Magnesium Chloride


This article was written by the Reverend Father Jose Chorr, of the Chafarrinense College, who is also professor of physics and biology and in it he expresses some concepts about Magnesium Chloride (Mg Cl2). Reverend Chorr tells what transpired in his own body: ”When I was 61 years old I was, in a sense, completely paralyzed”; this occurred 12 years before he started his Magnesium Chloride treatment. “I felt sharp pangs in the lumbar region (spine), and this was considered incurable by the orthodox medical science (meaning the general practitioners). Getting out of bed in the mornings I would feel a strong pain in my spine that bothered me during the whole day. This was caused by the sciatic nerve pressing on the third vertebrae, and made itself felt especially when standing up thus forcing me to work for most of the day sitting down.” 


There was a year in which I did everything sitting down, except the Mass. This was a torment and had to cancel my travel plans because of the pain. During a very dry summer the pain subsided somewhat, but later it became worse. It was then that I started to do the Mass sitting down. I returned to the city of Floreanapolis (Brazil) in order to find a specialist that would cure me. New x-rays were taken, and these showed a hardness and an advanced state of decalcification. There was nothing to be done. The ten therapy sessions with short-wave in my spine did not stop the pain, to the point not being able to sleep even when laying down; sometimes I stayed sitting on the bed. Then I discovered that I could fall sleep in the fetal position, like the cats do. 


I was asking myself what I could do. I had been fooled by traditional medicine and it was then that I prayed to God. I asked: God, you see the predicament this creature is in. I ask you, my God, to show me a solution to all my afflictions.


As it happened in a few days I was taken to Porto Alegre to a Jesuit Encounter. There I met Father Suarez, a Jesuit priest who told me that the cure to my afflictions was something very simple and easy. He said that I should take Magnesium Chloride, and showed me a writing in a medical book by Father Poig, an Spanish Jesuit, well known and prestigious biologist who had discovered the healing properties of Magnesium Chloride, starting with a family experience by healing his mother who around those times had an osteoarthritis in an advanced state of decalcification.


Jesuit priests had always been known to have great knowledge used for curing illnesses using natural resources like medicinal herbs and pure minerals. Joking aside Father Suarez said to me: “As long as you take this salt you will only die if you shoot yourself in the head or if you have an accident”.


I started taking a daily dose each morning. Three days later, I started to take one dose in the morning and on in the evening. Still, I continued to sleep all rolled up. But on the twenty-first day as I got out of bed everything felt strange. I asked myself if I could be dreaming, since I was not feeling any pains and was able to walk around the city still feeling the weight of ten years of suffering such discomfort and limitations. Forty days later I was able to walk the whole day. After sixty days my painful leg was as good or better than the other leg. After three months I began to feel the flexibility increasing in my bones and an unexpected well being in all my body. Ten months have gone by and I can bend like a snake making me feel like a different person.


Magnesium Chloride, pulls the calcium erroneously deposited in the wrong places and places it only on the bones, and, what’s more it normalizes blood circulation. The nervous system calms totally allowing more mental clarity, increasing the memory, attention and concentration noticeably, and blood thins and is cleansed. The needles in liver have disappeared and the prostate, which was supposed to undergo surgery, doesn’t even bother me. But the most important effect of all is to be questioned by other persons: What are you doing that you look younger? I would reply: Yes, I truly feel younger with more zest for life. And it is because of this that I feel obligated to disseminate this natural remedy, as my thanks to God for answering my prayers. Thus I’m sending copy of this writing to all those persons suffering illnesses and pains.


Method of preparation


Boil one liter of water. Open the small envelope containing 33 grams of Magnesium Chloride (can be found in Pharmacies) and pour into a bottle or glass jar (no plastic). Add the cold boiled water to dissolve the powder, mix and then cover.


In this manner you get a solution that will remain stable, no need to store in the refrigerator.


Recommended dosage: the equivalent to a small cup of coffee, depending on the age and need of the person.


Magnesium Chloride restores mineral equilibrium as in osteoarthritis due to decalcification, reanimates the function in the organs, as in the kidneys, to eliminate uric acid. It regulates neuromuscular activity and participates in the transmition of nerve impulses. It’s a great physical energizer and balances the mechanics of muscular contraction and relaxation thus preventing fatigue or tired muscles, eliminating cramps and strengthening the muscles, and this is very desirable for any athlete.


It is necessary for the proper functioning of the heart as it carries out a very important chores in multiple biological processes, increasing nutrition and input of energy, combats depression, dizziness, and it’s a powerful anti stress agent.


It carries out a primary function in regulating body temperature. It helps to lower cholesterol. Regulates the intestines. Also plays an important role in bone formation and in metabolizing carbohydrates and proteins. It helps to prevent neuromuscular irritation as in tetanus, epilepsy, etc. Helps to diminish lipids (fat) in the blood and arteriosclerosis purifying the blood and revitalizing the brain. Helps the return of youth and to retain it until advanced age.


After 40 years the human organism begins to absorb less magnesium in the diet creating old age symptoms and illness. This is the reason it should be taken according to the age of the person. It prevents and cures the prostate and hemorrhoids. Prevents the flu. Lengthens youth. Prevents obesity. Helps prevent cancer. Protects against arteriosclerosis. It’s an excellent laxative. Solves digestive problems. Reduces bronchitis. Prevents chilblains. It is a deodorant.


Age: From 10 to 50 years: ½ dosage. From 51 to 70 years: 1 dose in the morning. From 71 on, or depending on the condition: a dose in the morning and another in the evening.

Those people who live in cities with low nutrition diets such as refined and canned foods must consume a bit more Magnesium. People who live in the country can diminish the dosage.


Is it true that just by taking Magnesium Chloride a person can be free of ailments?

Taking Magnesium Chloride will make everything more gratifying and easier to handle. MC is not habit forming, nor it is a chemical. It is a natural compound without any secondary effects and is compatible with any (most) other simultaneous medications.




For the spine: Sciatic nerve or lumbar, hearing loss due to decalcification. Take one dose in the morning, another in the afternoon and another at night. Once healing has taken place continue taking to prevent return of the condition, but diminishing one or two doses daily depending on the age.


Osteoarthritis: Uric acid is deposited in the body joints, especially in the fingers that will become swollen. This happens when the kidneys are failing because of the lack of Magnesium: must be careful, the kidneys might be deteriorating. Take a dose in the morning, if in twenty days you don’t feel better continue with a dose in the morning and another in the evening. After healing continue with a preventive dosage according to the age.


Prostate: There’s a story of an old man could not urinate, in the few days before the surgery he was given three doses of MC and he began to feel better. After a week he was cured totally without the need for surgery. There are instances where the prostate will return to normal. Take a dose in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. Upon healing continue with the minimum dose according to the age.


In old age conditions: Rigid bones, cramps, trembling, hard arteries due to cholesterol on its walls, lack of brain activity. Take a dose in the morning, one in the afternoon and another one at night. Upon healing, continue with the minimum maintenance dose.


Cancer: We all have a propensity to get it. It consists of malformed cells due to some substance or the presence of toxic particles. These cells do not mix with the good cells, but they’re not harmless, only until a certain number of bad cells that the Magnesium is able to combat using the good cells. Happily, a slow cancerous process doesn’t cause pain until the tumor appears. There are a variety of viruses that invade the good cells producing ramifications. Magnesium Chloride is only able to slow the cancer action when this illness is well advanced, it can’t cure it totally, although there have been cases when it did. There are indications that cancer is hereditary. MC is the best way to prevent cancer of the breast and to stop the formation of malignant tumors. It is recommended to avoid foods with carcinogens and smoking while taking the MC as a remedy. It is enough for the human body to be “mineralized” normally in order to be free from most illnesses. It is recommended in all cases where healing was successful to diminish the dosage to the minimum maintenance amount to keep the illness from recurring. It is also convenient to stop the dosage for 2 to 4 months and then continue with periods of 4 to 6 months of maintenance dosage followed by another off period. 
The lack of magnesium in the body can produce, among other illnesses: general weakness, degenerative illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, neurosis, nerve disorders, weakness of the bones and anemia.


The last paragraph of this writing seems of interest in that it states: Cooperate with the persons that need help. Photocopy this article and distribute it among your family, friends and neighbors, you will then be able to help diminish the world’s suffering. 


Disclaimer: This article was translated literally from the Spanish version by JD. The content of the article is the responsibility of the original author, not of the translator. The translator is not responsible for any of the procedures, advices, cures and/or suggestions mentioned in this article. Consult a qualified medical doctor before starting any self-medication procedure.


If you wish to read the original of this article in Spanish please send me a note to that effect


You can get Magnesium Chloride in most pharmacies around the US. You can also get it via the Internet. A good source of Magensium Chloride can be found here.



  1. why 33 gram man need 360 mg a day

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