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Huge Storm May Raise North Pole Temps 50 Degrees

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A deep low pressure system in the North Atlantic is expected to reach maximum intensity off Iceland by Wednesday morning, battering that country with high winds and bringing yet more rain to the United Kingdom, which is already reeling from record floods. Expected to be one of the strongest storms — if not the strongest — ever recorded in this area of the North Atlantic, it’s at least partly a continuation of the same low pressure system that helped spawn tornadoes in Dallas on Saturday.

Heading north and east, that system is now rounding Greenland, pushing warm temperatures ahead of it and drawing high winds behind it, where it seems set to clash with a pair of low pressure systems already in the Atlantic.

DNews Stormtracker: Get Watches And Warnings

Intense storms off Iceland and Greenland are not uncommon during winter; but, notes climate writer Andrew Freedman at Mashable, ”in a region famous for ship-sinking waves and relentless blizzards, this storm may stand out for its sheer intensity.”

One consequence of the storm system will be a surge of warmth northward from the Atlantic deep into the High Arctic. Temperatures at the North Pole — which, it’s worth remembering, is presently enveloped in 24 hour darkness — could reach 40 degrees F, warmer than Oklahoma City, El Paso, and southern California, and fully 50 degrees warmer than the seasonal average.

Large temperature fluctuations in the Arctic are relatively common, notes Freedman, but such an anomaly is “extreme.” Indeed, according to meteorologist Bob Henson at The Weather Underground, there have been only three instances since 1948 when North Pole temperatures have hit or exceeded the freezing mark in December, and none in January through March.

What Happened To The Polar Vortex?

Such a high, even if for a short duration, could impact the formation of winter sea ice, at a time when sea ice levels in spring, summer and fall are already at historic lows as a result of climate change.

Last week, NOAA released the latest edition of its annual Arctic Report Card, in which it noted that 10 years ago “Arctic sea ice set a new record unlike anything previously observed. The 2015 low is 350,000 square miles below that. In fact, the nine lowest Arctic sea ice extents in the satellite record have all occurred in the last nine years.” This year’s sea ice minimum was the fourth smallest on record.

Sea ice during the winter maximum is becoming younger and thinner, whereas, in 1985, what is known as “very old ice” — ice that has survived several summer melt cycles — constituted 25 percent of the Arctic icepack. In 2015 that figure was a mere 3 percent.

Because it’s thinner, younger sea ice is less resistant to melting, and a high proportion of first-year ice means that the ice pack effectively must rebuild itself completely each winter.

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Warm Arctic Storm To Hurl Hurricane Force Winds at UK and Iceland, Push Temps to 72+ Degrees (F) Above Normal at North Pole

” We’ve probably never seen weather like what’s being predicted for a vast region stretching from the North Atlantic to the North Pole and on into the broader Arctic this coming week. But it’s all in the forecast — an Icelandic low that’s stronger than most hurricanes featuring a wind field stretching over hundreds and hundreds of miles. One that taps warm tropical air and hurls it all the way to the North Pole and beyond during Winter time. And it all just reeks of a human-forced warming of the Earth’s climate…

Freak North Atlantic Storm Featuring Extremely Low Pressures

Sunday afternoon, a powerful, hurricane force low pressure system was in the process of rounding the southern tip of Greenland. This burly 960 mb beast roared out of an increasingly unstable Baffin Bay on Christmas. As it rounded Greenland and entered the North Atlantic, it pulled behind it a thousand-mile-wide gale force wind field even as it lashed the tip of Greenland with Hurricane force gusts. To its east, the storm now links with three other lows. Lows that are, even now, drawing south-to-north winds up from a region just west of Gibraltar, on past the UK, up beyond Iceland, over Svalbard, and into the Arctic Ocean itself.”

Artificial Intelligence: The demon is being raised.

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“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

“It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said.

“Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

– Stephen Hawking


A post by ColeYounger at ATS starts with :
“We are raising the demon” is a cryptic quote from Elon Musk. He also said: “We need to be super careful with A.I. It’s potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons.”

New technologies — including genetic engineering and nanotechnology — are cascading upon one another and converging. We don’t know how this will play out. But some of the most serious thinkers on Earth worry about potential hazards — and wonder whether we remain fully in control of our inventions.

Philosopher Nick Bostron, author of the book “Superintelligence” offers this scenario:

A machine has been programmed to make paper clips (although any mundane product will do). This machine keeps getting smarter and more powerful, but never develops human values. It achieves “superintelligence.” It begins to convert all kinds of ordinary materials into paper clips. Eventually it decides to turn everything on Earth — including the human race into paper clips. Then it goes interstellar.

Bostron’s admirers and ‘fans’ include Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and a long list of professors and scientists. (Especially those working in A.I.)

This is a fantastic article. The very defintion of concise. Brief in form but comprehensive in scope.

A. I. Anxiety


Big-name scientists worry that runaway artificial intelligence could

pose a threat to humanity. Beyond the speculation is a simple question:

Are we fully in control of our technology? █ 

The world’s spookiest philosopher is Nick Bostrom, a thin, soft-spoken Swede. Of all the people worried about runaway artificial intelligence, and Killer Robots, and the possibility of a technological doomsday, Bostrom conjures the most extreme scenarios. In his mind, human extinction could be just the beginning.

Bostrom’s favorite apocalyptic hypothetical involves a machine that has been programmed to make paper clips (although any mundane product will do). This machine keeps getting smarter and more powerful, but never develops human values. It achieves “superintelligence.” It begins to convert all kinds of ordinary materials into paper clips. Eventually it decides to turn everything on Earth — including the human race (!!!) — into paper clips.

Then it goes interstellar.

“You could have a superintelligence whose only goal is to make as many paper clips as possible, and you get this bubble of paper clips spreading through the universe,” Bostrom calmly told an audience in Santa Fe, N.M., earlier this year.

He added, maintaining his tone of understatement, “I think that would be a low-value future.”

The influential 42-year-old philosopher Nick Bostrom favors the creation of “superintelligent” computers, but only if done with great vigilance, with safeguards to ensure that the machines do not escape human control and pose an existential threat to humanity. (Tom Pilston for The Washington Post) █ 

Bostrom’s underlying concerns about machine intelligence, unintended consequences and potentially malevolent computers have gone mainstream. You can’t attend a technology conference these days without someone bringing up the A.I. anxiety. It hovers over the tech conversation with the high-pitched whine of a 1950s-era Hollywood flying saucer.

People will tell you that even Stephen Hawking is worried about it. And Bill Gates. And that Elon Musk gave $10 million for research on how to keep machine intelligence under control. All that is true.

How this came about is as much a story about media relations as it is about technological change. The machines are not on the verge of taking over. This is a topic rife with speculation and perhaps a whiff of hysteria.

But the discussion reflects a broader truth: We live in an age in which machine intelligence has become a part of daily life. Computers fly planes and soon will drive cars. Computer algorithms anticipate our needs and decide which advertisements to show us. Machines create news stories without human intervention. Machines can recognize your face in a crowd.

New technologies — including genetic engineering and nanotechnology — are cascading upon one another and converging. We don’t know how this will play out. But some of the most serious thinkers on Earth worry about potential hazards — and wonder whether we remain fully in control of our inventions.

“An ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an ‘intelligence explosion,’ and the intelligence of man would be left far behind.”

I.J. Good, a British mathematician and code-breaker, in 1965 █ 

The Singularity █ 

Science fiction pioneer Isaac Asimov anticipated these concerns when he began writing about robots in the 1940s. He developed rules for robots, the first of which was: “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

People still talk about Asimov’s rules. But they talk even more about what they call “the Singularity.”

The idea dates to at least 1965, when British mathematician and code-breaker I.J. Good wrote, “An ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an ‘intelligence explosion,’ and the intelligence of man would be left far behind.”

In 1993, science fiction author Vernor Vinge used the term “the Singularity” to describe such a moment. Inventor and writer Ray Kurzweil ran with the idea, cranking out a series of books predicting the age of intelligent, spiritual machines.

Second of two parts.

Kurzweil, now a director of engineering at Google, embraces such a future; he is perhaps the most famous of the techno-utopians, for he believes that technological progress will culminate in a merger of human and machine intelligence. We will all become “transhuman.”

Whether any of this actually will happen is the subject of robust debate. Bostrom supports the research but worries that sufficient safeguards are not in place.

Imagine, Bostrom says, that human engineers programmed the machines to never harm humans — an echo of the first of Asimov’s robot laws. But the machines might decide that the best way to obey the harm-no-humans command would be to prevent any humans from ever being born.

Or imagine, Bostrom says, that superintelligent machines are programmed to ensure that whatever they do will make humans smile. They may then decide that they should implant electrodes into the facial muscles of all people to keep us smiling.

Bostrom isn’t saying this will happen. These are thought experiments. His big-picture idea is that, just in the past couple of hundred years, we’ve seen astonishing changes in the human population and economic prosperity. In Bostrom’s view, our modern existence is an anomaly — one created largely by technology. Our tools have suddenly overwhelmed the restrictions of nature. We’re in charge now, or seem to be for the moment.

But what if the technology bites back?

“The future is ours to shape. I feel we are in a race that we need to win. It’s a race between the growing power of the technology and the growing wisdom we need to manage it.”

Max Tegmark, MIT physicist and co-founder of the Future of Life Institute █ 

‘Future is ours to shape’ █ 

There is a second Swede in this story, and even more than Bostrom, he’s the person driving the conversation. His name is Max Tegmark. He’s a charismatic 48-year-old professor in the physics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He’s also a founder of something called the Future of Life Institute, which has been doling out Elon Musk’s money for research on making A.I. safer.

Tegmark is something of a physics radical, the kind of scientist who thinks there may be other universes in which not only the speed of light and gravity are different but the mathematical underpinnings of reality are different. Tegmark and Bostrom are intellectual allies. In Tegmark’s recent book, “Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality,” he writes about meeting Bostrom at a conference in 2005 in California:

“After some good wine, our conversation turned to doomsday scenarios. Could the Large Hadron Collider create a miniature black hole that would end up gobbling up Earth? Could it create a ‘strangelet’ that could catalyze the conversion of Earth into strange quark matter?”

In addition to taking the what-could-go-wrong questions seriously, Tegmark and Bostrom entertain optimistic scenarios. Perhaps, they say, Earth is the only planet in the universe that harbors intelligent life. We have a chance to take this startling phenomenon of intelligence and spread it to the stars — if we don’t destroy ourselves first with runaway technology.

“The future is ours to shape. I feel we are in a race that we need to win. It’s a race between the growing power of the technology and the growing wisdom we need to manage it. Right now, almost all the resources tend to go into growing the power of the tech,” Tegmark said.

The MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark is among those who believe that artificial intelligence could be either the best or worst thing to happen to the human race. He and fellow scientists and thinkers have founded the Future of Life Institute, which is pouring millions of dollars into research on A.I. safety. Tegmark has also opposed development of autonomous weaponized machines. (Josh Reynolds for The Washington Post) █ 

In April 2014, 33 people gathered in Tegmark’s home to discuss existential threats from technology. They decided to form the Future of Life Institute. It would have no paid staff members. Tegmark persuaded numerous luminaries in worlds of science, technology and entertainment to add their names to the cause. Skype founder Jaan Tallinn signed on as a co-founder. Actors Morgan Freeman and Alan Alda joined the governing board.

Tegmark put together an op-ed about the potential dangers of machine intelligence, lining up three illustrious co-authors: Nobel laureate physicist Frank Wilczek, artificial intelligence researcher Stuart Russell, and the biggest name in science, Stephen Hawking. Hawking’s fame is like the midday sun washing out every other star in the sky, and Tegmark knew that the op-ed would be viewed as an oracular pronouncement from the physicist.

The piece, which ran in the Huffington Post and in the Independent in Britain, was a brief, breezy tract that included a tutorial on the idea of the Singularity and a dismayed conclusion that experts weren’t taking the threat of runaway A.I. seriously. A.I., the authors wrote, is “potentially the best or worst thing ever to happen to humanity.”

“Stephen Hawking Says A.I. Could Be Our ‘Worst Mistake In History,’ ” one online science news site reported.

And CNBC declared: “Artificial intelligence could end mankind: Hawking.”

So that got everyone’s attention.

Tegmark’s next move was to organize an off-the-record conference of big thinkers to discuss A.I. While the Boston area went into a deep freeze in January of this year, about 70 scientists and academics, led by Tegmark, convened in Puerto Rico to discuss the existential threat of machine intelligence. Their model was the historic conference on recombinant DNA research held in Asilomar, Calif., in 1975, which resulted in new safeguards for gene splicing.

Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, joined the group in Puerto Rico. On the final night of the conference, he pledged $10 million for research on lowering the threat from A.I.

“With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon,” Musk had said earlier, a line that sent Twitter into a tizzy.

In the months that followed, 300 teams of researchers sent proposals for ways to lower the A.I. threat. Tegmark says the institute has awarded 37 grants worth $7 million.

“What we’re doing every day today is producing super stupid entities that make mistakes.”

Boris Katz, artificial intelligence researcher at MIT █ 

Humans vs. machines █ 

Reality check. More than half a century of research on artificial intelligence has yet to produce anything resembling a conscious, willful machine. We still control this technology. We can unplug it.

Just down Vassar Street from Tegmark’s office is MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where robots are aplenty.  Daniela Rus, the director, is an inventor who just nabbed $25 million in funding from Toyota to develop a car that will never be involved in a collision.

Is she worried about the Singularity?

“It rarely comes up,” Rus said. “It’s just not something I think about.”

With a few exceptions, most full-time A.I. researchers think the Bostrom-Tegmark fears are premature. A widely repeated observation is that this is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars.

Rus points out that robots are better than humans at crunching numbers and lifting heavy loads, but humans are still better at fine, agile motions, not to mention creative, abstract thinking.

“The progress has not been as steady as people say, and the machine skills are really far from being ready to match our skills,” she said. “There are tasks that are very easy for humans — clearing your dinner table, loading the dishwasher, cleaning up your house — that are surprisingly difficult for machines.”

Rus makes a point about self-driving cars: They can’t drive just anywhere. They need precise maps and relatively predictable situations. She believes, for example, that they couldn’t handle Washington’s Dupont Circle.

In Dupont Circle, vehicles and pedestrians muddle their way forward through a variety of interpersonal signals that a machine could not interpret, she said. Self-driving cars struggle with heavy traffic, she said, and even rain and snow are a problem. So imagine trying to understand hand gestures from road crews and other drivers.

“There’s too much going on,” Rus said. “We don’t have the right sensors and algorithms to characterize very quickly what happens in a congested area, and to compute how to react.”

Too much power █ 

The future is implacably murky when it comes to technology; the smartest people on the planet fail to see what’s coming. For example, many of the great sages of the modern era didn’t anticipate that computers would get smaller rather than bigger.

Anyone looking for something to worry about in the near future might want to consider the opposite of superintelligence: superstupidity.

In our increasingly technological society, we rely on complex systems that are vulnerable to failure in complex and unpredictable ways. Deepwater oil wells can blow out and take months to be resealed. Nuclear power reactors can melt down. Rockets can explode. How might intelligent machines fail — and how catastrophic might those failures be?

Often there is no one person who understands exactly how these systems work or are operating at any given moment. Throw in elements of autonomy, and things can go wrong quickly and disastrously.

Superintelligence hasn’t yet arrived, but clever, interactive robots have. Roboticist Cynthia Breazeal of MIT is the human mind behind a social robot, named Jibo, that is embedded with artificial intelligence software and sensors to enable it to recognize, and interact with, multiple people at once. Breazeal said Jibo will become commercially available in early 2016.  Click here to read more about Jibo and other social robots.  (Matthew Cavanaugh for The Washington Post) █ 

Such was the case with the “flash crash” in the stock market in 2010, when, in part because of automated, ultra-fast trading programs, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped almost 1,000 points within minutes before rebounding.

“What we’re doing every day today is producing super stupid entities that make mistakes,” argues Boris Katz, another artificial intelligence researcher at MIT.

“Machines are dangerous because we are giving them too much power, and we give them power to act in response to sensory input. But these rules are not fully thought through, and then sometimes the machine will act in the wrong way,” he said.

“But not because it wants to kill you.”

A living legend of the A.I. field and the MIT faculty is Marvin Minsky, 88, who helped found the field in the 1950s. It was his generation that put us on this road to the age of smart machines.

Minsky, granting an interview in the living room of his home a few miles from campus, flashed an impish smile when asked about the dangers of intelligent machines.

“I suppose you could write a book about how they’ll save us,” he said. “It just depends upon what dangers appear.”

Taking on autonomous weapons █ 

The A.I. debate is likely to remain tangled in uncertainties and speculation. In theory, as that original Huffington Post op-ed stated, there’s no theoretical limit to machine intelligence — “no physical law precluding particles from being organized in ways that perform even more advanced computations than the arrangements of particles in human brains.”

But the academic and scientific establishment is not convinced that A.I. is an imminent threat.

Tegmark and his Future of Life allies decided this summer to take on a related but more urgent issue: the threat of autonomous weaponized machines.

Tegmark teamed with Stuart Russell, the artificial intelligence researcher, on an open letter calling for a ban on such weapons. Once again, they got Hawking to sign it, along with Musk, Bostrom, and about 14,000 other scientists and engineers. On July 28, they formally presented the letter at an A.I. conference in Buenos Aires.

Russell said it took him five minutes of Internet searching to figure out how a very small robot — a microbot — could use a shaped charge to “blow holes in people’s heads.” A microrifle, he said, could be used to “shoot their eyes out.”

“You’d have large delivery ships that would dump millions of small flying vehicles, probably even insect-sized, the smallest you could get away with, and still kill a human being,” Russell said.

“I actually think it would be a huge tragedy if machine superintelligence were never developed. That would be a failure mode for our Earth-originating intelligent civilization.”

Nick Bostrom, philosopher █ 

Unlocking possibilities █ 

After Nick Bostrom’s lecture in Santa Fe, held at the New Mexico School for the Deaf, he went to a book-signing event across town at the School for Advanced Research. His book is a meticulously reasoned, rather dense tract titled, “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.”

Bostrom, standing at the edge of a courtyard, held forth amid a small cluster of party guests. Then he sat down for an hour-long interview. Reserved, intensely focused on his ideas, the 42-year-old Bostrom seemed apprehensive about whether his ideas could be fully grasped by someone who is not an academic philosopher. He was distracted by the possibility that a gnat, or fly, or some such insect had invaded his water glass.

Asked if there was something he now wishes he had done differently with his book, he said he should have been clear that he supports the creation of superintelligence. Unsurprisingly, most readers missed that key point.

“I actually think it would be a huge tragedy if machine superintelligence were never developed,” he said. “That would be a failure mode for our Earth-originating intelligent civilization.”

In his view, we have a chance to go galactic — or even intergalactic — with our intelligence. Bostrom, like Tegmark, is keenly aware that human intelligence occupies a minuscule space in the grand scheme of things. The Earth is a small rock orbiting an ordinary star on one of the spiral arms of a galaxy with hundreds of billions of stars. And at least tens of billions of galaxies twirl across the known universe.

Artificial intelligence, Bostrom said, “is the technology that unlocks this much larger space of possibilities, of capabilities, that enables unlimited space colonization, that enables uploading of human minds into computers, that enables intergalactic civilizations with planetary-size minds living for billions of years.”

There’s a bizarre wrinkle in Bostrom’s thinking. He thinks a superior civilization would possess essentially infinite computing power. These superintelligent machines could do almost anything, including create simulated universes that include programs that precisely mimic human consciousness, replete with memories of a person’s history — even though all this would be entirely manufactured by software, with no real-world, physical manifestation.

Bostrom goes so far as to say that unless we rule out the possibility that a machine could create a simulation of a human existence, we should assume that it is overwhelmingly likely that we are living in such a simulation.

“I’m not sure that I’m not already in a machine,” he said calmly.

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Codex Orionis: Giza’s Monuments Speak

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Post by AquarianTrumpet at ATS

Welcome ATS – members & friends!

Many years I’ve followed your hard investigational work;
As Christmas is essentially a gift giving day – my gift for your years of established hard work.
(forever indebted to you)

Codex Orionis: Giza’s Monuments Speak

In respect for those whom had tread before us, the Ancients and their wisdom;
As always, I am humbly in search for higher education.
Welcome to what I call a Mystery in History –
The Great Pyramid of Giza has stood the test of time for an estimated 4,500 years. In those years there has been much revealed and even more speculated to keep the world enthralled with history’s last remaining seventh wonder of our ancient world to antiquity.

The different claims of the Great Pyramid’s true function range from a Ruler King Pharaoh’s elaborate tomb to an Alien built structure, a seed storage vault, an advanced megalithic machine and other queries . There have been many claims as to what is deemed mankind’s finest example of a pyramid and yet regardless of the theory, no one has yet to include every aspect of the Great Pyramid in their thesis. Always something is left out and unexplained. The closest to be recognized as a complete analysis to the entire pyramid comes from our academic history attributed to the ancient Egyptian culture, and yet they can not answer a complete and thorough examination as to the Great Pyramid and it’s unique interior design. Has history gotten the story right or is this a misunderstood monument of antiquity still not quite understood by the advanced civilization of today’s technological era?

This expose will look at the Great Pyramid examining and detailing what has been before our very eyes and shed a never before seen light to the enigmatic riddle of what the Great Pyramid’s design language tells us – by letting it speak itself.

So for all those who hear the whispers of their ancestors..

“All our times have come – here, but now they’re gone
Seasons don’t fear the reaper nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
We can be like they are, c’mon take my hand – we’ll be able to fly..”

One of humanities greatest academic enigma’s stands today as our world’s last of the ancient seven wonders, regarded also as one of today’s new seven wonders, a wonder that in our past until today, and for the past 4,500 years has been a direct challenge to uncover it’s persistent mystery. Said to be created by a dynastic Pharaoh who’s specific intent was to be a funerary chamber, a term used by Egyptologist’s but known to us as a funeral crypt, located near Cairo Egypt, is the Great Pyramid of Giza. A funerary chamber built to house a Ruler so that he may reconnect his God status by escaping through the archaic name of Star-Shafts leading him into his rightful place among the Heavens.

Many have believed this inaccurate distressed history as fact due to the upper area of the Great pyramid known as the King’s Chamber. This belief is held due to a rectangular hollowed box labeled the Pharaoh’s ‘sarcophagus’..or known in latter day terms, as a coffin. This history is steeped in Egyptian mythology leading academics to follow as truth..but it is a truth that has become a mystery in history. Never has anything been aquired from the Great Pyramid to link direct correlation to the ancient Egyptian myth of a Pharaoh’s Funerary chamber. This myth simply ignores the other chambers and passageways including what some refer to as architectures finest achievement, an achievement known as the Grand Gallery..a mathematically precise message from our past.

At the time of the Great Pyramids perceived build date, the Egyptian society were as we know astute in their historic record keeping proven through today’s academics, however there are no pertinent records regarding the Great Pyramid history of the pyramid build. Nothing has been as of yet located and produced for archaeologists or academics viewing providing confirmation to the ancient Egyptian claim. There is no scale model showing an architect’s arraigned intent for this monolithic achievement, as of today* no actual blueprints have been revealed to such a detailed complex structure. The pyramid itself is void of inscription such as other ancient monuments strewn across Egypt asking an educated mind to delve deep into this taboo mystery.
The Egyptian mythology claim stipulates the King is to be buried in the sarcophagus so that the King may use the eight inch passageways to return to his rightful place as a God among the Heavens.
It is suspected the Queen’s Chamber was originally built to contain the dead Pharaoh’s remains, with a mid-build plan change to relocate the Pharaoh at a higher level closer to ascension.
The Queen’s Chamber was never intended for the Queen’s burial and the Subterrannean Chamber holds no belief to be allocated for the King and Queens’s funerary servants. All this appears as speculation as it ignores other areas such as the Grand Gallery and the ‘five-step’ Niche with it’s rectangular tunnel to nowhere inside the Queen’s Chamber. It also leaves no explanation as to why the two eight inch passageways of the Queen’s Chamber do not exit the pyramid as the King’s Chamber celestial causeways obviously do.

Many throughout the passages of time have stood in wondrous amazement seeking the hidden Key to unlocking the mystery of this timeless riddle from clergy to professors, to philosophers, laymen and history’s war heroes – for it was Napoleon Bonoparte that quoted – “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” The inquisitive question would be to ask; did Napoleon remark that statement after his visit and study of the Great Pyramid?

Upon entering the Pyramid, you are greeted by one passageway diverging in two different directions. One leads you down in to the basement area referred to as ‘the Subterrannean Chamber’. The other passageway leads upwards to three extensive areas. First noticable is the aptly named Grand Gallery. Before entering the Grand Gallery, you are given the choice to continue or investigate the passageway to the Grand Gallery’s immediate left, leading to the Queen’s Chamber. In it’s appearance the Queen’s Chamber resembles a house, with a floor, four walls and a peaked roof. Two square holed areas situated at each Northern and Southern side’s of the Queen’s Chamber are easily visually acknowledged, which are situated in the center of each wall. The Western wall houses a ‘five-step’ Niche. A peculiar alcove with a rectangular tunnel exiting from it leading to no where, a mysterious dead end. The floor directly in front of the Niche is intentional stepping down to a recessed area, a area filled with dirt, which incidentally is the only area in the Pyramid that isn’t stone questioning as to why?

Upon returning to the Grand Gallery, an impressive feat of architecture is recognized. The Grand Gallery leads to the King’s Chamber and is inclined at forty-five degrees. The Gallery is ‘corbelled’ (stepped) in the fashion of a ziggurat pyramid. Each wall is made up of eight megalithic stones where as the ceiling is a conglomerate of smaller stones sectioning the ceiling into many pieces. Along the floor area to each side of the Grand Gallery are ‘notches’ cut into the stone work in exact replication equally spaced. The Grand Gallery has the distinction of being labeled as the finest example of complicated architecture unsurpassed in the world of antiquity.

Traveling upwards through the Grand Gallery leads to it’s end and a square passageway known as the Anti-Chamber that enters the enigmatic King’s Chamber. Immediately upon entering, a rectangular hollowed out box is noticed. This box is known as the King’s ‘Sarcophagus’, or in modern terminology, we refer to as a ‘coffin’. The sarcophagus is without a lid showing it’s exquisite perfection inside and out. As with the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber resumes the same ‘house’ style as a box with a complicated above ceiling roof structure layout. The King’s Chamber also house’s two squared passageways located in the same area’s as the Queen’s Chamber, which are to the center of each Northern and Southern wall sometimes referred to as air-shafts.

The King’s Chamber two star/air passageways lead directly out of the pyramid’s top section whereas the Queen’s Chamber passageways perform a blocked off stop area somewhere inside the pyramid. It should be recognized that all four passageways lead out of their perspective areas at a straight-line exit before inclining to their perspective destinations.

The great pyramid of Giza is known throughout history as the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu/Cheop’s funerary temple, although history has contested no Pharaoh has ever been located within the pyramid and in fact, nothing has ever been verified as proof to this claim. Other than a few red orcher painted cartouche’s located above the King’s Chamber in the area known as the ‘Five King’s Chamber Lintels’ (which make up the ‘suspended’ roof structure) nothing has been found. No inscriptions integrated into the stonework as seen with other Egyptian monuments has ever been located. No items as accustomed to a Pharaoh’s burial has been found connecting and establishing this claim as truth. The Pyramid is essentially void of all confirmed description.
In a place where time stands still, the interior to this great geodesical design..that is where the quest of understanding and enlightenment truly begins…

Thoth’s Emerald Wisdom
“Use thou the Key of the Seven, and open to thee the pathway will fall.
Now unto thee I have given my wisdom – Now unto thee I have given my way.
Follow the pathway. Solve thou my secrets. Unto thee I have shown the way.
Each to the other is the Keystone; each the gateway that leads into Life.
Follow the Key I leave behind me. Know ye that SEEK and the doorway to Life shall be thine.
Seek thou in my pyramid, deep in the passage that ends in a wall…”

To answer this riddle found awakened in the sands of time, ancient mythology coupled with technological fact, geometric and mathematics showing astrological mechanics to witness beyond hypothesis the truth to this most of the archaic riddles.. a riddle now awakened as “the world you thought you knew.”

Examining a cut-away view of the great pyramid of Giza and familiarizing it’s lay out, curiousiously the question arises to why it is that all four entrances were intentionally sealed off to the so called ‘star shafts’ leading out from the Queen’s Chamber without leading to the Pyramid’s exterior, as verified by the King’s Chamber’s ‘star shafts’, which they apparently do.

From what we see before us, by reading history’s mythology of a once previous advanced race, then whomever built the great pyramid of Giza did so with a computer program.

If this is true then there is no doubt that an extremely intelligent species
used advanced computer technology to design and not only build the Giza complex but
to encode a message.
To understand what’s been discovered, we must come back to Zep Tepi..the first come as you are, as you were – as I want you to be, as a friend, as a an old enemy..

Amongst the Pyramid’s geodesic triangular design, the inside contains many rectangle’s and square’s of different sizes and lengths. It also holds the secret of hidden circles which when found completes the basic forms to geometry including maths in the form of Imperial and Metric showing a exact replica to our solar system.

To find the mathematical answer to the King’s Chamber; it is understood by it’s unique to the Pyramid’s sarcophagus. Not unique as a sarcophagus as they are readily found in Egypt and other pyramids of this planet. Unique to the Great Pyramid as it is the only piece to the structure that is not integrated into the build process showing it’s secret math indicating it was ‘added’ and intentionally built in width to be wider than the King’s Chambers doorway to show it isn’t to be subtracted or divided. There is only one so it isn’t to be multiplied.
Is this a possible numerical clue to find the circumference of our Sun-star? The math process is to use the King’s Chamber’s overall ‘area’ adding the ‘volume’ of the empty sarcophagus thereby ‘multiplying’ by the raised upper roof King’s Chamber’s massive 50 ton Lintels by a factor of ‘Five Radian’. (one Radian is the equivalent to double Pi mathematics)

Interestingly the King’s Chamber is made of Red Granite stones with a granular molecular structure such as Quartz, Feldspar and Mica. The Sarcophagus sits at the rooms central axis and is made of one block of granite.
The sarcophagus coffin known also as the ‘coffer’ is made up of a brown chocolate Granite hewn in exact precision from one solid block. It’s precision upon inspection is that of perfection and said to be a Marble of black. The color combination of white and red spots is a possible reference of a ‘Sun-spot’ activity. As many before have attested, when the coffer is ‘struck’, it emits a harmonic frequency reminiscent of a bell in clarity like an old memory from time.
Now take your time, hurry up – choice is yours, don’t be late
Take a rest as a friend, as an old memoria, memoria..

The circumference of the Queen’s Chamber denotes the size of Earth. The shape of the pitched roof and four squared walls represents a house stating ‘You are HOME’. The ‘Five-step Niche’ is the geometric mathematical riddle to Earth’s Moon. The base square of the Niche signifies the circumference of the Moon. The upper ‘four squares’ of the Niche represent that it takes ‘four’ Lunar faces to cover ‘one’ Earth face. This characteristic is known as ‘stacking’.

Stacking the Earth’s Moon ‘Four Times’ equates to the Earth’s Diameter as the upper four squares to the Niche represent. 7,913 miles is Earth’s average diameter as our Moon measures 2,159 miles. The Moon’s luminescent surface allows easy visibility although it’s distance from Earth equals a quarter million miles away. (236,339 miles)
Queen’s NICHE
Height: 15 feet
Moon Distance to Earth 384,400 Kilometers (238,900 miles)
384,400 or 3+8+4 = 15 (is the true height of Niche; 15 feet 400 millimeters)
Moons Gravity: 1.622 m/s2
Orbital period – 27 days
Circumference: 6,784 (10.917)

The anomaly of the rectangular shaft inside the base square of the Niche is mathematically represented a the ‘Perigee-Apogee’ between Earth and our Moon.

As the Niche is offset and not center to the Queen’s Chamber, it is referencing a clue to the Moon’s elliptical orbit.
Curiously the floor directly in front of the Niche is recessed at approximately one meter and at one time was compacted with a dirt substance which consequently is the only place in the Great Pyramid that is such. (if the dirt had not been removed and could be laboratory tested, would it show the same composition as moon-dust?)

As a peculiar note, it should be known that the Queen’s Chamber at one time was indeed covered in a salt composition which would be a direct correlation to Earth’s acidic salt oceans.
The floor is a rough unfinished area estranged to the perfection of the rest of the Queen’s Chamber explaining Earth’s rough terrain surface. Come now as we investigate the prestigious Grand Gallery; come doused in mud, soaked in bleach – as I want you to be – as a trend, as a friend – as an old memoria, memoria..

By understanding the Great Pyramid of Giza is in fact a geodesic replication in exactness of our solar system, the riddle of the enigmatic Grand Gallery is readily acknowledged and explained through examination.
According to the layout of the geodesic design as an abstract version of a thermometer which replicates connecting Mercury to the Grand Gallery, thereby showing it’s funicular design.
Science and astronomy has taught us that Mercury moves in towards and away and back again in a perpetual solar dance with our Sun. This was established by mister Albert Einstein during an observational view of a solar eclipse by astronomers to verify his mathematical calculations in regards to his contribution to solar mechanics in the month of May during 1919.
The design of the Grand Gallery is eight ‘corbelled’ massive stones per side with an incorporated roof design made up of many smaller stones.
The lower block on both sides incorporates rectangular notches shown as large increments on a thermometer with the multi-layered ceiling signifying the smaller increments incorporated in between the larger notches. The notches distances as equated by each of the Grand Gallery’s pathway stones indicating the distance between notches. The entrance is referenced by a step down design signifying the space between the notches as they equal the same length squared. The base step-down design also incorporates the base ‘holding’ area of the thermometer.
Standing at the Grand Gallery’s base with it’s 1:2 ratio grade degree incline angle looking up to the anti-chamber opening angle implies a Geometric Thermometer in exact replica including increments. The double eight corbelled sides signify two eight’s as in reference to Mercury’s eighty-eight day ‘retrograde’ movement.
The ‘over-flow’ step known in antiquity as ‘the great step’ leads entrance to the planet Mercury signified by the Anti-chamber interestingly designed in Red Granite; showing Mercury over-flowing into the geodesic ‘Thermo-mercumeter’ known as the Grand Gallery. The Grand Gallery as a thermal mercury Thermometer is explaining Earth’s dual climate of Ice age and our global climate Heat-rise expansion.

The Subterrannean Chamber:
Length [planned] 46 feet – Jupiter’s Radius is given at 43.441 miles
Width [planned] 24 feet – Gravity given at 24.79 m/s2
Height [planned] 17.5 feet – Mass is 317.8

The jovian planet of Jupiter is primarily a gas planet with very little oxygen being produced.
Coincidentally, the Subterrannean Chamber is also oxygen deficient, residing approximately 113 feet below the Giza Plateau’s surface. The other side to the Subterranean area is a depiction of Pluto and it’s transit.
The 3 granite plugs that were in the Ascending passage-way sit near the variance where the ascending and descending passage-ways divide directions to the inner pyramid and the entrance outside, or to the Subterrannean area – these Granite plugs no longer there, signify our inner Asteroid Belt.
Upon entering the Pyramid you will find ‘three lines’ etched into the floor – Uranus has three bands of rings. It was there all along inside the Great Pyramid – how can this be? What is right before our eyes at Giza that the world has blatantly overlooked in there disguise of our actual history???

The Great Pyramid has precise cardinally aligned coordinates at three sixtieths of a degree off of true North, a feat we today have not yet accomplished without the help of GPS but as we examine the astounding knowledge and precise achievement this monument has to question – did the builders intentionally set Giza from true north at 3 sixtieths of a degree to signify the 360 degree circle numerical prowess attained to the movement of the zodiac and the circumference of the Earth? With their advanced intelligence, it stands to reason as yes.
Giza tells a huge story, only we haven’t been reading the monuments correctly.
We need to answer in the same language that the Giza necropolis is speaking.

The Great Pyramid shape is also a clue. Our solar system travels through the cosmos as our Sun tow’s our planets. This is done in a ‘conical shape’.
A triangle shape equals the pyramid shape which is a geometric representation of that conical exercise;
and the Great Pyramid having Eight sides shows this geometric cone.

The Queen’s Chamber is centered to the pyramid and not the King’s Chamber because WE Earthlings view the movement of the moon and stars from Earth watching the Zodiac.
This is done to show Earth’s ecliptic to our Sun during Solstice.
Please take note of the pictures showing Earth’s winter and summer solstice marking at 23.5 degrees as we also see within the Great Pyramid the same degree drawn reference to between the pyramid’s apex, the QC and the KC also aligning to the face of the Grand Gallery. What we are witnessing in astrological understanding is our Solstice’s; which we know marks the Great Pyramid twice a year. We are being given a complete understanding to our solar system including the expression of Light. It has been shown that the Great Pyramid’s coordinates establish the same number as the speed of Light.

This knowledge coupled with the new found knowledge showing Giza’s Great Pyramid as a replica of our solar system allows us to better understand the interior layout and it’s numerical message.
Correlating astrological numbers and using the method of geometry’s “Squaring the Circle” inside Giza’s Great Pyramid
gave the answers to the language Giza speaks.

What is a PYRAMID?
Pyramid (from Greek *pyramidos*), geometrical object, whose base is a polygon (3-4-5 etc.) and whose sides meet at one point – apex of a pyramid.
3:4:5 Triangle
A right triangle where the sides are in the ratio of the integers 3:4:5
This is one example of the many “pythagorean triples”.
Any triangle whose sides are in the ratio 3:4:5 is a right triangle. Such triangles that have their sides in the ratio of whole numbers are called Pythagorean Triples. There are an infinite number of them, and this is just the smallest.
If you multiply the sides by any number, the result will still be a right triangle whose sides are in the ratio 3:4:5. For example 6, 8, and 10.Egyptian mythology gives many clues as to the Great Pyramid being a representation of the Heavens. Ancient Greek’s geographer Strabo (63 BC–24 AD) acclaimed the Great Pyramid seemed like a “building let down from heaven, untouched by human hands. It’s also been said from oral traditions the sunlight against the pyramid’s white casing stones acted as mirrors, reflecting sun light off of the Great Pyramid; that it ‘would have been visible from the moon as a shining star on Earth’. The Egyptians of our timeline ancestry named the Great Pyramid Khut, meaning ‘Light’, or “Ikhet”, the “Glorious Light”. “Shining One”. After discovering what could be one of the Great Pyramid’s functions – yes, a true Time Capsule, in reality, the names should essentially be changed to a more suitable identification.


Forming a road to the Greek word Pyramidos -meaning ‘pyre’ for fire -and ‘mid’ for middle, establishing the meaning ‘Fire in the Middle’..our Solar System’s Sun, represented by the King’s Chamber showing our Sun-Star and what this decoding precisely shows. (IMHO)

Are we viewing a message from a past intelligent civilization no longer recorded or acknowledged that is the initial constructor to the Great Pyramid…leaving our AE as the care takers and restorers to a once previously ancient monument? Now that we have correlated the Great Pyramid Solar System, let’s examine the numbers of the Giza’s Great Pyramid Codex shall we? ..and I swear that I don’t have a I don’t have a gun..

There is a book ..said to be written from days now forgotten; Epicly removed from the annals of time – verified throughout history, validated by scripture. It is a book ordained written from Humanities alpha – ordered closed for the omega of a future ‘distant’ generation! Mother Earths generation of the status equaling the fabled Tower of Babel. Father Time’s technological civilization – that of Atlantean mythology.
The cycle of time has elapsed..that distant generation the great book was sealed for – belongs to OURS!
What makes earth an interesting observation, is it’s inhabitants. This planet harbors an intelligent species able to create technology and have done so in leaps and bounds according to their recorded existence, but is there something more, something missing..or hidden..? From the four corners of our Earth scream the silent voice of a lost civilization not acknowledged in our present day history books. From ancestrial verbal accounts to magnificent structure’s of advanced architecture in pyrmidial form. Architecture of megalithic design incorporating unique features including colossal stone work now delegated to a lost craftsmanship of misplaced history.
Throughout the craftsmanship we witness geometric designs of sacred geometry which sometimes incorporates the use of sunlight to send a message. These monuments certainly tell a tale of a forgotten hidden knowledge no longer attained to the earth’s intelligent species, but is there more..? According to the myth of Lemuria, Plato’s written submission of an Antlantean society and the biblical canon confirmed by the three major religious organizations telling the existence of the Tower of Babel – an ancient advanced civilization, now without a trace – mysteriously disappearing into the hourglass’s sands of time. What if this advanced civilization did in fact exist? And what if there is a message we can read and understand?

Our world has wisdom that precedes the ages of the bible. If not that we could stand in the presence with the ancients, hoisted upon the shoulders they’re shoulders following where their shadow may lead, we could not look to the future to see what was hidden in our past – be we forever so humble to those whom made the conscious decision to leave this legacy, our history..coded in wisdom spoken as uttered secrets kept from the foundation of the world.
Many years ago in ancient history, there existed a ‘Prior-Man’ known as the ‘Mu’s’ of Lemurian folklore with an advanced technology likened to that of the fabled Atlantis.
No true name has been found for this missing civilization formerly accompanied by mythical titles such as Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Turtle Island or even Pangea. Places rumored hidden backwards in the existence of mankinds mysterious past. A past authorized by scripture as the Tower of Babel. Their technology could not save them from what they had learned through their applications of math and astronomy: the eventual cyclic demise of the alpha-omega ordinance to our Universe.

We ALL spoke the same language at the Tower of Babel, as our knowledge was that of a God – cataclysm was enveloped and the species was scattered leaving the surviving populace to diminish from disease coupled with other consequences. Knowing this, and as an intrepid society such as we are today, they would not let their heritage fall to a foot note of cosmic dust.

Before imminent cataclysm erupted, the united decision was made to construct a message across our planet Father time could withstand. A message of hope to those few survivors of Mother Gaia..a message of knowledge, technology and profound wisdom to a future offspring from histories not remembered sir names..but a message of love to a future mankind to realize and establish their true identity and existence.This is our heritage, left by OUR ancestors, to resume a class one civilization in a relatively short expanse of time.
Now is that time, the time to break the Seal allowing a view of the Key to this unique book of antiquity written upon our Mother Earth’s pearl precious face.
A Key revealing ..that which has been is now: that which is to be – has already been, and the Primordial requires that which is past….for in today’s age of information, lack of knowledge.. but a choice.
A.Tovlin is time for the truth to the rightful history of humanity to appear.. and the correct one! It is the advent of technology that will lead the way by those who collectively feel in their soul that we have been lied to for far too long…a time to deny ignorance. Father time is awakened – uncovering mysteries sent over aeons from those whom came before; awakening answers to timeless riddles left hidden and forgotten in Mother Earth’s wrinkles of mountains and deserts filled with the sands of time. By the turning of the Key, YOU who have awakened your mind’s eye -and All mankind- are cordially invited to view a glimpse into our lost history: to be revealed are answers to history’s monuments of antiquity using actual recorded history, oral tradition, mythology, scripture and modern age technology regaining our footage at the now returned Tower of Babel to reveal the awakening conclusion of a riddle left to decode from prior man of a book now opened for ALL to read; a book of mankind’s united lost history! Of this book – the greatest story yet to explore..A vibrant rich untold history written in a one world language of coded messages left by a now vanquished civilization. …as modern day philosopher Descartes quoted; “The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest people of past centuries.” ..and one of the greatest books NEVER read is the Great Pyramid of Giza.
This beyond hypothesis discovery answers and reveals Giza’s time coded lost secret hidden in the outer reaches among drops of Jupiter, and so for all ..
Giza speaks it’s riddle; The past has come and gone, the future is far away, now only lasts one second, One Second!
An Arab proverb confesses “Man fears time, time fears the pyramid.”… Youtube Link
20 minute VISUAL representation of G1 transforming into Solar System

The Giza Solar System revelation uncovers the mysterious builders true intent to the Great Pyramid’s interior layout showing a prior man’s intelligence yet realized.
This 20 minute video shows the Great Pyramid in astrological representation to our solar system explaining the Queen’s Chamber and it’s Five Step Niche. It also explains the design feature of the mysterious Grand Gallery..the why behind the King’s Chamber, further explaining why the shafts lead out from the King and Queens Chambers as Celestial-causeway distances to their perspective planets leaving an undeniable code.
The Orion constellation has recently been linked to the pyramids using astronomy programs proving Robert Bauval’s theory of the Giza Orion alignment.…

This specific Codex left in the form of a simplistic numerical message of the Great Pyramid applies correlating to the constellation of Orion’s transit.
That specific number is Thirteen..marking Orion’s half point transit.

These are but a few examples: The Great Pyramid known also as G1 is located 130 feet above the sits on 13.1 acres.
The Subterranean level is 113 feet below the plateau’s grade.
The KC’S shaft exits at the 103 row of blocks. 130 Granite blocks brought from Aswan to build G1’s interior complex.
G1’s height in Imperial math gives you this 13 equation.
G1 is 481 feet in height. 4+8+1 = Thirteen.

Now this message is correlated also by Khafre’s pyramid and Menkaure’s to show 13.

Khafre’s pyramid is 175 meters away from G1 which is..1+7+5 = 13.
The Kahfre pyramids base length is given at 706 feet. 7+6 = 13. Khafre’s base in Metric is 215.5 or 2+1+5+5= 13.
The Great Pyramid’s base is given at 756 feet. 700 hundred is the whole number. 56 in metric rounds up to 60. The equation examples at 700 and 60 becoming the main reference numbers which are 7+6=13. Menkaure’s pyramid is 213 feet tall. 2×13=26 and a specific reference to Orion’s Platonic Year transit. These numbers continue to appear laid out across Giza to explain this dynastic code left by our Elders of antiquity.

Saqqara and Djedefre are adjacent to Giza’s 3 pyramids and the over all is distance is 13.85 kilometers. 13.85 kilometers. First 13 and then the 5+8 = 13. The two 13’s equal the Platonic Transit of 26000 years. (this number is given many times at Giza)

This is where Bauval miscalculated without fault towards his discovery as technology had not arisen to compliment his correlation.
Saqqara, Giza and Djedefre are the actual Orion belt star markers of procession.

In astronomy, declination is prescribed to Orion’s constellation as declination is the term used to describe the accent/decent of Orion which is One for One Century.

Interestingly Orion’s declination starts at 58 degrees..5+8=13

The volume of the three pyramids is 2.59, 2.21 and 0.235 million cubic meters for Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura respectively. By adding the total meters in linear example such as 25,922.10235 defining into years, do we find an exact count to the Platonic Year?

By examining all nine pyramids of the Great Pyramid complex, we find the Pyramidion next to Khafre’s Pyramid. This ‘apex’ pyramidion which is a ‘point’, does the point signify another numerical clue?

By following closely the layout we see the two large pyramids appear the same size while Menkaure’s is one quarter of the size of it’s next pyramid, Khafre.
This significance incorporating the six mortuary pyramids coupled with the ‘apex pyramidion’ supply a math code.

Again we find the numerical number 13. By rounding up 12.6 we get thirteen.
There are no accidents at Giza, we just needed to speak these megalithic monuments specialized language
to understand the coded message left to our civilization.

Radiocarbon dating is a relatively new process comparative to the Great Pyramid’s age and some believe it is flawed due to the atmospheric pressure changes of carbon over past millennium’s. []
“The radioactive isotope carbon-14 is created in the upper atmosphere when cosmic-ray particles from outer space strike nitrogen atoms and
transform them into radioactive carbon.”

Nuclear radiation fallout also disrupts RC dating contributing to miscalculations. RCD was invented in the 1940’s around the same time world Governments were experimenting and using Nuclear weapon technology.
Any contamination of a sample by outside carbon (even from the researcher’s fingerprints) had to be fanatically excluded, of course, but that was only the beginning. Delicate operations were needed to extract a microscopic sample and process it.”

It is explicitly explained by the RCD science that RCD and archaeologist’s MUST work together to get the correct dating which m
eans that RCD must be done at the time of the discovery..which we know the Great Pyramid had been previously excavated suffering damage from Al Mamoun and his Arab tomb robbers plus use of gun powder explosive’s by Major-General Richard William Howard Vyse inside the King’s Chambers suspended ceiling area to gain access through the massive granite stones. These contributing factors should rule out the use of RCD as a viable dating age.

There is also the Creationist’s claim which if holds some truth, this also disrupts RCD results. The Creationist’s beleive the Great Pyramid succumbed to water damage due to the Great Flood witnessed in scripture by Noah. Water contamination greatly affects RC dating.

With these correlated answers recognized, are we witnessing a message from a past intelligent civilization no longer recorded or acknowledged that is the initial constructor to the Great Pyramid, leaving our Ancient Egyptians as the care-takers and restorers to a once previously ancient monument from a lost golden era belonging to no man ..and every Human.

Yup, all the same mistakes, didn’t learn a damn thing did you

Class 1, because of your wilful ignorance

Thoth’s Emerald Wisdom
Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys
that shall show ye the Way into life.” As we stand on the global epoch of shared technology, has time allowed mankind to discover who really built the Giza pyramids and has humanity enjoyed previous technological advances as equated in accordance to Lemurian folklore, Plato’s ‘Atlantis’ theory or the Tower of Babel scripture. What if you were told you we’ve been down this road before?
Could it be true everything we have has been said and done, that there really isn’t anything new under ol’ Sol..?Welcome friends to this Mystery in History quest where our adventure linking this enigmatic history lesson, YOU the viewer examines a code list of ancient unanswered monuments from yesteryear where in my opinion, diligently shown their riddles have mostly been solved.. ..except a couple..where efforts of history-detective to finally crack the code have been offered; then the door was open and the wind appeared, the candles blew and then disappeared. The curtains flew andthen he appeared..saying, “Don’t be afraid”
Then they started to fly, they looked backward and said goodbye…”

(no Egyptologists were physically harmed in the disclosing of this information)

(all song lyrics belong to their rightful owners and reworked by moi)

Decoding, written article & Copyright of J.D. Jeffrey 2015

Nostradamus’s WWIII Prophecy and events leading up to it, as seen and explained by experts in 1979

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It always seems too easy to relate the prophecies of someone after those times have already passed and we have hindsight, and putting the pieces together afterwards. However, take a look at this documentary from 1979 which discusses Nostradamus’s prophecy on WWIII. Remember, it’s a 36 year old documentary and we were still in the middle of the Cold War. I’ve done the best I could do with writing out the transcript. You can watch the entire documentary, but the WWIII starts at 1:24:43.

Start @ 1:24:43…


Up until now, we’ve taken examples of quatrains and explained them and analyzed them. Now we ask you just to listen to what Nostradamus had to say about the devastation of a nuclear war, a third world war. His description is so vivid, it needs no interpretation.

The kingdom of fear shall come to those in Europe, fire and sword shall destroy their cities.
The great one of Asia by land and sea with a great Army so that blues greens crosses, to death he shall drive.
Tears, cries, and wailing, howls and terror, an inhuman cruel heart, black and cold, take Geneva, the islands, the main people of Genoa.
Blood pours, hunger for weak, mercy to none.
The Arab prince [can’t make out the next name] Saul, Venus, Leo, the kingdoms of the church will be overcome by the sea, towards Persia very near [a million?].
Turkey, Egypt, too Southern to invade.
In the Danube and Rhine, shall come to drink the great camel and shall not repent.
The roads shall tremble and more of those in the [??] and near the Alps, the clock shall dwindle.
From the Black Sea and great Tartaria, a king shall come to see France.
He shall go to Alane and Armenia and leave a bloody rod in Constantinople.
At the 48th degree of the climate directly at the end of Cancer, there’s a very great drought.
Fish in the sea, river and the lake boil hectic.
They are all distressed from the fire in the sky.
If France can cross the Liberian sea, you will find yourself besieged among island and sea, Mohamed against you.
Moreso the Adriatic, you will know the bones of horses and asses.
The fleet is wrecked near the Adriatic sea. The Earth trembles. Pushed into the air and falls again. Egypt trembles, Mohamed’s increasing power. Herod is sent to call out for surrender.

So the devastation spreads across Europe, and even into Egypt and Constantinople. But it does not stop there. The United States is also involved as we can see from a quatrain, which many experts agree, refers to New York as the new city.

Garden of the world near the new city, in the way of the man made mountains shall be seized on and plunged into as a ferment, being forced to drink form a sulfurous poisoned waters.

The man made mountains, an obvious description of modern skyscrapers. Further to that is the reference to the fire in the 45th degree latitude, which is very close to the position of New York City.

The sky will burn at 45 degrees. Fire approaches the great new city. Immediately a huge scattered flame leaps up.

An answer to the question, “where,” it’s likely that most of the world will be involved. Hopefully less by those specifically described by Nostradamus. Which brings us the the question of, “Who will survive?” To answer this, we need to remember Hiroshima and try to remember the devastation of more than 20 years of nuclear holocaust. Obviously, many of us would have no chance whatsoever, but, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nostradamus does tell us that the war will end and that the West will ultimately win due to an unexpected alliance. An alliance between the USA, and Russia. This may seem far fetched, but let’s examine the evidence given by Nostradamus.

When those of the arctic pole shall be united together, there shall be in the East, great fear and trembling. One shall be newly elected that shall bear the brunt. Roads in Constantinople shall be dyed in barbarian blood.

Those of the Arctic Pole can only mean Russia and the US, as we see here at the Bering Strait. The two continents are at their closest point in the Arctic Circle. Alaska, part of the US, and Russia. And he goes on to say, “In the East, great fear and trembling” so he’s suggesting here that these two Northern powers will unite against the East. And there’s a further quatrain to support this.

One day the two great masters shall be friends, their great powers shall be increased.

So, after many years of fighting, it seems that Russia herself may become uncertain that there will be a division in the land. The South remaining with Islam, due to the predominance of Muslim population, and the North joining with the US, those of the Arctic Pole. And as incredible as it may seem, Nostradamus suggests that not only will this alliance occur, but will triumph. As he says in several quatrains, and also in one of his epistles.

For the principal Eastern ruler being for the most part moved by the Northern and Western men, shall be vanquished and put to death, beaten, and all the rest put to flight, and the children he had by many women put in prison.
The barbarian league will be driven out, over two laws, the pagan one will fail.

Here he tells us the pagan law will be driven out and goes on to talk with a king of Europe who eventually becomes a driving force of victory for the West.

Out of [??] will come the king of Europe, accompanied by those of the North. A group of reds and whites shall create a great troop, and then shall go against the king of Babylon.

There it is again, another reference to those of the North. And the reds and the whites? Russians and the West.

By antichrist, three shall be brought to nothing. His war shall last seven and twenty years. The heretics dead, prisoners exiled. Blood of human body, water made red, Earth shrunk.

Here, Nostradamus states definitely that the war will last 27 years and that the third antichrist will be driven back and brought to nothing.

From Barcelona, to Genoa and Venice, from Sicily near Monaco united, and against the barbarian, the fleet shall take her aim. The barbarian shall be driven back. After this war shall have lasted a good while, there should be a renewed reign of Saturn and a golden age. God the Creator shall say, hearing the affliction of his people. Satan shall be tied and beaten and put into the bottom of the deep, and here shall begin an age of universal peace.

Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

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(Translation: Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels)

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
But by their fruit you will know them.

It must have been around the infamous year 2003 that I ordered a book by Zecharia Sitchin – “The 12th Planet”. Absolutely innocent I was looking for information on Aliens and UFOs and stumbled upon the Zeta-Talk website (unbelievable, but this crap is still online!). This whole earth-cataclysm-pole-shift-armageddon scenario was very new and very shocking to me at the time, so by Sitchin’s work I planned to deepen my information on that subject. He is the one who introduced the ancient myths about Nibiru as Planet X and the alien visitors of the Annunaki. His claims are propagated all over the web, so I won’t reproduce them here.  Fortunately I never came post the first couple of pages – this stuff was just boring and with no scientific persuasive power. Now, almost a decade later and by the help of my friend Stefan from, I understand why my intuition hindered me from wasting my time with Sitchin.

The “Ancient Languages Scholarship” Lie

Sitchin’s self-introduction on the back of his books and on the internet always tried to imply that he had graduated in ancient languages and history. But the simple truth is:

Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history., Wikipedia

At the time Sitchin wrote his books, there was absolutely no chance of correctly translating ancient Sumer without thoroughly studying this language and the ancient tablets for a long time, and surely not by studying Economic history! One of the most distinct and qualified critics of Sitchin’s thesis is Dr. Michael Heiser, M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages. The scientific questions in his Open Letter to Sitchin from 2001 were never answered convincingly, nor will they ever be – not because Sitchin died in 2010, but because his claims were a complete hoax.

Zecharia Sitchin is not a scholar of ancient languages. What he has written in his books could neither pass peer review nor is it informed by factual data from the primary sources.

Likewise when Mr. Sitchin tells readers things like the Sumerians believed there were twelve planets, the Anunnaki were space travelers, Nibiru was the supposed 12th planet, etc., he is simply fabricating data. It isn’t a question of how he translates texts; the issue is that these ideas don’t exist in any cuneiform text at all.
Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Sitchin’s Involvement with the Illuminati / High Freemason

To produce fake “scientific” research results and to invent another, most entertaining ancient astronauts story – this can have different motivations. Did Sitchin just try to copy Erich von Dänikens success by abusing the Sumerian sources that are only really known and “debunkeable” by a handful of people on this planet? Was it money, or did he even believe in his own theories?

To give another light on this question it is most interesting to dive into the real role the “London School of Economics”, where Sitchin studied, takes in the world of the powerful global elite, the dark cabal of the Illuminati/top Freemason/Zionists.

The London School of Economics is a part of “The City of London“, the financial and factual power center of the western world, owned and ruled by the Illuminati faction of the Rothschild’s, and serves as talent factory for their economic leaders. We can safely assume that most if not all of these students are initiated on various degrees of the local masonic lodges, their secret “knowledge”, their occult rituals and apocalyptic belief systems.

The Goal of the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie

As Armin Risi describes it in “TranscEnding the Global Power Game“, various secretive organizations have always believed in a coming political messiah that would run their planned world government / New World Order, stating of course that Jesus was not the announced messiah. Belief in alien Gods as well as etherial entities is a core component of their “secret knowledge” and rituals, as well as the key masonic and apocalyptic principal, “Out of Chaos Comes Order”. If we combine all these aspects of this brotherhood belief system, Zecharia Sitchin comes right out of this tradition: The apocalyptic planet Nibiru, the Annunaki, genetic masters and “Gods” of mankind.

I really cannot say if Sitchin was knowingly distributing these lies, or if he was just abused by masonic deceivers *. In their goal of creating a global atmosphere of Armageddon, the Illuminati made a clever move by injecting the tale of Nibiru into the UFO and New Age communities. As a blogger or YouTube author, you only have to include a word like Nibiru and you get immense hits and feedback from the scared audience. It’s shockingly easy to program our minds!

* Update: It’s proven that Sitchin was a high freemason, so he surely was not abused by them, but played a major part in distributing luciferian disinformation:

Zecharia Sitchin and Jordan Maxwell Masonic Handshake?

Zecharia Sitchin (FREEMASON WHORE and CIA operative) Sumerian Tablets=BAALshit

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Germany just switched on a revolutionary nuclear fusion machine And it worked!

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Germany just switched on a revolutionary nuclear fusion machine

And it worked!

Physicists in Germany announced that they’ve just fired up one of the world’s largest nuclear fusion machines for the first time – and it was successfully able to contain super-hot blobs of helium gas, otherwise known as plasma.

The 16-metre-wide machine is the Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) and it’s a type of nuclear fusion device called a stellarator. Scientists have been talking about the enormous potential of stellarators for decades, but this is the first time a team has shown that it can produce and control plasma just as well as other fusion reactor designs.

On 10 December, the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics tweeted out this incredible image of its new machine’s first plasma:

Nuclear fusion occurs when atoms fuse together at incredibly high temperatures and generate energy, and the reason scientists are so excited about it is because it has the potential to produce an almost-unlimited supply of energy from little more than salt water. This is the same process that’s fuelled our Sun for the past 4.5 billion years, and is predicted to continue doing so for another 4 billion years.

Unlike nuclear fission, which powers today’s nuclear power plants, nuclear fusion also doesn’t produce any radioactive waste, and is a whole lot safer.

But it’s also been incredibly tricky for scientists to achieve, because it requires them to construct a device that can produce and control a 100-million-degree-Celsius blob of plasma.

The key to controlling plasma is using superconducting magnets, and scientists have already built several working doughnut-shaped fusion reactors known as tokamaks.

But there’s a big problem with tokamak reactors – they can only maintain plasma for a maximum of 6 minutes and 30 seconds at a time, which isn’t long enough to harvest significant energy. In other words, we’ve already been able to achieve nuclear fusion, but it consumed way more energy than it generated.

And this is why the launch of the stellarator is so exciting, because it’s predicted that the device will be able to control plasma for an unheard-of 30 minutes at a time.

In its first run, the machine was filled with helium – an unreactive gas – heated with a laser to around 1 million degrees Celsius. This plasma was maintained for around one-tenth of a second, which may not sound like much, but was enough to show the machine works.

“We’re very satisfied,” said Hans-Stephan Bosch, who led the team. “Everything went according to plan.”

The next step will be to increase the duration of helium plasma discharges, with the ultimate goal of building them up to 30 minutes in length. In January, the scientists will start trying to produce plasma from hydrogen, which is what would be used in a functioning nuclear fusion machine.

To be clear, the point of W7-X has never been to produce energy. This device is simply a proof-of-concept to show that the stellarator concept actually works. If all goes to plan, the things we learn from W7-X will help us build the next-generation of stellarators, which could quite literally change the world, and end our reliance on fossil fuels forever. Or as this commenter put it so perfectly on YouTube: “Help us Wendlestein 7-X, you’re our only hope.”

Skip forward to around the 23.30 mark of this live stream to see the scientists get super pumped when the machine produces plasma for the first time. What a time to be alive.

‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’

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  • Did a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant predict the rise of ISIS? ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ who died 20 years ago said there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016
  • Baba Vanga made the predictions before she died in 1996 at the age of 85
  • Pensioner warned that Europe will ‘cease to exist’ by the end of next year
  • Also credited with predicting the 2004 tsunami and attacks on Twin Towers


Baba Vanga (pictured) warned of the rise of ISIS by claiming there would be a 'great Muslim war' in 2016

Baba Vanga (pictured) warned of the rise of ISIS by claiming there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016

A Bulgarian clairvoyant who died 20 years ago warned of the rise of ISIS by claiming there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016, it has been reported.

Baba Vanga died in 1996 at the age of 85 and was known as the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ because of her success rate which was supposedly as high as 85 per cent.

The blind pensioner, who has previously been credited with predicting the 9/11 terror attacks and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, warned of an invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists next year.

Vanga is said to have made hundreds of predictions in her lifetime, including that there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ which would start with the Arab Spring in 2010.

She predicted it would take place in Syria and would come to a conclusion in 2043 with the establishment of a caliphate with Rome at its centre, reports.

Vanga reportedly said Europe will ‘cease to exist’ by the end of next year, leaving the continent ‘almost empty’ and a ‘wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life’.

The chilling prophecy has alerted conspiracy theorists who highlight ISIS activity close to Europe in Libya.

Vanga’s followers say she predicted the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by foreseeing a ‘huge wave’ which would ‘cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.’

In 1989 the mystic is said to have made reference to the 9/11 terror attacks on New York by claiming ‘American brethren’ would be attacked by ‘two steel birds’.

Some suggest this was a reference to the two hijacked passenger jets that were flown in to the World Trade Center.

She is also alleged to have predicted the effects of climate change 60 years ago by warning that polar ice caps would melt and cause sea levels to rise.

The blind pensioner, who has previously been credited with predicting the 9/11 terror attacks and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, warned of an invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists next year

The blind pensioner, who has previously been credited with predicting the 9/11 terror attacks and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, warned of an invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists next year

Vanga was born in the village of Strumica at the foot of a mountain range in what was the Ottoman Empire.

She is believed to have lost her eyesight during storm when she was picked up in a fierce gust of wind and dumped back down on the ground.

Vanga later claimed she had the ability to look into the future and quickly developed a ‘cult’ following.

In later years, she became trusted by the rich and famous with even heads of state and powerful politicians from around the world seeking her opinions.



In the 1950s Vanga reportedly predicted how ‘a huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water’.

She also warned of the effects of climate change by suggesting ‘cold regions will become warm… and volcanoes will awaken.’

‘Everything will melt, just like ice,’ she added.


In 1989, she is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. reports how she once said: ‘Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. ‘

She added that ‘innocent blood will gush.’

Warnings: In 1989, Vanga is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center

Warnings: In 1989, Vanga is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center

The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American - but she also warned that he would be the 'last US president'

The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American – but she also warned that he would be the ‘last US president’


The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American – but she also warned that he would be the ‘last US president’.


Vanga made predictions for the next few centuries before she died. Highlights include her warnings that aliens will help civilisations live underwater by 2130 and that there will be a war on Mars in 3005.

In another apocalyptic message, she said everything on earth will die by 3797 – but that by this stage humans should be capable of moving to a new star system.


 ATS Thread :

Putin Tells Army To Prepare For “World War III” With U.S. In Syria

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Putin tells army prepare for World War III with United States in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian military forces to prepare for World War III, after warning Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu to prepare for Syria to become the central battleground between NATO-Western allied countries and Russia.

According to a report by the Ministry of Defence, Putin’s order was given following assurances from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel would not interfere in a Russia-US war in the Middle East. reports:

Necessitating the timing of this order, this report continues, was President Putin’s refusal yesterday to obey the Obama regime’s warning against the Federation arming its fighter aircraft operating in Syria with air-to-air missiles—which when this Pentagon demand was ignored, the US announced it would begin an immediate massive air power exercise involving F-16 fighter jets, E3 AWACS surveillance and command jets, KC-135 refueling tankers, RC-135 intelligence-gathering planes, and B-1 and B-52 bombers with them, also, refusing to disclose the total number of planes involved.

Equally as provocative against the Federation necessitating this war order, this report notes, was Germany, this morning, announcing it too was sending thousands of it military ground and air forces to battle in Syria, while at the same time stating that they would not share any intelligence with Russia they had against Islamic State terrorists, and would in no way cooperate with the current legitimate Syrian government currently in power.

With the Syrian government, like Lebanon, Iran and now Iraq, being the only Middle East nations to support the rights of woman and other religions within their borders, this report says, the joining of the Germans on this side of the Islamic State and their woman hating Saudi Arabian backers defies all logic, but becomes understandable when viewed in the context that the Obama regime led West really does want a global war.

And as if these provocations by the Obama regime against the Federation were not by themselves sufficient enough to cause the issuing of this war order, this report also notes, NATO’s announcement today that they were inviting the Balkan country of Montenegro to join their military alliance against Russia is cause enough alone for a massive war to begin.

To the Obama regime’s supposed war against Islamic State terrorists in Syria, this report explains, it is nothing more than a mirage as yesterday’s Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) report proves in their detailing of their attacks on 29 November that states:

“In Syria, coalition military forces conducted three strikes using bomber and remotely piloted aircraft on Nov. 29. Near Dayr Az Zawr, one strike destroyed an ISIL excavator and three ISIL bulldozers and damaged an additional ISIL bulldozer. Near Al Hawl, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL checkpoint and an wounded an ISIL fighter.”

And while Obama regime forces have left these Islamic State terrorists short one excavator and 3 bulldozers, this report continues, Aerospace Forces, at the same time, have been systematically obliterating these barbarians source of wealth—and described by President Putin as a “living oil pipeline” stretching between Islamic State territory and Turkey with “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon” and “day and night they are going into Turkey where these trucks always go there loaded, and back from there – empty.”

As to why the Obama regime has not targeted the Islamic States illegal oil wealth, having only bombed them 260 times in nearly two years, this report says, is due to their support of Turkey’s Erdogan regime, and about whom new documents were released this week proving this criminal organization had so much illegal Islamic State oil flowing to them they had to actually buy tanker ships to handle it all.

And with Turkey’s President Erdogan saying today he would resign if it’s proved his criminal organization is buying illegal Islamic State oil, this report points out, he should actually step down now as the evidence for his doing so has not only been fully documented by Russia with satellite photos, but also by London’s Guardian News Service who in July wrote:  “After a US attack on the compound of a Daesh (ISIL) leader in Syria in May, direct dealings between the terrorist organization and Turkey became undeniable.”, and The Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University who in their report wrote:

“Turkey Provides Military Equipment to ISIS (ISIL Daesh), Turkey Provided Transport and Logistical Assistance to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Provided Training to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Offers Medical Care to ISIS Fighters, Turkey Supports ISIS Financially Through Purchase of Oil, Turkish Forces Are Fighting Alongside ISIS.”

So by the Obama regime’s cover-up and complicity with Erdogan’s criminal cartel’s illegal association with Islamic State terrorists, this report gravely states, it becomes understandable why Russia’s NATO envoy, Aleksandr Grushko, warned earlier today: “By ‘covering’ Turkey politically, NATO took responsibility for downing of Russian Su-24 – envoy  “NATO, which gave no principled assessment of this illegal act and, as a matter of fact, politically covered for Ankara as the member of the alliance, thus shares responsibility for the incident. Once again, we see that political considerations are getting the upper hand over objectivity and mere common sense.”

And to the effect of President Putin’s order to his top military commanders to turn Syria into “Obama’s graveyard”, this report continues, was the immediate deployment to this war zone of advanced Russian fighter aircraft, the movement of Federation Aerospace Forces aircraft and ground troops to al-Shayrat air base, near the central city of Homs, and, most crucially, the deployment throughout Syria ofelectromagnetic weapons designed to turn this war zone into a virtual “electronic ghost world”.

Also to be immediately “deployed/implemented” in this war zone too, this report gravely concludes, is what many call Russia’s “ultimate weapon”—otherwise known in the perception warfare community as “Reflexive Control” whose basic principles are:

Distraction—during preparatory stages of combat operations, creating a real or imaginary threat against one of the most vital enemy places such as flanks and rear, forcing him to reevaluate his decisions to operate on this or that axis.

Overload—often manifested by sending the enemy a large amount of conflicting information.

Paralysis—creating the belief of a specific threat to a vital interest or weak spot.

Exhaustion—cause the enemy to carry out useless operations, thereby entering combat with expended resources.

Deception—during preparatory stages of combat operations, force the enemy to reallocate forces to a threatened spot.

Divisive techniques—cause the enemy to believe he must operate in opposition to coalition interests.

Pacification—through a peaceful attitude and approach cause the enemy to lose vigilance.

Deterrence—create the impression of superiority.

Provocation—force enemy action advantageous to your side.

Suggestion—offer information that affects the enemy legally, morally, ideologically or in other areas.

Pressure—offer information that encourages society to discredit its own government.

And though not stated in this MoD report being referenced, the most astute reader of this report can be left with no other impression than Russia’s President Putin has, indeed, made the choice to confront NATO directly over the Syrian issue, will not back down.

And, as always, the West, especially President Obama, will grossly underestimate the Russian peoples and government willingness to sacrifice everything, if they must, to save the Christian world from what they believe are satanic barbarians.