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  1. The Coming Trials: What Happens Next?

    by Aronolac
    July 05, 2012
    The Coming Trials

    My work is in the area of spirit transmissions. I charge nothing and I have very little to say to the mass media or the press. They would only distort the picture so badly it could not be used to have a serious conversation about the near future. This post comes to this forum primarily because of its serious nature.

    Every indicator I know of in this specialized work of mine is warning that the end is coming very quickly for the current practices in our society. No one on the celestial side I have contact with is giving the timing, but of interest perhaps to some of you, is the receipt of the actual transmissions from the spiritual parts of the human that are connected within the mind located deep within the cerebral cortex. It is here that the resonance of truth is determined in each of us.

    This living spiritual presence is independently minded and capable of message giving located deep within the cerebral cortex. It has been voicing various directions in telegraphic communications through me now for many years, and only recently has a warning been issued that is quite dire for spirit to make. Spirit is usually much more circumspect. But I feel no message of content should be ignored and left unshared.

    For those of you who study psychology, the indwelling spirit deep with the human mind connection with specialized cells in the cerebellum creates what those who observe such personality transmissions as a psychology of spirit. This psychology is the interaction of spirit with the material thought processor (the brain). At a certain point, the material frequencies of the brain reach up and match the lower frequencies of the indwelling and communication can begin.

    This interaction with me has been explicit. Among those things being brought to my attention is the following for the reader’s review and even input if questions arise.

    1 – Trials of an unusual nature may well begin by October of this year. These trials concern both the material planet and the spiritual changes that will occur at the same time.

    2 – More spiritual prompts are to be issued from the beginning of this year until they are no longer entirely necessary. Those who see 1111 on digital clocks and other devices and other numeric configurations are being informed that it is an invitation to listen closely and prepare to participate with spirit when representatives of the high spiritual rulers become visible. So far there have been 75,000,000 prompts issued since about 2004 to make people wonder and listen.

    3 – There are alarming indications that an event will overtake the United States after wreaking havoc in Europe, and in both cases it sets the stage for a complete examination of government policies and even government sovereignty issues.

    4 – Spirit will speak directly to those whose mind frequencies have reached the level of the lower levels of the indwelling in each person of normal mind. Those of you who have received spirit prompts have the capacity to reach those frequencies.

    5 – Level 2 experiments such as this will end and a direct intervention of spirit will become evident as a Paradise Magisterial Son of great power will become visible to the human eye. His administration will encompass the totality of this planet. One hundred others will become visible from spirit as his contact staff in various parts of the world, and many of you will be asked to serve if that is your desire. Training will ensue for those that accept.

    My questions to the reader follow the reasoning for why these specific trials and heart-felt announcements are being made in this way now?

    Does any one else have contact with the higher administrative spirit guides with similar warnings and messages? Can anyone indicate better timing? What have you heard with regard to upsets having to do with world religion?

    I have been assured this has nothing to do with the Mayan calendar prophecies so popular today. This material has more to do with the warnings given by the sovereign of the universe we belong to, and nothing whatsoever to do with human guesses and books, fears, conspiracies, and other prophetic longings made long ago. It appears a fresh start for everyone will be possible within five years.

    I would be willing to answer serious questions on the many elements spoken to in the thread above. If the questions are substantial enough I will invoke celestial transmissions for their answers too.


    Link http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread858103/pg1

  2. A Seneca Indian Prophecy (Including Star People),

    Topic started on 7-7-2012 by 5pooky
    I am a decendent of the Proud Seneca People. This account comes from a Native American from the Lakota tribe. His name was “Pipe Carrier”. If nothing else it is a good read…

    “I wil ltell you a prophecy given to me by a Grandmother of the Seneca people. She told me we must work with the women to help heal their pain. In these times that are coming, she told me, we must learn to help women regain their power. If the women do not reclaim their power, it is told, the world will be lost. Because the men no longer act like men. They are not noble or proud, and they do not hold the words of the Creator close to their hearts.

    “Men have become sick with ego, sick with greed, lost in confusion. They are no longer leaders,so their children do not learn, and the children wander aimlessly through life,without spirit. A human without spirit is like a ship without a sail. All you can do is float around, hoping to find a harbor.

    “The Grandmother told me that in these times it will be the women who come to listen to these ways. It is the women who will remember who they are. Because women have lived for many thousands of years now, knowing who they were but never being able to speak the truth through their mouths. When the people left the Good Red Road and began to walk the black ribbon of road, the women were suppressed because the women kept warning the men that they were wandering from the ways…

    “Heal the women.Then the women can heal the men, and together they can heal the earth.

    “I will speak to you now of another prophecy. In the next decade, the Star People that you call meteorites will come to this earth in answer to the Mother’s call for help. You see, we are all relations. So the Star People are beings, and they are the planets, and the other bodies in the heavens as well.

    “The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out…

    “The rains will change their fall and the winds will alter their course and what has existed for 300 years will no longer exist. And where there is summer, there will be fall. And where there is fall, there will be winter. And where there is winter, there will be spring.

    “The animals and plants will become confused. The animals will think it is spring in the winter,and the cherries will come to blossom, and die in the frost. And in the summer,the winds will come from the North and the blanket of purity will fall and the fruit will die. And the animals that you raise will not be able to graze…These are the changes the Mother will warn us with.

    “There will be great plagues that you do not understand. Many of these plagues are born from your scientists whose intentions have gone awry. Your scientists have let these monsters loose upon the land. These plagues will spread through your waters and through your blood and through your food because you have disrupted the natural chain through which your Mother cleanses herself.

    “Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure… will find sanctuary. Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. Here you will find life because they will always go to where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues… Snow is the great purifier. Go to where the blanket of snow heals. Learn to live in these places. You will live through the changes…There is a time coming, beyond the weather. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life…”

  3. The Coming Trials: What Happens Next?, page 3

    reply posted by Jeremiah65
    I have noticed a couple times on the clock alot. I see 12:34 often and I always wake up at 3:15 am for some reason. I always go right back to sleep but it seems like everynight I open my eyes and see 3:15. Anything special about these two times or numbers?
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    reply posted on 6-7-2012 @ 08:46 AM by Aronolac
    reply to post by mcsandy

    I will respond to your questions within your text, below. Thank you for the opportunity to provide these explanations:

    McSandy wrote:

    Very intriguing thread & your response here. I have noticed you have been on ATS for several years – and have not made such a “spiritual transmi8ssions” in the past. Have these transmissions just started recently?

    Aronolac: I have made several posts over the years giving some very precise information. I suggest you might try a search for “World Census under the name Aronolac and the Origins of Energy. These are not precise titles but they may get you close to observe collateral information for you. To be honest, the ability to fully hear was not granted until a little over a year ago. Before that I had intermittent contact although that contact often contained many structures that had to be explained to me before they could be released, or not released. Some of this material is very powerful and the celestials counsel me that people need to absorb slowly if information is to be understood. I attempt to follow their advice.

    Mc: I am in awe of the reply here. Totally caught me off guard for you to offer a projection or view of this person’s guides.

    Is this channeled intel as well?

    Aronolac: I have been granted a small miracle of access to the very God center of each person if they allow it. This is new within the last two years. In certain cases with this thread I am in contact with this very great power. The indwelling is so kind and meaningful in each person’s lives it is a crime so few people are even aware they host the great God, the First Source and Center, within their own minds, and that he is totally approachable. No one knows you better and your destiny is tied directly to him. It is this marvelous entity which will answer my inquiry on behalf of those who are sincere in overcoming their difficulties or problems, not that anyone here is being insincere at all. Rather some do not offer this ability to listen to their God center and that is fine. The word channel is not really appropriate, but since it is the only term most people know, that’s okay with me. But I have other sources when I am not give access to the God center, and that person in particular is the Creator Son, and my friend the angel Manotia.

    Mc: I am quite interested to hear how long have you heard the transmissions?

    Aronolac: Without giving details to take up a lot of room, I was wired up in 1988. I was not permitted to transmit until several passed in order to consolidate the gains made with my Indwelling. It takes a lot of time sometimes to get centered well enough not to, in some excitement, transmit one’s subconscious which so many who think they channel actually do. There is a huge qualitative difference in transmitters because of the need to gain training and long experience to avoid the pitfalls of working with great distances for accuracy.

    Mc:How often are you able to “view” guides around other’s?

    Aronolac: I know several people who can view the personality forms beyond our human forms, but I do not yet have that given to me. Rather I can sense them or sometimes they transmit me their pictures. Time will tell if I will be given this honor.

    Mc: I haven’t really seen number sequences, nor do I get any type of communique or “direct – from hearing like it is coming through a cb radio.” I have felt that I have been directed to certain areas of information that has made a total believer in something is shifting, coming to head so to speak; but by far haven’t clue how to proceed litterally but seem to be following a spiritual path so to speak that doesn’t come from an organized religion.

    Aronolac: I appreciate your sensing because you are correctly accurate with the detail of the shift. A new dispensation (the changing of the spiritual administration and educational opportunities on our planet) will be declared very soon. My guess is by the end of this year, perhaps as early as October or November. Now, that is me making a guess and is not transmitted information which needs explained. Be careful, and I say that to all reading, this is going to throw the world into pandemonium particularly with regard to civil safety. Take normal precautions with a little water put aside somewhere and some extra cans of food. Even this may not be necessary depending on events which are almost impossible to detail. Your own free will of choice for self plays a preeminent part in what actually may happen with you and each individual. Nothing is ordained except that the planet will be cleansed.

    (Out of space for your last question)
    Mc: Would like to know what you may have to say about me if you have the ability to speak with someone who may can offer up information. Which has seemed to have been displayed in the post to your response here.


    by Aronolac
    reply to post by Netties Hermit

    Dear Netties Hermit,

    You write:
    Mr Aronolac (and I mean this with absolutely no disrespect) you have been at this for quite some time now, and yet you, and many others, are still awaiting an ‘event’ to happen. So I have a couple of questions if you may.

    What makes you think that this particular ‘transmission’ is any different to any of the others you have received over the many years?

    Aronolac: Discernment is what you are actually asking about I believe. How do we tell the difference between truth and fiction? What matters most is that the ability to discern is God-given because the mind, by itself, is unable to determine the facts as accurate from the perspective of God. We look from the bottom up to the top, and the one we call God looks from the top down to the bottom. We see through obstacles to get to the light; he sees nothing between him and you. So discernment is the only way we have to sense what rings true when we have to decide the nature of what we are presented with.

    In this case, my discernment is placed in trust with my God center. I do not argue or intellectualize about his grant of supreme power to hear the thoughts and voice of God or those who gladly serve him. That ability to place trust within is gained through the trials of experiential brush over years of attempting to find the path to a truthful answer to really big questions about existence. I hear you clearing the brush too just by how you approach the subject I bring to this forum. So you are in process of learning to discern what is brought before you, and this ability will almost always be imperfect. You will not always get it right nor, with practice, will you always get it wrong. But it does just keep getting better and better in the ability to sense the truth and what part of it you can use.

    That is all I can tell you. You really are asking the question of yourself. There is no real guarantee I may provide that what is said here is completely correct either. In fact, I am sure that I can not always express what is completely true even if I had the facts to attempt it. God, when looking from the top to the bottom from his perspective uses an innate process called “compossibility” That is a word that means that Deity is able to look at all of the decisions made over time, and compress them into the laws of working reality. There are trillions of facts, but the truth only comes forward out of all that if you arrange them in their intended relationship to each other. You and I have a small processor to attempt compossibility, but frankly we do not even have all the facts much less do we know how to make the arrangements that equate to the truth we seek. That is why, in time, truth tends to be relative and may even appear to vary from millennium to millennium.

    You write: Have others in your circle had the same ‘dire’ communications or is it just you?

    Aronolac: I am part of the reflective network. Please read my responses to JEWELL for a description of the term reflectivity. Not all communications received through this network (which is new this year and comprises a few dozen transmitters) are dire as you put it as many are beautiful reminders of the presence of spirit in our lives. What makes the present moment so propitious is that our lives for all of us right now are sitting on the cusp of a planetary disaster of our own making. Spirit, who loves us, warns to get out of the way if you can, and if you can not, know that life does not end here.

    Thank you

    With regard to Europe and the USA and the issue of sovereignty, you make an assumption I have not made, and that this reference is to be made about the Euro crisis. That may be true such a crisis will happen, but what I am alluding to is that the problems of so-called sovereign nations will lead to a collapse of actual civilization, and neither the dollar or euro are important to the moral decline the west has experienced since world war II.

    Sustainability issues abound, and schools will be put into place to provide instruction to volunteers who wish to form groups to prepare new institutions to take over from those who fail from the lack of a moral compass to lead them out of the morass they find themselves in. Perhaps 5 to 20 years will pass before the average person comprehends what is at stake, and what is being pulled out from beneath his feet. When this happens, money and traditions matter less, and values that emphasize human participation in government and social institutions can be the foundation upon which the regeneration may begin in creating sustainable civilizations. It will have to be rebuilt.


  4. Potentially important information on project blue beam and a new false flag!,

    ATS Topic started on 15-7-2012 by Bpm1986
    Hi all,

    Like many people who come to ATS I have been an avid reader for many years without ever registering. Four or five in fact! Again like many, I have only recently registered as I finally feel I have some information worthy of sharing with you all. This was posted in my introduction post but got removed due to violating the rules. Now that I’ve hit my 20 posts I can finally share this information again.

    Just to give you a little background information about my self. I have read many different forums and pieces of information regarding many different conspiracies. The ones I have paid particular attention to are the 9/11, NWO, HAARP, Aliens and UFO conspiracies, although I have read and touched upon many others on my Internet travels. This includes project blue beam, which is the main topic of my thread today. I have learnt over the years to take everything with a pinch of salt and not to believe everything you read, and I’m not just talking about what you read/see in the media! Saying this, again like many of you I have a deep feeling that things are not exactly what we see in the world around us and I have a strong feeling that TPTB are hiding quite a lot from us all. Enough about me, on to the story!

    * Disclaimer* This happened to me about 3 weeks ago. I do not know why I did not post this until now, I guess it simply did not cross my mind to do so until this evening. Please forgive me if some of the information is a bit vague.

    *Disclaimer 2* Due to me having to reach 20 posts before re-submitting this, it has now been about 3 months.

    I’m a betting shop manager in London and I am used to getting some weird bet requests from time to time. About 3 weeks ago, a gentleman came into my shop and asked me if he could place a very strange bet. He was a Caucasian man, aged between 25 and 30, about 5’10, was casually dressed and had a London accent. He approached the counter, greeted me and my cashier and asked me if we would accept a bet for aliens to be announced to the world this year or make themselves known to the world this year.

    Now this isn’t the craziest request I’ve ever seen before and I could actually get him a price from a few different bookmakers in the UK. The natural next step was to ask him how much. He said he wanted to bet £300 on it! I was quite shocked as usually people only put a few £ here or there as a laugh, but his man seemed deadly serious! My curiosity took over and I asked him why he would want to bet so much on it and if he had any information (not in those exact words). Without answering my question, he immediately asked me if he could bet on a specific date AND location as well! Now this really shocked me. Working in a betting shop, I’m used to coming across some complete looney toons! I like to think im quite able to differentiate between a sane person and a crazy person and to me, this person looked completely sane and quite intelligent.

    He went on to ask me if he could bet on aliens making themselves known/being uncovered on August 11 2012 at the Olympic village, London. This is one day before the London Olympics are due to finish. He said he would bet money on it all day every day if he could. I asked him how he has this information. He said something along the lines of a friend who works high up in Government or agency of some sort had given him some information. He then went on warn me not to believe everything you see and this ‘Alien’ uncovering might not even be real, but a way of our government scaring us to gain the ability to take away more of our freedoms. I immediately thought back to a thread I had read about project blue beam here on ATS and sheepishly said to him, ‘You mean like project blue beam?’. He simply smiled at me and said ‘ something like that! Can you get me those prices?’ quickly changing the subject! I had to do my job so I searched the web quickly to see if I could get a price on a specific date and place of arrival. With no luck, I rang my trading team in my head office. No luck there either and I was told by my trading team at the same time that I could not take his £300 bet at the larger price one of our competitors were offering. When I told him this, he simply said thanks for my time and left the shop.

    Every now and again I think about this encounter and wonder if the man really has some solid information. With 100 billions Stars in our Galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in our universe, I have no doubt that we are not alone. The question is, will they make themselves known this year during Englands biggest event in decades? Or will our governments simply lie to us and deceive us by making us believe aliens are here, with the end result being that our governments are able to control us even further? Maybe neither? What are your thoughts ATS?

    Thanks for reading, I’m really interested to hear about what you guys think.

    Link http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread860983/pg1

  5. Post from ATS by Starling

    I was waiting for a signal, and got it right on time….

    I’m an astrologer and also a follower of Jose Arguelles’ Mayan Factor since 25 years.
    In my research for the the real date for the 2012 impact moment, I found that, rather than the Dec 21 2012 date that everyone’s been ranting on about, the real impact time was July 18 2012……Today!

    I have a handy planetary ephemeris that charts the movements of all celestial bodies, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    There is a humongous Grand Cross alignment, between the most malignant planetary players possible, that could only spell the most discordant impact possible, at the exact degree of effect.

    I’ve been watching for the build up for WW3, as well as watching the movements of Hillary Clinton, like a hawk.
    She and Bibi Netanyahu have set this all up to ignite this war into the true 2012 catastrophic event that it will evolve in short time.

    July 18th was indeed the date.

    Fasten your seat belts, folks!

  6. Let’s re-analyse the Nostradamus Olympics quatrain, X – 74, page 1

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    ATS Members have flagged this thread 11 times Topic started on 19-7-2012 @ 05:20 AM by R6A6W6
    I will be referring here to Century X, quatrain 74 of the book The Prophesies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham 1973. Or what is more commonly referred to as “The Games of Slaughter” quatrain.
    I will first copy the original version as written in the book and then I will copy the English translation also supplied by Erika and others in the book.
    Then I will put in my own thoughts on the interpretation and then hand it over to you to comment as well.

    Research further, Erika Cheetham wikipedia

    Century X, quatrain 74, original text.

    Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme
    Apparoistra au temps Jeux d’Hecatombe,
    Non esloign’e du grand eage milliesme
    Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.

    Century X, quatrain 74, English translation.

    The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
    it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
    not far from the age of the great millennium,
    when the dead will come out of their graves.

    My personal take on both versions:

    “Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme”, to me says “A revolution of the grand number 7 or September”?

    Looking at the first line in English:
    “The year of the great seventh number accomplished”, this could mean the year of the 7/7 London transport bombings was successful? Which would also relate the quatrain to London.

    Looking at the second line in English:
    “it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter”, may not relate to the Olympics at all. It could be saying instead, “at a time when it seems that slaughter is happening and it seems like a game”

    Looking at the third line in English:
    “not far from the age of the great millennium”, it is still not far from the age of the great millennium in 2012, the millennium being turning to 2000 years, 12 is not much out of 1000, 1.2%.

    Looking at the fourth line in English:
    “when the dead will come out of their graves”. I can only think of 3 modern day takes on this line.
    1. People who we long thought to be dead, eg Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain, Gadaffi, will be found to have not been killed? I know that’s going to sound far fetched but, there are theory’s about Bin Laden not having been killed in the marines raid in Pakistan.
    2. Someone claims to be the new Jesus Christ, sent down to save us all.
    3. Zombie attack. As Zombies are said to be the living dead.

    Ok I will now leave you to ponder what I have written and see if you can add any further translations or interpretations yourselves.

    by Wheelindiehl
    The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
    it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,
    not far from the age of the great millennium,
    when the dead will come out of their graves.

    …the great number 7 refers to spiritual perfection…games of slaughter could refer to something yet to be seen (you could say the Olympics if that makes you feel better)…the great millenium is when Christ is supposed to return for his reign of a thousand years…the dead coming out of their graves = he doesn’t refer to them walking or crawling out of their graves, caskets and bodies have been known to unearth themselves during earthquakes and the such, so this is how I would translate this quatrain

    In the year of spiritual perfection
    “it” will appear at the Olympics
    close to when Christ begins his 1000 year reign
    after a great cataclysm

    …but what is “it”, I read the quatrains before and after and can’t seem to figure out what he is referring to, regardless, we are nowhere near spiritual perfection so I wouldn’t get worried.

  7. Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming???

    ATS Topic started on 6-8-2012 @ 10:40 PM by srsen
    Ok so we may all remember the guy who apparently predicted the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Mitchell Combes? He was an ATS member for a period if i recall correctly.

    Story is that he posted a 104 hour countdown to the earthquake and got it 100% correct. Different thoughts and ideas circulate as to whether that was a legit prediction or not.

    Nonetheless he has just posted his first real prediciton since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and if he is correct, we are in for a massive global incident very shortly. Here is what he posted about 45 minutes ago on his Facebook page:

    Ok everyone, you’ve been warned of what’s to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan’s countdown… Sydney’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4’s, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour.

    Will he be correct? I hope not – i live with 50kms of Sydney and AUstralia’s East Coast.

    When asked how far inland these tsunamis would reach and when exactly he will give his 104 hour countdown he replied, “70 miles inland. Days…”

    He is describing an unprecedented event that would pretty much change the face of the planet – if correct, nothing to be taken lightly.

    Make of it what you will, just thought it could be handy to post in here, just in case. Me personally, i’m not buying it. NOt saying he is being sinister or intentionally misleading, but i just dont think it will happen.

    What does everyone think? And remember, i’m not a ‘follower’ or brainwashed or anything, just re-posting some interesting info

    • reply posted on 7-8-2012 @ 02:34 AM by srsen
      Originally posted by Shimri
      FB from back in January:

      — HAARP work[s] with 4 regional color schemes- black, red, yellow and green. Black means the tsunami is within 104 hours. Red means the tsunami is near. Yellow means we still have a little while to go. Green is no danger. Most of 2011 we were in the yellow but now they have changed to the color red. —

      Also they plan a double tsunami (two activated within an hour) for CA, hence the need to get 70 miles inland, as opposed to 30-40 miles.

      ATS Forum: Massive Sydney and California Tsunamis coming http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread868941/pg4

  8. Mitchell Coombes:Forewarned of Japan Tsunami.. Now Forewarns Californian Tsunami/WW3?

    Posted by Judy Taylor on August 7, 2012 at 11:53pm in Current News/Events
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    Hi Avalonians. For a while now, I have been unsure of whether to post a thread about this guy but I feel that some may benefit from some good discussion/further info thus I will take my chances. I must emphasize that I am not trying to fear monger and I’m not saying that all of what he says is the truth. I am simply trying to get this information out so that I can discuss it rationally with others.

    Some background first.

    I first became aware of Mitchell on Above Top Secret (not the most credible of sites I know) sometime around last March. A poster on ATS had started a thread claiming that Mitchell had provided a warning on Facebook about the Japanese Tsunami 104 hours before it actually materialized. The poster knew this to be fact because he was a friend of Mitchell’s on Facebook and saw the status update warning just as anyone else would had they also been his friend and to prove his point he posted the screen shots of said warning in the thread. Of course I was immediately interested and decided to add Mitchell Coombes on Facebook. It took a few weeks to have a friendship confirmation as even back then he already had an overwhelming amount of people adding him as his infamy spread. As of this moment he has 5000 (which I believe is the limit) friends and 1,964 subscribers on Facebook. Here is the link to his FB page http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1427705082.

    Since I added him I was able to see for myself the original Japanese Tsunami warning which he claims was a product of HAARP. In the course of the year he has posted many fore-warnings about the future in regards to HAARP, WW3, Terrorist Attacks, Economic crash etc. Recently he has also posted scores for Rugby League Football Matches in Australia (he is Australian) prior to the games being played to demonstrate how the matches are fixed and the NRL is rigged. Again this is because he has access to insider info.

    From the little information I have gathered on him I am aware that he is young possibly in his teens or early twenties and lives in Wollongong, Australia. He used to work for the Poker industry and endorses operations carried out by anonymous. For now as far as I know he uses Facebook and his own website (which may or may not still be active) which I am not a member of as membership is charged.. to broadcast this information.

    Below I have copied and pasted some of his comments on his FB wall responding to people’s questions regarding warnings etc about the future:

    On fear mongering:

    Mitchell Coombes The basic message in this video is that not everything is a conspiracy. There is a lot of fear-mongering and paranoia when it comes to conspiracy theories. You must remain logical when it comes to looking for the truth instead of letting your emotions distort you in the web of lies. There is no proof whatsoever that Comet Elenin is a threat to the earth. Many people are ignorant towards what HAARP is, some people don’t even know what HAARP stands for or where it is located and yet these same ignorant people think they have the right to point the finger at those that actually know what’s going on in this world. People don’t want to believe that TAB is rigged, or that the casino industry is rigged, or that the FBI are a bunch of drug dealing pedophiles. Anon and Lulsec have already exposed many of these corrupt corporations (CIA, NATO) and published their classified documents on Wikileaks. It is important to co-incide with the logic and evidence and not emotion and fear.
    27 September at 03:07 • Like • 2 people

    Mitchell Coombes I am not trying to spread fear.. I am just trying to spread awareness of the truth.. I keep telling people repeatedly not to fear anything but fear itself… In this knowledge we should remain strong. The truth will set us free. I am 99% sure of my sources based on the track record of it’s authenticity and accuracy (NZ earthquake and Japan tsunami)… The only way for me to get the actual dates for certain events is solely through exclusive information.
    30 May at 10:45 • Like • 7


    Mitchell Coombes Yes the FBI / HAARP have the ability to create earthquakes/tsunamis wherever they want, especially around tectonic plate areas (Pacific ring of fire is their weapon of choice). This is ultimately a weapon of warfare. They can wage a silent war against any country they please, just like they did with Japan back in March with the tsunami. HAARP is definitely a weapon of warfare. I have slowed them down dramatically though since March, but that does not mean the FBI will not attack California. It is no co-incidence that there were countless disasters around the east coast of Australia, NZ and the Pacific areas (Japan) from January – March 2011 and for the last 9 months virtually nothing has occurred in the Pacific areas. They realize now that I am on their tail. If they were indeed planning to create the California tsunami this year I would have given out another 104 hour warning. The reason behind the 104 hour countdown is because this is known as the ‘point of no return’ for HAARP in relation to experimenting/testing their technology.
    Yesterday at 02:02 • Like • 2

    • Gregory Lynn when you say You’ve slowed them down, how did you manage that? it seems they could easily block your fb account. i’m wondering why they don’t. I think they would allow certain Thing’s to get a little publicity on purpose like a game. But they could stop it at any minute
    Yesterday at 08:28 • Like

    Mitchell Coombes No actually if you read Facebook’s terms and conditions Facebook are not allowed to delete an account for any reason other than violating the terms and conditions, and that I have not done. So for HAARP to get this Facebook profile deleted is breaking the terms and conditions, unlike Youtube, which is run by Google and they can cease accounts at will. Slowed them down because they are playing the waiting game with the Cali tsunami and it’s taking a while and they could easily do it any day now but they choose not to by the press of one button. Yes in regard to publicity look at Comet Elenin and YU55 the fear mongering and panic about Sept-Nov being the end of days and the world being destroyed its designed to discredit those that actually do speak the truth no matter how bizarre it sounds when I say it , it’s real .
    Yesterday at 08:39 • Like

    Mitch, do you know about technical documentation where I can read about HAARP’s high frecuencies influence in the environment and even some kind of control over weather? Is the basis of measurement of magnetic field, mutually orthogonal directions: north, south and downward respectively

    Yes… This is how HAARP operate in order to create tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. The RP in HAARP will soon be modified. HAARP go through three phases when it comes to D1 drills. Analysis phase, research phase and test phase. The magnetic field (nT) is a byproduct of the orthogonal directions. It is true that these orthogonal directions include N, E and SW mutually respective of each other

    Canary Islands:

    Mitchell Coombes Yes there will also be a magnitude 10.4 tsunami in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa (La Palma, Canary Islands). The Canary Island will landslide into the ocean causing a twin-tsunami.

    Mitchell Coombes ‎1. Hard evidence? The proof is in the predictions. They will do all the talking. You should be familiar with the 104 hour tsunami warning, there will be more of those.

    2.Australia will not be affected by the earthquakes per se but will be affected by the tsunamis. HAARP are not able to create tsunamis off the coast of Aus because there are no tectonic plates in the Tasman Sea. Obviously northern QLD and NT will be hit by the Indonesian tsunami planned by the FBI in 2013, but don’t worry if you live in Australia….. 2012 won’t be that bad.

    3. You can help by spreading the word. When the 104 hour tsunami warning begins, tell everyone you can, your family, friends, do whatever you can to get the word out. This is NOT about personal credit, this is about saving lives and uniting together to expose corrupt corporations (FBI, CIA, AFP, ASIO, NATO, NORAD, HAARP, TAB Sportsbet, etc etc).

    Marci I still keep to my words. If anything has changed I will make it public. The California tsunami is still planned before the New York tsunami

    Canary Island landslide (and resulting tsunami on east coast of USA) comes approximately 96 days after the California tsunami. EPICENTER APPROXIMATELY 85 MILES WEST OF PORTLAND, OREGON.

    Mitchell Coombes No it won’t be this year, it’s planned for 2012, and a lot sooner than you think too.
    28 September at 07:56 • Like • 4 people


    Number 1. Stockpile basic necessities. This includes canned food, bottled water, herbs and petrol.
    Number 2. Invest large amounts of money into Gold, oil, copper, uranium and Westpac.
    Are there any safe areas? Yes, central western USA will remain untouched in regard to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Australia (excluding the east coast), and the southern island of NZ. We can fight back (protesting, spreading awareness) but it is only delaying the inevitable. We will not be able to stop their NWO regime.
    Not every single day, but eventually it will be most days. Disasters is referring to cataclysmic events (planned) that will be on mainstream media 24-7 for days on end (just like NZ earthquake and Japan tsunami).

    The USA will turn into a police state (martial law) after the US economy collapses. The US will have enough problems of their own to worry about other countries. They are the only superpower that invades other countries for OIL and WATER in the name of the ‘War on Terror’. The US won’t even be assisting Israel in WW3, now that says something.

    Similar to 9-11 and the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US military will conduct a nuclear terrorist attack against their own people. These nuclear attacks will be throughout the USA capital cities. Again, they will blame ‘Jihad, Al-Qaeda’ and go along with their ‘War on Terror’ against Iran. The US and Israel will invade Iran, this will trigger WW3. America will be unable to assist Israel to its full potential in this invasion (due to the economic collapse and natural disasters).

    Israel & Britain VS Iran, Turkey, Libya, Russia. Israel will win the war.

    US Economy
    According to the same contacts that provide me with 104 hr tsunami warnings we have until December/January. The debt matter obviously won’t be significant but it’s still important to stockpile. There is no turning back for the US economy… the hole is far too deep.

    I apologize for the unstructured nature of the pastes but I think that they are clear enough.
    Apologies too for the length of this post.

    Now.. any thoughts?http://www.projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?36083-Mitchell-C

  9. 2012 Emergency messages of extraterrestrial civilizations

    Emergency message of extraterrestrials about natural disaster of incredible power on September 22, 2012 and instructions for humanity salvation from global cataclysms through the united consciousness. As a result of critical decreasing of Earth magnetic field in the ocean near the coast of Peru will occur the epicenter of very powerful disaster. The natural blow will be directed on the East Coast of the North America. Side blows can affect Western coast of Europe and other countries. On the way of the natural disaster many nuclear plants will be destroyed and the level of radiation on the planet will be very high. International communications will be interrupted.

    On September 22, 2012 will happen the second preliminary cataclysm and soon will happen more powerful natural catastrophe – the third preliminary cataclysm. Then on December 21, 2012 will start global cataclysms. It will be impossible to hide and wait till their end. ETC inform about the only way for humanity salvation – to make the Transition to another safe Highest level of the material world through the united consciousness of all civilization. ETC call humanity to make the Transition before September 22, 2012.

  10. Mitchell Coombs FB update.

    Update: The only main change is that the East coast of NSW is not going to get a tsunami for now, California are next. Now all of the earthquakes are going to hit California and they will get the worst of it, and the east coast of QLD obviously. But NSW is in the clear for now. Remember these earthquakes are man made. The Iran earthquakes last night have nothing to do with my warning. All focus is now on California. No 104 hour countdown was posted for California yet, for California HAARP are close, let’s hope we can prevent it from happening California but I doubt it. California. No dude HAARP don’t attack Greece, Greece is fine.

    Gavin and Edmund Chachon, Sydney gets a sudden reprieve from any earthquakes or tsunamis FOR NOW because HAARP have heavily located themselves in Australia recently and with assembling they have decided to put it off and just focus on California. They have stations assembling around Canberra which may be needed temporarily, that’s one of many reasons.

    I know it’s a severe dodge but the focus still remains and it’s only temporary. Earthquakes happen every day, but Iran’s is an obvious.

    Anita I am imperfect I never said I was claiming to be god or using super natural powers because this isn’t your typical Doomsday jargon, this is something I have been involved in for over 3 years. I am not trying to scare anyone people are already worried. I am just relying on my sources for the Japan quake and its accuracy for now, I am sorry if it seems fake to you, because it’s real, Its that time just to sit back and wait for the time to post it.

    Ant Cox, obviously until the Cali earthquake………. If you think this is just one big game or if you think this is fake, then unsubscribe and re-subscribe after its all over or just wait.

    • posted on 7-8-2012 @ 10:47 AM by iwan2ski
      Originally posted by srsen
      Gotta head out for a few hours, but one last post before then. A remote viewer said that in June 2013 he sees Sydney, AUstralia and other coastal regions worldwide under water!

      Is it linked? Maybe, maybe not


      I heard the same prediction on Red Ice Radio with Dr. Courntey Brown. I also wondered if it was linked myself. I guess we’ll see, huh

      ATS thread

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