Close Encounter Of The Third Kind – The Tall Beings From Draguignan

Location: Mountain le Malmont, Draguignan, France.
Date: 19/10/1973.
Hour: 8:30 P.M.
Witnesses: Gabriel Demogue, Georges Macret, Christian Bensa and Alain Lecat.


Oct. 19, 1973; Draguignan, France Four youths in two cars drove up a small mountain (le Malinont) to investigate the sighting of an orange-yellow UFO seen earlier by a friend and his girl. No UFO was seen, but a diffuse white glow silhouetted a being approaching the group. Later two of the witnesses saw three entities pursuing their slowly retreating car. The entities were wearing one-piece suits with a waist-high red light. The head or helmet was square with luminous, rectangular eye slots. One of them wore a gas-mask with a veil covering the face. Their gait was slow and mechanical. Meanwhile, in the other car, the other two witnesses twice saw two sets of “red legs” crossing the road and later their car was swung sideways across the road, then back again. Other effects included heat, a smell of burnt insulation tape, the beings conversing with modulated whistles, one of the cars being shaken while parked, a powerful white light beam and E-M effects on both cars. No traces were found. (Ref. 5, First hand investigation, Section XII Rodeghier, 1981, [L] car). Oct. 19, 1973 2030 FRANCE, Draguignan: After a couple on a motorcycle saw an orange-yellow sphere of light disappear near a peak in this mountainous area, the young man decided to investigate. He and three friends went back in two cars. They saw a white glow near the peak, heard a “modulated sound” and felt increased heat. A large humanoid approached them and a beam of light was shone upon them at the same time. The four then left, but one car encountered two phosphorescent “red legs” crossing the road. At the same time, the headlights and dashboard lights went out. After passing by this apparation, the lights came back on. This car was also thrown off the road sideways a few miles down the road, and returned to the road, even though the driver never turned the steering wheel. The other car experienced no EM effects, but the two witnesses did see three humanoids wearing red one-piece uniforms. (FSR, Vol. 20, No. 4) octobre 1973

Fsr 1076 Fsr 1077 Fsr1078 Fsr1079 REMARKABLE ENCOUNTER AT DRAGUINAN J. Chasseigne The old town of Draguignan has been the scene of several UFO reports in recent years. We are indebted to the Editor of the excellent journal Lumières dans la Nuit* for permission to reproduce this most interesting report. which is taken from LDLN issue No. 132 (February 1974). Trans-lation from the French by Gordon Creighton.

I F this case is not some supremely well-mounted hoax — and 1 certainly do not think it is then it must certainly be, so far as I know, one of the rnost sensational of recent years. Here are the broad facts of the affair: PHASE I At about 8.30 p.m. on Friday, October 19, 1973; a young Draguignan man, Gabriel Dernogue, and his girl friend, were travelling on his rnotor-bicycle on a road leading up to the top of a small mountain known as le Malmont, which lies a few kilometres to the north of Draguignan. The height of the peak is 507 metres, and one has a rentarkable view up there as far as the Mediterranean, and towards St.-Raphael as well as towards Les Maures du Sud, the rnountains lying behind, to the north, and the Canjuers Plateau. Thanks to the gentle mistral wind blowing down from the North-East, the sky is clear, and the young loyers propose to continue their sentimental outing as far as the panorama-table standing at the lookout-point near the summit and indicating the positions and direct-ions of the various scenic features round about. Suddenly, away towards her left, the girl sees an extremely vivid orange-yellow hall, surrounded by a lighter-coloured halo, travelling on the same course as their own motor-bicycle. The halo is not homo-geneous in colouring, and seems to be revolving around the orange ball. The young couple are at this stage still more than a kilometre from the summit. They stop and watch the object, which is now slowly moving from West to East at no great height and seemingly not very far from them, perhaps some 500 or 600 metres, as they estimate. The apparent size of the central bail is comparable to the size of a melon. It appears to be flying above the southern face of the Malrnont and then vanishes beyond the crest, leaving behind it a red glow which is visible through the trees. The girl is loth to go on, and Gabriel takes her back to her home in Draguignan. Then he rneets a friend, to whorn he tells his story. This second boy, whom I have not yet managed to interview, is a member of a small group of young people who are interested in UF0s. He contacts his comrades, and they all decicle to go and make an investigation on the spot. PHASE II They set forth in two cars, the first an R8 driven by Alain Leca, his passenger being the second boy whom. I have not yet met. The other car, a Fiat 128 driven by Georges Macret, has Christian Bensa as the passenger. They reach the panorama-table via the very narrow road leading up to it, and before they alighted they turn both cars round so as to be ready for the descent, and switch off their lights. Then they gather near the panorarna-table, where there are a. couple of benches for visitors. As soon as their eyes have grown accustomed to the darkness, they notice first of ail a diffuse white glow on the top of the Malmont, some 80 metres or so from where they are standing at the panorama-table. Then their ears detect strange sounds which seem to be coming from that glow. We have been unsuccessful in finding a satisfactory way in which to describe these sounds, but let us say that the nearest thing to the reality would be to compare them with the noise of radio interference. Not one of those who heard that strange concert has managed to give a very exact description of it. At that sarne moment Georges Macret, who is stooped over the panorama-table, feels the table suddenly grow hot and feels as it were a wave of heat passing through him. His campaniens likewise detect an almost instantaneous rise in the temperature of the surrounding air. Then they see a red light below the white glow at the summit. This red light begins to descend the stony track leading clown from the summit to the panorama-table, and as it does so they hear, quite distinctly, the sound of pebbles being displaced, as though someone very heavy is coming down the track. The four friends start to feel ease. Georges Macret, Christian Bensa, and the third youth take cover behind a low wall downhill frorn the panorama-table, and Alain Lecla lies down at full length on one of the benches set around the table. From these positions they watch the red light come down the path, and they notice that it is moving in unison with a dark silhouette which they estimate to be 3 rnetres high. Let us say, at any rate, that this shadowy figure of human appearance was over 2 metres in height. During all this time, the modulated whistle heard by them at the outset still continues. Slowly pursuing its way, the silhouette reaches a Address: Monsieur R. Veillith, “Les Pins,” 43400 Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France.

Drawing of the observ- ation site, near the orientation table, showing the position of the R8 before departure The first appearance of the being. Behind the being is the white glow

point about 25 rnetres from the witnesses and less than 20 metres from Alain Leca’s R8. Then the figure stops, as though picking something up. Thirty seconds later, it straightens up again, the red light carried by the figure at waist-level is extinguished, and the whistfing ceases. Now there is nothing but darkness and silence. A few instants tater, they heard the sound of branches being broken near the R8, and then the car itself is shaken vigorously several times. After that — it is panic. Alain Leca, who for the past fe w minutes has been holding his companions in check, now gives the signal for flight. Georges Macret and Christian Bensa dash to the Flat 128, having ag-reed together beforehand that if the engine refuses to start up they will hide behind the bushes down in the ravine. Leca’s cornpanion makes a run for the R8, and is just about to open the door of it when a powerfuI beam of blinding white light cornes from the hilltop and is shone on to thern. They hurl themselves flat on the ground till all is dark again a few moments later. Then they get into the car, but it won’t start. However, as it is parked facing down-hill, a push suffices to get it going, and the engine starts up. As for Georges Macret and Bensa., they have already left, the engine of their starting up normally. But let us turn our attention to the occupants of the R8. For Alain Leca is to display a degree of presence of mind and cool self-control that are far beyond the ordinary. Alain Leca is driving the R8. As soon as he has got it going, he stops after travelling only a few

metres, and Iooks back. At first he secs, at about five or six metres from his car, a silhouette identical with the one they ha.d seen coming clown the track. Then he notices a second one, and finally a third. The three beings are all very tall, over 2 metres. Alain Leca starts the car again, and then stops once more, some ten or fifteen metres further on. He now has the impression that the three beings have halted. Then he goes into reverse and backs up towards them, pulling up when about five rnetres from the nearest of them. Now the beings start moving forward again with the same jerky steps. Alain Leca opens the car door and half steps out, putting one foot on the road and, turning back towards them, he shouts to them three times: “Are you good, or are you bad?”÷ The entity nearest to the car now turns round to the next one on the left, behind him, and a strange colloquium seems to begin among the three beings (at any rate such is the impression of the witness) — a colloquium consisting of those weird sorts of modulated whistIes that are so difficult to describe. Then the beings continue their advance, possibly a little more rapidly than before, so it seems to Leca. He gets back into the car, and drives off. But then he stops again about 50 metres further on, in order to look again and see whether they are following. Finding that they are not, he avails himself of a srnaIl Ievel arca. to do an about-turn, waits for a few rnornents, and then starts off up Observation Site

once more in top gear towards the panorama-table, with his headlights full on, and his windows up. He has recovered his nerve, and has now decided to make contact. Throughout the whole of this phase his companion, crazed with fear, has been clutching frantically at Leca’s jacket, and he had to shake himself free from him in order to step halfway out of the car during the episode just described. So Leca drives up to the panorama-table again, but sees nothing. There are no entities, no red lights, nothing at all remains except the white glow at the summit which they had seen at the outset. But now Alain Leca is suddenly scared; scared above all at no longer seeing anything. He visualizes the entities. as hiding somewhere close by, ready to pounce upon hirn if he gets out of the car. Reaching the panorama-table, he handles the car slowty, headlights full on, brings it around, and then, to the vast relief of his companion, starts off again, and this time departs. An hour or two tater, he cames up again from Draguignan, unaccompanied. This time he sets nothing, and the white glow too has vanished. A curious smell of burnt insulation tape varnisb hangs in the air. I return now to one of the phases during the last episode, namely to the moment when Leca reverses suddenly towards the three entities. The fact of his putting the R8 into reverse causes his reversing lights to corne on at the rear, and this enables him to see his pursuers in much better detail. Here is his description of them: Height in excess of 2 metres. Red one-piece suit, non-phosphorescent. There is a ventral light inside the suit, and in Leca’s opinion it is this Iight which gives the suit its red colour. The head, or helmet, is square, with one or two luminous, rectangular apertures at the levet of the eyes (See sketch 5). The gait is slow, as though rnechanical. One of the entities had no helmet, but seemed to be wearing a mask of the gas-mask type and something rnobile, perhaps veil, in front of the face. These descriptions may seem a trifle summary, but one must bear in mind the dramatic aspect of the situation. Alain Leca is not a mere observer on the side-lines, but is himself a participant in the events. He tells us nothing of which he is not absolutely sure. Later we will re-enact the scene with the witnesses, at the original scene and at the same hour of the night, in order to try to bring other details to the surface. We must now concern ourselves with the first car. PHASE III It will be recalled that this car was driven by Georges Macret, with Christian Bensa in the passenger-seat on his right. They did not wait for the rest of the party, and left as rapidly as possible, and did not return. But lo and behold, when they have driven about 100 metres or so, and just a few metres before negotiating a narrow turn in the road, they come upon a weird scene. For a fraction of a second, they see two “red legs”, seemingly phos-phorescent, which cross the road in two strides, just a few rnetres ahead of their car. Sirnultancously both their heacilights go out, as well as the dash-board light. They take the sharp, tight road turn in the darkness and narrowly avoid a crash. A brief moment later the headlamps and dashboard-light corne on again, one after the other, just as though a rheostat is involved. Georges Macret tells us that the engine carried on running normally throughout this episode, but in my view this is not at all certain. The road at the spot in question is very narrow (about 2.5 metres) and the gradient very steep. The driver adrnits that he braked at the moment when the phenomenon of the “red lep” occurred and just as the headlamps went out, so that the Fiat’s engine may very weil have cut out mornentarily, together with the lights, without Macret’s having realized it, and then have returned to norrnal just as he acc-elerated again. Be that as it may, they did not stop but carried right on towards the valley, and Christian Bensa was so scared that he was sitimped down below the dashboard. Some 150 metres or so further down the road there is a Level parking area, and Georges Macret stopped there in order to wait for Leca, thinking the latter was following. Macret freely admits that when he began to realize that something must have happened to Leca, he had not the courage to drive back up the hiil or indeecl to wait for them more than a mere ten seconds or so. On the verge of panic, with a cornpanion who, to put it at its mildest, was of no help to him, Macret started off again and carried on as though demented towards Draguignan. One kilometre further aIong the road he saw the two “red legs” again. This time they were coming from the right-hand side and were rapidly descending a very steep shrub-covered slope towards the road. The Flat was past before the two legs reached the road. Only Georges Macret has described this

phase of the affair, Christian Bensa being still slumped below the dashboard. At this juncture it is perhaps advisable to place these two incidents of the “red legs” in their correct settings. In the first case, the road at the spot is very narrow and fringed with thickets of holm oak. The terrain is extremely hilly, and it is a certainty that the attention of the two men in the car will have been totally concentrated on the road. There is consequently nothing surprising in the fact that they should have seen nothing but the legs of one of the entities, which were in any case pretty tall beings! In the second sighting of the legs, the situation is however different. This time the apparition was at some distance from the car, and outside of the beam of the headlights. The explanation we have given for the first case cannot be made to work for the second case. The descriptions as regards the speed of the car in the second case also show a discrePancy. But the fantastic episode of the Fiat is not yet finished. For, half-way between the Malmont and Draguignan, they ran into another incident. Suddenly, totally independently of any act or volition of the driver, the car was thrown off side-ways, at right-angles to the road. And then, by itself, as it were, again without any participation by the driver, the car once more came back on to the roacl. Just as though some enormous force had moved it and then brought it back into its original position. ‘The Fiat was doing between 60 and 70 km. per heur at the time. The road at that spot is straight, and there is no grave! on it there. What can we say about this? The two occupants felt the same sensations, and in their separately rendered accounts they have given entirely similar descriptions of the experience. Their adventure finally ended on the outskirts of Draguignan, where they waited some 15-20 minutes, or perhaps a little less, for the other car. Then Alain Leca and his campanien arrive, and go off to tell a friend about their experience. This friend sees the expression on their faces as they come in — deathly pale — and it is thanks to this friend that we have been notified of this case. Fsr juillet 1974


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