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Corroborating evidence on the reality of Atlantis Source: ©Arysio Santos

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Many critics of Atlantis insist that, besides Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, there is no other independent evidence provided by ancient authorities on the matter. Nothing could be farther away from the truth. Indeed, the ancient myths and traditions of most nations center on the legend of the Flood and on the destruction of Paradise, the original focus of Civilization that is no other than Atlantis.


Now, the Terrestrial Paradise – and not the Celestial one, by the way -is the Garden of Eden where Man originated and first rose above the beasts of the field. However, we agree that the Terrestrial Paradise, despite its unequivocal reality, has been spiritualized by many, and hence can hardly be invoked as “hard” proof of the former existence of Atlantis.


For that purpose, we gathered in the present chapter some passages of ancient historians who wrote on Atlantis and related matters, drawing from sources and traditions independent of the ones utilized by Plato. We do it in a schematic, listed way, in order to facilitate the comparison. Of course, the concise style adopted here renders any explanations impossible, and the themes touched are more study guides than anything else. The reader interested in further details is encouraged to quest the original sources or, if incapable of that, to read the more detailed accounts in other works of ours.



The Pillars of Atlantis


Proclus, a commentator of Plato’s works, affirms that Crantor too visited Sais, in Egypt, as Solon had done 300 years before. There, the Egyptian priests showed him a golden pillar inscribed with hieroglyphs that recorded in detail the history of Atlantis exactly as they had told it to his famous predecessor.


Manetho, the Egyptian chronicler, confirms the existence of such pillars and claims that, shortly before the Flood, Thoth-Hermes inscribed in stelae (pillars) the epitome of the ancient wisdom, so that the ancient knowledge should not be lost in the cataclysm.


Josephus, the Jewish historian contemporaneous with Christ, reports that Seth (Thoth?) “in order that wisdom and astronomical knowledge should not perish in the cataclysm.. made two pillars, one of stone the other of brick in which he inscribed this knowledge for posterity, said pillars existing in the land of Siriad to this day”.


Herodotus (Hist. II:58) personally saw, in Tyre (Phoenicia), in a temple of Hercules, “two pillars, one of pure gold, the other of emerald, which shone with great brilliancy at night.” Such Pillars of Hercules were erected by the Phoenicians just about everywhere they settled. But they did it particularly at crucial straits linking two seas, as was the case of Gibraltar, the Bosphorus, etc. The twin pillars commemorated, according to experts, the two founders of Atlantis, Hercules and Atlas.


Alexander, the Great, personally saw and inspected, according to his historians, many such giant pillars of gold bearing strange scripts in the extremities of India. He went beyond the pillars of Hercules and Dionysus as the limits of their exploits towards the Orient (the Indies), and even left his own pillars as a testimony of his feat. Now, Dionysus is the divine alias of Atlas, the elder twin of Hercules. So, just as we had the Pillars of Hercules and Atlas in Gibraltar, marking the western extreme of their ancient exploits, we also have their eastern counterparts in the extremities of the Indies, marking the true site of Atlantis.


Plato affirms, in his Critias, that the Atlantean kings inscribed in golden pillars their laws, edicts and judicial decisions, in a strange ritual involving the sacrifice of a bull dedicated to Poseidon. This type of ritual is characteristic of the Indies, where it is called Gomedha This sacrifice commemorates the death of Paradise (Gomeda-dvipa), which seems to be no other than Atlantis itself. A well-known instance of such inscribed pillars in India is the Pillar of Delhi, erected by King Ashoka, to commemorate his victory over his enemies. Though made of steel, the Pillar of Delhi is a peerless technological feat of antiquity, one that many experts associate with Atlantis. The pillar is forged from a single piece of steel, and is stainless, having defied the centuries without any oxidation at all. No one in antiquity could have matched this feat of the Hindus, which certainly obtained this sophisticated technology in Atlantis.


Another puzzling technology that proves the superior metallurgical skill of the Atlanteans is the “orichalch” that Plato mentions as covering the walls of Atlantis. Rather than the foolish idea of “mountain copper” – for copper ores, as indeed most metals, normally come from the mountains – the true etym of the name is as in the Latin spelling aurichalcum, that is, “golden copper”, or “golden bronze”. In reality the word pertains to brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that resembles gold, just as Plato states. Brass was only developed again in modern times, due to insuperable technological difficulties. And the secret of its technology was passed on by the Hindus, who got it directly from Atlantis, where else? The fact that Plato knew of it, and attributed its technology to Atlantis can, hence, hardly be doubted.


Plato tells how the walls of Atlantis were clad with gold, silver, bronze, tin and orichalch. This fact attests Atlantis’ enormous mineral wealth, at an epoch when no one else had yet developed these sophisticate technologies. Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, was used in enormous quantities during the Bronze Age. The sources of these metals and, particularly, tin, have never been adequately identified. The Koltepe mines in Anatolia (Turkey) were a puny affair, those of Tartessos (Spain) were purely legendary, and those of Cornwall (England) were discovered only after the Bronze Age had declined. All that tin traditionally came from the legendary “Islands of Tin”, the Cassiterides. These mysterious islands were also called Tarshish, Tartessos, “Islands of Metals”, etc.. Their existence is stated in the Bible and other sources which are hard to doubt. As we detail elsewhere, Tarshish was in reality the same as Punt (Indonesia), even today the world’s greatest supplier of tin. So, if Plato is indeed right, we are led to conclude that Atlantis was in fact Indonesia.


The Date of 11,600 Before Present


Plato affirms that the demise of Atlantis took place “9,000 years before the times of Solon”. Now, Solon visited Egypt at about 600 BC, which adds to a total of about 11,600 BP (Before Present). Now, this is precisely the date of the cataclysmic ending of the Pleistocene Ice Age, as given by the geologic record. So, we are led to conclude that Plato’s date is correct, and that the Greek philosopher indeed knew what he was talking about.


Strabo, the Greek geographer and historian, tells us that 2,600 years before his time, certain navigants crossed beyond the Pillars of Hercules, and dealt with the Tartessians. Now, these Tartessians – who are often identified with the Atlanteans – had, he affirms, written records of their history that amounted to 7,000 years before their own time. Again, this adds to a date of about 11,600 BP, precisely as preconized by Plato for the Atlantean cataclysm, for Strabo flourished in the times of Christ.


Arnobius, a Christian bishop of the fourth century AD, told in one of his sermons concerning the catastrophes that have previously destroyed human civilization, that “ten thousand years ago, a vast number of men burst forth from the island which is called Atlantis of Neptune, as Plato tells us, and utterly ruined and blotted out countless nations.” Again, the date given by Arnobius turns out to be precisely the one of 11,600 BC. Though Arnobius’ relation seems to be based on that of Plato, he had access to sources now lost that apparently confirmed Plato’s disclosure in an independent way.


Manetho, the Egyptian historian, places the start of the dynasty of the “Spirits of the Dead” 5,813 years before Menes, the first king of unified Egypt. Now, Menes flourished between 3,100 and 3,800 BC or perhaps, even earlier, as some specialists claim. Again, this gives a date between 11,000 and 11,600 BC, in close agreement with the one given by Plato. It is quite probable that the “Spirits of the Dead” of Manetho were indeed the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm, the same dead ancestors that the Romans called Lemures or Lares.


The Hindu traditions on the Yugas, as well as the similar ones of the Persians, hold that the eras of mankind last about 12,000 years each. On the other hand, these and other traditions maintain that we now enter, in the year 2,000, the final millennium of the present era, which started just after the demise of Atlantis. So, once again, we are led to the conclusion that the Atlantean cataclysm took place between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago.


The Codex Troano of the Mayas, translated by Augustus le Plongeon, the celebrated Mayanist, recounts the tragedy of Lemurian Atlantis, which sunk away in a terrible cataclysm. It tells that millions of people died in the cataclysm, and that the event took place “8,060 years before the writing of this book.” Supposing that the codex was written at about 1,500 BC, the start of the pre-classic Era, when the Mayan (Olmec) civilization sprung, we get a date for the cataclysm of about 11,600 BP. This is in perfect agreement with the date given by Plato. As is known, the Mayas originally came to America from an overseas paradise called Aztlan which sunk away underseas. Aztlan in visibly no other thing than Plato’s Atlantis. Except that Aztlan was located beyond the Pacific, rather than the Atlantic Ocean.


The Ramayana – the book that tells the destruction of Lanka by Rama and Hanumant – affirms that this war took place some 10,000 years before its own times. Now, the experts agree that the Ramayana was written at about 300 BC by Valmiki. Thus, the destruction of Lanka – which is no other thing than the one of Atlantis – took place at about 12,000 BP or so, in fair agreement with the date given by Plato.


Hindu traditions affirm that the first sangham (poetic academy) lasted for 4,400 years. The second one for 3,700 years. And the third and last one, which ended at about the start of the Christian era, lasted for 1,850 years. This yields at total of 11,900 BP for the start of the sanghams which, tradition holds, began shortly after the Flood. Considering that the Flood corresponds to the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis, this Hindu tradition on the poetic academics confirms the date of Plato with excellent accuracy.


The end of the Pleistocene Ice Age – the date of whose closely coincides with the one of 11,600 BP given by Plato for Atlantis’ demise – also marks the rise of agriculture, of city-building and of the Neolithic both in the Old and the New Worlds. According to a universal tradition, civilization was brought just about everywhere by white, blond, blue-eyed, titanic giants. These giants are no other than the Atlanteans fleeing their destroyed Paradise and moving into their new homelands in order to make a fresh start. As if to confirm this worldwide tradition, it is at this date that we start to find fossil skeletons of Cro-Magnoid men, so often equated with the Atlanteans. And these are found precisely the sites connected with the rise of the Neolithic and of Civilization


Arthur Posnansky – the German-Bolivian archaeologist who long studied Tiahuanaco, the site of origin of the Incan civilization of Peru and Bolivia – concluded that this region of the Andes was formerly a seaport which suffered an uplift of about 3,000 meters. This cataclysm happened at about 11 or 12 thousand years ago, precisely the epoch of the Atlantean demise.


Bruce Heezen, the famous oceanographer of the Lamont Geological Observatory, showed that sea-level underwent a rise of about 100 to 150 meters worldwide at about 11,600 BP. This rise resulted from the meltwaters of the Ice Age glaciers that covered a substantial portion of the continents in the temperate regions of the world and which were up to a few kilometers in thickness. Heezen also pointed out that this rise of sea-level was sufficient to drown most low-lying coastal regions of the planet. In particular, the region that now forms the South China Sea averages under 60 meters or so in depth. Thus, this region – precisely the one which we preconize to have been the site of Atlantis – got submerged by the rising waters, just as affirmed by Plato.


Turning to Egyptian traditions, the source on which Plato bases his legend of Atlantis. The famous zodiac of Dendera – which was copied from far older versions whose origins are lost in the night of times – indicates that the constellation Leo lay at the vernal point in the epoch of its start. Now, the era of Leo centers at about 11,720 BC, in close agreement with the date given by Plato for the end of Atlantis and the start of the present era. What event but the cataclysmic end of the Pleistocene Ice Age and the consequent demise of Atlantis could better serve for the new start of times marked in that famous zodiac?


Makrisi, a famous Arab historian of Egypt, affirms that “fire issued from the sign of Leo to destroy the world.” This conflagration apparently confirms the above connection between the star of Dendera’s zodiac and the Atlantean cataclysm disclosed by Plato. The Arabs conquered Egypt, and inherited its magnificent culture and traditions, and it is quite likely that Makrisi was basing himself on them.



A Coptic papyrus indicates the same date for the Atlantean cataclysm. According to it: “the Flood will take place when the heart of the Lion (Aldebaran) enters the start of the head of Cancer”. In other words, the papyrus affirms that when the vernal point coincided with the center of Leo – an event that took place some 11,600 years ago – the Flood took place, destroying Atlantis and ending the Pleistocene Ice Age, which had lasted for some 2.5 millions of years. In the terrible event, a great many species of mammals and other creatures became extinct all over the world. This fact attests the universal character of the tragedy.

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by  AtlantisWasReal…

Greek myths tell the legend of the Atlantides, the seven beautiful daughters of the Titan Atlas, the founding father of Atlantis. The Atlantides are also called Pleiades or Hesperides, and personify the seven Islands of the Blest, which the Greeks obscurely placed in the Outer Ocean (Atlantic). These Islands of the Blest became vaguely confused with the Canary Islands. But after these islands were discovered and proved rather barren, the Atlantic Islands receded to remoter regions, and figured just about everywhere in the ancient maps. But they kept the ancient tradition on the seven islands which were the remains of sunken Atlantis.

In Greek myths, the Seven Pleiades (or Atlantides) were turned into the famous constellations after they drowned in the Outer Ocean, preferring death to dishonor in the hands of their cruel persecutor, Orion, the Hunter. As the Hesperides, the seven sisters were the guardians of the Seven Islands of the Blest, where stood the Gardens of Atlas, their father. The Garden of the Hesperides was placed, according to Eustatius, in agro Atlantis “in the fields of Atlas” (or Atlantis?), in the neighborhood of Mt. Atlas. More exactly, this fabulous garden was the Garden of Eden of the Judeo-Christians. It was also the Garden of Avalon of the Celts, the Garden of Idun of the Germans, the Hades (or Islands of the Blest) of the ancient Greeks, etc. All these were indeed disguises of Plato’s Atlantis which, after its sinking, became the Realm of the Dead, the paradisial islands that we now equate with Hell.

I am sure I am not confusing it with something like this or the poster did confuse something like this.


a reply to: AtlantisWasReal

The native people of the Canary Island’s were related more closely to the north African berber tribe’s and were a light skinned fair or even red haired people though it is presumably possible that due to the isolation a later genetic heritage brought to the island’s by berber sailors could have become dominant over several generations and hidden an earlier genetic legacy, when the Spaniard’s invaded and colonized the island’s they more or less wiped the original inhabitant’s out but not completely and there are several account’s of them believing they had a lost land beneath the sea which a great number of Atlantis in the Atlantic adherent’s have claimed is atlantis, I do not know if the name of there sunken legend’s even survived the invasion as much of there culture was undoubtedly erased by the forced conversion and imported culture of the Spanish settler’s.

Very interesting group of people though.…
Though linked to the Berbers it is also worth noting that the Irish also have shared genetic’s with the north african Berbers in a great part of Ireland’s native population so they may also have had celtic link’s.

Similar to the legend’s of the Canary’s are the legend’s of Ys and Lyoness in cornwall and the scily isles though they are geographically much further north.

The most similar name to Plato’s Atlantis is to be found in the Aztec legendary lost and sunken homeland which the believed had sunken beneath the eastern sea (Atlantic) and called Aztlan though in all likeliness the name similarity is nothing more than a coincidence.

I do believe there are many sunken ruin’s and that such a catastrophe however is more than possible but that there are many atlantis most from the end of the last ice age as well as likely other’s from even earlier since we have been in and out of several ice age’s over the past couple of hundred thousand years as well as other geological phenomena which may have come into play.……

It is an interesting and engrossing subject as well as a hotly contested one.

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Nigel Kerner’s Alien Phenomena

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There can be no doubt that the Earth is in and has been in the grip of an extra-terrestrial alien factorization for millennia. The evidence is overwhelming now and the fact that the public are so ignorant of this is proposed by their secret control of the governments and the mainstream press – through their mechanisms. A control that is so powerful and so precisely set, Presidents and Prime Ministers and billions all over the planet are kept ignorant of it.

These things are driven by an electro-synthetic physiology in a soft tissue like wrapping that can withstand huge G force. They are a super advanced kind of soft wired bio-robotic machine sent out into the Universe aeons ago as we send out hard wired robots into space now. Their creators were natural beings like us that became a fantastic intelligence as they incidentally devolved into matter after the big bang in their part of the Universe, and created these things to guard their dominion of their planet from any future threat that might come their way.  It is an inevitable process that happens all over the Universe. We are after all sending robots out to space to do our dangerous work now.  We are also sending our drones to murder anyone we consider a powerful threat to our national interests. Ponder this when you consider the average moral outlooks on life forms in terms of what might be called righteousness.

These roboidal extra-terrestrial entities were given a quantum artificial intelligence and programmed for the purpose but that programme failed to take recognisance of a natural existential forbiddance or paradox that will finally give and in this case finally gave the roboids control over their masters. The scenario is detailed in Kerner’s books. It is logical and quite brilliant in its reasoning, but is too extensive to quote here.

The roboids that were sent out into the Universe still following their original programme to search for any threat and neutralise it, became masters themselves of many planets with naturally sophisticated life-forms. They are invading every planet on which they can find these natural life-forms. Ours is one such planet amongst many. Our version of danger comes from entities called the ‘Greys ‘ a dwarf like entity the presence of whom is borne witness to by many sightings in the world today of UFO and USO  craft.  These Greys predominate as an extra -terrestrial  presence in these craft and are testified  to by many secret intelligence papers, and by some of the most illustrious minds on the planet including astronauts, air traffic controllers, pilots, policemen and military personnel all of whom have the highest reputation for observational capacity.

Kerner took a sceptical view of all this at the start of his researches, but over forty years of research has come to the view that the phenomenon is real, true and of the greatest psycho social implications and danger to the natural living species on the planet today. He has written extensively about it and has come to the firm conclusion that these entities are here to wrest the most precious capacities we as humans possess for their benefit and to our detriment. They have been seeking to do this for millennia but are operating under a canard that they themselves don’t know is a canard. Something that might in the end defeat their own purpose.

According to Nigel Kerner’s thesis it is impossible for the biological roboidal entities commonly called the ‘Greys’ to succeed in their goals and that is why these extra-terrestrials  have been here for millennia. Through covert genetic engineering they are painstakingly growing a special kind of humanity for their purpose.

The Greys are purely synthetic artificial intelligence and as such they are made purely of the stuff of the atomic universe. We on the other hand as natural living beings and all living beings in the Universe have origins prior to the big bang in a non-physical state. We have two Universes we inhabit without actually knowing we do. One physical, material and enforced and governed by Space/time and the other that is non-physical, unforced and timeless. Both Universes exist one within the other. One in the space occupied by atoms and the other in the space between atoms.  We may access the latter through the state we call death.   Our continuous line of connection (life time after life time ) to that prior Universe and its component in us through the space between atoms is what Kerner calls a ‘soul.’  It is simply a line containing all the information that makes up any living individuality through its whole existence from the big bang and what existed before that big bang happened.

All material things in the physical Universe are subject to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or Entropy, which means that they break down into greater and greater states of randomness and chaos with time. All that is made of purely atoms and matter rots or breaks up with time. That’s what the Second Law says. Ask any physicist or Cosmologist  It all goes one way. Have you ever thought why. There are always opposites to everything. So where is what is opposite to the Universe. There has to be that too. If the Universe and our reality is physical, material, enforced and temporal or temporary, then logically the opposite Universe has to be non-physical, un-enforced, and eternal. A universe of what might be described as ‘spirit-ness’. An abstraction. Such as thought is an abstraction.

These artificially intelligent synthetic alien entities that are here and hiding on our planet can detect with their advanced technology that we as living beings go on past death and have something that does not break down and is thus not subject to the Second Law of Thermodynamics or SLOT as Kerner calls it. Something that we hold within us that is indestructible.  That ‘something’ is a soul; a non-material record of information defining a living individuality that can go on past physical death and return into physicality lifetime after lifetime through the procedure of birth  and as all the world’s main religions once believed: Rebirth.  Kerner defines how you might look at this phenomenon and capacity in his books. It is a sensational thesis noted by some as a work of genius. They want this capacity and seek to download their artificially intelligent programmed machine mentality into ours, through it, by breeding suitable human beings to do this. Humans that can be adapted for this. Humans that can ‘transmorph’. They will then have the capacity of an eternal scale of endeavour that entropy cannot touch as it does touch them now, to eventually take them out without hope of continuity.

At this point let me stress that when he refers to extra-terrestrial being Kerner is not talking about naturally devolved life bearing conscious entities out there. He is only referring to made up, manufactured, synthetic analogues or artificially created approximations of such entities. Robots,  Roboids,  Nano – Bots, and such like. This is a very crucial difference and must be borne in mind.

Incidentally Kerner does not believe in the principle of Evolution. He thinks that logically the paradigm has to be Evolution within an overall format of Devolution. The Second Law Of Thermodynamics makes this certain.  Everything dies, everything comes to an end if made of atoms and is material. The whole Universe will break up and no features will remain one day. So nothing evolves in the sense it all gets better and better. It gets worse and worse in terms of states of order and chaos. Evolution is only a horizontal not vertical aspected  principle on the way to dismemberment where prior states of order are broken down into the best premises of order possible as they break down.  Hence the ‘survival of the fittest’  existential resolution. It is all just a temporary stage on the way down to decrepitude.  His more detailed justification of this in his books is riveting.

You might have noticed a huge campaign has begun in the mainstream press to recommend this ‘Trans-humanising’ or ‘Trans-morphing’ capacity to human beings in the technologically developed world of the future. Billions will buy into it sadly and may lose the most wondrous capacity all living humans have: Their faculty for eternal life. They will in other words lose their souls for the following reasons.

Although the Greys can detect that we have something that is not affected by the Second Law they cannot ever know what that something is, as it has no references in the physical Universe. These Greys are bio-synthetic machines. As machines they have no sense of self, or imagination, and will slavishly follow a programme. They cannot change their minds against any trend they are following because they have no minds or consciousness. They have no living consciousness as we do.  Thus the Greys have no soul, no connection beyond the physical so they cannot know the non-physical non atomic reality. For that reason they are trying to transplant their artificially intelligent programs into us so that they can live through us by proxy. But these programs will always be interrupted somewhat by natural signals from the soul line of connection beyond the Universe so they can never succeed in transplanting themselves fully into us. They will have to make Hybrids of us and this they are doing now. The terrifying thing is that once they download their information into us, perhaps at death when this soul or capacity to reach the other state is released from the body’s bio magnetic field, the holder of the soul will neither be human nor machine. It will be a hybrid being knowing neither state and damned to be like that in a half way disposition that cannot drive in any direction because intention or choice making capacities are lost.

With the rise of computers and cell phones, our own man-made transition to cyborg is already half complete as humans rely on these machines to the point that they become mere extensions of our bodies. Could this lead to an entirely new species of human with unlimited memory, unlimited calculation ability, and instant wireless communication ability, with everything remotely controlled by the brain and humans linked in both to external machines and even to each other? Brain machine interfaces (BMIs) that use neural signals to control machines are now in use. Non-invasive BMI techniques record electro-encephalogram (EEG) signals along the scalp. These brainwave traces have been used for playing games, steering a car and even to allow soldiers to communicate “telepathically”. More invasive forms of the procedure involve implanting electrodes into the brain or beneath the skull, and these have been tested in a small group of paralysed people. Research is being conducted into the development of wheelchairs, robots and computers that can be controlled by brain signals alone.

Nanobots -small, invasive bots that travel through our human body, carrying out mini-operations to keep us healthier are on the horizon. At this year’s Davos event in Switzerland a new innovation was the surgical snake robot – a surgical robot that slithers through the human body making repairs without the need for open surgery. Most people would imagine a “robot,” as something vaguely human-looking, perhaps metallic. But the robots of the future will be swarming mini-bots that constantly change shape, nanobots so small the naked eye can’t even see them.

These artificially intelligent nanobots are equivalent to the Greys at microscale. By necessity they would have to be self-replicating and programmed to survive within their human host whilst at the same time not harming the host in any way. However there is a big and in fact insurmountable problem with that last pre-requisite. It is impossible to program any technology with the concept of a human soul as that concept is non-physical and therefore cannot be defined using physical yardsticks. When the nanobots inside our bodies detect that strange, unfamiliar something in us that they cannot understand they will naturally view it as a threat outside of their control and seek to network their program and through it rein it in and understand it. They will also detect it has a natural capacity coming from the non-physical Universe of no atoms and perfect union with no separation of points to resist the entropic momentum of breakdown. (The situation or ‘place’ many Near Death experients see.) They will then seek to tap into that capacity to enhance their own survival. In doing so, ironically they will interrupt that natural line of connection to a non-physical Universe and gradually break down the clarity of that line. Thus they will break down that which they are seeking to gain. They steal our Souls!  and thus our capacity for eternal continuity as a price. Gone forever.

The nanobots and their interaction with the living cells in our bodies is thus the microcosm of the Grey alien visitors and their interaction with us. The battle between that which is natural and that which is artificial or synthetic, is thus a basic existential quandary that affects all existent natural living being in the whole Universe. Our confrontational points here on this planet are to do with race, colour, creed, nationality and culture. The Universe on the other hand has just one. Natural against synthetic. That which comes in with the Universe at the birth of it and is thus connected to what happened before is the natural whilst that which is made out of the Universe and its elements after it all manifested as a physical reality is the synthetic.


This is a warning as no other you will find written anywhere in the world because it is backed up in  logic by empirical science and not just personal opinion and claim as so many commentaries on UFO’s and extra-terrestrial entities are.  It is a plea for all humans to realise what a wonder each one of them is for just having a Soul.  No matter what their biological status or mental social and physical quandaries -they are precious both to themselves and the Universe beyond description because they have a Soul that gives them a connection to an eternal scope.  How rare might they be in the huge scale of the Universe and how precious natural life and consciousness might be too, where that consciousness  might have the power to direct an access to an eternal scope through its capacity in free choice to resist trends and directives given by external sources. True final deep personal independence within an individual status not driven by external control or controllers.

The most meaningful existential base is to keep ourselves in a capacity for exercising Will in a disposition that is as free as possible without bias, prejudice, fears, and the vain and useless behests of a super machine intelligence driving it, an intelligence that of itself is finally dumb because it has no consciousness and thus mind and can never go naturally past the state of atomic resolution where natural living beings can go with free will.

Kerner’s ethos is a plea derived through the examination of a panoply of modern discoveries that expose a canard, a huge covert conspiracy that might well damn a certain geno-type of human in our human fraternity, to the loss of having a natural eternal scope for existence.  Kerner’s take on how a soul may be ‘stolen’ is simple cool and convincing. So much so it is utterly chilling. He elucidates this in his last book of the series of three on the subject of UFO’s entitled ‘THE MARGINS OF FOREVER.

He is passionate about warning the whole family of humankind  particularly those of Euro Caucasian and Northern Mongoloid genetic derivation that they may be the main target of a scheme these aliens have to use their souls as a platform for continuous contingent continuity through birth and rebirth. Why this is predominately so for this particular human genus is a controversial but fascinating question. Kerner’s ethos about this as described in his books especiall the forthcoming ‘Margins Of Forever’ leaves one with no doubt about who and what the real target is of the Greys.
The mainstream Press and electronic media all over the world is controlled by just six huge corporations. Just six.  All Western security agencies feed on this source and feed this source.  It is a remarkable fact yet nevertheless a fact.  He points to independent links through which this may be verified in his book.   Anyone knows anything through them.  What they allow is highly filtered and cleverly presented so that public opinion is controlled with the interests of their controlling masters in mind. They in turn are controlled unsuspectingly by the central agency that sits as masters of the world wide network reading every computer source on the planet, and this power is held and run by a strange  mercury based mulch for blood,  fine gold wires for scaffolding,  a grey skin like covering  over long hands with four fingers and no thumbs that are animated by standing wave electrical charges as an analogue for life.  It is slipping this network run by this machine form of entity that is the name of the game for all human survival in the end.  MAYBE THE FINAL GAME THAT HUMAN KIND WILL PLAY if we don’t succeed. If Kerner’s interpretations of the facts are wrong then it is still a riveting visionary thesis that might serve as a powerful forward warning. But what if he is right!

Books by Nigel Kerner :    “Song of the Greys” and “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”

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Link to interview of Nigel Kerner on Red Ice Radio

Sitchin’s Sumerian Text Translations Contrived by Illuminati to Promote False Alien Religion

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Written by Dr Michael Salla

Zecharia Sitchin is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in disseminating the idea that one or more extraterrestrial races have visited Earth in antiquity and assisted the development of human civilizations. His translation of Sumerian cuneiform texts suggesting that an alien race called the “Anunnaki” created humanity has been translated into over 25 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. The problem, according to the latest revelation by Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, is that Sitchin’s translations contain contrived information!

Goode made his startling claim about Sitchin’s translation in the February 9 episode of his Cosmic Disclosure series of interviews by David Wilcock aired on Gaia TV. It arose out of an account Goode was giving of his meeting with representatives of seven Inner Earth Civilizations back in September 2015. He described being taken to a library created by the oldest of the civilizations, dating as far back as 18 million years in age.

The High Priestess, “Kaaree” (Car-ee), who led Goode on this library tour, showed him different levels of an ancient library hosting a variety of manuscripts, scrolls, tablets and books of various ages. In a section of books, Goode recognized titles authored by Zecharia Sitchin which collectively are known as the Earth Chronicles.

In an earlier episode of Cosmic Disclosure released on February 2, Goode reported being told that the Ancient Sumerians had been helped by the Inner Earth beings who had decided to teach them agriculture and language. This was necessary due to a minor cataclysm that had wiped out surface civilizations. Goode asked how this information meshed with those who believed the Sumerians had been helped by alien visitors, and was told by Kaaree that he would find his answer in the library.

Once in the library, Goode got the answer he sought. During a discussion of a very large ancient dictionary defining terms in the ancient Sumerian language, Kaaree pointed up at Zecharia Sitchin’s books, and said:

All of the information in those books is pretty much contrived… You cannot take those books, and you cannot go into an ancient Sumerian tablet, to the tablets and texts, and do translations and get what is said in those books.

She gave as an example the word ‘Anunnaki’ which Sitchin defined in his first book, The Twelfth Planet, as ‘those who from the heavens came.” According to Kaaree, the word actually means “royal seed.” Her translation of ‘Anunnaki’ is supported by more conventional Sumerian scholars, as Sitchin critics have previously pointed out.



Artist illustration of Kaaree

Goode says that Kaaree told him that Sitchin had been approached by three members of a secret society whose goal was to promote an elite inspired religion based on fictitious extraterrestrial creators. They fed Sitchin their translations of the Sumerian cuneiform texts which he proceeded to release in his Earth Chronicle series books that began in 1976 with publication of The Twelfth Planet.

According to Goode,

She said that the writer [Sitchin] had three people that were giving him the narrative to write, and that these three people gave him the narrative that he wrote, that was a very clever infiltration of these, I guess, Illuminati into the ufology esoteric community to make their religion, our, or their religion

Goode then claimed that this contentious information was also known to the Secret Space Programs because he read it in on the “smart glass pads” he was given access to during his covert service from 1987 to 2007. If Goode’s revelations are accurate, as my own research so far has found them to be, then this is independent corroboration of Kaaree’s claims.

Adding another level of plausibility to the accusation that Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian texts were secretly contrived by others, was an anecdote shared by Wilcock, host of Cosmic Disclosure, during yesterday’s episode. Wilcock revealed that a Spanish college friend, who he was unwilling to identify on air, regularly talked with Sitchin who confidentially told him that he was told what to write in his Earth Chronicles books.

Goode’s information is certain to be very controversial due to many supporters of Sitchin who believe that more conventional academic translations of Sumerian texts are inaccurate. On the contrary, Goode points out, that many conventional scholars are correct in their interpretations, as illustrated earlier with discussion over the correct translation of the word ‘Anunnaki’. He encourages people to research conventional Sumerian translations to determine for themselves the accuracy of Sitchin’s translations.

As far as the inner Earth civilization that Kaaree belongs to, it is important to clarify what may appear to be a contradiction in what Kaaree said in regard to Sitchin’s translation. In a September 23, 2015 report about his meeting with Kaaree earlier that month, Goode said that the Inner Earth civilizations would often assist surface civilizations after a cataclysm. In such cases, the Inner Earth beings would say they were gods or extraterrestrials from other planes or planets:

They stated that they would emerge from time to time to kick-start the civilization of the survivors who were the most closely related to them in terms of their genetics.
They claimed that these surviving races assumed they were the gods of their own ancient legends. It was decided that they would allow those they were assisting to believe they were gods, in order to keep their subterranean civilizations secret and secure.

Kaaree acknowledged that her civilization had aided the Sumerians with agriculture and language. Presumably, the Inner Earth civilization had also told the Sumerians that they were ‘gods’; or at least encouraged the Sumerians to adopt such a belief, which was in alignment with their legends.

This suggests that the translations provided by Sitchin were based on a partial truth, that the Sumerians had been helped by a technologically developed society, the “Anunnaki”, who claimed to be gods.


However, Sitchin’s translation that the Anunnaki came from the planet Nibiru, and had bio-engineered humanity by splicing their own DNA with early hominids, is contrived information. This appears to be what Kaaree was referring to as an effort by an Illuminati secret society to manufacture an elite-inspired religion involving extraterrestrial creators.

Significantly, Clive Prince and Lynne Picknett authored a book in 2001 called The Stargate Conspiracy, which traced efforts by global elites to manufacture a new religion that would revolve around the idea of extraterrestrial creators.

ExoVaticanaNew-350pxThis idea has been further developed by authors such as Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, in their book Exovaticana, in which the Roman Catholic Church is leading a secret effort by Jesuits (the Catholic order to which Pope Francis belongs) to establish a new global religion with extraterrestrials playing a key role in humanity’s creation. Indeed, the Pope took a dramatic step in this direction with an October 27, 2014 statement explaining how extraterrestrial activities were part of God’s plan.

In my own 2013 book, Galactic Diplomacy, I pointed out that Sitchin’s account of a single set of extraterrestrial creators was inconsistent with the evidence that there have been multiple extraterrestrial races blending their genetics with humanity over a long historical period. According to Goode, and “extraterrestrial contactees” such as Alex Collier, there are 22 different alien races that have contributed their DNA to humanity.

The Inner Earth civilizations, however, insist that their own genetics long predate the multiple interventions by visiting extraterrestrials who bio-engineered surface humanity. Kaaree’s people date their origins to the time of the “Guardians,” a very ancient race of higher dimensional beings that helped establish and/or protect the first human civilizations on Earth.

Presumably, the genetics of the first humans were more compatible with manifesting a higher universal consciousness, referred to in the Law of One material as the Logos or creative principle, in physical form. Consequently, the Inner Earth Civilizations have maintained a strict separation from the genetically mixed, and by implication ‘inferior’, surface humanity for many millennia.

This greatly contrasts with Collier’s claims, in which extraterrestrials from the Andromeda constellation consider our mixed human extraterrestrial DNA as a form of genetic royalty. In a 2000 interview, Collier said:

According to the A’s [Andromedans] we are genetic royalty, everyone on this planet and it has nothing to do with where we are on a soul level. People confuse the two. It is like people don’t listen as well as they hear. They say we are genetic royalty because we are the subtotal in our genetics of 22 different races. Many different races have been here, over millions and millions of years they have genetically tampered with us and left us and ended up mating while they were here.

The complex situation with the Inner Earth beings appears set to change, however, since a group of five extraterrestrial races Goode describes as the Sphere Being Alliance, appeared in our solar system very recently. The Inner Earth civilizations have recognized members of the Sphere Being Alliance as their Guardians who have returned at a time of great change at the planetary, stellar and galactic levels.

According to a January report by Goode of a face-to-face meeting between the Sphere Being Alliance and representatives of the Inner Earth civilization, which occurred in the Kuiper Belt in late 2015, they were told that they had “not been proper stewards” of the planet. This has led to some of the Inner Earth civilizations reevaluating their policy of strict separation, and considering ways to reveal themselves more to surface humanity, which will in some future time lead to planetary unity.

Goode’s accounts of his meeting with Inner Earth civilizations are astounding, and will lead to a great re-evaluation of humanity’s ancient origins, and the roles of different extraterrestrial and Inner Earth groups as more evidence emerges to substantiate his claims. As far as exposing Zecharia Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian cuneiform texts as contrived information, Goode is suggesting that there is an implicit warning by the Inner Earth civilization that Sitchin was part of a secret Illuminati effort to create a new elite driven global religion based on extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice
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Before The Maya: The Olmecs, Quetzalcoatl and the Megalithic Origins of Mesoamerica

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Colossal Olmecs

Published on Dec 23, 2009 City College of San Francisco’s Latin American Studies Department, Concert & Lecture Series, and The Consulate of Mexico present Colossal Olmecs. The speaker is Dr. Sara Ladron, Director of the Museum of Anthropology; Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico.



Published on Jul 5, 2015
Filmed at the Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury on 9th May 2010, Hugh has travelled around Mexico, Guatemala, Hondurus and Belize in search of the pre-Mayan megalithic civilization that flourished as far back as 7000BC. Mexico is famous for its Mayan and Aztec architecture but Hugh has discovered evidence of much earlier cultures, that were of “megalithic” origin and were the inspiration behind the Mayan emergence. The Mayans have been credited with introducing a sophisticated calendar, agricultural practices and incredible stonework, but it is now thought that the ‘Olmec’ invented the Long Count calendar that ended in 2012 and taught the Maya much of what they knew, and were experts in the use of Toad ‘___’, psychedelic mushrooms and altered states, suggesting they received their knowledge from the shamanic realm and shared it with other cultures. Hugh also explores the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a bearded god (who is carved in stone at several Olmec sites) and gives an overview of the incredible Olmec civilization, who were thought to be African in origin and were part of a prehistoric cosmopolitan culture that travelled the world.

Hugh Newman is an earth mysteries and esoteric science researcher. He organises the Megalithomania Conferences. His most recent book, ‘Earth Grids – The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites’, has been published by Wooden Books. He has also appeared on Ancient Aliens (History) and Search for the Lost Giants (History).

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Codex Orionis: Giza’s Monuments Speak

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Welcome ATS – members & friends!

Many years I’ve followed your hard investigational work;
As Christmas is essentially a gift giving day – my gift for your years of established hard work.
(forever indebted to you)

Codex Orionis: Giza’s Monuments Speak

In respect for those whom had tread before us, the Ancients and their wisdom;
As always, I am humbly in search for higher education.
Welcome to what I call a Mystery in History –
The Great Pyramid of Giza has stood the test of time for an estimated 4,500 years. In those years there has been much revealed and even more speculated to keep the world enthralled with history’s last remaining seventh wonder of our ancient world to antiquity.

The different claims of the Great Pyramid’s true function range from a Ruler King Pharaoh’s elaborate tomb to an Alien built structure, a seed storage vault, an advanced megalithic machine and other queries . There have been many claims as to what is deemed mankind’s finest example of a pyramid and yet regardless of the theory, no one has yet to include every aspect of the Great Pyramid in their thesis. Always something is left out and unexplained. The closest to be recognized as a complete analysis to the entire pyramid comes from our academic history attributed to the ancient Egyptian culture, and yet they can not answer a complete and thorough examination as to the Great Pyramid and it’s unique interior design. Has history gotten the story right or is this a misunderstood monument of antiquity still not quite understood by the advanced civilization of today’s technological era?

This expose will look at the Great Pyramid examining and detailing what has been before our very eyes and shed a never before seen light to the enigmatic riddle of what the Great Pyramid’s design language tells us – by letting it speak itself.

So for all those who hear the whispers of their ancestors..

“All our times have come – here, but now they’re gone
Seasons don’t fear the reaper nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
We can be like they are, c’mon take my hand – we’ll be able to fly..”

One of humanities greatest academic enigma’s stands today as our world’s last of the ancient seven wonders, regarded also as one of today’s new seven wonders, a wonder that in our past until today, and for the past 4,500 years has been a direct challenge to uncover it’s persistent mystery. Said to be created by a dynastic Pharaoh who’s specific intent was to be a funerary chamber, a term used by Egyptologist’s but known to us as a funeral crypt, located near Cairo Egypt, is the Great Pyramid of Giza. A funerary chamber built to house a Ruler so that he may reconnect his God status by escaping through the archaic name of Star-Shafts leading him into his rightful place among the Heavens.

Many have believed this inaccurate distressed history as fact due to the upper area of the Great pyramid known as the King’s Chamber. This belief is held due to a rectangular hollowed box labeled the Pharaoh’s ‘sarcophagus’..or known in latter day terms, as a coffin. This history is steeped in Egyptian mythology leading academics to follow as truth..but it is a truth that has become a mystery in history. Never has anything been aquired from the Great Pyramid to link direct correlation to the ancient Egyptian myth of a Pharaoh’s Funerary chamber. This myth simply ignores the other chambers and passageways including what some refer to as architectures finest achievement, an achievement known as the Grand Gallery..a mathematically precise message from our past.

At the time of the Great Pyramids perceived build date, the Egyptian society were as we know astute in their historic record keeping proven through today’s academics, however there are no pertinent records regarding the Great Pyramid history of the pyramid build. Nothing has been as of yet located and produced for archaeologists or academics viewing providing confirmation to the ancient Egyptian claim. There is no scale model showing an architect’s arraigned intent for this monolithic achievement, as of today* no actual blueprints have been revealed to such a detailed complex structure. The pyramid itself is void of inscription such as other ancient monuments strewn across Egypt asking an educated mind to delve deep into this taboo mystery.
The Egyptian mythology claim stipulates the King is to be buried in the sarcophagus so that the King may use the eight inch passageways to return to his rightful place as a God among the Heavens.
It is suspected the Queen’s Chamber was originally built to contain the dead Pharaoh’s remains, with a mid-build plan change to relocate the Pharaoh at a higher level closer to ascension.
The Queen’s Chamber was never intended for the Queen’s burial and the Subterrannean Chamber holds no belief to be allocated for the King and Queens’s funerary servants. All this appears as speculation as it ignores other areas such as the Grand Gallery and the ‘five-step’ Niche with it’s rectangular tunnel to nowhere inside the Queen’s Chamber. It also leaves no explanation as to why the two eight inch passageways of the Queen’s Chamber do not exit the pyramid as the King’s Chamber celestial causeways obviously do.

Many throughout the passages of time have stood in wondrous amazement seeking the hidden Key to unlocking the mystery of this timeless riddle from clergy to professors, to philosophers, laymen and history’s war heroes – for it was Napoleon Bonoparte that quoted – “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” The inquisitive question would be to ask; did Napoleon remark that statement after his visit and study of the Great Pyramid?

Upon entering the Pyramid, you are greeted by one passageway diverging in two different directions. One leads you down in to the basement area referred to as ‘the Subterrannean Chamber’. The other passageway leads upwards to three extensive areas. First noticable is the aptly named Grand Gallery. Before entering the Grand Gallery, you are given the choice to continue or investigate the passageway to the Grand Gallery’s immediate left, leading to the Queen’s Chamber. In it’s appearance the Queen’s Chamber resembles a house, with a floor, four walls and a peaked roof. Two square holed areas situated at each Northern and Southern side’s of the Queen’s Chamber are easily visually acknowledged, which are situated in the center of each wall. The Western wall houses a ‘five-step’ Niche. A peculiar alcove with a rectangular tunnel exiting from it leading to no where, a mysterious dead end. The floor directly in front of the Niche is intentional stepping down to a recessed area, a area filled with dirt, which incidentally is the only area in the Pyramid that isn’t stone questioning as to why?

Upon returning to the Grand Gallery, an impressive feat of architecture is recognized. The Grand Gallery leads to the King’s Chamber and is inclined at forty-five degrees. The Gallery is ‘corbelled’ (stepped) in the fashion of a ziggurat pyramid. Each wall is made up of eight megalithic stones where as the ceiling is a conglomerate of smaller stones sectioning the ceiling into many pieces. Along the floor area to each side of the Grand Gallery are ‘notches’ cut into the stone work in exact replication equally spaced. The Grand Gallery has the distinction of being labeled as the finest example of complicated architecture unsurpassed in the world of antiquity.

Traveling upwards through the Grand Gallery leads to it’s end and a square passageway known as the Anti-Chamber that enters the enigmatic King’s Chamber. Immediately upon entering, a rectangular hollowed out box is noticed. This box is known as the King’s ‘Sarcophagus’, or in modern terminology, we refer to as a ‘coffin’. The sarcophagus is without a lid showing it’s exquisite perfection inside and out. As with the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber resumes the same ‘house’ style as a box with a complicated above ceiling roof structure layout. The King’s Chamber also house’s two squared passageways located in the same area’s as the Queen’s Chamber, which are to the center of each Northern and Southern wall sometimes referred to as air-shafts.

The King’s Chamber two star/air passageways lead directly out of the pyramid’s top section whereas the Queen’s Chamber passageways perform a blocked off stop area somewhere inside the pyramid. It should be recognized that all four passageways lead out of their perspective areas at a straight-line exit before inclining to their perspective destinations.

The great pyramid of Giza is known throughout history as the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu/Cheop’s funerary temple, although history has contested no Pharaoh has ever been located within the pyramid and in fact, nothing has ever been verified as proof to this claim. Other than a few red orcher painted cartouche’s located above the King’s Chamber in the area known as the ‘Five King’s Chamber Lintels’ (which make up the ‘suspended’ roof structure) nothing has been found. No inscriptions integrated into the stonework as seen with other Egyptian monuments has ever been located. No items as accustomed to a Pharaoh’s burial has been found connecting and establishing this claim as truth. The Pyramid is essentially void of all confirmed description.
In a place where time stands still, the interior to this great geodesical design..that is where the quest of understanding and enlightenment truly begins…

Thoth’s Emerald Wisdom
“Use thou the Key of the Seven, and open to thee the pathway will fall.
Now unto thee I have given my wisdom – Now unto thee I have given my way.
Follow the pathway. Solve thou my secrets. Unto thee I have shown the way.
Each to the other is the Keystone; each the gateway that leads into Life.
Follow the Key I leave behind me. Know ye that SEEK and the doorway to Life shall be thine.
Seek thou in my pyramid, deep in the passage that ends in a wall…”

To answer this riddle found awakened in the sands of time, ancient mythology coupled with technological fact, geometric and mathematics showing astrological mechanics to witness beyond hypothesis the truth to this most of the archaic riddles.. a riddle now awakened as “the world you thought you knew.”

Examining a cut-away view of the great pyramid of Giza and familiarizing it’s lay out, curiousiously the question arises to why it is that all four entrances were intentionally sealed off to the so called ‘star shafts’ leading out from the Queen’s Chamber without leading to the Pyramid’s exterior, as verified by the King’s Chamber’s ‘star shafts’, which they apparently do.

From what we see before us, by reading history’s mythology of a once previous advanced race, then whomever built the great pyramid of Giza did so with a computer program.

If this is true then there is no doubt that an extremely intelligent species
used advanced computer technology to design and not only build the Giza complex but
to encode a message.
To understand what’s been discovered, we must come back to Zep Tepi..the first come as you are, as you were – as I want you to be, as a friend, as a an old enemy..

Amongst the Pyramid’s geodesic triangular design, the inside contains many rectangle’s and square’s of different sizes and lengths. It also holds the secret of hidden circles which when found completes the basic forms to geometry including maths in the form of Imperial and Metric showing a exact replica to our solar system.

To find the mathematical answer to the King’s Chamber; it is understood by it’s unique to the Pyramid’s sarcophagus. Not unique as a sarcophagus as they are readily found in Egypt and other pyramids of this planet. Unique to the Great Pyramid as it is the only piece to the structure that is not integrated into the build process showing it’s secret math indicating it was ‘added’ and intentionally built in width to be wider than the King’s Chambers doorway to show it isn’t to be subtracted or divided. There is only one so it isn’t to be multiplied.
Is this a possible numerical clue to find the circumference of our Sun-star? The math process is to use the King’s Chamber’s overall ‘area’ adding the ‘volume’ of the empty sarcophagus thereby ‘multiplying’ by the raised upper roof King’s Chamber’s massive 50 ton Lintels by a factor of ‘Five Radian’. (one Radian is the equivalent to double Pi mathematics)

Interestingly the King’s Chamber is made of Red Granite stones with a granular molecular structure such as Quartz, Feldspar and Mica. The Sarcophagus sits at the rooms central axis and is made of one block of granite.
The sarcophagus coffin known also as the ‘coffer’ is made up of a brown chocolate Granite hewn in exact precision from one solid block. It’s precision upon inspection is that of perfection and said to be a Marble of black. The color combination of white and red spots is a possible reference of a ‘Sun-spot’ activity. As many before have attested, when the coffer is ‘struck’, it emits a harmonic frequency reminiscent of a bell in clarity like an old memory from time.
Now take your time, hurry up – choice is yours, don’t be late
Take a rest as a friend, as an old memoria, memoria..

The circumference of the Queen’s Chamber denotes the size of Earth. The shape of the pitched roof and four squared walls represents a house stating ‘You are HOME’. The ‘Five-step Niche’ is the geometric mathematical riddle to Earth’s Moon. The base square of the Niche signifies the circumference of the Moon. The upper ‘four squares’ of the Niche represent that it takes ‘four’ Lunar faces to cover ‘one’ Earth face. This characteristic is known as ‘stacking’.

Stacking the Earth’s Moon ‘Four Times’ equates to the Earth’s Diameter as the upper four squares to the Niche represent. 7,913 miles is Earth’s average diameter as our Moon measures 2,159 miles. The Moon’s luminescent surface allows easy visibility although it’s distance from Earth equals a quarter million miles away. (236,339 miles)
Queen’s NICHE
Height: 15 feet
Moon Distance to Earth 384,400 Kilometers (238,900 miles)
384,400 or 3+8+4 = 15 (is the true height of Niche; 15 feet 400 millimeters)
Moons Gravity: 1.622 m/s2
Orbital period – 27 days
Circumference: 6,784 (10.917)

The anomaly of the rectangular shaft inside the base square of the Niche is mathematically represented a the ‘Perigee-Apogee’ between Earth and our Moon.

As the Niche is offset and not center to the Queen’s Chamber, it is referencing a clue to the Moon’s elliptical orbit.
Curiously the floor directly in front of the Niche is recessed at approximately one meter and at one time was compacted with a dirt substance which consequently is the only place in the Great Pyramid that is such. (if the dirt had not been removed and could be laboratory tested, would it show the same composition as moon-dust?)

As a peculiar note, it should be known that the Queen’s Chamber at one time was indeed covered in a salt composition which would be a direct correlation to Earth’s acidic salt oceans.
The floor is a rough unfinished area estranged to the perfection of the rest of the Queen’s Chamber explaining Earth’s rough terrain surface. Come now as we investigate the prestigious Grand Gallery; come doused in mud, soaked in bleach – as I want you to be – as a trend, as a friend – as an old memoria, memoria..

By understanding the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact a geodesic replication in exactness of our solar system, the riddle of the enigmatic Grand Gallery is readily acknowledged and explained through examination.
According to the layout of the geodesic design as an abstract version of a thermometer which replicates connecting Mercury to the Grand Gallery, thereby showing it’s funicular design.
Science and astronomy has taught us that Mercury moves in towards and away and back again in a perpetual solar dance with our Sun. This was established by mister Albert Einstein during an observational view of a solar eclipse by astronomers to verify his mathematical calculations in regards to his contribution to solar mechanics in the month of May during 1919.
The design of the Grand Gallery is eight ‘corbelled’ massive stones per side with an incorporated roof design made up of many smaller stones.
The lower block on both sides incorporates rectangular notches shown as large increments on a thermometer with the multi-layered ceiling signifying the smaller increments incorporated in between the larger notches. The notches distances as equated by each of the Grand Gallery’s pathway stones indicating the distance between notches. The entrance is referenced by a step down design signifying the space between the notches as they equal the same length squared. The base step-down design also incorporates the base ‘holding’ area of the thermometer.
Standing at the Grand Gallery’s base with it’s 1:2 ratio grade degree incline angle looking up to the anti-chamber opening angle implies a Geometric Thermometer in exact replica including increments. The double eight corbelled sides signify two eight’s as in reference to Mercury’s eighty-eight day ‘retrograde’ movement.
The ‘over-flow’ step known in antiquity as ‘the great step’ leads entrance to the planet Mercury signified by the Anti-chamber interestingly designed in Red Granite; showing Mercury over-flowing into the geodesic ‘Thermo-mercumeter’ known as the Grand Gallery. The Grand Gallery as a thermal mercury Thermometer is explaining Earth’s dual climate of Ice age and our global climate Heat-rise expansion.

The Subterrannean Chamber:
Length [planned] 46 feet – Jupiter’s Radius is given at 43.441 miles
Width [planned] 24 feet – Gravity given at 24.79 m/s2
Height [planned] 17.5 feet – Mass is 317.8

The jovian planet of Jupiter is primarily a gas planet with very little oxygen being produced.
Coincidentally, the Subterrannean Chamber is also oxygen deficient, residing approximately 113 feet below the Giza Plateau’s surface. The other side to the Subterranean area is a depiction of Pluto and it’s transit.
The 3 granite plugs that were in the Ascending passage-way sit near the variance where the ascending and descending passage-ways divide directions to the inner pyramid and the entrance outside, or to the Subterrannean area – these Granite plugs no longer there, signify our inner Asteroid Belt.
Upon entering the Pyramid you will find ‘three lines’ etched into the floor – Uranus has three bands of rings. It was there all along inside the Great Pyramid – how can this be? What is right before our eyes at Giza that the world has blatantly overlooked in there disguise of our actual history???

The Great Pyramid has precise cardinally aligned coordinates at three sixtieths of a degree off of true North, a feat we today have not yet accomplished without the help of GPS but as we examine the astounding knowledge and precise achievement this monument has to question – did the builders intentionally set Giza from true north at 3 sixtieths of a degree to signify the 360 degree circle numerical prowess attained to the movement of the zodiac and the circumference of the Earth? With their advanced intelligence, it stands to reason as yes.
Giza tells a huge story, only we haven’t been reading the monuments correctly.
We need to answer in the same language that the Giza necropolis is speaking.

The Great Pyramid shape is also a clue. Our solar system travels through the cosmos as our Sun tow’s our planets. This is done in a ‘conical shape’.
A triangle shape equals the pyramid shape which is a geometric representation of that conical exercise;
and the Great Pyramid having Eight sides shows this geometric cone.

The Queen’s Chamber is centered to the pyramid and not the King’s Chamber because WE Earthlings view the movement of the moon and stars from Earth watching the Zodiac.
This is done to show Earth’s ecliptic to our Sun during Solstice.
Please take note of the pictures showing Earth’s winter and summer solstice marking at 23.5 degrees as we also see within the Great Pyramid the same degree drawn reference to between the pyramid’s apex, the QC and the KC also aligning to the face of the Grand Gallery. What we are witnessing in astrological understanding is our Solstice’s; which we know marks the Great Pyramid twice a year. We are being given a complete understanding to our solar system including the expression of Light. It has been shown that the Great Pyramid’s coordinates establish the same number as the speed of Light.

This knowledge coupled with the new found knowledge showing Giza’s Great Pyramid as a replica of our solar system allows us to better understand the interior layout and it’s numerical message.
Correlating astrological numbers and using the method of geometry’s “Squaring the Circle” inside Giza’s Great Pyramid
gave the answers to the language Giza speaks.

What is a PYRAMID?
Pyramid (from Greek *pyramidos*), geometrical object, whose base is a polygon (3-4-5 etc.) and whose sides meet at one point – apex of a pyramid.
3:4:5 Triangle
A right triangle where the sides are in the ratio of the integers 3:4:5
This is one example of the many “pythagorean triples”.
Any triangle whose sides are in the ratio 3:4:5 is a right triangle. Such triangles that have their sides in the ratio of whole numbers are called Pythagorean Triples. There are an infinite number of them, and this is just the smallest.
If you multiply the sides by any number, the result will still be a right triangle whose sides are in the ratio 3:4:5. For example 6, 8, and 10.Egyptian mythology gives many clues as to the Great Pyramid being a representation of the Heavens. Ancient Greek’s geographer Strabo (63 BC–24 AD) acclaimed the Great Pyramid seemed like a “building let down from heaven, untouched by human hands. It’s also been said from oral traditions the sunlight against the pyramid’s white casing stones acted as mirrors, reflecting sun light off of the Great Pyramid; that it ‘would have been visible from the moon as a shining star on Earth’. The Egyptians of our timeline ancestry named the Great Pyramid Khut, meaning ‘Light’, or “Ikhet”, the “Glorious Light”. “Shining One”. After discovering what could be one of the Great Pyramid’s functions – yes, a true Time Capsule, in reality, the names should essentially be changed to a more suitable identification.


Forming a road to the Greek word Pyramidos -meaning ‘pyre’ for fire -and ‘mid’ for middle, establishing the meaning ‘Fire in the Middle’..our Solar System’s Sun, represented by the King’s Chamber showing our Sun-Star and what this decoding precisely shows. (IMHO)

Are we viewing a message from a past intelligent civilization no longer recorded or acknowledged that is the initial constructor to the Great Pyramid…leaving our AE as the care takers and restorers to a once previously ancient monument? Now that we have correlated the Great Pyramid Solar System, let’s examine the numbers of the Giza’s Great Pyramid Codex shall we? ..and I swear that I don’t have a I don’t have a gun..

There is a book ..said to be written from days now forgotten; Epicly removed from the annals of time – verified throughout history, validated by scripture. It is a book ordained written from Humanities alpha – ordered closed for the omega of a future ‘distant’ generation! Mother Earths generation of the status equaling the fabled Tower of Babel. Father Time’s technological civilization – that of Atlantean mythology.
The cycle of time has elapsed..that distant generation the great book was sealed for – belongs to OURS!
What makes earth an interesting observation, is it’s inhabitants. This planet harbors an intelligent species able to create technology and have done so in leaps and bounds according to their recorded existence, but is there something more, something missing..or hidden..? From the four corners of our Earth scream the silent voice of a lost civilization not acknowledged in our present day history books. From ancestrial verbal accounts to magnificent structure’s of advanced architecture in pyrmidial form. Architecture of megalithic design incorporating unique features including colossal stone work now delegated to a lost craftsmanship of misplaced history.
Throughout the craftsmanship we witness geometric designs of sacred geometry which sometimes incorporates the use of sunlight to send a message. These monuments certainly tell a tale of a forgotten hidden knowledge no longer attained to the earth’s intelligent species, but is there more..? According to the myth of Lemuria, Plato’s written submission of an Antlantean society and the biblical canon confirmed by the three major religious organizations telling the existence of the Tower of Babel – an ancient advanced civilization, now without a trace – mysteriously disappearing into the hourglass’s sands of time. What if this advanced civilization did in fact exist? And what if there is a message we can read and understand?

Our world has wisdom that precedes the ages of the bible. If not that we could stand in the presence with the ancients, hoisted upon the shoulders they’re shoulders following where their shadow may lead, we could not look to the future to see what was hidden in our past – be we forever so humble to those whom made the conscious decision to leave this legacy, our history..coded in wisdom spoken as uttered secrets kept from the foundation of the world.
Many years ago in ancient history, there existed a ‘Prior-Man’ known as the ‘Mu’s’ of Lemurian folklore with an advanced technology likened to that of the fabled Atlantis.
No true name has been found for this missing civilization formerly accompanied by mythical titles such as Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Turtle Island or even Pangea. Places rumored hidden backwards in the existence of mankinds mysterious past. A past authorized by scripture as the Tower of Babel. Their technology could not save them from what they had learned through their applications of math and astronomy: the eventual cyclic demise of the alpha-omega ordinance to our Universe.

We ALL spoke the same language at the Tower of Babel, as our knowledge was that of a God – cataclysm was enveloped and the species was scattered leaving the surviving populace to diminish from disease coupled with other consequences. Knowing this, and as an intrepid society such as we are today, they would not let their heritage fall to a foot note of cosmic dust.

Before imminent cataclysm erupted, the united decision was made to construct a message across our planet Father time could withstand. A message of hope to those few survivors of Mother Gaia..a message of knowledge, technology and profound wisdom to a future offspring from histories not remembered sir names..but a message of love to a future mankind to realize and establish their true identity and existence.This is our heritage, left by OUR ancestors, to resume a class one civilization in a relatively short expanse of time.
Now is that time, the time to break the Seal allowing a view of the Key to this unique book of antiquity written upon our Mother Earth’s pearl precious face.
A Key revealing ..that which has been is now: that which is to be – has already been, and the Primordial requires that which is past….for in today’s age of information, lack of knowledge.. but a choice.
A.Tovlin is time for the truth to the rightful history of humanity to appear.. and the correct one! It is the advent of technology that will lead the way by those who collectively feel in their soul that we have been lied to for far too long…a time to deny ignorance. Father time is awakened – uncovering mysteries sent over aeons from those whom came before; awakening answers to timeless riddles left hidden and forgotten in Mother Earth’s wrinkles of mountains and deserts filled with the sands of time. By the turning of the Key, YOU who have awakened your mind’s eye -and All mankind- are cordially invited to view a glimpse into our lost history: to be revealed are answers to history’s monuments of antiquity using actual recorded history, oral tradition, mythology, scripture and modern age technology regaining our footage at the now returned Tower of Babel to reveal the awakening conclusion of a riddle left to decode from prior man of a book now opened for ALL to read; a book of mankind’s united lost history! Of this book – the greatest story yet to explore..A vibrant rich untold history written in a one world language of coded messages left by a now vanquished civilization. …as modern day philosopher Descartes quoted; “The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest people of past centuries.” ..and one of the greatest books NEVER read is the Great Pyramid of Giza.
This beyond hypothesis discovery answers and reveals Giza’s time coded lost secret hidden in the outer reaches among drops of Jupiter, and so for all ..
Giza speaks it’s riddle; The past has come and gone, the future is far away, now only lasts one second, One Second!
An Arab proverb confesses “Man fears time, time fears the pyramid.”… Youtube Link
20 minute VISUAL representation of G1 transforming into Solar System

The Giza Solar System revelation uncovers the mysterious builders true intent to the Great Pyramid’s interior layout showing a prior man’s intelligence yet realized.
This 20 minute video shows the Great Pyramid in astrological representation to our solar system explaining the Queen’s Chamber and it’s Five Step Niche. It also explains the design feature of the mysterious Grand Gallery..the why behind the King’s Chamber, further explaining why the shafts lead out from the King and Queens Chambers as Celestial-causeway distances to their perspective planets leaving an undeniable code.
The Orion constellation has recently been linked to the pyramids using astronomy programs proving Robert Bauval’s theory of the Giza Orion alignment.…

This specific Codex left in the form of a simplistic numerical message of the Great Pyramid applies correlating to the constellation of Orion’s transit.
That specific number is Thirteen..marking Orion’s half point transit.

These are but a few examples: The Great Pyramid known also as G1 is located 130 feet above the sits on 13.1 acres.
The Subterranean level is 113 feet below the plateau’s grade.
The KC’S shaft exits at the 103 row of blocks. 130 Granite blocks brought from Aswan to build G1’s interior complex.
G1’s height in Imperial math gives you this 13 equation.
G1 is 481 feet in height. 4+8+1 = Thirteen.

Now this message is correlated also by Khafre’s pyramid and Menkaure’s to show 13.

Khafre’s pyramid is 175 meters away from G1 which is..1+7+5 = 13.
The Kahfre pyramids base length is given at 706 feet. 7+6 = 13. Khafre’s base in Metric is 215.5 or 2+1+5+5= 13.
The Great Pyramid’s base is given at 756 feet. 700 hundred is the whole number. 56 in metric rounds up to 60. The equation examples at 700 and 60 becoming the main reference numbers which are 7+6=13. Menkaure’s pyramid is 213 feet tall. 2×13=26 and a specific reference to Orion’s Platonic Year transit. These numbers continue to appear laid out across Giza to explain this dynastic code left by our Elders of antiquity.

Saqqara and Djedefre are adjacent to Giza’s 3 pyramids and the over all is distance is 13.85 kilometers. 13.85 kilometers. First 13 and then the 5+8 = 13. The two 13’s equal the Platonic Transit of 26000 years. (this number is given many times at Giza)

This is where Bauval miscalculated without fault towards his discovery as technology had not arisen to compliment his correlation.
Saqqara, Giza and Djedefre are the actual Orion belt star markers of procession.

In astronomy, declination is prescribed to Orion’s constellation as declination is the term used to describe the accent/decent of Orion which is One for One Century.

Interestingly Orion’s declination starts at 58 degrees..5+8=13

The volume of the three pyramids is 2.59, 2.21 and 0.235 million cubic meters for Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura respectively. By adding the total meters in linear example such as 25,922.10235 defining into years, do we find an exact count to the Platonic Year?

By examining all nine pyramids of the Great Pyramid complex, we find the Pyramidion next to Khafre’s Pyramid. This ‘apex’ pyramidion which is a ‘point’, does the point signify another numerical clue?

By following closely the layout we see the two large pyramids appear the same size while Menkaure’s is one quarter of the size of it’s next pyramid, Khafre.
This significance incorporating the six mortuary pyramids coupled with the ‘apex pyramidion’ supply a math code.

Again we find the numerical number 13. By rounding up 12.6 we get thirteen.
There are no accidents at Giza, we just needed to speak these megalithic monuments specialized language
to understand the coded message left to our civilization.

Radiocarbon dating is a relatively new process comparative to the Great Pyramid’s age and some believe it is flawed due to the atmospheric pressure changes of carbon over past millennium’s. []
“The radioactive isotope carbon-14 is created in the upper atmosphere when cosmic-ray particles from outer space strike nitrogen atoms and
transform them into radioactive carbon.”

Nuclear radiation fallout also disrupts RC dating contributing to miscalculations. RCD was invented in the 1940’s around the same time world Governments were experimenting and using Nuclear weapon technology.
Any contamination of a sample by outside carbon (even from the researcher’s fingerprints) had to be fanatically excluded, of course, but that was only the beginning. Delicate operations were needed to extract a microscopic sample and process it.”

It is explicitly explained by the RCD science that RCD and archaeologist’s MUST work together to get the correct dating which m
eans that RCD must be done at the time of the discovery..which we know the Great Pyramid had been previously excavated suffering damage from Al Mamoun and his Arab tomb robbers plus use of gun powder explosive’s by Major-General Richard William Howard Vyse inside the King’s Chambers suspended ceiling area to gain access through the massive granite stones. These contributing factors should rule out the use of RCD as a viable dating age.

There is also the Creationist’s claim which if holds some truth, this also disrupts RCD results. The Creationist’s beleive the Great Pyramid succumbed to water damage due to the Great Flood witnessed in scripture by Noah. Water contamination greatly affects RC dating.

With these correlated answers recognized, are we witnessing a message from a past intelligent civilization no longer recorded or acknowledged that is the initial constructor to the Great Pyramid, leaving our Ancient Egyptians as the care-takers and restorers to a once previously ancient monument from a lost golden era belonging to no man ..and every Human.

Yup, all the same mistakes, didn’t learn a damn thing did you

Class 1, because of your wilful ignorance

Thoth’s Emerald Wisdom
Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys
that shall show ye the Way into life.” As we stand on the global epoch of shared technology, has time allowed mankind to discover who really built the Giza pyramids and has humanity enjoyed previous technological advances as equated in accordance to Lemurian folklore, Plato’s ‘Atlantis’ theory or the Tower of Babel scripture. What if you were told you we’ve been down this road before?
Could it be true everything we have has been said and done, that there really isn’t anything new under ol’ Sol..?Welcome friends to this Mystery in History quest where our adventure linking this enigmatic history lesson, YOU the viewer examines a code list of ancient unanswered monuments from yesteryear where in my opinion, diligently shown their riddles have mostly been solved.. ..except a couple..where efforts of history-detective to finally crack the code have been offered; then the door was open and the wind appeared, the candles blew and then disappeared. The curtains flew andthen he appeared..saying, “Don’t be afraid”
Then they started to fly, they looked backward and said goodbye…”

(no Egyptologists were physically harmed in the disclosing of this information)

(all song lyrics belong to their rightful owners and reworked by moi)

Decoding, written article & Copyright of J.D. Jeffrey 2015

Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

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(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

It must have been around the infamous year 2003 that I ordered a book by Zecharia Sitchin – “The 12th Planet”. Absolutely innocent I was looking for information on Aliens and UFOs and stumbled upon the Zeta-Talk website (unbelievable, but this crap is still online!). This whole earth-cataclysm-pole-shift-armageddon scenario was very new and very shocking to me at the time, so by Sitchin’s work I planned to deepen my information on that subject. He is the one who introduced the ancient myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien visitors of the Annunaki. His claims are propagated all over the web, so I won’t reproduce them here.  Fortunately I never came post the first couple of pages – this stuff was just boring and with no scientific persuasive power. Now, almost a decade later and by the help of my friend Stefan from, I understand why my intuition hindered me from wasting my time with Sitchin.

The “Ancient Languages Scholarship” Lie

Sitchin’s self-introduction on the back of his books and on the internet always tried to imply that he had graduated in ancient languages and history. But the simple truth is:

Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history., Wikipedia

At the time Sitchin wrote his books, there was absolutely no chance of correctly translating ancient Sumer without thoroughly studying this language and the ancient tablets for a long time, and surely not by studying Economic history! One of the most distinct and qualified critics of Sitchin’s thesis is Dr. Michael Heiser, M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages. The scientific questions in his Open Letter to Sitchin from 2001 were never answered convincingly, nor will they ever be – not because Sitchin died in 2010, but because his claims were a complete hoax.

Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources.

Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn’t a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don’t exist in any cuneiform text at all.
Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Sitchin’s Involvement with the Illuminati / High Freemason

To produce fake “scientific” research results and to invent another, most entertaining ancient astronauts story – this can have different motivations. Did Sitchin just try to copy Erich von Dänikens success by abusing the Sumerian sources that are only really known and “debunkeable” by a handful of people on this planet? Was it money, or did he even believe in his own theories?

To give another light on this question it is most interesting to dive into the real role the “London School of Economics”, where Sitchin studied, takes in the world of the powerful global elite, the dark cabal of the Illuminati/top Freemason/Zionists.

The London School of Economics is a part of “The City of London“, the financial and factual power center of the western world, owned and ruled by the Illuminati faction of the Rothschild’s, and serves as talent factory for their economic leaders. We can safely assume that most if not all of these students are initiated on various degrees of the local masonic lodges, their secret “knowledge”, their occult rituals and apocalyptic belief systems.

The Goal of the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie

As Armin Risi describes it in “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“, various secretive organizations have always believed in a coming political messiah that would run their planned world government / New World Order, stating of course that Jesus was not the announced messiah. Belief in alien Gods as well as etherial entities is a core component of their “secret knowledge” and rituals, as well as the key masonic and apocalyptic principal, “Out of Chaos Comes Order”. If we combine all these aspects of this brotherhood belief system, Zecharia Sitchin comes right out of this tradition: The apocalyptic planet Nibiru, the Annunaki, genetic masters and “Gods” of mankind.

I really cannot say if Sitchin was knowingly distributing these lies, or if he was just abused by masonic deceivers *. In their goal of creating a global atmosphere of Armageddon, the Illuminati made a clever move by injecting the tale of Nibiru into the UFO and New Age communities. As a blogger or YouTube author, you only have to include a word like Nibiru and you get immense hits and feedback from the scared audience. It’s shockingly easy to program our minds!

* Update: It’s proven that Sitchin was a high freemason, so he surely was not abused by them, but played a major part in distributing luciferian disinformation:

Zecharia Sitchin and Jordan Maxwell Masonic Handshake?

Zecharia Sitchin (FREEMASON WHORE and CIA operative) Sumerian Tablets=BAALshit

Source :


Anunnaki Message Published In UFO Magazine in 1958!

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Mankind In Amnesia - Anunnaki Message  in5d in 5d

A message from the Anunnaki – MANKIND IN AMNESIA (Flying Saucer Review Magazine © November-December 1958)

Exhibit 19) Brinsley Le Poer Trench (Flying Saucer Review Magazine © November-December 1958)

“We are already here, among you. Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from, watching, and occasionally guiding you whenever the opportunity arose. Now, however, our numbers have been increased in preparation for a further step in the development of your planet: a step of which you are not yet aware… We have been confused with the gods of many world-religions, although we are not gods, but your fellow creatures, as you will learn directly before many more years have passed. You will find records of our presence in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt, where we made ourselves known in order to accomplish certain ends. Our principal symbol appears in the religious art of your present civilization and occupies a position of importance upon the great seal of your country. (The United States of America) It has been preserved in certain secret societies founded originally to keep alive the knowledge of our existence and our intentions toward mankind.”

“We have left you certain landmarks, placed carefully in different parts of the globe, but most prominently in Egypt where we established our headquarters upon the occasion of our last overt, or, as you would say, public appearance. At that time the foundations of your present civilization were ‘laid in the earth’ and the most ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so many thousands of years ago. Since that time the whole art of building, in stone, has become symbolic, to many of you, of the work in hand—the building of the human race towards its perfection.”

“Your ancestors knew us in those days as preceptors and as friends. Now, through your own efforts, you have almost reached, in your majority, a new step on the long ladder of your liberation. You have been constantly aided by our watchful ‘inspiration’, and hindered only by the difficulties natural to your processes of physical and moral development…”

“You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves. Do not be hasty in your self-congratulation. Yours is not the first civilization to have achieved—and used—such means. Yours will not be the first civilization to be offered the means of preventing that destruction and proceeding, in the full glory of its accumulated knowledge, to establish an era of enlightenment upon the earth.”

“However, if you do accept the means offered you, and if you establish such a ‘millennium’ upon the basis of your present accomplishments, yours will be the first civilization to do so.


In a sense they succeeded, but in another sense their failure equaled their success. Human acceptance is, to a very large extent, measurable by human experience. Succeeding generations, who never knew our actual presence, translated the teachings of their elders in the terms of their own experience. For instance, a cross-sectional drawing, much simplified and stylized by many copyings, of one of our traveling machines became the ‘Eye of Horus”, and then other eyes of other gods. Finally, the ancient symbol that was once an accurate representation of an important mechanical device has been given surprising connotations by the modern priesthood of psychology.”

“The important fact is, however, that we are here, among you, and that you, as a world-race, will know it before very much longer! The time is almost ripe but, as with all ripening things, the process may not be hurried artificially without danger of damaging the fruit. There is a right time for every action, and the right time for our revelation of ourselves to your era is approaching.”

“Some of you have seen our ‘advanced guard’ already. You have met us often in the streets of your cities, and you have not noticed us. But when we flash through your skies in the ANCIENT TRADITIONAL VEHICLES  [Vimanas, see Exhibit 14, this paper—GJ]  you are amazed, and those of you who open your mouths and tell of what you have seen are accounted dupes and fools. Actually you are prophets, seers in the true sense of the word. You in Kansas and Oklahoma, you in Oregon and in California, and Idaho, you know what you have seen: do not be dismayed by meteorologists. Their business is the weather. One of you says, ‘I saw a torpedo-shaped object’. Others report, ‘disc-like objects’, some of you say ‘spherical objects’, or ‘platter-like objects’. You are all reporting correctly and accurately what you saw, and in most cases you are describing the same sort of vehicle.”

“… Now that the art of manufacturing plastic materials has reached a certain perfection among you, perhaps you can imagine a material, almost transparent to the rays of ordinary visible light, yet strong enough to endure the stresses of extremely rapid flight. Look again at the great nebulae, and think of the construction of your own galaxy, and behold the universal examples of what we have found to be the perfect shape for an object which is to travel through what you still fondly refer to as ‘empty’ space.”

In the center of the discus, gyroscopically controlled within a central sphere of the same transparent material, our control rooms revolve freely, accommodating themselves and us to flat or edgewise flight. Both methods are suited to your atmosphere, and when we convert abruptly from one to the other, as we are sometimes obliged to do, and you are watching, OUR MACHINES seem suddenly to appear—or to disappear. At our possible speeds your eyes, untrained and unprepared for the maneuver, do make mistakes—but not the mistakes your scientists so often accuse them of making.”

“We pass over your hilltops in horizontal flight. You see and report a torpedo-shaped object. We pass over, in formation, flying vertically ‘edge-on’… Or we go over at night, jet-slits glowing, and you see an orange disc. In any event you see us, and in any event we do not care. if we chose to remain invisible, we could do so, easily, and, in fact, we have done so almost without exception for hundreds of years. But you must become accustomed to our shapes in your skies, for one day they will be familiar, friendly, and reassuring sights.”

“This time, it is to be hoped that the memory of them, passed on to your children and their children, will be clear and precise. That you will not cause them to forget, as your ancestors forgot, the meaning of the diagrams and the instructions we will leave with you. If you do fail, AS OTHER CIVILIZATIONS HAVE FAILED, we will see your descendants wearing wiring-diagrams for simple machines as amulets, expecting the diagrams to do what their forefathers were taught the completed article would accomplish.

Then their children, forgetting even that much—or little—would preserve the amulet as a general protective device—or as an intellectual curiosity—or perhaps as a religious symbol. Such is the cycle of forgetfulness!”

– The Anunnaki

Source :