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11 Responses to “Conspiracy”

  1. The SSA Is Buying 174,000 Rounds Of High-Powered Ammunition

    Robert Johnson | Aug. 15, 2012,

    Steve Z via Flickr
    First the DHS needed 450 million rounds of ammunition, then the NOAA requested 46,000 rounds, now we’ve discovered an online request at FBO.Gov calling for 174,000 rounds of ammunition for the Social Security Administration.
    The request actually calls for 174K .357 hollow points that arguably have as much stopping power as any bullet out there, and hollow points do as much damage to soft tissue as possible on top of that.
    R.K. Campbel at Gun Blast mentions his experience with .357 rounds:
    I observed the effect of the .357 Magnum 125 grain JHP once over the top of my own sights. The effect was gruesome. A solid hit that produced a severe blood flow AND dramatic effect from the rear, including lung tissue thrown perhaps three feet.
    The 125 grain and JHP (jacketed rounds) are exactly the ones requested by the SSA and their offices of Inspector General and Office of Investigation.
    The FBO has a link that lists all locations slated to receive the batches of bullets. Offices like Greensboro, NC are getting a mere 1,000 rounds while offices like Iselin, NJ are getting 10 times that number.
    Alex Jones’ InfoWars is quick to point out that this acquisition jibes with a DHS operation in January where the agency swarmed a Leesburg, FL social security office and posted armed guards outside the doors.
    Thanks to reader Jacob Martinez for tipping us off.

    Read more:

  2. Israeli Mossad Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq (Creating Chaos): U.S. Marine Throws Medals To The Floor! Link below…

    This video proves beyond all doubt that a majority of American deaths in Iraq were caused by Israeli/Rothschild snipers, shooting American troops to piss them off and make them kill Iraqis in a rampage. This is horrible damning footage that could force an end to Israeli/Rothschild aggression as we have known it, Fat chance justice will be served, but when you see this you will KNOW who the terrorists are.

  3. It’s just a matter of days, now…,

    ATS Topic started on 19-10-2012 @ 03:21 PM by herrw
    First thread here, so be gentle. 

    My major field of study is in the dynamics of large and small collectives, something I’ve studied for many years. No, I’m not an academician. I’m an author and a poet and a playwrite and a damn hard working individual. But it would be wrong of me not to share what I’ve developed with others who might listen. 

    Part of the study of collectives is understanding how they respond to different types of threats. Collectives almost always respond in the same manner to the same stimuli, because when a dissimilar group of individuals gather together for action their common attributes determine the nature of the collective intellect. As they have little in common, this tends to be the subconcious motivations. Specific to this problem are hunger threats, safety threats, and moral threats. I have social equations for these, and would be pleased to share them with anyone who wishes (although I don’t know how to draw equations in BBcode). 

    Hunger threats result in a tendency for revolution. 
    Security threats result in a tendency for violence. 
    Moral threats result in a tendency for destruction. 

    To understand where we are headed in the next many days, one must understand where we are first. We have trillions of dollars in print, but none are being spent. These are dammed up behind the banks like a leaking reservoir. We must print this money to support a citizenry which cannot support itself after economic collapse. If we did not do so, it would result in revolution. (hunger threat) Additionally, we are constantly reminded of the possibility of security threats. The government must respond (even ineffectively) or violence will erupt. Finally, we have devided western society into two moral camps–progressive liberalism and social conservatism–which can neither communicate effectively nor abide each other’s presence. 

    So here’s what you’re looking at as a catastrophe, if you’re the fear porn type. 

    First, the stock market will recover on positive news. It will jump wildly upward, and all reports will herald the end of the great recession. This is not the end. This is the beginning of the end. 

    Next, business spikes. This will take all of a week. Banks will loosen their hold on their reserves of cash. That cash is worthless to them unless it is used, but up until this point they’ve been afraid to take the risk of releasing it. 

    The cash drops into the economy like an atomic bomb, destroying everything around it. With so much cash in circulation, the price of everything is going to skyrocket. And the keynesians in the fed will be able to understand nothing other than a continuation of the same policies. This is the trigger. 

    With hyper inflation, several things must happen. a) revolutionary feelings will erupt (hunger threat) b)The military must be withdrawn from active combat (nothing to pay them with, and they’re needed to enforce the peace. c) most importantly, infrastructure must fail. 

    That last one requires some explanation. The Western economy operates on the supposition that products from anywhere in the world may be quickly transferred to anywhere else in the world. When the price of goods skyrockets, so will the price of fuel. Without the input of cheap(ish) energy, product transportation will all but cease. 

    Finally, consider that western society has been in moral conflict with eastern society and middle-eastern society for centuries. Given the sudden weakness, I expect war to break out. Not in the middle east, but in Spain, Turkey, Armenia, and Serbia… areas where the tensions are high and the mixture of morally opposed collectives is strong. This starts a bloody conflict which has to sweep the world, if through nothing other than contageon. And moral wars mean killing, and that includes mommies and daddies and babies and puppies. 

    Finally, the warring forces collapse. Without the transport of food, the will to fight (even when driven by the supposed prestige of God) will eventually falter and fail. By that time we will have been knocked backwards at least 100 years, much as Europe was after WWII. This time there will be no superpowers to rebuild, however. The superpowers will be smoking ruins. 

    That’s my first post. Sorry if it’s a downer.

    Originally posted by darkhorserider 
    reply to post by herrw 

    Well thought out, but why “in the next few days?” 

    And, for the record, for the first time in history, the banks are making money off those reserves. They are getting interest on their reserves, which is an absurd concept that has only been around for less than 2 years, but for the first time in history, our officials decided the best way to stimulate the economy was to pay the banks NOT to loan out their money?  

    Anyway, I don’t see the cash hitting the market like an atomic bomb, but I’m hopeful. I’d rather get this crash on the road while I’m still young enough to deal with it, instead of waiting to leave it over the heads of my children.

    I sometimes wonder how this could happen and I consider a scenario where central banks / banks around the world react with panic to a crash of sorts not heeding what everyone else is doing. So where one or a few banks begin stimulus and releasing funds is not a problem, just about every flaming bank launches globally and we have a situation of sudden hyper-inflation. Woops! It’s the coordinated / uncoordinated synchronized bank stimulus and funds dump that destroys the worldwide financial system and economy. 

    My conclusions are based on historical data, as interpreted by myself. All conclusions should therefore be suspect and checked for validity. 

    Hunger threats, that is threats to the basic staples of life (and these change as societies change) almost always result in a tendency to change the organizational nature of the collective in question. Hunger presaged the Boshevic and French revolutions. Economic collapse paved the way for the nazi regime. Every great shift in power has been preceded by either a lack of food or the means to acquire it. 

    Security threats, that is threat to life and limb, need not be immediate in nature, and they tend to result in a desire to fight. This includes security threat to one’s dependents as well as one’s self. Consider your own response if you walked into your house to find your daughter being savagely beaten. The immediate response is to respond violently. But what if one imagined the same scene, without actually seeing it in reality? The effect is the same: the deeper psyche cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, and so the body reacts as if under immediate threat. So ‘fear porn’ is really ‘violence porn’ when removed from reality. The suggestion of a threat is as immediate as the threat itself. Once posited, the reaction is gutteral. Consider the collective response of the United States after the attacks of September 11, on that score.

    Moral threats respresent a threat to one’s ideology (religious or otherwise). Such ideologies which have a set dogma represent very powerful motivations for action. Consider the basic ‘guy rule’ that one does not touch another man in a bathroom. It’s not written down, but it’s pretty well accepted. Keep your eyes to yourself, as it were. If a man walked up to another man in a bathroom and caressed his shoulder, would it be silly for the offender to not expect a black eye or a bloody lip? Moral threats are those in which dogma is questioned or violated. It can be a question as to the preeminence of Allah, refusal to accept atheism (such as in the ‘Terror’ of the French Revolution) or ridicule of the existence of global warming. Progressivism is a moral collective. Conservatism is a moral collective as well. Hell, in some senses Keynesianism can be considered a moral collective.

    by herrw

    eply to post by moniesisfun 

    I do not pretend to know a specific date. According to my equations (which are relational equations rather than mathematical equations) we are at a tipping point. It is literally days away. I’ve shared my equations with a fellow student (Masters in PolySci and a defense contractor) whose interests lean the same direction as mine, and his response was, “those are pretty much the same as mine, as far as outcome, but they account for more.” 

    Hunger threats result in revolution. A Hunger threat is not a security threat, because the hunger need not be present. Only the threat of hunger is necessary. A security threat is the possibility that someone might walk up to you and stab you in the neck. Yes, a hunger threat can evolve into a security threat, and vice/versa, but they are seperate in the way they promote response.

    by herrw
    reply to post by beezzer 

    My work is based on the principles outlined in my book, The Collective. Per the ToC, I won’t try to sell it to anyone, but my name (the author) is William R. Herr if anyone ever cares to look it up. I’m enjoying good sales to India, atm. 

    My son’s godfather is an astrophysicist (and a long long close friend), and he constantly harangues me to document my theories in equation form. For the hell of it, I started work on an equation to accurately describe Mental Unity, or the tendency of individuals to sublimate their own desires for the good of the collective whole. What I ended up with was a relatively simple equation that seemed to work nicely for historical data. Then I tried applying it to more recent history and it fell apart… nothing worked right. 

    I was about to toss it out and start again, when I decided to change some of the assumptions. I added an additional variable, in the form of a collective which had no leadership, and suddenly everything started making sense. This is what led me to start figuring in other, more chaotic variables (such as economic data) and checking validity against their historical data. Again, it works if I include a collective with no leadership as a directing influence. 

    Finally, I managed to typify the types of groups with which I was dealing, and came up with the following: 

    1. CNN–The Collective with No Name: This is a leaderless collective. Its members don’t realize they are members. They think with the same image set, and tend towards anarchist results. This collective has membership in the multi-millions. 

    2. The Machine–This is a bureaucratic collective which is very very good at coercing action from others. It is very short sighted. It thinks it leads the CNN, but is actually led by suggestion. As a group, it represents a small percentage of the population. It exerts, however, enormous control. 

    3. The Other Guys — This is a loosely associated group of individuals who probably would beat each other silly if they all got together at once. They hold opposing viewpoints and are fiercely independent, but under crisis tend to band together and forgo differences. 

    Given these three variables, things made sense. Then I started asking myself, ‘why would you want to set things up in this manner?’ after all, we’re on track for a huge sense of mental unity. What would it be good for? 

    Mental Unity is necessary when nations go to war. Remember the Lusitania. Remember the Alamo. Keep the world safe for Democracy. Nationalism is a good example of Mental Unity. So if we’re about to plunge the world into a state of Mental Unity, it really can only mean that we’re preparing for the prospect of war. There’s no other good reason to do it. After every war, Western Society has tended to further centralize (League of Nations, followed by United Nations after the respective world-wars). 

    So, that’s where my equations have taken me. Sometime in the very near future (I guestimated two weeks, and that was about a week ago) we are going to get the Mental Unity event. And the response will be seen as a good thing. Our congress will act as one. We’ll all be behind our president. And then… boom.

    by detachedindividual
    reply to post by herrw 

    I think we have a lot in common!  

    I’m an artist and writer, and an amateur psychologist to a degree. One of my interests specifically is the coming collapse and how the public will react. 

    I’ve written many times on ATS about the catalyst of revolution and about how a sense of injustice is often a flashpoint of a protest becoming a violent revolt. For example, a protest becomes violent through a spiral of acts and retaliation, with a culminating act which mobilizes a larger number of people to respond… 

    I agree with you on the collapse of infrastructure. This is something that is often overlooked. People have become complacent and believe that a collapse would only predominantly affect a certain group of people in the banking and business world. 

    A good example of how precarious the situation would be can be found in the fact that many stores only have enough stock to last for thee days at a normal rate of trading. In a collapse scenario there will be millions of people stocking up, supply lines will be hit, stores will be empty within hours of a publicly known threat. It’s self-perpetuating, with even a scare potentially causing a “run”. 

    For a first post you’ve done very well, and I think the majority of people on ATS will agree with everything you’ve stated. Thankfully there are a lot of awake people here who are far more aware than the general public

  4. From ATS comes
    Things to consider in case of post-election riots by Valhall

    Since there is continuous (and it appears increasing) talk of riots if the election does not go as some spoiled punks want it to, I thought I’d share the suggested considerations laid out in this article

    It is actually a very good list of preparation suggestions.

    1. Avoid inner urban city areas if at all possible. (Of course, this means AFTER you have voted. – and P.S. Vote early. Participate in early voting if you can and if not, then vote early on election day.)

    Now, with that said, I completely disagree with the next statement made in the first suggestion:

    Middle-class and upper-class suburbs will be safe, by the way. It’s mostly the inner cities that are likely to riot.

    I totally disagree. While the inner cities would most likely be where the riot STARTS, we have the whole “Bane” Dark Knight concept that has been introduced into our society and I do not believe we would see just a “Watts” type riot. I believe those who exhibit the anger being shown right now would take it to the people they are angry at. Metropolitan areas (including suburbia) should be at heightened awareness.

    2. “The police will be almost instantly overwhelmed.” Agreed. And while the governors of states have the ability to call up national guard, that takes time.

    3. “One of the greatest risks from riots is FIRES.” Agreed. And the issue with fires is that they aren’t predictable and may not be controllable (based on environmental conditions). If there is a strong wind, all bets off as to how quickly and how far the destruction could spread. Since most punks who would be willing to participate in a destructive riot would most likely be armed, the idea that fire departments being rendered incapacitated due to threat of being shot is a valid concern.

    4. Innocent bystanders may be targets. Suffice it to say, in a riot situation where harm and destruction are the motivating goals, everyone targetted is an innocent bystander. The article states “don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time”, which to me equates back to 1. above….avoid metropolitan, heavily populated areas, especially those with high crime rates.

    5. Don’t join in the riots. Well, that’s a stupid statement. If you’re joining in the riots you’re part of the problem. I’m not talking to you and hope you don’t succeed.

    6. Remove political signs from yard on election day. This is a good idea. At that point the effect of your loyalty is a moot point. People are voting and seeing your sign on their way to vote, work, riot, isn’t going to have any positive effect. (You’re not going to change anyone’s mind.) You’ll just be flagging yourself as a target from the opposing (bitter) side.

    7. Stock up on at least 3 days of supplies. I think you should stock up on a week’s worth. Depending on the damage to the infrastructure and the response to the riots (curtailment of movement, martial law, etc.) you should be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least a week. Think long and hard about where you will store your supplies. They should be INSIDE your home, to where you don’t have to exit to get to them (don’t put them in a detached shed, garage, etc.) and should be in an area you can lock (with a deadbolt preferably). They should be to where someone needs to get past you to get to them.

    8. It says “stock up on pepper spray and/or bear spray”. Of course, this website is a feel-good naturalist website giving these recommendations. What that should read is BE ARMED TO DEFEND YOURSELF. The minimum arsenal for home defense should include a handgun, a shotgun (preferably pump because it has been proven that the sound of a pump shotgun being pumped is a major determent to a would be intruder), and some type of melee weapon (war axe, machete, tomahawk, knife, etc.) A crossbow pistol is nice for close-range defense as well (on a one shot basis). On election day make sure your arms are loaded and in close proximity to your person at all times. Even the “feel good” sight eventually states “you need a revolver” because you won’t be able to rely on 911 to save your ass. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH AMMUNITION FOR EVERY GUN. Some ammo is very hard to come by these days (some say by design). Go now, get your required ammo to ensure you have what you need.

    9. Stay tuned. Tune into news coverage of the evolving election results on a channel that is connected with local media so that if something local begins, you are aware of it. But I’ll add to what the website states. If you don’t have a police/fire scanner, then find your local law enforcement and fire scanner frequencies here

    and have them connected so that you can hear transmissions real-time.

    10. Don’t taunt. The website says don’t be stupid enough to leave threats (or taunting) messages on twitter, facebook (here), etc. Remember, this is the information age and you may not be as anonymous as you think you are.

    That’s where their suggestions/recommendations end. So let’s round this out.

    11. Have a bug-out bag (one for each member of your family). If your automobiles can be parked inside an enclosed, secure garage then load your bug-out bags in the trunk/cargo space of your car. If they have to be parked out in the open, keep the bug-out bags close by you (so that people don’t break out your windows in your vehicle and steal them.) Be sure your car also has plenty of blankets, etc. in case you have to sleep in it.

    12. Have a contingency plan for bugging-out. Where are you going? Will there be a support system there? Your planned route should include the following considerations: avoid interstates – take state highways, county roads, etc. instead; if you live in a metro area plan your route to avoid any higher risk areas; avoid having to pass through other metropolitan areas, plan “back way” routes instead….even if they are much longer.

    13. On election day you should have full tanks of gas in each vehicle and you should have back up gas cans filled and ready to take with you if you bug-out.

    14. If you have a Radio Shack near you, you can walk in and purchase an inexpensive ProtectAmerica security system for your home. It takes a matter of hours to install the sensors on windows and doors. I would suggest doing this on MONDAY. That way if you are asleep and someone breaks into your home, you have something to alert you. Depending on how much you can afford, you can get window breakage sensors, smoke alarms, etc. to go with this system.

    15. Lastly, make sure your contact lists/phone numbers are up to date on your phones/smart devices. Be sure your batteries are fully charged. If you don’t have a DC/AC charger for your car, get one on MONDAY so you can keep your phone charged when you are in your car.

    Any other suggestions to this list are welcomed.


  5. Whistleblower Radio — Kerry Cassidy/Mark McCandlish — 28 Sept 2012

    Subjects discussed: Black Project Aircraft; Methods used to deliver chem trails – what these may contain and reasons for use; UFO activity over northern California recently;
    Reported military manoeuvres in the South Pacific.

  6. Whistleblower Radio — Kerry Cassidy/Mark McCandlish — 28 Sept 2012 : At 1:16:35 benefits of coconut against virus is also discussed.

  7. Haredi Jews Against Israel

  8. Know Your Enemy (Part 71 – Israeli Supreme Court)

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