The Golden Ratio/Fractals and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

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The Golden Ratio and Fractals

The Golden Ratio or Golden Mean is a ratio that many things within nature conform to. It can be visualized like this:

Another way it can be visualized:

It states that when a value of a and b are added together they equal c (or a+b here). The value of c is to a as a is to b. The spiral graphic is a good visualization of this concept, each “loop” being the sum of the previous two loops.

Our bodies follow this ratio.

This is only one example, there are more if you care to research it.

The golden ratio is present throughout nature as well, from our own DNA:

To seashells:

To pine cones:

And even to the galaxies:

It seems as though almost everything from the micro to the macro follows this one ratio. The term “As above, so below; as within, so without” comes to mind here. The makeup of creation mirrors the same pattern from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, almost as if the universe is one giant fractal.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

So where do the mind, body, and spirit come into play here? Well the Golden Ratio consists of three parts, a, b, and c with c being the sum of both a and b. Mind, body, and spirit, three parts of the human experience (as well as other life). The mind is the mental aspect of our existence, the body is the physical aspect, and the spirit is the immaterial aspect.

What is marriage? It is traditionally the union of a male and female. While their is the religious ritual of marriage, there is also a spiritual form of marriage that many are not aware of. This spiritual form of marriage is that of the body and spirit. What happens at conception? A body is given life, the spirit enters the body. When a baby is conceived, the spiritual union of body and spirit is consummated, or “made whole”. When a baby is “made whole”, life is created. The mind is the result of life being consummated, a new perspective within this world is created.

What does this have to do with mind, body, and spirit though?

The body is made of matter, the word matter has its roots in the Latin word mater- which means “mother”. Earth is consisted of matter, Earth (physicality) is the feminine or female aspect of our existence, it is our body and the material world around us. This is why Earth is sometimes referred to as “Mother Earth”, she is the “womb” of creation.

The spirit is immaterial, the word spirit has its roots in the Latin word spiritus which means “breath”. The spirit within us, the immaterial substance that gives the body life, is what controls our breathing and heartbeat. We do not need to think about breathing in order to do it, it is done subconsciously. The spirit is the masculine or male aspect of existence. It is the seed that enters the egg (body) at conception. It is what allows the mind to experience time. This is why time is sometimes called “Father Time”, he is the giver of life to the body.

The mind is the “marriage” of the body and spirit at conception. It is life itself, that which perceives Mother Earth and Father Time, it is what the bible refers to as the “Son” or “image of God”.

The Connection

The spirit can be seen as 1 because there is only one spirit, the body can be considered 2 because it is what gives the idea of separation and multiplicity, and the mind can be seen as 3. 1 (spirit) + 2 (body) = 3 (mind). We are the Golden Ratio realized, both body (a) and spirit (b) equaling a mind (c).

The universe around us follows the Golden Ratio from the micro to the macro, why is this? Because the Golden Ratio is what is observing it. When we are not looking at something, things do not act as they should as attested to by the double-slit experiment. Without observation, any one event is in a state of probability, it is only when we observe it does that probability take form.

What is the Golden Ratio in the form of? Light, and even light itself follows this Golden Ratio, being both wave (a) and particle (b) forming visible light (c).

Third Eye/Mind’s Eye

We’ve all heard of the “third eye” haven’t we? It is often referred to as the “mind’s eye”. Where is this eye? It’s within the light itself, the same light that forms into the image that we see. We see our “mind’s eye” every waking moment of our lives. Those who are blind do not see their third eye, they do not know what light is, at least those who are born blind.

The image we see is what the bible refers to as “God’s image” or “Jesus”, the Son and image of God, it is what we are created in. The image we see is one image, yet it is still the sum of two other parts, our eyes. Two becoming one, two eyes creating the one image we see, that of light and life. The Golden Ratio yet again, it pervades everything about our experiences as human beings and conscious life.


We are the Golden Ratio in the form of life. We are mind, body, and spirit with the mind being the sum of the body and spirit. Our existence mirrors the Golden Ratio from the micro to the macro, with us being the “in-between”, the Golden Ratio itself.

Think of it like a prism, a ray of light shoots through a clear image and turns that ray of light into the rainbow of colors we see. The ray of light being the spirit, the prism being the mind or image, and the rainbow being the world around us with its many colors.

Does the world shine light on us or do we shine light onto the world? Maybe it’s both.

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