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Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease, Part Three

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Coronary Angiogram Real Time Cath LabPreventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Part Three

by Jeffrey Dach MD


This Article is Part Three.
For Part One Click Here,
and for  Part Two Click Here.

A Man with Progressive Coronary Artery Disease Unresponsive to Statins

62 year old Jim came just had his third cardiac stent.  A year ago, Jim noticed a “tight feeling” in his chest radiating to his throat, was rushed to the ER, and doctors found he was having a heart attack. A coronary angiogram showed extensive coronary artery disease with irregular plaque formation.

Progressive Coronary Artery Plaque in Spite of Low Cholesterol

For 12 years now, Jim’s cholesterol level had been driven down into the 140 area by the “top cardiologist in the area”, who prescribed a hefty dose of a statin anti-cholesterol drug.  In spite of the lowest cholesterol level on the planet,  Jim’s heart disease progressed relentlessly with worsening calcium scores, worsening angiograms, and worsening symptoms of chest pain.   His disease progression was obviously not caused by an elevated cholesterol level.  For a discussion of how elevated cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease, see my article on patients with familial hypercholesterolemia who have very high cholesterol, yet have no heart disease, proving the hypothesis that cholesterol levels are not necessarily a risk factor for heart disease, and reducing cholesterol levels with drugs may be a fruitless endeavor.

Doctors advise Jim to Stop Testosterone

Jim had been taking topical testosterone for the past 5 years, and recently stopped it because of advice from his cardiologist who pointed a finger and said, “You should stop the testosterone….The testosterone is bad for your heart and probably caused your heart attack“.  Jim came to see me for a second opinion.

Jim’s Doctor is Right About That

Jim’s doctor is right in that a number of recent studies have shown a small increase in heart attack rate in men starting testosterone.   This is caused by increased hematocrit (red blood cell count) and increased iron stores which thicken the blood and make it more susceptible to blood clot formation, all risk factors for heart attack.  See  my article on this.  The simple solution is to monitor blood count and iron levels, and donate blood at the blood bank every 4 to 6 weeks to reduce iron and red cells.

Our Approach to Preventing Heart Disease

I must preface these remarks with our approach to prevention and reversal of heart disease which is outlined in Part One  and Part Two  of this series.  We credit and rely heavily on the  “Track Your Plaque Program ” by William Davis MD.  We also use the Linus Pauling Protocol.

Bioidentical Hormones For Prevention and Reversal of Heart Disease

In this article we will revisit the role of the testosterone and estradiol in prevention and reversal of heart disease, looking at the latest research.  Firstly, let’s try to answer the question:

” Is low testosterone a risk factor for heart diease, and is normal testosterone level protective of heart disease?” 

Here we assume red cell count and iron levels are kept under control with monthly trips to the blood bank, so there is no short term increase in heart attack rate from hypercoagulability, as noted in a few recent studies of men started on testosterone.

Low Testosterone is Predictive for Increased Mortality from Heart Disease

If testosterone was causative of heart disease,  one would expect men with high testosterone to have more heart disease, and men with low testosterone to have less heart disease.  This is exactly opposite of four major studies showing men with low testosterone have both increased all-cause mortality and increased heart disease mortality.(1-4)

Testosterone Levels in Men With Heart Disease

A recent study by Malkin looked at Testosterone levels in men with known underlying heart disease.  He showed that low Testosterone is common in men with underlying heart disease, and this is associated with almost double the mortality rate.(5)  Again these findings suggest that higher Testosterone is protective and prevents progression of heart disease.  The assumption that Testosterone causes progression of atherosclerosis plaque has been shown false.(6-9).


Above image: Cross section of arteries (left to right) showing development of fatty streak which enlarges into the atherosclerotic plaque.Animal Studies on Mechanism of Protection A number of elegant animal studies have been done to elucidate the mechanism by which testosterone is protective of heart disease.  A 1999 study by Alex Andersen in rabbits showed that testosterone reduced aortic atheroscleosis.(10)  Castrated rabbits had low testosterone levels and doubled the  aortic atherosclerosis plaque formation, suggesting that testosterone has a strong preventive effect on male atherosclerosis. In the groups receiving testosterone or DHEA they found marked inhibition of atherosclerosis compared with placebo. The mechanism was not clearly defined.  They speculated on a non-lipid mediated mechanism, possibly related to aromatase conversion of testosterone to estrogen.(10 )

Mouse Model- It’s Really the Estrogen That’s Protective

In an elegant 2001 study published in PNAS, Nathan et al used a mouse model of accelerated atherosclerosis to show that testosterone inhibits atherosclerosis by its conversion to estradiol by the aromatase enzyme.  Similar protection from atherosclerosis was obtained by administering estradiol.  In addition, blocking conversion of testosterone to estradiol with the aromatase inhibitor, anastrazole, eliminated the protective effect, and these animals had progressive atherosclerosis.(11)  Dr Nathan says:

“Testosterone attenuates early atherogenesis most likely by being converted to estrogens by the enzyme aromatase expressed in the vessel wall”.(11)

This information suggests that men with heart disease should NOT take arimidex (anastrazole) along with their testosterone replacement therapy.

Genetically Altered Mouse Model Provides Answers

These findings were confirmed  by Nettleship  in a 2007 study published in Circulation using the Tfm genetically modifired mouse.  This is a mouse genetically altered to have a defective androgen receptor.  In these mice,  testosterone cannot work through its normal pathway, since there is no receptor.  In spite of the lack of androgen receptor, Nettleship found that testosterone replacement in these mice attenuated atherosclerotic changes (fatty streak formation), suggesting the protective effect of testosterone was independent of the testosterone receptor.  The authors concluded that the protective benefits of testosterone were through aromatase conversion to estradiol, and then via the estrogen receptor pathways.(12)

Dr Nettleship’s findings were confirmed by Bourghardt  in a Nov 2010 study published in Endocrinology which using “ARKO” mice, genetically modified to “knock out” the Androgen Receptor, modified to be Apo-E deficient (to accelerate atherosclerosis).  The authors showed that testosterone therapy administered to the ARKO mice inhibited atherosclerosis.  However inhibition of atherosclerosis was more profound in the wild type mice that still had intact androgen receptors.  The authors concluded the mechanism of protection of testosterone was due to both mechanisms, through the Androgen Receptor as well as through aromatase conversion to estradiol.(13 )


These genetically modified mouse studies suggest that testosterone’s cardio-protective benefits are due to conversion to estrogen, and that estrogen is the cardioprotective agent.  Both estrogen and testosterone are bioidentical hormones.   Clearly the message here is Testosterone Replacement Therapy should be an important part of any heart disease prevention program,  in those patients who have low Testosterone levels.

Why Do Men Have More Heart Disease Than Women ?

Men and women are quite different when it comes to heart disease.  Men have more than twice the risk of dying from coronary disease than women. (14)  In women, coronary artery disease (CAD) develops on average 10 years later than in men.(15)  Could higher levels of estrogen (estradiol) in women explain the protection enjoyed by women?

Estrogen is Protective

Dr Xing from the University of Alabama would say, yes of course.  In a 2009 article, Dr Xing names a number of mechanisms by which estradiol protects both men and women from heart disease. He says:

“Estrogens have antiinflammatory and vasoprotective effects.  Natural endogenous estrogen 17β-estradiol (bioidentical) has been shown to cause rapid endothelium-independent dilation of coronary arteries of men and women, to augment endothelium-dependent relaxation of human coronary arteries, and improve endothelial function…Observational studies have shown substantial benefit (50% reduction in heart disease) of hormone therapy in women who choose to use menopausal hormones.”(15 )


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Vitamin C Saves Dying Man Vitamin C Saves Man Dying of Viral Pneumonia

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by Jeffrey Dach MDIV vitamin c ascorbate Thomas Levy MD

The Allan Smith Story – TV Documentary

Allan Smith, a New Zealand Dairy farmer, contracted Swine Flu while away on vacation in Fiji.  When he returned home, the flu quickly evolved into severe pneumonia which left him in a coma on Life Support in the Intensive Care Unit.  Chest Xrays showed the lungs were completely filled with fluid with an “opaque” appearance called “white out”.  After three weeks of this, Allan’s doctors asked the family permission to turn off the machines and let him die.  Allan’s wife Sonia had a brother with some medical knowledge, so he stepped in and said, “you haven’t tried everything, You have got to try high dose IV vitamin C on Allan”.  At first, the doctors resisted, saying it was useless. Next, the three sons weighed in with a persuasive argument to try the IV vitamin C, saying there was nothing to lose.

Above Left image: IV Bag with Vitamin C, Courtesy of wikimedia Commons.

Doctors Agree to Try IV Vitamin C

The Doctors were in unanimous agreement that IV Vitamin C would be useless and a waste of time, and that the patient will certainly die.  However,  one doctor “felt slightly uneasy” with the decision to turn off life support, without first acceding to the family’s wishes,  and so they reluctantly agreed to give the IV Vitamin C.  Their plan was to give the IV Vitamin C, show it was useless, and then turn off life support.

Dramatic Recovery

That day, Allan Smith was given 25 grams of IV Vitamin C in the evening and another 25 grams in the morning.  The next day, a CAT scan of the lungs showed improving air flow and a few days later the Chest Xrays showed the lungs were no longer white, indicating air movement. The improvement was dramatic, clear and plain for all to see.  However, the doctors denied it was the Vitamin C, and instead, attributed the improvement to “turning patient into a prone position”.

Ascorbic acid vitamin c jeffrey dach mdAnother Battle For Vitamin C

Soon after starting the IV vitamin C, Alan could be taken off ECMO life support, and started breathing on his own.  However, unexpectedly, a different physician consultant came in, took over the case and stopped the IV vitamin C.  Alan Smith’s condition promptly deteriorated.  Allan’s wife, Sonia,  called a meeting with this new doctor to no avail.  The new doctor rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling and uttered, “No More Vitamin C “.  Not giving up so easily, the three brothers again weighed in, and demanding the IV vitamin C for dad.  The three brothers again used their powers of “persuasion”, and the new doctors reluctantly gave in, restarting the life saving IV vitamin C, but only at low doses of one gram a day.  The brothers said, “Mucking about with the Vitamin C showed in his fathers health”.  “You had to be thick not to see it.”

Left upper image: Vitamin C molecule chemical structure,Courtesy of wikimedia Commons.

Oral Lyposperic Vitamin C

Allan’s condition continued to improve and was eventually transferred to a hospital closer to home, still breathing with ventilator assistance.  Here, the family had yet another battle with a new doctor who again stopped the IV Vitamin C.  This time. the family brought in a lawyer who sent a warning letter to the hospital threatening legal action.  The hospital was forced to restart the vitamin C, however, allowing only low dosage.  Finally, Allan Smith was able to sit up in bed and take oral liquids.   On their own, the family gave dad 6 grams a day of oral vitamin C.  This was a highly absorbable form called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, from Livon Labs (Dr Thomas Levy).

Allan continued to improve and was discharged home from the hospital.  At home, Allan’s neighbor John joked with him, and said, “Allan, you owe me the 15 dollars I paid to have my suit dry cleaned for your funeral, and you bugger, you came back.”  They laughed together at the joke.

Video: 60 Minutes New Zealand TV – the Alan Smith Story, recovery from terminal viral pneumonia with high dose IV Vitamin C. Part One.

Watch Part Two of Documentary- Denying the Obvious New Zealand 60 Minutes- Vitamin C  Living Proof.


Interviewed in part two was the Principle Advisor to the Health Ministry and Senior Intensive Care Specialist, David Galler, who denied that the intravenous Vitamin C was a contributing factor in the Allan Smith’s recovery.  He proclaimed that the recovery could have been just as likely from a “bus driving by” as the high dose Vitamin C .  When asked what he would need as proof to that Vitamin C is effective,  he replied he would need a randomized controlled trial, such as those for new drug approval funded by a pharmaceutical company.

Three Randomized Placebo Controlled Studies

Apparently Dr Galler is unaware of three double blind placebo controlled studies of IV Vitamin C in critically ill patients in the ICU.  These studies were published in Dr. Galler’s own peer reviewed specialty medical literature. (1-5)

These three studies showed reduced mortality and reduced time on ventilators for septic and critically ill  patients in the ICU setting.  In addition, numerous other studies have measured blood vitamin C levels in critically ill patients in the hospital showing Vitamin C is typically depleted with levels below 25 % of healthy individuals.(6-11)  As Dr Levy points out in Part Four of the Series (see below), there are thousands of studies over 70 years in the medical literature showing effectiveness, and safety of Vitamin C for viral illness.  Dr Levy’s book, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, 3rd Edition cites 1200 such articles supporting the use of Vitamin C.

Below Chart is from Nathens et al , showing serum vitamin C levels in Critically Ill Surgical patients. Red Line shows subnormal Blood Vitamin C values in untreated patients. Green Line shows high normal Blood Vitamin C values in patients treated with IV Vitamin C.  Normal range is 0.5 to 2.0 ng/dl.  Vitamin C treated patients (green line) had less pulmonary morbidity , less multi-organ failure and less ventilator dependency when compared to untreated patients (red line).

Nathan_VitaminC_ReducedMortalityLeft chart shows low vitamin C (red line) in Critical care ICU patients, compared to treated patient (green line).  Our routine test panel includes a serum vitamin C level for all patients.

Denying the Blatantly Obvious

Dr Galler appeared on New Zealand television claiming to be an authority and medical expert in the care of the ICU critically ill patient.  To then make statements amounting to a public admission of ignorance of his own specialty literature is a profound embarrassment to him and to the Ministry of Health that appointed him Advisor.  For Allan Smith’s ICU doctors to witness a patient’s dramatic recovery from sure death, and then deny the effectiveness of the treatment is astounding display of denying the obvious, and an embarrassment to the medical system in New Zealand.  This is tantamount to holding up a hand in front of a person’s face who then steadfastly denies a hand is in front of his face.  It can also be compared to the ridiculous scenario of “denying” that parachutes are lifesaving, and insisting on “proof” by requiring a placebo controlled study.  Two men jump out of a plane, one with a parachute and one without a parachute, to “prove” parachutes are effective.

To Watch Part Three of Documentary, Click Here  – Dr Levy to the Rescue 

This is a Video interview of Dr Thomas Levy on New Zealand TV – Campbell Live Show.  Dr Levy says he was not surprised at the dramatic recovery of Allan Smith from terminal Swine Flu Pneumonia, and he says there is no doubt the Vitamin C was the treatment that saved Allan Smith’s life.  Dr Levy sees these types of results regularly from IV Vitamin C and he expects them, just like any well trained doctor would expect prompt recovery from bacterial pneumonia with IV antibiotics.


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Plunging Oil Prices and The WW3 Connection

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Post by  FlySolo at ATS.

They  just keep pumping the oil. Why?

VIENNA – OPEC oil ministers meeting in Vienna on Thursday are in a bind. Prices are plunging – and in the short term, the cartel may not be able to do much about it.

Expectations that the group would not cut output to support the market saw the global price of oil slump another $1.89 on Thursday to $75.86 a barrel, extending its losses since June, when it was as high as $115.

That drop has been driven by a boom in shale production in the United States as well as weakness in some major world economies, causing supply to outpace demand.…

So this is what I’ve been hearing. There is a surplus. However, all OPEC needs to do is stop producing oil which would result in driving up the prices again, as always. So why do they keep pumping?

Instead they appear to favour the opposite strategy – maintain output to the point where oversupply drives prices below the level making shale oil production economical. That, at least in theory, would force shale producers to cut back, reducing the glut and drive prices upward again.

That’s the plan? Stay low to ‘theoretically’ and hopefully make it less lucrative to produce shale oil? This to me sounds like all out economical war. While other weaker nations may suffer from the low-cost of a barrel, the main target would be the US economy. But even so, it’s not a very good tactical plan. The shale oil productions companies which survive the price drop will prove to be the dominate ones to contend with seeing they will own the larger market shares once competitors fall out.

At any rate, the answer given by OPEC as to why they’re holding out doesn’t seem complete for some reason. Until you dig a little deeper.
OPEC policy ensures US shale crash, says Russian Tycoon

In Russia, where Lukoil is the second-largest producer behind state-run OAO Rosneft (ROSN), the industry is much less exposed to oil’s slump, Fedun said. Companies are protected by lower costs and the slide in the ruble that lessens the impact of falling prices in local currency terms, he said.

Even so, output in Russia, the biggest producer after Saudi Arabia in 2013, is likely to fall slightly next year as lower prices force producers to rein in investment, Fedun said.

“The major strike is against the American market,” Fedun said.

So what’s happening here? OPEC keeps pumping oil in the hopes of crushing american markets. State of emergency in Ukraine as Russia cuts off coal at the beginning of winter and then we have this:

Very few people understand what Putin is doing at the moment. And almost no one understands what he will do in the future.

No matter how strange it may seem, but right now, Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold.

We have Russia leading in a chess match.

n this brilliantly played by Putin economic combination the physical gold is rapidly flowing to Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan and India, the BRICS countries, from the reserves of the West. At the current rate of reduction of reserves of physical gold, the West simply does not have the time to do anything against Putin’s Russia until the collapse of the entire Western petrodollar world. In chess the situation in which Putin has put the West, led by the US, is called “time trouble”.

Time Trouble. How appropriately named. Essentially, Putin has played the states at their own game. While the states have over inflated the dollar while suppressing the value of gold, Putin is exchanging worthless petro dollars for hard gold right from the west. Not worthless ‘paper-gold’ IOUs either.

Thus, in exchange for Russian oil, gas and uranium, the West pays Russia with dollars, purchasing power of which is artificially inflated against oil and gold by the efforts of the West. But Putin uses these dollars only to withdraw physical gold from the West in exchange, for the price denominated in US dollars, artificially lowered by the same West.

And that’s CHECK. Your move Obama.…

So getting back to the oil surplus. We’re headed for ww3, I think the writing on the wall should be pretty clear by now. Once the petro dollar tanks, the gold standard comes back and there isn’t a ounce to be found, it’s all over but the crying.
Death from above. So in summary, I really don’t think it has much to do with the shale oil excuse; a red herring. WW3 is around the corner so drill baby drill.

Graphene shows promise for bulletproof armour

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Caught in the net: Microbullets were fired at sheets of graphene
Caught in the net: Microbullets were fired at sheets of graphene

US researchers carried out miniature ballistic tests by firing tiny silica spheres at sheets of graphene.

In Science magazine, they report that atom-thick layers of this material can be stronger than steel when it comes to absorbing impacts.

Graphene consists of a sheet of single atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure.

It is thin, strong, flexible and electrically conductive, and has the potential to transform electronics as well as other technologies.

Jae-Hwang Lee from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and colleagues used lasers to observe the silica “microbullets” as they penetrated sheets of graphene between 10 and 100 layers thick.

They compared the kinetic energy of the spheres before and after they pierced the graphene sheets.

Observations using an electron microscope revealed that graphene dissipates energy by stretching into a cone shape and then cracking in various directions.

The mini-ballistic tests showed that grapheme’s extraordinary strength, elasticity and stiffness allowed it to absorb between eight and 10 times the impacts that steel can withstand.

However, the way in which graphene sheets responded to the microbullet also resulted in a wider impact hole – which could be a potential disadvantage.

Jae-Hwang Lee’s team proposes that combining graphene with one or more additional materials to form a composite could prevent the cracking and solve this problem.

In 2010, Manchester University, UK, researchers Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of graphene.

They published details of their advance in the academic journal Science in 2004.

Another study published in Nature this week revealed that graphene sheets allow proton particles to pass through them, a property that could improve the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells.





Plague – Madagascar

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Troubled times: A town crier calls for the dead to be bought out in this drawing of London from 1665

Troubled times: A town crier calls for the dead to be bought out in this drawing of London from 1665


On 4 November 2014, WHO was notified by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar of an outbreak of plague. The first case, a male from Soamahatamana village in the district of Tsiroanomandidy, was identified on 31 August. The patient died on 3 September.

As of 16 November, a total of 119 cases of plague have been confirmed, including 40 deaths. Only 2% of reported cases are of the pneumonic form.

Cases have been reported in 16 districts of seven regions. Antananarivo, the capital and largest city in Madagascar, has also been affected with 2 recorded cases of plague, including 1 death. There is now a risk of a rapid spread of the disease due to the city’s high population density and the weakness of the healthcare system. The situation is further complicated by the high level of resistance to deltamethrin (an insecticide used to control fleas) that has been observed in the country.


Full story at:


A fact sheet on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Web site notes that if someone with “advanced knowledge and technology” were somehow able to aerosolize the bacterium, it could cause damage.

“Yersinia pestis used in an aerosol attack could cause cases of the pneumonic form of plague,” the CDC says. “One to six days after becoming infected with the bacteria, people would develop pneumonic plague. Once people have the disease, the bacteria can spread to others who have close contact with them. Because of the delay between being exposed to the bacteria and becoming sick, people could travel over a large area before becoming contagious and possibly infecting others. Controlling the disease would then be more difficult.”

Pneumonic plague differs from bubonic plague in its symptoms and the fact that it can be spread through the air rather than just by contact.

Unlike bubonic plague, pneumonic plague can be spread from person to person. According to the CDC, “Pneumonic plague affects the lungs and is transmitted when a person breathes in Y. pestis particles in the air.”



Outbreak of bubonic plague in Madagascar has claimed 47 victims – and is spreading to island’s capital

National Bar Association Lawyers Release Statement Indicating Ferguson Prosecutor Corruption

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Parts of the report said:

“It looks like he wanted to create the appearance that there had been a public trial when in fact there hadn’t been,” said Harvard Law School professor Noah Feldman, in an interview with The New York Times.”

” McCulloch gave Wilson’s case special treatment. He turned it over to the grand jury, a rarity itself, and then used the investigation as a document dump, an approach that is virtually without precedent in the law of Missouri or anywhere else. Buried underneath every scrap of evidence McCulloch could find, the grand jury threw up its hands and said that a crime could not be proved. This is the opposite of the customary ham-sandwich approach, in which the jurors are explicitly steered to the prosecutor’s preferred conclusion.”

“The National Bar Association is questioning how the Grand Jury, considering the evidence before them, could reach the conclusion that Darren Wilson should not be indicted and tried for the shooting death of Michael Brown. National Bar Association President Pamela J. Meanes expresses her sincere disappointment with the outcome of the Grand Jury’s decision but has made it abundantly clear that the National Bar Association stands firm and will be calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to pursue federal charges against officer Darren Wilson. “We will not rest until Michael Brown and his family has justice” states Pamela Meanes, President of the National Bar Association.

President Meanes is requesting that the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri not allow this decision to cause an unnecessary uproar in the community that could lead to arrests, injuries or even deaths of innocent people. “I am asking for everyone to remain as calm as possible and to join in solidarity as we continue to support the family of Michael Brown and put our legal plan into full effect” says President Meanes  “I feel the  magnitude of the grand jury’s ruling as Ferguson, Missouri is only minutes from where I reside”, adds President Meanes.

Over the last couple of months, the National Bar Association has  hosted Town Hall meetings informing  attendees of their Fourth Amendment (Search & Seizure) constitutional rights, whether it is legal to record police activity, and how citizens should behave/respond if and when they interface with police officers. “The death of Michael Brown was the last straw and the catalyst for addressing issues of inequality and racial bias in policing, the justice system, and violence against members of minority communities,” states Pamela Meanes.

The family of Michael Brown requested that District Attorney McCullough step aside and allow a special prosecutor be assigned to the investigation to give the community confidence that the grand jury would conduct a complete and thorough investigation into the tragic shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. The grand jury’s decision confirms the fear that many expressed months ago — that a fair and impartial investigation would not happen.

“The National Bar Association is adamant about our desire for transformative justice. While we are disappointed with the grand jury’s ruling, we are promoting peace on every street corner around the world. The only way to foster systemic change is to organize, educate, and mobilize. We are imploring everyone to fight against the injustice in Ferguson, Missouri and throughout the United States by banding together and working within the confines of the law,” states President Meanes.”

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

Full story at :

Alleged plot included bombing Arch, killing St. Louis County prosecutor, Ferguson chief

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ST. LOUIS • Two men indicted last week on federal weapons charges allegedly had plans to bomb the Gateway Arch — and to kill St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson — the Post-Dispatch has learned.

Sources close to the investigation were uncertain whether the men had the capability to carry out the plans, although the two allegedly did buy what they thought was a pipe bomb in an undercover law enforcement sting.

The men wanted to acquire two more bombs, the sources said, but could not afford to do it until one suspect’s girlfriend’s Electronic Benefit Transfer card was replenished.

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An indictment, with no mention of bombs or killings, was returned in federal court here Nov. 19 and unsealed Friday upon the arrest of Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Ali Davis. Their addresses and Baldwin’s age were not available; Davis is 22.

The arrest came three days before McCulloch revealed that a grand jury would not indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the controversial killing of Michael Brown. The announcement triggered looting and multiple arsons in Ferguson.

The charges say that between Nov. 1 and Nov. 13, at the Cabela’s store in Hazelwood, Baldwin claimed to be buying two Hi-Point .45-caliber pistols for himself when they were really for another person. Brandon also is known as Brandon Muhammad, according to court documents, and Davis now goes by the last name Ali, his attorney said. Each faces a charge of aiding and abetting the making of a false written statement made in connection with a firearms purchase.

The sources said additional charges, reflecting the plot, were expected to be filed. They said Davis was considered the leader of the plot, which police documented on hidden video.

The firearm charges and arrests were reported by the Post-Dispatch on Friday night. Some national news outlets reported, with no detail, that there had been a bomb plot.

One of the defendants’ plans, the sources said, included planting a bomb inside the observation deck at the top of the Arch. It was not clear how they could have gotten a bomb past airport-style security screening for rides up.

It also wasn’t clear, the sources said, whether the men intended to use bombs as the means to kill McCulloch and Jackson. Both officials became targets of national criticism and protests after Brown’s killing.

Local and federal authorities have served search warrants at two buildings, one in the 2500 block of Hampton Avenue in St. Louis and the other in the 1500 block of Reale Avenue in north St. Louis County, but the associated documents were sealed.

Baldwin and Davis pleaded not guilty in a hearing Tuesday. At a second hearing, prosecutors were prepared to argue that both should be held in jail until trial. An FBI agent was present, and photographic or video evidence was ready to play. But both defendants waived their right to make a case for bail, so the hearing did not proceed.

Bill Woods, special agent in charge of the FBI office in St. Louis, peeked into court at one point, but there were no available seats. The room was full with family and supporters of Davis and Baldwin.

After the hearing, prosecutors referred a reporter to U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan, who referred questions to Marc Raimondi, spokesman for the Justice Department’s National Security Division. Raimondi declined to comment on “anything beyond what was in the public document available through the court.”

Asked for comment after the hearing, a female relative of Davis, who refused to give her name, said the case consisted of “Lies, lies and more lies.”

Davis’ attorney, John Lynch, said that he had waived the detention hearing because, “This particular case involves serious issues, especially in light of the Ferguson matter. My client is entitled to a patient analysis and due process like anybody else, and he looks forward to a vigorous defense.”

Lynch said that Davis was “particularly bright” and had been associated with the Young Artists for Justice and Peace, which works to take back streets from drug dealers. He said prosecutors were accusing Davis of a “pretty serious” gun charge, “with other charges potentially looming in the distance.”

Davis and his wife were expecting a child Dec. 5, but the child was born over the weekend, after she fainted at another court appearance Friday.

Baldwin’s public defender declined to comment, as did relatives of Baldwin contacted by a reporter. He appeared in court in a neck brace, reportedly because of a car accident.

Law enforcement sources and neighbors of McCulloch and Jackson said police had been closely guarding both their homes.

Davis spoke at a New Black Panther rally at Greater St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson last month about the police shooting of Brown, and was identified there as the Missouri chapter’s “minister of law.”

“This is not the first Mike Brown, and it won’t be the last, if we do not unite,” Davis told the crowd then. “Divided, we lose brothers and sisters. If you do not unite, put aside your difference and unite, you can expect no changes in the future. We must change our minds, our systems and ourselves.”


Full story at :