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  1. HIDING!


    by Nucleardiver
    As excommando.stated, being in an urban/city environment when TSHTF is the last place you ever want to be for any extended period what so ever, and by extended period I mean 24hrs Max, 12 is the ideal maximum timeframe. Urban survival plus close quarter combat equals imminent death 98% of the time.

    As a former US Navy SWCC Operator I have extensive training in survival, urban CQC, guerilla tactics and SERE training and even with that the last place I want to be for any extended period in an urban setting. I have a plan in place for myself and my family in the event of such a scenario and we have preset rendezvous points established in the event we are seperated at the time of an event.

    Regardless of where you are located or the size of the city you are in you can feasibly bug out rather quickly if you are planned and prepared. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Even if you are unable to to use a vehicle, worst case scenario you can hoof it out of town in 24 hrs tops. Remember also that for everyday you spend in a metropolitan urban area you cut your chances of survival by 25%.

    Forget the idea of “hunkering down” in your home, neighborhood, or suburb, if you choose to do this then save yourself alot of money and planning, instead buy one bullet and use it on yourself when TSHTF, you’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary suffering. I know that may sound cold but you asked for advice and I’m trying to be as honest as possible and give you some real usable advice without blowing smoke up your hindside.

    In a SHTF urban scenario you not only have to worry about the initial SHTF scenario but also the secondary lateral scenarios of looting, riots, armed gangs, and disease. To put it in perspective just look at the violence in metro and urban areas in our “stable” society now. Now just imagine what it would be like with no civil services including law enforcement, fire and healthcare services, food, water, electricity, or god forbid internet . It will turn into a Mad Max or Book of Eli scenario nearly overnight. Best case scenario for food and water availability would be 5 days max.

    My suggestion to anyone living in urban areas is to recon the outlying areas near where you live that could be a feasible intermediate staging area where you can rest, gather your thoughts and senses,and get mentally acclimated to what you are about to endure. Next start putting together a good bailout bag and include for the most part only the bare necessities. Add too much to your bag and you’ll be sorry half way through your bug out trip.

    A good start that I would recommend for getting an idea on what you will need in your bag would be the US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76, US Military Pocket Survival Guide Plus Evasion and Recovery (this manual is included the survival kits of all US Military branches), US Navy SERE Training Manual, or SAS Survival Guide. You can find all of the military manuals online in PDF format or on Amazon.

    The amount of gear you need in your BoB will depend on your own personal abilities and training, my suggestion for a BOB is 2 days change of socks and underwear, 3 days worth of food and water with a weeks worth of high Carb snacks, a good knife, first aid kit, a couple of rat traps (can catch some tasty critters with them if your not proficient at trap building), a small spool of braided fishing line-30lb test (many uses), some fish hooks (can be used for catching more than just fish), good firestarter of your choice, tetraglycine hydroperiodide tablets to purify water (should still boil), and protection from elements (depends on your location). You can add to this depending on your own personal needs.

    I would also include a weapon of some type, not just for defense but procurement of much needed food. Once you arrive in your predetermined staging are you will be able to procure food from the various resources available. In choosing a weapon think functionality, for a firearm my choices would be a small, lightweight long gun such as mini14, Ruger 10/22, Winchester 30-30 or 44-40 brushgun, or shotgun, just remember keep it light and compact, conserve ammo and only use when needed. Other weapon choices would be bow, slingshot, or spear.

    Your biggest tool in survival is your ability to remain calm, keep a level head, and use your brain. Remember also when forced to survive you may have to let go of some of your civility and rely on your animal instincts but you should always stay connected to your humanity or you will be Jo better than those you are trying to escape. After all we are all animals, if you will thing like an animal you will find that food sources are everywhere, grasses, insects, berries, animals, the list goes on.

    The will to live is your best tool and expectations are your worst enemy. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “expectations are the source of all unhappiness.

  2. Three Solar Food Dehydrators – solar energy at work!

    Portable rocket mass heater / free cycles missoula

  3. Wipe off your debt ATS thread http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread915030/pg1

    I decided to post this in the Survival Forum, because this is a form of Economic survival…. and I wasn’t sure what forum this would fall under.
    The Info I will give you has helped me out a lot and others.

    Not Paying Income Tax:
    In Australia we have the ATO, America as the IRS ( I don’t know what they are called in other countries) where income tax is collected. I will use the ATO in my example because I am from Australia.
    Under the Australian Constitution Income Tax does not have to be paid, but it is automatically deducted from our wages (if you are employed) and if you are self employed and decided not to pay, you will end up in jail if you do not know the laws / legislation. If you do know the rules you will spend a lot of time defending yourself.
    There is an easy way to do this – Setup a Private Not For Profit, Non Government Organisation (NGO).
    The important part is “NGO”.
    Setting up your business as an NGO means its a private self assessed business and the ATO / Government is not allowed access to your records, you work out side the system and paying Income tax becomes optional.
    There is next to no info out there on the web on how to do this although the process is pretty simple. Through talking to different people I cam across an organisation called Truthology and they set my foundation up for me.
    I am a self employed Consultant and now run my business outside the system. I no longer pay taxes, need to do a quarterly BAS or even talk to my accountant. I now have more time on my hands, more money in my pocket so I now give to some local charities.
    Check out the link to Truthology they have a lot of info there, or ask me any questions….

    Wiping Debt
    If you do not Understand the banking system watch the first 40min of Zeitgeist Addendum.
    The Bank use a fractional system and they are basically creating money from nothing. You can use this knowledge to wiped your debts. This will work on Credit Cards, Home / Personal Loan, Car Finance etc.
    It is 3 letters you send over a period of 30 days. In short the letters are asking the bank for proof that they (the bank) actually use some form of caladeral to loan you the money and if they can prove it you will happily repay the loan, if they can not prove it then you don’t have to repay the loan because the money never existed in the first place.
    The letters and procedures can be found here http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org... Please Note some ISP’s have blocked access to this site ( i know in Australia OPTUS has blocked the site)
    Using the letters from getoutofdebtfree.org my friend has successfully wiped her $5000 Credit Card Debit.

    Also the Thruthology Site i posted above can do this for you and has info on the subject.

    I believe that this knowledge can be used to fight the system and hit them where it really hurts…. in their pockets


    Truthology is based in Australia but they have taken it to the UK. They do charge for the service though.
    If you use the http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org... it wont cost you a cent and that started in the UK but the banks use the same system world wide.

    One thing people have to remember that the bank will harass you, never talk to them on the phone, they speak another language and you may say something but it means something totally different to them, say you will only do it in writing and if they still call you say:
    “I wish to deal with this matter in writing only, and should I continue to receive calls from you or your company, then this may constitute harassment’ in which case I will be forced to take further action under Section 1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. ‘ Thank you and good bye”

    The biggest thing they play on is your fear! you just need to stick with it and you will win.


  4. In Case of Emergency – Protect the smart phone / tablet PC,

    By ATS member JohnPhoenix

    This is going to be a short thread, my apologies. I just had a thought.

    In case of an EMP strike or other loss of power get your smart phone and tablet PC protected with a Faraday cage. Why? You will need to keep as many survival e-books as you can download for future reference. I propose something small enough like a smart phone or small tablet pc ( or perhaps kindle e-book reader) that can be powered and or charged by solar power. This is in case you have to be on the move and aren’t savvy enough to think your an expert survivalist. This will allow you to travel without a ton of books. To me, this information could be your greatest survival resource.

    ATS has many good threads on free survival e-books. Everyone should get them all. Here are a few:


    Here’s one to build your own Faraday cage http://www.abovetopsecret.com...

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