believe it’s all headed..(eg. the end of article is the end of movie I present I believe..) , so hopefully you guys will be able to see through the esoteric sci-fi time propaganda- before it’s fully externalized / given a ‘rewewed scientific basis’ in the nwo.

Hope someone finds it interesteng.

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