Middle East countries are scrambling to build Nuclear weapons programs

Post by noeltrotsky at ATS.

The last thing this world needs is more countries with nuclear weapons.

However governments all over the Middle East would beg to differ with that statement. The Middle East has many countries scrambling to build Nuclear weapons programs.

Saudi Arabia: Recently signed an agreement with South Korea to build two nuclear reactors. Given the vast Oil and Gas wealth of the country electrical generation isn’t likely to be the main reason for the plant. Of course that’s what they’ll tell you they are for.
The Saudi’s also have long standing military ties with Pakistan and rumor has it they already have agreed to share nuclear bomb technology with the House of Saud. There is no way the Saudi’s will let Iran have a nuclear weapon while they don’t.

Jordan: Just signed an agreement with Russia to build 2 nuclear power plants.
While Jordan desperately needs the electricity the scary byproduct is a path to building nuclear weapons.

Turkey: They are building so many nuclear plants it’s hard to keep track actually. They’ve signed deals with all the big players, several building nuclear complexes with 4 plants at each site. Of course their president has publicly stated, “Turkey will not accept a neighboring country possessing weapons not possessed by Turkey herself,”
Given Israel already has Nukes we all know what that means, eventhough most attribute it to Iran going nuclear.

Egypt: They just signed a deal with Russia to build their first nuclear power plant.
Russia and Egypt have been growing closer and closer since Sisi took power in Egypt. The Russian nuclear plant deal does not include the safeguards that the US was trying to require forcing Uranium enrichment to be kept out of Egyptian hands. Probably why Egypt wasn’t too interested in what the US had to offer.

Iran: Everyone knows Iran is building a path to make nuclear bombs. I won’t review it here.

So there you have it. All the main players in the Middle East are starting to sign deals and get shovels in the ground on many new nuclear power plants. Several have openly stated they will not let other Middle East countries have nuclear weapons alone. What is driving this scramble for nuclear programs?

Well Iran working to get nuclear weapons is likely a main driving force. The different Muslim factions clearly don’t want Iran having such a powerful role in the Middle East…not alone at least.
The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan have likely encouraged countries to get nuclear weapons and be able to stop aggressive US foreign policies.

Personally I think joining the Ballistic Missile Defense program is one hell of a good idea for any country that gets the chance. The future is looking highly radioactive!


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